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Having a Lie-In

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Jenna can’t sleep anymore. It’s way too hot. Her mind goes in circles, thinking of all the things she has to do, should do, could do… but there’s no point getting up yet. She’s nowhere to be.

Luckily her little bag is right next to the bed. Not a big collection but exactly what Jenna needs. This is the perfect opportunity to try the new egg. It really doesn’t look like an egg, but it vibrates and can go in completely. Why question their name choice?

Jenna doesn’t need to work herself up. She slept naked so she’s already slick. Her Venus balls are first. They go in no matter what she does. She loves the feeling of them right at the end of her hot, tight channel. She loves being able to put other things in, too. The more, the better.

Her slender fingers rub the balls over her entrance, coating them in her juices. She runs her thumb around her folds, collecting the moisture and spreading it over her clit. A small moan escapes her throat. Slowly, she pushes the balls in, savouring the feeling of them sliding past her entrance.

Tilting her hips, Jenna licks her index and middle finger and works them in. The balls have to go as deep as possible. Wiggling her digits, she pushes them further down. Satisfied with their location, she moves her fingers around, teasing herself a little. But this is just the build-up. The preparation for the orgasm she knows she can have, the orgasm she needs today.

The egg is next. Switching it on, Jenna chooses a vibration that increases and decreases in short bursts. She draws the egg around her clit, sending little shivers down her legs. She pushes it into her pussy, just the tip, and moves it in slow circles. She loves how the vibrations carry through her core. Her other hand has started kneading her cute breasts, pulling on the nipples that are rubbing against the blanket.

Deliberately, she pushes the egg deeper. It’s widest at the top, stretching her a little on the way in. She draws it out again, savouring the feeling of being pried open. But there’s more to do. With a delicious sigh, she sinks the egg, nestling it against her g-spot. Just as she imagined, the irregular vibrations are nowhere near enough to build up to an orgasm. But they are making her nerves tingle and toes twitch.

Perfect. Enjoying the growing sensations, Jenna dips her fingers into her juices and trails them around her pussy. She pinches her lips and rubs her inner thighs, slowly moving her hips to get the weights in the Venus balls moving. The egg is making them vibrate, too. Using her other hand to spread herself open, she collects more juices and rubs them downward.

Drawing little circles towards her rosebud, she keeps going back to get more slick liquid. The egg’s vibrations are building her tension slowly. Gently, she works a fingertip into her back entrance. Hmm, that feels good. Jenna carries on teasing her Escort Başakşehir ass while she gets a little pencil vibrator. She licks it up and down before turning it on and pushing it on her tight pucker. It plunges right in, adding a continuous level of vibration to that of the egg.

Slowly moving it in and out, she is careful to collect more moisture and push it deeper inside. Her practice is paying off, she hardly even feels the little thing anymore. Maybe today is the day she can take the next step. Turning her hips to the side to get a better angle, she carries on feeding her asshole more juices, until there is no more resistance whatsoever. Jenna starts to push the little vibrator around in circles, stretching her hole.

Her free hand runs around her lips and clit, pinching and twisting. She stops every time she feels the beginnings of an orgasm building. This one’s got to be savoured thoroughly. She squeezes her muscles gently, holding onto the pencil vibrator while she rummages in her little bag for her dick. Oh wow… Jenna gulps. She forgot how big it was.

But she made up her mind. This is going to happen today. She’ll just have to stretch her hole a little further. Three fingers should do it. That’s just two more than she ever had. The egg carries on vibrating. Her g-spot is growing increasingly sensitive, making Jenna’s hips gyrate in an attempt to ease the building tension. But that just moves the balls. Jenna shakes her head. Focus. Use the excitement to your advantage.

She plops the pencil vibrator out and makes sure it’s switched off. Plunging three fingers into her pussy, she collects as much juice as she can. The first finger goes in easy. She’s used to that. Her determination grows in sync with the tremours in her belly. That egg is working wonders on her insides. She wiggles her finger, enjoying the sensation. With the moisture seeping down from her pussy, pushing that single digit in and out is no problem at all.

On her next move out, she plunges her middle finger in instead. No mercy this time. She bends and circles. It easily goes in to the knuckles. Her index finger sinks into her pussy, bumping against the egg. It moves, making her twitch. The balls jingle in sync. Her mind is starting to cloud over. She moves her hips forward, repeating the effect. But it also reminds her of her middle finger exploring her ass. Today’s the day. She pulls it out slowly, circling her rosebud with her index and middle finger.

Overlapping them slightly, she starts to push. Her pucker stretches, accommodating the tips with more ease than she imagined. She carries on moving her hips back and forth, making the balls jingle and the egg move against her g-spot. Every time she moves, she pushes her two fingers deeper into her ass.

