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Happy Birthday! Pt. 02

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He’d left the door open as he threw me down on the bed. He pulled my cheeky shorts off brusquely, leaving the camisole, and began rubbing my pussy, admiring the smooth skin. You couldn’t see him or my lower half, just the end of the bed with me on it where I’d been thrown. You kept your eyes on what you could see of me. My pussy was a little swollen and very wet from what you’d done to me not even five minutes ago, but Scott didn’t say anything. He simply flipped me over and pulled me up onto my hands and knees. I flipped my hair to the side so I could see you better. He had a finger in me, and you could see the reaction on my face.

“Ready baby?” he asked from behind me, pulling me back into his world. I moaned an answer, and he plunged his cock into me in one full, hard thrust. I nearly tumbled onto my chest from the force, and he moaned loudly as I propped myself back onto my elbows. I’d gotten distracted and when I looked back at you, I saw you pulling your cock out of your pants. Scott was no slouch downstairs, but your cock was mouthwateringly thick, and I gasped watching you stroke yourself.

He was talking loudly, trying to show off I imagine. “Baby, you are so fucking wet. You’ve wanted this for a while, haven’t you? You love this cock, don’t you?”

He began pounding me fervently and with the momentum it was difficult to hold your gaze. I kept my eyes on you and was able to get out a mostly coherent answer. “You have no idea.” His rhythm slowed and he brought himself down on me. His hand found its way around me to my clit as he kissed my shoulder. The sensations made me shudder, every bit of me still sensitive from your touch. I bit my lip again as I watched you, trying for all the world to not cum again. I didn’t want you to see me cum like this.

My efforts were in vain. He knew every inch of me, and he knew how to work every inch of me. Within seconds I was cumming again, harder this time as his cock kept pounding into me. He groaned feeling my body convulse around his cock and his hands dug into my hips. I’d closed my eyes when the sensation had become too much. My breathing was Kartal Escort starting to regulate, and I opened my eyes, searching for you. You were walking towards me and pushed the door open even more. I blinked repeatedly, not knowing what to do, not knowing what Scott would do.

I turned as best I could to see his reaction. He’d stopped thrusting and now had a half smile. He grabbed my hair before I could ask what was going on, and he forced me to turn to you. You walked up to the edge of the bed, your cock still out, thick and hard, shiny with a few drops of precum on the head. You were so close I could smell you again, the coffee was still there but there was a musk now that I reveled in. I wanted you so fucking bad and my heart was beating like crazy with hope and worry, not knowing which way this was about to go.

My breath caught in my throat as he pushed my head to your cock, handing over his hold on my hair to you. You took my hair firmly as you looked down into my eyes, his cock still in me. You smiled at me and gestured with a tilt of your head that I should begin whenever I was ready. You were tall enough I needed to use my hands to hold me up, so I could be more or less level with your cock. I knew I’d never be able to take in all of you. But that wasn’t going to stop me from tasting what I could.

My tongue and lips played with your head for a bit, licking up the precum and rounding your tip with my tongue. I moved my lips further down you, massaging what I could with my tongue, running it along your protruding veins. The moan that came from you was almost enough to make me cum again. It was tantalizing and wild. I worried I was about to squirt. It was so embarrassing when it happened, but Scott loved it. He must have realized I was close too because he began working a finger into my ass. I had to stop massaging your cock for a second as my body became overstimulated.

Another minute and he had his thumb in my ass, pounding my pussy, while you were slowly thrusting into my mouth as my lips surrounded you tightly. I could feel the pressure building. I knew Tuzla Escort I was seconds away from squirting. I’d never been able to cum without direct stimulation to either my clit or g-spot, so I knew that wasn’t it. I was so close, and I whimpered, not wanting to squirt all over and ruin everything. You both stopped simultaneously. Your grip on my hair loosened as you brushed the strands and curls to the side. “Are you okay?” Your deep, husky voice was full of concern and your eyes laughed as I nodded with your cock still deep in my mouth. “Ready for the rest of it?” You asked and flashed me a devilish grin as my eyes bulged apprehensively.

Scott was still thrusting his cock deep in my dripping pussy, his free hand digging into my hip to give himself purchase while his other thumb stayed where he’d put it. Your fingers lost themselves in my hair as you dug into the back of my head. You kept cooing the words, “breathe” and “relax” over and over again as you moved your cock gradually deeper down my throat. I was almost unbelievably at the base when I began to gag. I could feel my whole body constrict and I felt Scott thrust deep and hard a few more times and heard him moan. He pulled out and I felt his hot cum coat my ass.

With your cock still mostly in my mouth I let out a breathless sigh, waiting for you to back away. When you didn’t, I looked up and met your hungry gaze. “We’re not done yet, baby girl.” Something about the way you looked at me excited every bit of me and I began to move my mouth further down your cock, massaging what I could with my tongue. I was almost there and couldn’t quite make it the rest of the way without feeling my body fight itself.

I looked up at you again and you nodded, knowing what I was asking, what I needed. You pushed gradually and firmly until my nose was buried in your flesh and your balls were hitting my chin. Your loud groan as you held me to you finally made me squirt and for the first time I couldn’t have cared less.

I’d forgotten about Scott in my triumph but the feeling of his cum dripping down my ass reminded me he was Anadolu Yakası Escort still here. You reluctantly backed away as I felt a warm washcloth wipe off my ass and I turned to see Scott cleaning me up. He didn’t meet my gaze, but I could see an amused grin on his face. He moved me so I was laying on my back. He came down on me and kissed me tenderly. His hand finding my breast and playing with my stiff nipple through the thin silky material of the camisole I was still wearing.

He hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and his usually clean-shaven face was now bristly and rough. He enjoyed rubbing his prickly skin on my cheeks and over my chest. He bit down on my nipple through the material and my back and chest arched, wanting more. I looked down to where you had been and saw you standing there, undressing as you watched us.

Scott pulled the camisole up to get to my bare breasts as I pulled it over my head, smiling naughtily as I threw it to you. You caught it with a smirk and brought it up to your face, inhaling deeply as you held my gaze. Your stare was so piercing I barely registered that Scott had stopped sucking on my tits. He was watching me and snickered warmly to himself. I looked at him, more than a little embarrassed. He knew he wasn’t who I wanted tonight.

He stood up and came to my side, leaning over he kissed me deeply, nibbling on my lips and tongue as he held my head, playing with my now crazy hair. He pulled back and looked down at me, brushing the hair away from my face. I felt your hand on my ankle as you crawled onto the bed and began crawling up to me. My head jerked down to you to see what was happening and then I looked back and forth between the two of you.

Scott was still watching me and smiled. “Happy Birthday, Babe.” My eyes bulged at the realization that he’d planned this, and my heart felt like it could burst with appreciation and then excitement. I felt my cheeks redden with passion as he moved back and sat down in the chair in the corner to watch us. I couldn’t shake my smile and I looked back at you. Your chin was resting on my pussy as you traced patterns with your finger on my stomach, waiting for me to give you my full attention.

“Ready for my present?” you asked. There was a hint of danger to the way you asked, and my smile disappeared in anticipation. I gulped and gave a little nod, not as sure as I was a moment ago.

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