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Happy Hour

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Jill felt great to be young, free, playful and a little horny. It was one of those idyllic Summer days. The right place, with the right person and an abundance of youthful energy.

The restaurant’s patio bar overlooked the ocean. Jill enjoyed a White Russian. She tried to distract Lauren with a compliment, “I really like your new hairstyle. It’s very different and works for you, Laurie.”

“Thanks. It was a hard decision.” While Lauren explained the whys and wherefores, Jill felt a comforting warmth from the drink, the ocean view and the early evening sun. She casually dropped her hand to rest gently on Lauren’s thigh. The physical touch was a routine connection between the two.

The Friday afternoon Happy Hour was the start of a weekend together at the beach. Lauren was one of those people made for Summer relaxation. Her light brown hair cascaded across her breasts. When it moved in the onshore breeze, the strands shimmered and took on a golden glow in the descending rays. Her lithe body relaxed and stretched comfortably.

Under Jill’s hand, the thin material of Lauren’s blue sundress was warm with the sun’s heat and from her supple flesh. Encouraging her to continue the hair discussion, Jill interjected a neutral observation. Her friend chattered on with her characteristic enthusiasm. It energized her body and was one of the magnetic attractions that she seemed unaware of.

Jill was not as curvaceous as Lauren. She was very tall and gangling. Although the drinks were starting to have an effect, her body was tense from pent-up sexual energy. She needed a release.

Feigning interest in the light conversation, Jill’s eyes were engaged in devouring her friend’s appearance. The light tan on her smooth skin. The dancer-like movement of her arms. The alertness of her deep brown eyes. The slow rise and fall of her breasts. She was entranced by the understated beauty and the fun-loving personality that shone through the easy smile and trilling laughs.

During a pause, Jill said with an intentional double-entendre, “You look hot.”

Lauren missed the sexual connotation and replied, “I feel hot.” She twisted in search of the server.

Jill caught the waitress’s eye and signaled for another wine cooler for Lauren and one for herself. The sound of Lauren’s voice had a pleasant lilt and a hint of her southern roots. To continue the verbal symphony, Jill asked, “How’s work going?”

She took the bait and riffed on the highs and lows of her week at the nonprofit. As an active and engaged advocate to improve people’s lives, it was the perfect spot for her.

Jill’s white blouse draped loosely over her khaki shorts. She nonchalantly released another button to let more air in and expose the flesh at the top of her chest. Next, she moved to cool her hot friend by fanning her and pulling her skirt higher up her legs. Lauren unconsciously made a small attempt to push the skirt back to a more chaste position. Jill resisted.

Lauren looked around to determine if anyone could see this flirtatious play. Re-assured they were somewhat concealed in the alcove by a bush and a partition, Lauren allowed the light massage of her legs to continue.

“Oh, that’s good. My muscles are tight from this morning’s run.” Continuing to talk about work, Lauren relaxed down in the padded chair. This gave Jill easier access. As her body eased, Lauren described her excitement at a possible promotion.

Nodding in encouragement, Jill rested her head on her left hand. Staring at her companion’s makeup-free face, she shifted her chair closer and continued the slow advance of her right hand under the sundress and up the leg. Lauren squirmed on the cushion and şişli bayan escort her voice tightened. As Lauren reached a critical part of recounting her job interview, Jill place her palm delicately on Lauren’s panty clad vagina.

She squeaked, “Jill!” and reddened. Her frisky pal looked at her innocently. Lauren dropped her hand in a feeble attempt to push Jill away. However, being under her skirt, the intruder had the upper hand.

Lauren squeezed her thighs together to stop the public invasion of her private bits. It only served to increase the pressure on her loins. To break down her resistance, Jill’s fingers rubbed up and down the front of her thin and silky underwear. They were both excited by the intimate touch.

Inhaling deeply, Lauren finished her first cooler to steady herself. The middle-aged waitress approached to deliver the new drink. The tablecloth partially concealed Jill’s naughty arm. She gave the server a friendly smile and noticed her name was Beth.

Lauren was a mix of agitated and embarrassed. She tried again to subtly brush her friend’s hand in an effort to stop the salacious and disconcerting movements. It only succeeded in increasing the tightness of the contact and the pressure on her moistening lingerie.

Before the waitress departed, Jill ask her to bring some dinner menus.

In a flustered state, Lauren was reluctant to take another drink that could further loosen her inhibitions. To counter, Jill proposed a toast, “To living life and accepting love.”

