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Gym Friend-The Next Days

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As I went the fitness center, I thought of the time that I had enjoyed with Sara the day before. The mystery was answered. Sara was more than very willing to move our relationship from gym buddy to working partner to the most special friendship that two women could enjoy together. We had enjoyed each other in the hot tub and the shower afterward. My mind had raced through the future possibilities. Of course, I also worried that she would have regrets once she had the time to consider what we had done together. Would she be with her husband and decide that we shouldn’t continue? Would she think that it had been a fun time and with her curiosity satisfied, tell me that there shouldn’t be more encounters? What would be her reaction once she had time to think and reflect?

At the fitness center, I started my morning workout with no sign of Sara. I usually beat her there so I didn’t worry. But, after only a few minutes on the treadmill, I began to wonder what would happen next. Then my cell phone dinged telling me that I had a new text message. It was Sara. “Sorry that I’m not there. Mark is flying out of town on business today. I’ve gotten my morning workout here at the house, if you know what I mean. LOL.” I read it with a worried smile as I thought to myself; of course I know what you mean. Then another message came in, “I’m driving him down to the airport so I won’t be at the fitness center today.” I worried what the next message would say as pessimism filled my mind.

I responded, “Guess that means my workout will have to be alone. LOL.”

Her answer followed shortly, “glad to hear that you’re not replacing me with another workout partner.” As I smiled with that message another came in, “I guess it will have to be an extra intense workout tomorrow to make up for missing today.” I continued my time on the treadmill. The time seemed to fly by as I thought about what the next day would bring. I thought about the intense workout that we would have together. Should we exercise, and then go for a dip in the hot tub? Should I invite her to my house, share a shower and then some fun in my bed? Should I invite her over for coffee instead of a workout? I could promise her something hot, steamy and creamy. That would give her a clear indication that I had more than coffee in mind. As I finished my time on the treadmill, I knew that I would have to head home to continue my workout alone, and that I needed some intense time all alone there.

I skipped my post-treadmill stretching and further exercising. I hurried to my car and drove home. There were errands that I needed to run, but they would have to wait. I had some urgent feelings that needed to be addressed directly before my mind could focus on any other activities as mundane as errands. As I pulled into my driveway, I noticed that there were several lights on in the house, lights that I didn’t remember leaving turned on when I had left. I pulled into the garage, wondering if my husband had returned home. There was no indication of him, but the front door was open. I carefully walked into the house, looking around. As I stood in the doorway, I called out to him, “John, are you home?” He quickly answered from our bedroom upstairs. I went up and entered our bedroom, only to see his suit and shirt lying in a crumbled pile at the foot of the bed.

He came walking out of the bathroom with a clean shirt on and no pants. He looked at me and explained that he had made a mess of himself after getting a flat tire. The tow truck had taken his car to the tire ship since his spare was also flat. The driver had dropped him off so that he could get cleaned up while the car was repaired. I felt sorry for him as my mind also thought that this would certainly delay my self-induced pleasure. As he explained that I’d need to take him to his car shortly, I started to get out of my exercise clothes with much thought. Soon I was standing in my yoga pants without my tank top and exercise bra. As I pulled my yoga pants off, I noticed that he was watching me undress rather than buttoning up his shirt. As I stood there in my panties, I looked at his boxers and saw the front sticking out quite a bit and that he was staring at me as I undressed. I looked at him and said, “You may have had a flat tire, but you sure don’t have flat boxers.” I’d spent my morning thinking of Sara, and this most certainly seemed to be an opportunity to fulfill those desires in a different way than I had planned while driving home.

Our encounter was quick and intense. After my mental preparation through the morning, I didn’t need a lot of foreplay to get me ready. John took full advantage of my arousal in a manner that we both found to be highly pleasing. As he dressed afterward, John commented that I seemed quite ready. I told him that it was something about finding him when I didn’t expect him along with the effect of my morning workout. I didn’t see any need to tell him that I’d spent the morning thinking of Sara, şişli bayan escort or that while his stimulation was quite fulfilling, my thoughts were shared between him and Sara. His cell phone lit up with a text message that his car was ready. As he asked me for a ride to the repair shop, I laughed, “Didn’t I just give you a ride?” He chuckled in response as he asked for a second ride. With a smile on my face and thoughts of Sara on my mind, I pulled on sweatpants and a sweatshirt, knowing that my thoughts of her would keep me excited while not wearing any underwear.

