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Happy Birthday Babyslut

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This is the fourth story in my Jenny, John and Nicole series, and it is a complete rewrite of an abandoned draft that has been mouldering on PC for about a year and a half. It contains a number of indirect references to the previous stories in this series so please see ‘Jenny, John and Nicole’, ‘Life Begins at Forty Something’ and ‘Nicole’s Surprise’ to find out more.

The narrative style of this story is different to the previous ones in the series, but I hope that you will agree that it does not detract from the story itself. Your comments and feedback, as always, are welcome.


It was summer again in that corner of southern France that Jenny and John called home, and almost a year had passed since their mundane lives had been turned upside down and sent off on a very different course as a direct result of Nicole’s summer long visit. John had been busy working on the house again, by New Year had had finished the playroom which had been the project that he had teased Nicole about during his visit to England the previous autumn. I don’t want to reveal too much about the playroom yet, but it had been suitably christened during Nicole’s brief New Year’s visit, and it was also the main focus of the parties that Jenny and John now regularly hosted for their new group of French swinger friends. Also they had lost their third bedroom in the conversion of the attic space into the playroom as a new staircase had to be installed to replace the old ladder that had originally given access to that space. During the spring of this year John had converted a disused outbuilding that adjoined the house to two new guest bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom. Both of these new bedrooms had French windows which opened directly onto the patio close to the swimming pool.

These new rooms had a double benefit. Not only did they increase the house’s accommodation but it meant that guests would not be disturbed by the sounds of Jenny and John’s frequent exuberant and often noisy lovemaking. Long gone were the days when just once a month or so Jenny would submit almost passively to John’s few grunting thrusts that would bring them both to an unsatisfactory conclusion. These days their private sex was generally much more tender than the animalistic fucking which they enjoyed in their group encounters. Even so, Jenny would now freely give voice to her passion as John skilfully coaxed her to deep and satisfying orgasms in the privacy of their bedroom, something she would never have done a year or so ago.

It was in one of these new bedrooms that Nicole and her friend Ben were accommodated. Ben was not Nicole’s boyfriend she had insisted, just a friend who happened to regularly share her bed.

Nicole awoke with the morning sunshine forcing its way through the louvered shutters of the French windows, the inner glass doors were open as it had been a hot and muggy night. It had been a busy night too, Nicole and Ben had fucked vigorously and almost continuously for what seemed like hours while a thunderstorm had raged around the house. Ben was young, the same age as Nicole, fit and better than averagely endowed. His erection never seemed to flag between his many orgasms of that busy night, but eventually he had succumbed to exhaustion and now slept snoring quietly beside Nicole. He wasn’t a bad lover considering he was little more than a boy, Nicole mused, but he hadn’t learned to pace himself like her older, favourite, lover who could keep her motor running for hours even if she did have to wait a lot longer for him to recover from his orgasms.

Nicole was also convinced that Jenny and John had passed a busy night too. She had no evidence to support her assumption but she knew that would have not have been making love, they would have been fucking just had hard and dirty as she and Ben had done. She could read both her older lovers like a book, and the hungry looks that they had been giving both her and Ben all the previous day, and the way that they had suggested that they all might like an early night was evidence enough.

John, Nicole thought, John had changed a lot. He was much more relaxed in his sexuality these days. Not openly bi-sexual like Jenny but he had freely admitted to Nicole, during one of their many internet chats, that he would happily suck a cock or allow a man to suck his during Jenny and his regular sex parties.

Today was Tuesday, the third day of their planned month long visit. She and Ben had arrived late on Sunday afternoon and had spent that afternoon settling in. In the evening the four of them went out and had a long relaxed meal at a local restaurant.

Nicole had previously told Ben about her friends lifestyle, but in an uncharacteristic display of coyness she had in fact given Ben far less detail than John or Jenny might have expected. So it came to a bit of a shock to Ben when dressed in shorts and t-shirt the joined the others for breakfast on Monday morning to find them sitting naked around their patio table eating and chatting as if it was the most normal izmir escort thing in the world. Which, of course, for Jenny and John it now was. He was also surprised that the middle aged couple were also completely devoid of body hair. He knew that Nicole kept herself meticulously free of hair, but didn’t think that the other two, particularly John would do the same. Ben, it was revealed when the others had persuaded him out of his clothes, sported a thick bush of black wiry hair at his groin, Nicole had not yet managed to convince him of the benefits of her preference for hairless pubic skin. However, this she knew would soon change when he was properly initiated into the ménage.

