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Have Hands–Will Travel — Li’s Awakening

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Li is a sexually frustrated women who contacted me by E-mail. Her story—-

She is married, but often left alone while hubby was traveling, and doing business. In her sexual prime, she turned to sex stories as an outlet.. After a few looks, she found me, and my e-mail address.

She agreed to pay my way round trip if I would come and teach her how to have multiple orgasms. She also has never enjoyed the pleasures of oral sex. Her life was about to change..

I arrived in town at daybreak, having flown all night..Being asleep the last few hours had given me hope the day would not be wasted because of jet lag. I checked into the hotel Li had reserved a suite for me in..

I immediately set up my massage table and stones, not sure when she might arrive. I had a shower and shave. Spring was fading to summer there, and I dressed light in shorts and dress shirt.

I found an internet cafe and used my laptop to let Li know I had arrived. By the time I reached my hotel a few blocks away, she met me in the bar. She was absolutely beautiful.. Reminded me of a gypsy queen I once knew.

Long dark hair, a flawless figure with pert thirty-four A cups. She had never seen my picture, so I surprised her by walking up behind her. I leaned in and whispered as she sat at the bar..

“ Know where I could get a massage today, Miss?”

She spun suddenly to face me. I’m fifty-eight but I’m told I carry it well. Auburn with gray hair, 5′ 8” one hunderd ninety pounds.

“I’m Michael, better known to you as Dano.”
I took her hand palm down and kissed it. Her eyes were wide and inviting as she introduced herself, a blush traveled from her cheeks downward to places yet unseen.

“ I arrived and have already set up in my suite you provided. Shall we go?”

I held my elbow up, and she hooked her arm inside, trembling at thoughts of what lay ahead.

In my suite, I had her fill out my form for my records. I explained my routine to her and asked if she would feel more comfortable undressing in the bathroom. She was a bundle of nerves,her hand shaking as she signed the form. I had her stand, took the form and put it away.

“Why don’t we start this relationship off right ?” I said…

“ You tell me your expectations of this massage, and I will try my best to comply with your wishes.”

I stepped very close, turning her back to me, and began to lightly knead her shoulders. Her voice betrayed her as she spoke- breaking up .

“ I-I’ve never done anything like this in my life. I don’t know where to begin– I –I want this so badly! It’s just that when I read your stories, I feel myself getting wet with desire…wanting so bad to be the one one the table..”

Li turned suddenly and threw her arms around me, sobbing.

“ I want you to do to me what you done to all those women in your stories. My husband is a good man, and I’ve always been faithful to him, but if I can learn new things from you, maybe I can make my marriage better. I’ve never had oral sex done on me, and I have to really catch my husband at the right moment to even have an orgasm—never multiple ones—never!”

As Li talked , my hands kept moving, using the tips of my fingers on her neck and behind the ears to help relax her.

“Go undress , leave your clothes on the hangers.” I picked up a large towel of mine and showed her how to drape herself. My stones were hot and so was I. Li came out and I guided her onto my table.

“Tummy down please.”

I oiled my hands and began at her cute toes, working the oil between each one. They were very ticklish,and her giggles helped calm her nerves.Moving up,my hands divided each calve muscle. I stroked my fingernails backwards toward her knees.Goose bumps followed, along with her moans.


I asked her to breathe slowly and deeply to help relax her. Looking up, I gazed on her charms- her legs had parted to reveal a very pretty treasure. Soft dark hair curled inward on her tight looking labia. I observed dew forming near her clitoris, which stood clear of the london escort lips.

I gathered several hot stones and placed four each on her legs, two below each knee and two above. Her thighs spread more as she said–

”My –Those are very warm!”

As the heat penetrated to the bones, I moved to the head of the table.

I massaged her temples, letting my free fingers play around her ears. I folded the towel down to expose about two inches of her buttocks. Chill bumps ran wild across her back and sides, which pleased me greatly.

I used my oiled thumbs and fingers to knead her neck and shoulders.. Moving to the side, I checked her spine on each side, the chill bumps growing larger. Li ‘s moans were rising with each touch..she trembled as my hands found the top crease of her ass. I folded the towel on down, leaving only her crotch covered .

I placed a row of stones down each side of her spine. While the heat soaked in, her breathing got very relaxed..I removed the towel, exposing her completely. A quite lovely ass was quivering in anticipation of my next moves.

Re-oiling my hands, I began to roll each cheek in opposing circles, exposing her most intimate spot. The star-shaped muscle contracted as my fingers worked deeper into the crease. I stopped long enough to remove the stones from her back.

As I removed the ones on her legs, I touched the inside of each upper thigh, coaxing her to open them more. Clear fluids were dripping from her labia and down onto my sheet. Her lips had ‘ bloomed’ open like a rose, her erect clitoris standing clear of it’s hood.