As expected, I was in quite a mood for some continued fun when I returned home from the trip to deliver John to the repair shop. I went to my bedroom and reached into the lower drawer of my nightstand, pulling out my trusty partner in self-pleasure. I pulled off my sweatshirt and pushed my sweatpants to the floor. As I stretched out on the bed, my cell phone rang and I saw that it was Sara calling. “Hey girlfriend. I hope that you’re doing well and didn’t mind working out alone this morning. “She continued to talk, stammering with her words, “You know how it is. I really meant to have another workout with you, but Mark was saying that he’d miss me, and one thing led to another…and, well.”

As I turned the vibrator to its lowest setting and began to stroke myself with it, I answered Sara, “Of course I know what you mean. We’re both happily married and that is part of being happy. You’re not the only one who had some marital fun today.” I then proceeded to give her the story of the flat tire and the further events of my morning, complete with all the thoughts of her that I had been enjoying.

She interrupted me, “What is that noise? That humming…oh my….are you? Is that what you’re doing now?”

I was past the point of mere arousal and well into losing control. “Exactly. It has been on the outside so far but hearing your voice and talking like this is making me need it inside…and turned up higher.” With that, I turned my vibrator up to a high setting and slid it into my aroused horny pussy. The deep vibrations made me moan in delight as Sara listened on the phone. I moaned louder and louder, telling her that this is what I would do to her when we had a chance. “I’m going to suck you, and fill you with my toy until you scream like this…ahhhhh….I’m cumming….I’m cumming.” That was exactly what I did. Waves of pleasure filled me over and over again as my orgasm exploded through my body. I pulled my toy from my orgasmic pussy as I panted into the phone. Slowly, I regained my breath and was able to talk again.

I heard Sara on the phone, “Are you OK? Did you just pass out from excessive orgasm?” I responded with a laugh and assured her that I was still breathing, just that it had been quite an experience. One that was accentuated by having her call me just as I was about to address my need. She laughed, “Wow, I thought I was special to you but figured I had to be there in person to help you, I didn’t realize that all it took was a phone call.”

I assured her that being in-person was extremely preferable to being on the phone. “You know, if you had been her in person, I would have used the vibrator on you after I was done with it, or maybe before. Perhaps that is what I’ll do to you tomorrow after our morning workout. Will you have time to come over for a cup of coffee?”

She responded quickly, “I’m not sure that I’ll need a visit to the fitness center in the morning. I may want to go directly to your place for coffee.”

With a smile I replied, “I’m going to get in the shower now. This morning has left me a mess. I’ll see you at the fitness center tomorrow morning, at our usual time.” With that, I hung up the phone, knowing that we would both have a lot to think about for the remainder of the day and night.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of John in the shower, getting ready for his work day. As I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I heard him ask, “Hey sweetie, you’re my favorite for something hot and steamy in the morning, but unfortunately I’m running late for the morning staff meeting. Can you get my second favorite ready and make me some coffee?”

With a smile, I told him “Of course, but you owe me one morning hot and steamy now.” I chuckled to myself as I went down to the kitchen to make coffee. I knew that while his morning heat would be the coffee I was about to make, my morning heat was named Sara. As the coffee maker brewed, I watched the steam rising from the counter. I considered my options for the morning, I could go to the fitness center and let the excitement build through a workout filled with innuendo or I could let Sara know that I had no interest in waiting, that I wanted her quicker and all morning. Or perhaps, I could text her and suggest she get the hot tub ready for a repeat of earlier in the week.