Nicole had made a point of asking their hosts not to rush Ben to join in with their sexual games. So that first full day had been passed swimming, sunbathing and just lounging naked around the pool, and no direct reference made to the more adventurous side of Jenny and John’s adopted lifestyle. Much to his embarrassment Ben’s eager young flesh spent most of the day in a state of almost full erection prompted by the free and open displays of desirable femininity shown by the two women of the party. Here was a pointed difference in the attitudes of the two men, when John’s manhood rose, as it did from time to time, to a state of full extension but not quite a usable erection he simply carried on as normal. Whereas Ben was constantly trying to cover up his involuntary state of arousal much to the undisguised amusement of the others. Still Nicole could tell that the older couple were struggling not to take things to a higher level.

Shortly after lunch John announced that he and Jenny were going to take a siesta. When they re-emerged from the house both flushed and smiling about an hour later it was obvious that their time had not been spent sleeping. After that though the sexual tension diminished for a while, yet shortly began to rebuild culminating in the sexual athletics in which both couples had separately indulged during that stormy night.

The only time any of the party did dress that day was when John put on a apron while he attended to the barbeque, remarking that he didn’t want to cook the wrong sausage for their supper. A remark that was of course greeted with much laughter.

Today would be a special day Nicole contemplated as she quietly untangled herself from the still sleeping Ben and the bed. Not only was today her nineteenth birthday, but it would also be the day that Ben would be fully initiated into the ménage as Jenny and John would certainly want to mark the day in their own special way.

She collected a towel from the bathroom, then throwing open shutters stepped out onto damp flagstones of the patio that were gently steaming in the warm morning sunshine. She dropped her towel onto a lounger and dived into the swimming pool. After swimming a few lazy lengths she dried herself off and settled beside the pool to enjoy the morning sun. She soon slipped back into a light dose.

“Good morning darling, how’s my favourite dirty girl this morning?”

Called Jenny as she came out of her house carrying a tray of cups and plates for the breakfast table. She set the tray down on the table then gathered up the younger woman in her arms.

“Happy birthday my darling Babyslut”

Crushing their naked bodies together they kissed deeply and passionately. This morning, Nicole saw, that Jenny had an air about her of a hungry lioness stalking her pray.

“Is Ben still in bed?” Jenny asked when they broke their kiss.

“Yeah, I left him asleep”

“Wore him out last night did you, naughty girl. Shall I go and wake him up?” Jenny inquired with a wicked glint in her eye.

“Okay, but be good, I did ask you to take things slowly with him.”

“Darling, I am shocked that you seem to know me so little,” she responded with an offended haughtiness, then added.

“As you well know, I am very good and getting better all the time.”

Jenny strode off, wiggling her rounded and womanly rump girlishly, in the direction of the guest bedrooms.

John arrived on the patio a few moments later also carrying a tray, his one loaded with jugs of coffee, juice and a basket of warm fresh bread and pastries. He looked around apparently seeking his wife.

“She has just gone to get Ben up” Nicole informed him.

At almost the same moment the sound of muffled surprise followed by the obvious sounds of sexual enjoyment drifted from the bedroom’s open French windows.

“So I can hear!” Remarked John with a wide grin, as he and Nicole busied themselves setting the breakfast table…

Nicole and John were well into their breakfast when the sound of a slap and Jenny’s voice was heard from the guest room,

“Come on big boy, you run along into the shower now, breakfast is on the table!”

She reappeared on the patio swaggering, licking her lips, her eyes shining and grinning like the cat-that-got-the-cream. Plainly she alsancak escort had thoroughly enjoyed the first course of her breakfast.

“Jenny you are incorrigible” John admonished her.

“Well we both know who is to blame for that don’t we darling!”