Lauren gave a faux annoyed look. Since it would be rude to refuse the salutation, she clinked glasses and took a sip. She rolled her neck and relaxed her shoulders. This loosened the rest of her body. With more freedom of movement, Jill caressed the exposed flesh on the upper thighs. Lauren’s eyes fluttered and she moaned quietly with acceptance.

Beth returned with the menus. Seeing Lauren’s blissful expression, she asked, “Are you enjoying the drinks?”

Lauren was shaken from her reverie by the visitor’s presence and sat up straighter.

Jill answered in a sultry voice, “They’re very stimulating.” Lauren raised her eyebrows and shot Jill a look that said, ‘Stop it!’

The waitress picked up on the lascivious tension and injected with a knowing grin, “That’s what Fridays are for.”

Turning to Lauren, Jill re-inforce the point by covertly rubbing some skin and saying, “I couldn’t agree with you more, ma’am. If friends can’t have some harmless fun on Friday, when can they?’ In a saccharin voice, she asked, “Don’t you agree, Lauren dear?”

Lauren shifted in the chair and pulled away from Jill’s bawdy pawing. Her lips answered the question with a mumbled, “Of course.” However, her annoyed eyes said, ‘I’m going to kill you.”

The server interrupted their wordplay, “Do you need more time to decide?”

Jill took charge, “I think we’re ready.” They each ordered a salad and agreed to share a seafood main course.

When the waitress left, Lauren leaned forward and hissed, “You embarrassed me. I come here often. Now she’s going to think I’m a slut.”

Flicking her hair, Jill inhaled the delicious aroma on fingers that were rich with Lauren’s fluids and said, “Well, if the title fits…”

“I’m not a slut. You accosted me.”

Pretending to be offended, Jill replied, “I did not. You practically invited me in with your come hither looks and feminine wiles. I’m the innocent victim here of you humping my hand.”

Lauren barked out a laugh and descended into a series of giggles. “Feminine wiles?! I don’t do ‘come hither’ looks. And you haven’t been innocent since puberty.”

Joining in the giggles, Jill stroked Laurie’s şişli escort upper arm with affection. “Admit it, you liked it.”

“No! I don’t want to encourage you.”

“Lauren?”, Jill stretched out her name in a ‘be honest’ voice.

Looking around furtively at the filling restaurant, “OK. I liked it. But, this isn’t the right time or the place.”

Jill blew a kiss, “It’s always the right time and place, Love.”

Lauren returned the air kiss and moved her chair directly across the small table from Jill to catch more of the disappearing sun. Then morosely, “Now you’ve got me all worked up.”

“I’ve got a cure for that,” reaching her arm across toward Lauren’s breast.

She slapped away Jill’s hand. “Behave yourself,” she said in a tone that was meant to brook no disagreement.

“Your loss,” Jill shrugged and looked out at the copper waves lapping the shore. She moved her hand across her chest and pushed at her blouse to give Lauren a better view of her small, but firm, bazooms.

Lauren, seeing the flirt, said, “You’re the slut.”

With a pout, Jill said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I just have a little itch.” and scratched her left nipple. She slipped off her sandals and moved her long right leg to touch Lauren’s ankle. There was no protest. They both watched the hypnotic waves.

Jill shifted her toes up to stroke the smooth calf. This brought a pleased smile to Lauren’s face. Giving in to temptation, Laurie lifted her left leg and placed it on the chair to her left. The splayed legs made her more available to Jill’s ministrations.

Without hesitation, Jill responded to the signal and her toes began to knead Lauren’s inner thigh. As Jill got into a rhythm, Lauren sighed and closed her eyes. A wave of rosy color washed across her cheeks. Jill perceived a slight rocking in Laurie’s hips to match her thrusts. Her lover’s reaction was arousing to watch and Jill licked her lips. She pressed on. Fully extending her leg, her foot pressed against Lauren’s damp panties.

Lauren’s entire body shivered and the blissful smile expanded. Her lips opened and mouthed a barely audible, “Yes.” Her eyelids slightly parted to confirm they were still alone. Despite her fear of public exposure, her body couldn’t resist pressing forward to increase the pleasure. Her eyes closed again and she entered a dreamy world of sensation.

Jill was intoxicated by the effect she was having on Lauren’s libido. It excited her own. As she pushed harder against Lauren’s vagina, she dropped a hand to her own lap. The touch gave her a bolt of electricity and she drew in a sharp breath. Unlike her crony, she kept her eyes open to observe Lauren’s sensuous writhing.