John came down to the kitchen as the coffee was finishing and şişli escort I bent over to get a travel mug from the cabinet. I felt him rubbing my bottom, commenting that he wished he didn’t have a meeting. The rubbing felt quite nice, especially given the thoughts of the morning meeting that I was planning. “Well, we’ll just have to have a meeting of our own soon. Try to concentrate while driving and working today.” I told him with a smile. Despite the arousal of the conversation, John realized he better get going so he wouldn’t be late for work. With a kiss and a promise for paying for the coffee later, he headed off to work.

I went up to our bedroom and pulled out my exercise clothes. In the back of my mind, I continued to have a worry that Sara would reconsider and not want to proceed with our budding relationship. I would think through all that she had said, but still had a bit of doubt in my mind. Hopefully, there would be no reason for that concern. If she wanted to proceed, we’d have an opportunity for some playful banter that would increase our desires, making the subsequent get-together all that more intense. As I was dressing, the ding of a text message called me to my phone, “on the way to the fitness center, hope to see you there for our workout. Still have plans for coffee meeting afterward?”

I texted her back, “100% correct on both. See you at the fitness center.” I finished getting dressed, grabbed my water bottle and drove to the fitness center. Sara’s car wasn’t in the parking lot so I proceeded inside. I hung up my warm-up jacket and moved to the treadmills. I took the middle of three empty treadmills, figuring that would even if someone else came up, there would be an empty one for Sara next to me. As I started, I saw her walk in with a smile on her face. As she hung up her jacket and walked over to me, it was clear that her nipples were hard even though she was wearing an exercise bra. She got on the treadmill next to me.

With a smile she greeted me, “Good to see you this morning. Ready for some exercise?”

As I smiled back, “Oh yes, I’m ready to give my body a great workout. Are you cold or glad to see me?”

At first, she was puzzled by my question but then realized what I meant and she glanced down at her chest, seeing what I had just seen. She looked at me and said, “Oh I’m not cold, actually I’m getting rather warm.” Then she continued, “I hope that you’re not upset that things didn’t work out yesterday. Honestly, I was hoping to continue our conversations, just that….well…you know…things came up.” I assured her that I wasn’t upset and reminded her that she wasn’t the only one who had kept things at home. I asked if she remembered our phone call from the afternoon. “Oh yes, I remember what you told me…that was interesting.”

We continued our time on the treadmills and then I suggested we move to the exercise mats for some stretching. We moved to the small room where the floor was covered with mats and I suggested that Sara lie on her back so that I could help her with leg stretches. She laughed at me, “oh yea, you want me on my back.” I took that to mean we were both going to play the innuendo game while we exercised.

“Oh yes, you’re going to spend some serious time on your back,” I whispered to her as I lifted her leg to stretch it out. “See how the lifting your leg like this stretches out your thigh muscles, making it so much easier to spread your hips.” I returned that leg to the floor and then stretched out her other leg, looking down at her with a devious smile.

“Keep moving my legs like this and I’ll embarrass both of us with my moaning,” she whispered in response. I took that to mean she was enjoying the stretch and the thoughts of what our next activity would be that morning. “No, I’m serious…I can’t take much more of this without losing control,” she said to me. She followed that with “Perhaps we should go someplace more private.” I told her that I would be quite happy to move to a better location for our activities. With that, we both quickly moved to the coat rack and grabbed our warm-up jackets, heading quickly to the door and our cars.

Sara followed me to my house and we pulled into the driveway. As we both sprung from our cars, I quickly walked to the front door and opened it. Sara followed me in and I closed the door behind us. As I closed the door, I pressed Sara against the closed door and wrapped my arms around her, giving her a deep kiss. Our lips pressed together as our mouths opened, our tongues penetrating each other in passion. I continued to pin her to the door as we kissed, one hand grasping her tight ass and the other reaching for a soft mound on her chest. She moaned deeply as I took control of her body.

I broke our kisses and made a suggestion, “Let’s go upstairs and get in the shower. I want to see you hot and wet.”

With a breathless moan she replied, “Oh, you’ve already gotten me hot and wet.”