She replied looking pointedly at Nicole. It was she after all who had been the catalyst that had turned Jenny from the repressed all but sexually inactive housewife that she had been into the bi-sexual, rapacious libertine that she was today.

“Besides,” she continued, “he looked so delicious lying there with his big hard cock making a tent in the bed-sheet, I just couldn’t resist. And I was right he was very delicious.”

She sensuously liked her lips again, then went on, looking at Nicole

“Baby, why have you kept him from me for so long?”

“Well I…” Nicole started.

“So, after breakfast I want to show young Ben our playroom and get him warmed up for your birthday party.”

“It had to happen sooner than later I suppose, just don’t scare him that’s all!”

“A big brave boy like that how could I possibly scare…”

“Good Morning Ben, I hope you slept well!” Interjected John in a loud voice silencing the women’s argument.

It was obvious that Ben was more relaxed about going au natural than he had been the previous day as he made no attempt to cover his semi-erect penis that bobbed proudly in front of him as he approached the breakfast table. However he did appear to be a little sheepish and his eyes wouldn’t meet those of the others as he made his greetings.

Once breakfast was finished, leaving the other two to clear away Jenny led Ben indoors and upstairs towards the attic playroom. They passed through the ex-third bedroom, which was now little more than and extension to the first floor landing, through a door and up a second stair case. John had walled in this new, upper staircase and reused the old third bedroom door to give access.

The stairs opened directly into the attic space, Ben’s first impression was red, the room though large was almost womb-like. Well that was the first thought that went through Ben’s mind anyway. The floor was carpeted in red, the walls and ceiling were painted in rich shades of reds and pinks. Even the blinds over the Velux roof windows were a shade of red giving the whole room a warm glow. The space was dominated by a large circular couch draped with a patterned throw, against the low side walls were four low two-seater sofas, and on the far gable wall a large flat-screen television. Apart from a shelving unit in one corner that was stacked with towels, and to Ben’s mind, a few rather surprising items, that was it for furnishings. The wall closer to the stairs was pierced with two openings, one closed by a door, the other a wide arch partly closed with a glass screen leading into a well appointed wet room.

“So Ben, what do you think of our playroom?” Jenny proudly inquired.

Ben looked a little puzzled. Jenny went on,

“This is where we have our parties.”

Ben look of puzzlement increased.

“Our sex parties Ben, our orgies.”

“Oh” Ben replied weakly

“Didn’t Nicole tell you anything about us?”

“Well she did tell me that you were nudists and that you had a very open lifestyle. Not much more though.”

Jenny let out a deep sigh of exasperation.

“I told Nicole to tell you about us, she is naughty! John and I are libertines, swingers Ben. I am bi-sexual, so is John, but less so, and Nicole is our favourite lover. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the patio fucking right now!”

“Err” was all that Ben could manage.

Jenny began to lead him towards the circular couch.

“Do you want to fuck me Ben? I look pretty good for someone of my age don’t I? I would love to feel that big fat cock of yours filling up my hot cunt!”

Ben froze on the spot, he also now noticed the three video cameras mounted on the ceiling and focused on the couch.

“Yes, I can talk pretty dirty for a posh old bird. Do I shock you?”

Jenny laughed and noticed where Ben was looking.

“Don’t worry, you are not going to get broadcast on the web again, the cameras are switched off. They are only used for our private collection anyway.”

“You know about that? It was you watching?”

It was Ben who was the subject of Nicole’s private web-cast of a few months before.

“Didn’t Nicole tell you who was watching either?”

Another irritated sigh from Jenny

“She just said it was for a friend, no names.”

“Well, it was John and me, live and exclusive. You two put on a pretty good show for us that night, and John gave me a really good fucking while we watched you two perform. So, are you going to fuck me or not? I’m all yours if you want me!”

Ben unfroze and started to move towards Jenny, but she held out her hand and stopped him.

“Not quite yet Ben, I’m just teasing you, but I guarantee that you buca escort will and very soon. But first there is something more important we have to do. We have to get rid of that thick bush of yours.”

Ben opened his mouth to object

“Quiet! No arguments it’s for Nicole, part of her birthday surprise and she will love you for it!”

