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Hallowe’en Trick, or Treat?

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They do this every year at Hallowe’en since marrying four years ago. Being the 1950s no one would suspect for a moment the fun they had behind closed doors in their white picket fenced house in the suburbs.

Helen would be at home and her husband Alex would be at the office. At 4:00 he would leave the office, dressed in a Hallowe’en costume and make the 15 minute drive home, and they would have some very adult fun before the trick or treaters started to show up. She, at the same time, would be readying herself for their private trick or treat. They both relished in the idea of two “strangers” engaging in a brief passionate encounter.

She had a friend who worked at a hotel and she managed to sneak a maid’s uniform out of storage and give it to Helen. She never asked Helen why she wanted it, but Helen had a feeling she knew well enough and was being discrete. Helen made a few adjustments to the uniform, shortening the hem significantly and lowering the neck line even more so. The hemline now barely touched the top of stockings if worn with the uniform and the plunging neckline covered merely half of her breasts.

She slipped into the uniform, wearing lacy bra, silk stocking and garters, and the smallest and sheerest panties she could find in the “intimates” section of the new ladies store downtown. She checked her make up in the mirror one last time and already felt the tingles between her legs begin.

They didn’t have much time as the kids would start ringing their doorbell by 5:00. The urgency always made it that much more exciting for her. Right on cue, the doorbell rang and she ran to it, her heart racing.

There he stood, The Headless Horseman. Dressed all in black, a black Yalova Escort cape tied around his forehead with a bright red ribbon. His face concealed with a black gaiter and his hands in black leather gloves. Her heart skipped a beat at the sight of him.

“I was just straightening up the house for you,” she said, motioning for him to come in.

Silently he walked in to the living room. His leather boots making loud, clunking noise on the floor as he walked.

“Let me get you a drink,” she offered.

He shook his head no and she realized he couldn’t drink wearing that outfit.

“Of course. I’m sorry, I should have realized,” she said. “I just have a few things to clean up in the kitchen and then I can sit with you.”

Without speaking a word, he waved her off into the kitchen.

She turned and walked slowly to the kitchen. He watched her from behind. Her long stockinged legs and the hint of a garter under the short hem of her uniform had him growing in his pants. He followed her into the kitchen moments later.

She was standing at the sink, hands in the hot and soapy water, doing a few dishes. He walked up behind her and put his hands on her waist, which made her ache.

His hands roamed down her hips to the hem of her dress and he inched it up slowly. The feel of his strong hands through the leather gloves was breathtaking. She wanted him to grab her by the hips that very instant but she had to wait a little.

“Undress,” he whispered.

She started to turn around but he held her facing the sink.

“Undress!” he whispered louder.

She quickly undid her buttons and dropped the dress to the floor. He undid her bra and it fell Yalova Escort Bayan into the sink of soapy water. He undid the garters and pulled her sheer panties down to her knees. He pulled her back and she instinctively bent over, leaning on the sink for support.

His gloved hands reached under her and cupped each breast. Her nipples grew harder and longer than the already were from her earlier arousal. His gloved hands slid down her ribs and over her hips.

She ached for him to reach between her legs. The fact that she couldn’t see him and he wasn’t speaking was all the more a turn on. The tingles were growing and she could feel her wetness. “Oh God please touch me,” she thought.

His hands roamed over her bare ass and down the outside of her legs. He caressed each thigh and finally ran a leather bound finger through the patch of black hair between her legs and over her wetness.

“Oh my,” she gasped.

He took off his gloves and threw them on the counter. He undid his belt and his pants. He reached inside his briefs, took out his hard and dripping cock and placed it at her opening.

She quivered.

He gently pressed forward, slipping the head inside.

She gasped. The fantasy and the costume was working beyond her expectations. He even felt bigger pushing inside her. His strokes were long and slow, easing his very hard cock in and out, a little deeper each time.

“Oh yes!!” she cried. “Don’t stop!’

He didn’t. He held her hips with his bare hands, sliding his length in and out.

She looked down. The vision of his black boots between her feet, the sound of the neighbours outside readying their houses for the trick Escort Yalova or treaters, being naked but for her silk stocking sliding down her legs, and being bent over the sink while her husband fucked her from behind was overload.

“I am going to cum,” she gasped.

And she did. The wave exploded in her loins and her legs all but gave way from underneath her. She gasped and moaned and stifled her own screams as she came so very hard. She consciously saw her long dark hair hanging in the soapy water but that, nor anything else in the world, mattered right not but for the explosion between her legs. The orgasm was near complete when she felt him erupt, his cock bulging with each release of his orgasm deep within her, which extended her own.

“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God,” she repeated over and over as he came, holding her by her hips, tightly against the base of his cock as he finished cumming.

Spent, he slid out of her. Tucked his drained cock back into his pants. She started to turn but he pressed against her back to tell her to remain there, bent over the sink. He zipped up and left the kitchen.

She was gathering her clothes and lingerie off the floor when the phone rang. She walked naked to the black dial phone which was sitting on the kitchen counter and answered it.

She picked up the heavy receiver. “Hello?” she said.

“Hi sweetheart,” her husband said. “I am so sorry I couldn’t make it home for our Hallowe’en treat but I had a flat tire. I just got to the garage so I could use their phone. I should be home in an hour as soon as they patch my tire. Maybe we can have our treat after the kids have finished trick or treating.”

She laughed. “That’s funny,” she said smiling. Still holding her clothes in her hand, she looked through the kitchen pass-through and saw the glimpse of a black cape as the front door closed behind the Headless Horseman.

“Hello?” he said into the receiver. “Honey??? Are you still there??”

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