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Alex Grey

It started innocently enough. There was a chill in the air as a breeze kicked up, so I slipped off my long brown coat and wrapped it around her.

“You really don’t have to, I’m fine, this is my city remember and I’m used to the cold,” Andisheh protested, but not enough that either of us believed it.

“Uhuh. There, that’s better,” as I said as I held it open so she could put her arms through. Facing her, I slowly did up each of the four buttons, working my way from the bottom to the top. She held my eye contact, to begin with, but by the third button, which I lingered on a little too long she smiled shyly and turned her head away.

“Don’t make me blush,” she said, still smiling and looking anywhere but into my eyes as I fastened the final button. Then I patted her shoulders firmly.

“Much better.”

“Thank you,” she said, though the words caught in her throat.

Her cheeks were rosy now and without thinking I brushed her face, enjoying how smooth it felt, and she broke back into a little smile. I kissed her forehead affectionately and suggested we make our way home.

I was staying in an apartment a few miles from her house and she had left her own coat there earlier in the evening after we departed in a hurry, to catch a car to dinner.

“We’ll get your coat and then I’ll take you home,” I suggested.

“Oh you don’t have to do that, it’s too far,” she said.

“I’m afraid I insist,” I laughed, though I meant it.

She still looked cold so I took her hands in mine, holding them tightly and rubbing them, then lifted them to my lips to blow warm air across her fingers.

“Is that better,” I asked. She nodded her approval, her eyes telling me a story that her words would not yet speak.

Almost unconsciously, my thumb was tracing little circles affectionately on the palms of her hands. My heart was also racing, and she seemed to be hardly breathing at all.

Almost to break the spell, I squeezed her hands a little harder and said:

“Let’s go, mon Amie.”

We walked quickly, bumping into each other every few steps, joking and recapping the night, and the evening we had shared.

It was my first day of three in Venice and we were determined to fit as much into that short stay as we could.

Andi loved the idea of showing me her city, and I loved the idea of time by her side.

We hardly noticed the walk at all before we arrived at the front door of my apartment. Instinctively I reached for the keys then remembered they were in the pocket of my coat which she was still wearing. She grinned when she realized the same thing.

With the cheekiest of smiles and with an exaggerated sense of performance she undid each button slowly and let the coat fall open. As I had all night, I admired again the aqua blue dress she wore, how it revealed just enough of her breasts to tantalize a man’s curiosity, and how her skirt Sakarya Escort gave up trying to reach her knees once it got halfway along her thighs. I’d have camped there myself if I was that dress.

Andi might not have even noticed that she licked her lips as she held the coat open for me so I could reach into the pocket.

“They are in there somewhere, take your time” she teased.

Warmth radiated from inside the coat, and I liked how that felt. I enjoyed, even more, brushing against her soft breasts accidentally and I pretended not to notice that her nipples were fully erect.

I was caught unaware by the sudden power of my arousal.

I lingered longer than necessary to pluck out the keys from the coat pocket, then I opened the door and guided her inside with a playful smack on her behind. That earned me a punch on the arm.

Then the storm began.

Turning to face her I put my hand on her chest and felt its slight rise and fall under her shallow breathing. Her heart beat fast under my touch and she turned a little crimson at the revelation. I kissed her on the top of her head, on her forehead and on the tip of her nose. Then I took her hand and put it over my heart so she could feel my own emotional rhythm.

Neither of us moved or spoke a word. We were barely inches apart. I lifted my hand to her face and drew my fingertips across her cheek with one finger coming to rest on her lips which were partly open. I pulled my finger away, placed a kiss onto it with my own lips then returned it to hers.

The fingers of my other hand were now tangled in her hair before I moved that hand slowly down in one long deliberate arc coming to rest on the small of her back.

A car drove past the apartment with its lights illuminating us briefly as it turned into the next street.

“If we don’t close the door we’ll get cold, or maybe arrested,” Andi joked as she kicked it shut with her foot.

And with that, she pushed gently past me into the apartment.

“I think you left your coat in my room, I told her,” assuming our moment had ended and we were returning to our senses.

“I’ll get it,” she said as she slipped away into the bedroom.

I was lost in my thoughts – delicious and terrible thoughts – for more than a few minutes before I noticed she hadn’t returned.

“Is everything ok,” I called out, “Andi?”

She wasn’t wearing the coat anymore.

Or anything else apart from a pair of small white cotton panties that only served to accentuate her curves as she lay on her belly on my bed.

The look in her eyes was a provocation as if she was daring me to respond to her challenge.

I never took my eyes from her, or the hungry smile on her face as I moved to her side.

She lay across the bed, with her chin resting on her arms, watching my approach the way a cat watches the local canaries, Sakarya Escort Bayan just daring them to come too close.