Jenny led him into the wet room and started the process of shaving him. While she did so she explained in detail his role in the next stage of the birthday surprise that she and John had planned.

Meanwhile downstairs John and Nicole were not fucking as Jenny had known they would not be, that was just part of her teasing act for Ben. They were however kissing, fondling and getting very aroused. John, as he and Jenny had planned was working very hard to resist his own urges and Nicole’s determined efforts to get him to fuck her.

John’s weakening resolve was saved by the bell, literally, when there were a couple of rings from the phone on the internal call tone. He broke away from his hot young lover and announced.

“I think Jenny wants us to join them upstairs now.”

When they emerged at the top of the playroom stairs Nicole and John were greeted by the sight of Ben lounging on the big couch, his lap covered with a towel and Jenny standing proudly beside him.

“Come in, come in,” Jenny said, drawing the other two into the room.

“Nicole I want to present you with the first of your birthday presents.”

With that she whipped the towel off Ben’s lap revealing his freshly shaved flesh and his long thick erection lying against his firm stomach.

“You did that for me Jenny? That’s wonderful, I’ve been trying to get his to shave off that thick scratchy bush of his for months! Thank you.”

Nicole fell on Ben as started to caress his smooth flesh with her tongue. Much to her surprise Jenny and John took hold of her shoulders and pulled her off. In a firm voice Jenny told her,

“But for once in your life you are going to have to do exactly as you are told. Now, you boys go and sit over there.”

She indicated one of the sofas, and easily slipped into a more dominant role than she usually played.

“This is Auntie Jenny’s playtime. So as for you young missy, kneel and assume the position!”

Nicole obediently knelt on the couch, spreading her knees and leaning forward so her head rested on her hands thus displaying herself to her audience. Jenny positioned herself next to her temporary slave grasping the girl’s buttocks she spread them wide, further increasing the lewd display.

“Looks good enough to eat doesn’t she boys?” she inquired.

“And I can see…” she ran her fingers over Nicole’s intimate folds, then sniffed and tasted the moisture that she had found there. “Mmm, that you have warmed her up nicely for me John.”

Another dip, deeper into the honey-pot followed by the same sniffing and tasting routine,

“But you managed to resist her obvious charms. Good boy. We all know how demanding this little bitch can be.”

A sharp slap on the rump brought forth a squeak of pain from the girl who had otherwise remained silent and passive during the older woman’s pronouncements.

“Enough of this teasing, it’s been too long since I last tasted this young cunt. Auntie Jenny is hungry and needs to feed.”

Jenny moved and began to feast on the tasty meal before her and in doing so offered her own womanly flesh to the close observation of the men.

Sitting watching the show Ben felt dazed by the events of this morning, everything seemed to have happened so fast. He loved being woken up with a blow-job, Nicole would sometimes do that when he stayed over at her flat and she wanted an early morning fuck. But it was a shock to find Jenny’s head bobbing at his crotch. Jenny had been much more hungry than the style of Nicole’s wake-up calls. And when she pushed her finger up his arse and massaged his prostrate his cock exploded almost instantly. He felt like he had cum gallons all of which Jenny had swallowed down without the slightest sign of gagging. She then just pushed him towards the bathroom and said the breakfast was ready. That was just weird.

Then when she brought him up here she had come on to him so aggressively, he liked powerful women that’s why he loved being with Nicole, but he thought Jenny was going to rape him on the spot. She did make it up to him though with another slow, intense blow-job after she had shaved him. That was great but she had stopped short of letting him cum that time.

Ben’s cock was straining, almost painful with the extra hard erection that had. He had seen plenty of porn, but it never turned him on as much the sight of these two women’s noisy enjoyment of their lesbian display. Nicole was dark, and Jenny fair but the more Ben thought about it, it seemed that they were almost like sisters the way the carried themselves the same way, the way they behaved together and seemed to know exactly what the other was thinking.

Jenny was right about herself when she had said that she wasn’t bad looking for a woman of her age, she was gorgeous and the way her wet pussy seemed to be winking at him was almost too much to bear. He made a move to get up from the sofa eager to join in the action, but John’s hand restrained him.

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