It doesn’t take long. Soon, they’re in to the hilt. She can feel Bayrampaşa escort the egg through the thin membrane, and circles her fingers around her tight channel. Her pussy is leaking slick juices, the smell filling the room. She draws her fingers out, collects more moisture, and plunges them back in. The rubbing sensation on her stretched ass sets her insides on fire. Her pussy is twitching as the egg continues to vibrate.

Almost pushed over the edge, she starts to moan, a low, sensual hum that sounds horny and driven even to her. She could give in, let herself fall into the abyss… It would be glorious. Her thighs are tingling, small bursts of electricity racing up her spine, her pussy twitching in sync with egg, her ass blissfully stretched around her fingers. Her chest heaving with slight gasps, her fingers start pinching her nipple, her nails digging into the sensitive flesh around it; Jenna twists her body to get her fingers deeper, bending and turning them. They bump against the egg in her juicing cave, sending crashing waves of passion through her whole body.

Slightly desperate now, she turns her body some more, pulling her fingers out of her ass to plunge them back in. At that moment, her arms touch the vibrator, lying forgotten on the bed. She eyes it, not quite registering it through her haze. Then her vision clears, and she remembers what she set out to do.

With new determination, she lubes up her ring finger. She rams all three fingers into her pussy, pushing the egg deeper and the balls right up against her cervix. Twisting and turning them, she collects as much slick as she can. Can’t wait too long, her ass feels weirdly empty without her fingers. One, two… To make sure, feeling a little hesitant, she pushes her two fingers in and out a few times, increasing the speed.

But her tight rosebud is comfortably relaxed, her digits sliding in and out easily. There’s no reason to delay any longer. One last swish through the juices seeping from her love cave, she pulls her fingers out of her ass a little, pushes all three together and, before she can think better of it, sinks them in. Biting her lip, Jenna twists her hand, only taking a second to adjust.

Her body is getting coated in a thin layer of sweat. Panting, she pistons her fingers in and out of her tight ass. She rolls over, arches her back and pulls her shining cheeks apart, wantonly humping her own fingers. Every couple of moves, Jenna runs her fingers through the juices coating her inner thighs and seeping down her legs before ramming her slim digits back into her raw ass.

Whimpering surrounds her. Jenna doesn’t register it’s she that’s making the sound, as the frantic movements bob the Venus balls, their weights bumping into the egg that continues to hum irregularly against her g-spot. The tension in her belly is a tight Beşiktaş escort bayan hot curl of fire, and all her thoughts are occupied with one thing and one thing only: to race over the edge and explode.

Barely pulling herself together she forces her fingers, shaking slightly from the exertion, as deep as they can go. Jenna circles her hips. She stretches her fingers out to make space while she desperately grabs the vibrator with her free hand. Sinking it into her mouth, she even forgets to gag while she coats it in thick deep-throat spit.

Jenna pushes her fingers even further. They’re buried past the knuckles, the discomfort of the distortion drowned in her lust. Switching the model dick to highest vibrations, she twirls them around once more before pulling them out, stretched wide.

For a second she savors the emptiness, the cool air on her gaping rosebud. Then she shoves the vibrating dick in to its thick base – and keeps pushing. The egg is barreled against the opposite wall of her pussy as her ass widens painfully, the torture making her eyes roll back. Biting her lip until she tastes blood, Jenna twists her nipples and pushes her ass back further.

There is no choice anymore. Her animal instincts have taken over, and they want, they need, to cum like never before. With an audible plop, a blissfully tortured screech from Jenna and a swill of sticky pussy juices, the dick’s massive base forces itself into the sweaty girl’s battered ass.

Holding tight onto the string attached to the ring at the base’s end, Jenna collapses onto her stomach. Her eyes roll back in her head. Her one hand tugs roughly on the string, putting her sphincter through gorgeous torture. Her other hand rips nails across her boobs while she twists and turns, panting.

She’s so close. Hanging on with one toe to her sanity while dangling headfirst over a cliff, her scratching and pinching fingers find her clit. Neglected and swollen, her pearl is ready for action. As her fingers close around it, she pulls hard on the dick in her ass, almost ripping it out. The egg and the balls in her aching pussy jingle and dance and in one swift moment, the whole build-up is released.

Moaning, grunting, panting, Jenna’s body convulses as electric bolts shoot across her limbs and her world turns dark. Stars explode, and her belly contracts her toes and hands in wild ecstasy. Her hips piston up and down, humping the air as every move sends firy sparks into every cell in her body.

She can’t stop. Her insides are liquid, her head foggy and her limbs feel like cotton wool but all that matters is the tension in her pussy that doesn’t seem to ease as her orgasm continues, but grow stronger and force her to push herself over the edge, again, and again, and again.

By the time the orgasm finally subsides, the sun is high in the sky. Jenna is shaking, little aftershocks making her body spasm in delight. Her ass is on fire and she doubt her pussy will ever feel normal again, but her hands find their way to her clit. As she twists the little bud, her body is jerked to life again.

She has nowhere to go. Seeing as her ass is already stretched, what else can she abuse today?

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