I mecidiyeköy escort led her by the hand up the stairs to our bedroom and pulled her into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and started to undress. As Sara saw me pulling at my clothes, she immediately followed suit. In seconds, we were both naked next to the shower. I again pressed her against the wall and kissed her deeply, our breasts pressing together while she rubbed her hotness against my thigh, demonstrating the uncontrolled lust she was feeling. I probed her mouth with my tongue as our lips pressed into each other. My hands roamed her body as she continued to rub against my leg. I could feel her heat as she massaged her arousal against me. I broke our kissing and stepped into the shower, pulling her with me and closing the door.

As I pushed her under the water, I grabbed the body wash and poured it into my hands, filling the shower with its flowery scent. I took the handfuls of the sweet soap and began to massage her breasts, creating a lather that would soon cover her body. I massaged it over her chest and down to her legs, giving her aroused pussy a tight squeeze which brought a loud moan from her. I rubbed her body until she was covered in the soapy lather and then hugged her tightly, rubbing my breasts against her and pressing my legs against her legs as my soapy hands wrapped around her and washed her back. I moaned into her ear that I would use her soapy body as my washcloth to get me covered in lather. She pressed her body against mine, moaning loudly of the pleasure she was feeling. The steam of the shower filled the room but was still second to the steam coming from Sara’s aroused body.

She moaned to me, “Oh Donna, I’m going to cum all over your body. I’m going to scream in pleasure if you continue this. Please…please…make me cum…I want to cum hard.”

The water of the shower poured over us as we continued to rub each other and kiss, our bodies intertwined in mutual pleasure. As the soapy lather rinsed from our bodies, I reached between her legs and pressed the sides of her pussy tightly together, squeezing her in my hand. Her moans increased as I squeezed more and tighter. The hot water continued to pour over our bodies, rinsing us as our hot bodies pressed into each other. When the lather was fully rinsed, I reached over and shut off the water. Sara held onto me, telling me that she wasn’t finished and I assured her that I would make sure she was finished before our morning together ended.

I grabbed our towels and we wrapped them around our dripping bodies, drying off enough to not make a mess as I took Sara’s hand and led her to the bed. I pushed her down and pulled off her towel, fully exposing her naked body in front of me. I pushed her onto her back, into the same position we had been in when at the exercise mats and lifted her leg, “Time to show you how to really stretch out your legs.” as I placed her leg on my shoulder and lowered my mouth to her waiting pussy.

She moaned in delight, “Oh yes….yes…yes….kiss and lick me….make me cum.” I began to kiss her pussy as I had been kissing her mouth. My lips firmly on her lips. My tongue probing between her lips, stretching her open and seeking her swollen cum button. I kissed and licked her hard and deep, seeking the most sensitive parts of her totally aroused pussy. I stretched her legs over my shoulders and fondled her hard nipples as my mouth massaged her spread open pussy, licking her lips, kissing her clit, tonguing deeply into her seeking the nerves that would drive her to a screaming climax. Her moans filled the room with sounds of encouragement, pleading with me to continue to pleasure her, to continue to give her the total satisfaction building within her body. She reached down and pressed my head into her hips as she arched her back to push her pussy into my face. As I sucked and licked her, I could feel the growing pleasure within her. As I continued to give her oral pleasure, her hands moved from my head to her own pussy to spread her lips wide, giving me deeper access to her aroused pussy. Her swollen cum button was exposed to my licks and kisses. As Sara moaned loudly, I took her clit between my lips and began to suck it into my mouth, teasing the tip with my tongue as I sucked harder and harder. Her moans grew louder until they turned to an orgasmic scream as her body tightened and was filled with wave after wave of the delight of her climax.

As she continued her pleasure, I leaned over to my nightstand and reached deep into the drawer, pulling out my vibrating friend. I knelt up a bit and watched Sara continue her delight with her eyes closed. I turned the vibrator to a low setting and slowly slid it into Sara’s orgasmic pussy. As she felt the penetration of the vibrating tube, her moans grew loud again. Her orgasmic waves were continuing as I moved it in and out, my other hand massaging her swollen clit. I pushed it deep with each thrust, increasing the pace and pressure as I continued. I turned the vibrator setting to high as I shoved it deeply into her. Her moans turned to screams again as I slammed it in and out of her pussy increasing the intensity of the waves of her climax.

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