Jill couldn’t resist teasing her squirming friend. “Who wants the Magic Toes?”

From her lascivious daydream, Lauren distractedly whispered, “Jill.”

“No. Jill Has Magic Toes. Who wants them?” To get her playmate’s attention, she withdrew her leg.

With a pout, Lauren mumbled a barely audible, “I do.”


More clearly, she said, “Lauren wants the Magic Toes.”

With a satisfied smile, Jill accelerated the pace of her leg’s pistoning movement.

Lauren had been correct earlier when she said she was worked up. Now she was captive to her sexual appetites. Her mind raced from one graphic and titillating fantasy to the next. As her arousal built, it increased her cravings. She swept her hair back from her face and felt the beginning of sex sweat. Her hand went to her breasts and the thin dress and sheer bra did little to prevent her nipples from hardening at the fondle.

Jill was becoming an equal sexual mess. She unsnapped the clasp mecidiyeköy escort on her shorts and slipped her hand inside her pink thong into the warmth of her pubic hair. When she contacted her clitoris, she bit her lower lip at the wet delight. The hard nub was sparking. Jill was quickly climbing climax mountain. The energy transferred to her leg and her gentle pressure became a rougher attack on Lauren’s welcoming cunt.

Lauren was too enthralled to do anything but continue and achieve the culmination she hungered for. She sensed the harder and quicker pulse from Jill’s foot. “Like that. More, more.” escaped her breathy throat.

Across from her, Jill plunged two fingers into her vagina as the heel of her hand worked her clit. It was just right. She peaked and welcomed the flood of heat and fluid and starry twinkles of emotional and physical commotion. Jill couldn’t help but relax into the pleasure.

Lauren was almost there when she realized the motion of Jill’s leg was slowing. With a frown of frustration at possibly being denied, she lifted her skirt and grabbed the marvelous foot. With both hands, Laurie rocked and moved the heel along her slit. It felt like her favorite dildo. She grinned knowing she hadn’t lost the spicy zing. She pressed harder and harder. Closer and closer. BANG! WHAM! BOOM! She came in a rush. Laurie felt like she’d just won a race. She released the precious foot back to the floor and slumped into the ocean of rapture. Spent, Lauren’s arms flopped over the sides of her chair.

Moments later, Jill saw the waitress approaching with their order. She pulled herself together and made sure her open shorts weren’t visible. Laurie still had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily. Her expression was one of absolute euphoria. Her clothing was more disheveled than Jill’s and her pulled up skirt was visible. There was no time to warn her.

When the server placed the food in front of her, Jill smiled innocently and said louder than necessary, “Thank you, Beth.”

The words startled Lauren and her eyes snapped open. She was still in a state of joyful confusion and stayed sprawled. The waitress turned to the limp and flushed girl. “Are you alright, miss?” she asked with concern. “You look feverish.” At that moment, she looked down and saw the wet smear in the front of Lauren’s exposed purple panties. She gave a sharp gasp.

Lauren came to her senses and shot upright while simultaneously covering her delinquent undies with her dress. Her face ignited in a flame of guilty red.

“Oh, she’s fine,” Jill piped to take the attention away from her climax-addled consort. “She just got caught up in dreaming about the pleasures of Summer.”

The waitress quickly recovered. With a jealous look, she said, “Ahhhhh, yes. Some of my fondest memories are the ‘pleasures’ of Summer at the beach.” As she turned to leave, she added with a wink, “You girls continue to have fun. And savor the rest of the evening.”

Barely able to breath, Lauren asked hopefully, “Do you think she knows?”

With a disbelieving expression, Jill chortled, “Of course she knows, girl. You practically had your swollen twat on the table.”

Lauren covered her face and moaned. “Now everyone will know I’m a slut.”

Jill took her hand and jokingly consoled her, “Yes, dear. But, you’re my favorite slut. I just came, and you’ve got me so excited, I can’t wait to finish our meal and get you in bed.”

Lauren moaned, “I can never come back here.”

“Don’t be silly.” Jill comforted. “The waitress completely understands. Like she said, we’re just ‘making memories’. I know I’ll never forget it. This has been the best Happy Hour ever!”

In spite of the shame, Lauren was ravenous and attacked her salad. She determined to leave the understanding server a very big tip. There was no point in denying she was a slut. But, right now, she felt like the world’s happiest slut.


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