“Take your clothes off and join me” she suggested.

By now I was right beside the bed. I reached out and with one hand I cupped her face very gently in my palm.


I smiled as I spoke and I said it with deliberation. I swear she may have growled a little at my resistance, but I enjoyed her impatience.

She put her own hand on top of mine and closed her eyes. I’m quite a bit older, and I have lived my life in harsh and hot places. My hands are weather born and callused.

“I love your hands, I love how they feel. They are full of stories. Tell me a story with them,” she asked almost in a whisper. She held my fingers to her lips and kissed them again.

I caressed her softly, beginning with her cheeks then traced a path down across her neck and she smiled from how that tickled her.

She was holding my hands now, looking at them intently. “The back of your hands are so course, almost ancient. I like how rough they feel against my skin. But when I turn them over they are so supple, so soft.”

I pressed my palm against her back and ran it down slowly until it rested on her young exquisite buttocks. My hand slipped into the valley between her legs and massaged her inner thigh as I worked my way down her legs to her feet.

In one firm movement, I used my strength to hold her legs by her ankles and flip her over onto her back.

“Hey,” she laughed. “Be gentle … but not too gentle”

Then I pulled her close to me and put one leg over my shoulder so I could kiss and nibble her thigh.

I watched her as I loosened my tie.

Climbing onto the bed I straddled her and she lifted her head to kiss me. I pushed her back down, firmly but without aggression. She tried to rise again but this time I grabbed her wrists and pinned her down. I wanted her to know my strength, even as she fought against it. She struggled a little and even sneered a bit in defiance but that just made me more determined.

There was only lust in her eyes when she finally surrendered.

The room felt completely still as I traced my fingertips across her cheeks and her lips, down her throat and across her collar bone, never breaking my gaze. She tried to thrust her pelvis up at me as I pressed down against her, my hardness now fully enraged. Her touch made me wild.

Still, my will power held though I was ready to burst.

My open palms skimmed over her breasts and her little quiet gasps grew into moans as I rolled her hardening nipples between my thumb and fingers.

“Andy … ” was all she could manage before her lips parted a little and her head rolled back.

Her mouth was too delicious not to kiss.

Her hand rose to mine and her fingers closed around them.

All my clothes had made Escort Sakarya their own way carelessly to the floor by now, with a little greedy assistance from Andisheh.

I lay next to her on the bed now and rolled her onto her side so we could spoon and so I could press myself against her. My erection was thick and swollen, and her naked heat pressing against me only fed my growing mania.

My right hand moved slowly and purposefully across her belly until it found the top of her panties. I stroked her through the fabric until her wetness soaked my fingers.

My words, liked hushed breath;

“Your gushing.”

“You’re so wet.”

“So desperate.”

“I want you so much”

All these thoughts I confessed growling into her ear as I nibbled at bit at her lobes.

“I know that you want my fingers inside you, my beautiful lover,” I said as I teased her open.

The effect of my touch was immediate. She drew sharp deep breaths and pushed her weight back against me, and inflaming my lust.

“Yes… please” and her voice was like the breeze.

Then a word was spoken so quietly I could barely hear it.


“Say that again.”

Louder this time. “Fuck”

I pulled her panties down just over her knees and they ended up around her ankles as she rolled over onto her back. I felt drunk from the vision of her. And I fought hard against a maddening urge that welled up inside me at the sight of that light little patch of neatly trimmed and soaking wet pubic hair which barely covered her beautiful sex.

“Touch me please” she begged, taking my hand and guiding it to the places she enjoyed alone at night in her most private moments.

I rubbed her clit with my thumb and put all four fingertips into the softness between those delicious lips. My fingers ran up and down her glistening pussy as I opened her very slowly and let her honey soak my whole hand.

There were no words from her anymore, just noises, and her pleading eyes.

I kissed her mouth hard, her breasts, and her belly. Then after teasing her with just the softest contact of my mouth and tongue on her swollen mound, I buried myself hungrily between her legs and devoured her sex, wild with urgency and fueled by her heat and her scent and her taste.

She bucked against me, squirmed and tried to roll free even as her fingers dug red welts into my back but still, my strength and my desire held her firm.

Moments passed or maybe minutes until I felt her body tremble and shake, and she pushed my face hard against her drenched, hungry core. Her back arched and she cried out her the filthiest, most desperate confessions.

That made me more furious and my mouth enveloped her, sucking hard on her soft lips and clit even as she thrashed under me until her orgasms crested again and again, before finally and mercifully relenting.

We lay together momentarily, as if in shock.

Then I threw my arms around her and held her tightly as she recovered.

I hugged her closely from behind kissing her shoulders and nuzzling into the back of her neck, and we lay that way, unspeaking, but in a blissful reverie until finally she fell asleep.

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