I moved back to her ass, rolling the cheeks again while watching her anus contract..I let a single middle finger slide down onto the muscle, massaging it in slow circles..Most people don’t know that the nerve endings responsible for intense orgasm’s are located a few inches inside the anus.

“Ahhh! N-No don’t—I’ve never –”
I continued to let the finger massage it..driving Li crazy.. I finally spoke–

“Tell me you don’t like it—tell me – and I’ll stop.”
Her hips came up slightly, as my thumb replaced the finger. It sank into her spasming ass to the first knuckle. I let my free hand slide down onto her mound, flicking the tip of her clit.

“N-No -D-Don’t you dare stop!”
She moaned as I sank my two middle fingers of my free hand deep inside her pussy. Her whole body shook as an intense orgasm ripped through her body.


My fingertips found her G-spot..Extremely filled as she had never experienced that type of orgasm.. I hooked the gland and pulled down, forcing the pent-up fluids to spurt from her, and triggering an orgasm that shook her to the core, and soaked my hand.

Li’s pussy contracted as she had her first G-spot orgasm. I pumped my fingers faster, her orgasm continued to a third one, that took her breath..Li spun over from her tummy, my fingers still deep inside.

She sat up, still cumming and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me close to kiss her. I broke the kiss, to try to get her onto her back..I was far from finished. Looking deep into my eyes she said–

“ I- I did it Dano! I came three times!” I smiled and said–

“So far.. lie back for round two….” I spoke softly but told her the reasons she was not at all finished …

“You’ve been a good wife and Mom…Now it’s time for you. You’re in your sexual prime..That’s why you’re feeling this way..You know something’s missing. I can help you find it…I only wish I could reap the rewards instead of your husband.”

I finally got Li on her back, her body in aftershocks of the triple orgasm’s..I had a wet washcloth nearby and used it to pat the sweat from her forehead and neck. Her breathing was very labored, and I decided to keep at it while she was still in an orgasmic state of mind.

I pulled her thighs open with one hand, pulling the open palm up to cup her quivering pussy. I was at the side of the table, bent at the hips near her face..I couldn’t help myself as I lowered london escort agency my lips to hers.She was so damn beautiful. Li’s full lips parted and slipped her tongue inside to explore.

Meanwhile, my hand had a few fingers inside her gripping pussy, my thumb circling her swelled clitoris.She moaned into my mouth as another orgasm built up. I could tell by her ragged breaths and the ‘milking’ grip she had on my fingers her fourth orgasm was fast approaching..

At the last possible second before she exploded, I stood up and removed my fingers.. “W-What are you stopping for??” Li screamed at me.. “ I was about to cu–”

“I have other tools to torture you with” I smiled..

I pulled her hips downward near the foot of the table, and she suddenly got the idea…I went to my knees as Li spread her legs and lifted them,her hands holding her knees high.

I kissed each upper thigh, very near– so very near to where she wanted my tongue to be.I put my arms around her hips to press my hands flat on top of her pubic bone. This stretched her labia tight, and peeled the hood completely off her clit..

I blew my warm breath across her nub, tormenting her to new heights.

“Pl-PLease –L-Lick it! Lick it..Suck it Dano!!! I-I’m gonnna c-cumm!!”

I use something that can absolutely drive a woman insane with pleasure..I trace the letters of the english alphabet on and around the clitoris with the tip of my tongue. My “ ABC’s” if you will.. No woman has made it to the letter O without cumming.

I began with my stiff tongue by driving it deep into Li’s tight pussy. I pumped it a half dozen times as she screamed –

”YES!!!! Fuck mee with your hot tongue!” The walls inside contracted and sucked at my tongue..She was on the edge once again..I pulled back and traced –A–B–C-D-E–Li suddenly grabbed my head and pulled…. exploding into my lips and tongue, squirting streams of fluid all in my mouth and face area.

“ Aaaahhhgg—C-Cummminggg!!”

I slipped my middle finger, already soaked with her cum, inside her spasming ass, setting off a continuous orgasm that lasted several minutes. She couldn’t even scream—all she could do was gasp for air and pump my face and finger.

“N-Noooooo! You’re scaring mee!! Stop—P-Pleaseeze!! Don’t s-stop!!—

Li’s hands fell away from my head as she went limp, passed out from the intensity of her pleasure.. I removed my finger and stood, slipping my shorts off and shirt.. My turn finally.

I placed Li’s knees over my shoulders as my hand gripped my thick cock.

I played , waiting for her to come around..I rubbed the wide head up and down her soaked lips. Her cum flowed freely, streaming across her anus and pooling onto the sheet below.

The head of my cock split her outer lips wide, and I gave an exploratory push a couple of inches inside her inner lips. Her eyes opened wide as I began to slide deeper..taking her breath.

