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Hair Slave Training Ch. 03

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It was dark when Lorri pulled into the driveway. She entered the house and the minute the door was closed his voice boomed from the spare bedroom.


She hurried in. He was wearing tight, black, crotchless leather shorts, a black leather mask and nothing else. His cock hung low, thick and ready.

He held his whip. He had crafted it himself, it had 5 short leather straps each with a metal barb at the end. The barbs were simple, the metal stars from a child’s game of Jacks. Simple, yet very effective.

“Strip for me BITCH!”

Lorri slowly began taking her clothes off, letting them drop to her feet. He walked around her, admiring her body.

His hand shot out and grabbed a fistful of hair from the back of her head, jerking it back. He leaned close and whispered in her ear.

“You stupid WHORE, look what you’ve done to your hair, you FUCKED it up!”

“I’m… I’m… sorry….” she whispered.

“Not good enough you fucking assed cunt!” “Go sit in the tub.”

She hurried into the spare bathroom and sat down in the large empty tub, the tile was cold and sent a shiver up her spine.

He followed her in. He held something in his hand.

It was her black sleep mask, he fitted it over her eyes, she could see nothing.

“Lay back and wait bitch.”

She laid back, the cold tub now sending shivers throughout her entire body. She heard him leave.

He was gone several minutes, she heard things, but she did not know what he was doing.

Suddenly his hand spread her legs apart roughly, her knees banging the sides of the tub.

And just as suddenly she experienced an intense pain as he shoved something up her pussy, she moaned in pain and ecstasy

“Oh Maltepe Escort God!”

It hurt, it stung. She wasn’t sure what she felt but every muscle in her pussy contracted at the same time, cramping.

She felt juices flowing from her cunt to her ass.

And now he was touching each of her nipples…


It hurt so bad but she could feel her nipples rise and stiffen under the stuff he’d glopped on them.

His hand grabbed her chin and roughly opened her mouth…. he shoved another glop of the stuff in and forced her mouth closed and held it.

It hurt!

Lorri’s temples began to throb, there was a stabbing pain that shot from her teeth straight through her skull.

He stuffed a small bit of the stuff in each ear, now she could neither see nor hear.

The goo in her mouth began to liquefy, it was sweet, it was, the vanilla ice cream she’d bought earlier!

He grabbed her and roughly flipped her over, she was trying to swallow the ice cream, trying to ease the headache it had given her.

A handful of ice cream was shoved up her ass, the shock made her body spasm. Her mouth opened reflexively, as she moaned, the glob of ice cream in her mouth dropped out. Her mouth wide open, she moaned, she was drooling. The melted cream running out freely.

She was also getting very wet. She could feel the ice cream melting in her pussy, flowing and dripping down her legs.

Her ears were now clearing, the cream streaming out of her ears and down her face.

“On your knees BITCH!” he thundered.

Lorri raised to her knees, her back towards him.

“So you just had to fuck up your hair, didn’t you?”

Through chattering teeth she whispered “Yes sir”

“STUPID Ümraniye Escort BITCH!”

The first lash caught her by surprise, striking her between the shoulder blades. It stung.

Lorri squealed.

The Jacks were fastened so that only the blunted ends would strike her, they would raise welts, but would not cut her flesh.


The second and third lashes caught her mid back, she moaned.


The next three hit her ass squarely. She was so wet, her own juices, mixed with the remains of the ice cream flowed down her thighs.


As soon as she was on her feet he was inside her, slamming her against the tile wall. He was hard as steel and his throbbing hot cock parted her frozen pussy like the proverbial hot knife through butter.

Again and again he slammed into her.

She was so close now.


He shoved a handful of solid ice cream against her left nipple, the pain shot to her armpit and she spasmed. He throbbed, their bodies convulsed together.

The muscles in her pussy contracted around his throbbing dick as they came together.

He slowly pulled out of her, her hand slipped down and gave him a few final, slow strokes. She brought her hand up, it was sticky with their juices.

She licked her hand clean.

He spun her around and forced her to her knees again.

“I’m taking the mask off but do not open your eyes. You need to clean yourself up bitch”

He pulled the mask off, she heard motion behind her.

“You spent twenty fucking dollars on goddamned shampoo? You stupid goddamn slut! Here, lets use it all and get your fucking hair really clean!”

With İstanbul Escort that he began to pour. Lorri felt the gooey rich liquid hit the top of her head and begin flowing. She had never shampooed without water before, and she wasn’t sure how it would work.

He was shaking the bottle to get every last drop out. It had begun to slowly seep throughout her hair, flowing over the top layer, dripping onto her shoulders, over her forehead.

He’d stepped back. “Don’t just sit there dammit. Shampoo!”

She put her hands to her head and began to work it through. It felt thick, sticky.

He laughed at her, he threw the empty bottle in the tub in front of her. She opened her eyes and saw the bottle was shaped like a cute little bear. she read the label.


Lorri brought her hands down, they were covered with gooey honey. She had worked it completely through her hair.

He laughed heartily at her..

“You stupid slut. I’m going to bed, you do NOT leave this room until you make sure you clean yourself up.” He left the room, laughing.

Lorri stepped out of the tub, turned the water on, she would need to have very hot water to help cut the honey. She picked up her new bottle of shampoo from the counter.

It was empty.

She grabbed the old bottle of shampoo from under the sink, it too was empty. He had poured them both out.

She turned on the shower and stepped in, letting the stinging hot water drench her. All that she had available was a bar of Dial soap.

She hesitated, then raised it to her hair and began to lather.

It took six washings with the bar soap before her hair finally felt clean.

She stepped from the shower, wrapped herself in a huge, thick, terrycloth towel.

She wiped the steamy wall mirror with a hand towel and picked up her hand mirror. Turning her back to the wall mirror, she lifted the hand mirror in front of her. Six bright red trails crisscrossed down her back.

Lorri smiled and went to bed.

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