“My-T-That’s a nice cock you have there Dano…Please take it slow.”

My thoughts exactly..I backed out, leaving the head inside and pushed again..This time I was over halfway inside when her open palms touched my breasts..silently stopping my advance. I withdrew again and just held the glans inside her inner lips. When I didn’t advance, Li began to scoot and hunch herself towards me..smiling…

“You are so—different..Making a lady act this way.”

Her hips rolled as I thrust forward—my entire length buried to her cervix..Her nails lightly clawed my breasts, my nipples hard as hers. We were one—my fat balls resting on her cum-soaked ass.. Li’s tight pussy was throbbing , threating to cum before I could even get started.

“Mmm-You fill me so well Dano…Pl-Please fuck me !!”

Li’s tight cunt began to ‘milk’ my cock…She was so turned on I would have to take care with her, or risk her passing out again. I began to stroke her slowly, taking short two inch thrusts as she moaned.

“Mmmnn—I love the feel of your thick cock. I’ll be sore for days..”

Her lips were spread wide around escort london my shaft, dragging her clit along the top as we moved.
“F-Fuck me faster-Dano, I’m about to cum again!”

I pulled her leg over to cross them on my right shoulder. This tightened her cuntlips as my speed and strokes increased. My hands were at her beautiful breasts, first cupping them then scratching the sides with my nails. My hips found another gear as I sped on and Li’s ass left the table , matching my thrusts..

Our eyes were locked as I watched her build towards orgasm. Pupils dilated – breaths shallow and labored, a fine sweat on both our brows… a big smile on her beautiful face..Those were the signs she was very close. Her mouth suddenly shifted from the smile, her lips forming an O – she sucked in her breath and held it as her pussy clamped down hard on my cock.. My fingers suddenly pinched her erect nipples and that sent her screaming..

“Oh yess!!—I’m cumming again Dano—please cum with me.. Oh – Oh- Nnnnoww!”

My shaft was flooded with her juices as her orgasm burst forth, and triggered my own release as my cock swelled and pulsed line after line of my seed into her sucking cunt.

“Oh Yes!! I feel it—soo Hott!!”

I pulled her legs from my shoulders and pinned her knees nearly to her ears as we came together, the sheet under us soaked..I continued to stroke her tight walls as they gripped and released, over and over..

Locking her legs around my waist, I scooped her up—still impaled on my cock and walked to the large double bed. I turned and sat down..We slid to the middle still connected, but Li wound up on top.

I turned her to face my feet. The feeling of her twisting on my slick cock was incredible. She placed her hands just above my knees and began to roll her hips..not pumping yet, just seating me deeply to my balls. This angle let her pretty ass come into view, and I placed a finger just inside the opening, and watched as she wiggled backwards onto it, moaning….

“I’ve never in my life –never been fucked so well! What will I do when you are gone?”

Li’s warm pussy gripped my cock as her fingers played with her clit. Her hips were rolling in wide circles as my finger kept pumping her star shaped anus..Her groans made it obvious she was enjoying it. I used my free hand to lightly slap each firm ass cheek, turning them pink..

“Yes!! It feels so strange having you in both places at once..Can I cum again?”

“Sure Li—Cum all you wish to..That’s the whole idea..”

I was taking a brief rest to get my second wind..My cock was still firm and thick, even after cumming with Li.. I pushed upwards, driving the head of my cock deep to bump her cervix…Her pussy spasmed as stroked her clit– her inner muscles clenched around the slick shaft..

“Aaahhhhhhh– –Yesss!” Li hunched in wild abandoment as her ass gripped and released my finger that was deep in her bowels. I pumped it faster, triggering another, even stronger orgasm that made her scream in ecstacy, her pussy flooding my cock and pelvis area .

She reached back and gently pushed my hand back. I slid my slick finger out of her ass as her orgasm wound down. Li turned back to face me, nearly twisting my cock off. She lay forward and frenched me..I returned the favor, adding suction to the kiss.

I felt her cunt muscles begin to grip my cock again, her hips hunching forward to grind her clit onto my pelvis. She moaned into my mouth as we held the intimate kiss, and another orgasm spasmed around my cock..She rose up, her breath coming in short gasps—her voice barely a whisper..A couple of tears appeared and fell onto my chest.

Looking deep into my eyes she said–
”Dano, you’re making it very hard for me to go home this evening. I didn’t know this kind of sex was possible! What am I to do when you leave?”

I held her close, her cheek in the hollow between my breasts. Her whole body shook as she wept in sexual satisfaction..

“You take the knowledge home I’ve given you, and begin to teach your husband what I’ve taught you.. We have a few more days..Let’s enjoy them..”

Author’s note — This affair is ongoing at present.. I will submit additional chapters if the readers vote well.

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