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Guilty Pleasures Ch. 01: Mai Fan

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Chapter 1- Mai Fan- Fall from Grace

Every thrust was inching her ever closer to the edge.

Engaging in the most private of all acts, the girl was lost to the world around her, trapped in her own fantasies.

Her physical body was in her large room atop her queen-sized bed that was adorned with pillows and dolls that many would consider to be “childish” for her age, but she knew that her 36 year old sister had an equally impressive collection. At the m the rocking having knocked most of them off the sides.

She had started her masturbation session in the center of the bed, straddling a plush replica of the man populating her fantasies. With all the drama surrounding his apparent rivalry with another superstar over the love of Mei Shin, the media had jumped on the story and ran with it. Two days ago they released these limited edition plushies and she was first in line to get one.

Currently she was off center of the bed, lost in her own pleasure.

Her current attire could be described as “half dressed”. Her pants lay somewhere under a pile of pillows while her slightly sweat stained shirt still caressed her skin. Her panties, damp from her arousal were gliding back and forth along the midsection of the plush toy. The friction upon her lower lips felt good but she still ached for more.

Atop the doll and staring down towards its eyes she increased the pace of her hips to a faster speed, in a race to reach the finish line and go over the edge.

If anyone were to be listening at her door there would be little doubt as to what was happening inside. Her bed may have been of the softest quality but small creaks from her violent movements echoed throughout the room. The creaking was accompanied by hardly suppressed moans and more often deep and forceful grunts one might hear from a busy gym.

Her face was almost a grimace. Brow furled and covered with sweat as she pushed her body to its absolute limits belugabahis giriş to get the most pleasure in the least amount of time. She shut her eyes tight, eyelids acting as a screen for the scenes rapidly playing through her mind.

This was not a sensual, self-love session. There was no time to take it slow and draw out her pleasure. She needed to get hers and she needed it as soon as possible.

Pressing down harder on her substitute lover she grit her teeth and remembered how her sister had embarrassed her moments before she left the scene by calling out her obvious attraction to the man in question. She slowed her movements down, just slightly so she could catch her breath a bit. She almost growled her words, each sentence taking what little breath she had that wasn’t being used to fuel her movements and punctuated each sentence with particularly heavy thrusts. “Maybe Veronica was right. May- unghhh” Her next sentence transforming into a groan as she glided her clit along a particularly rough part of the plush. “Maybe I am just a bitch in heat. But I’m his bitch. To breed as he wishes.”

The two-minute walk from the dining hall to her room had been hell enough. There was an ache deep within her that needed to be satisfied now. And probably wouldn’t be until several more repeats of this act. But those would cum later. This one cums now.

The edge was closer than ever as the girl turned up the fantasy in her mind. She had been playing a memory of the warrior who had been staying at her place for the last week or so. Just before her primal urges got the best of her he had fixed a door while she sat there and watched, mesmerized by his movements. Despite the fact that overall he did a poor job, nonetheless, watching him work set her off.

She was fascinated with his strong arms, biceps and triceps flexing as he worked. Watching them move beneath his shirt. His strong hands gripping the wood and hammer. belugabahis güvenilirmi She imagined he would use those same arms to caress her with soft touches before turning hard and gripping her body. She would submit under the power of his arms and he would use her in whatever way he wished. She wouldn’t be able to escape his grasp if she wanted to, not that she would want to. She was his toy to use and that thought made her grind even harder into the plush.

The next fantasy focused on the part where he just laid on the ground after her sister tackled him and was sitting on top of him. For this one she replaced her sister with herself, straddling the man while he filled her in every way she needed. She mimicked the movements she was doing in the fantasy on the doll, that was now soaked in her juices as she grinded her cloth covered folds even harder and faster on it.

She hadn’t noticed that the part of the bed her knees rested on has started to give way more than usual. She couldn’t sense anything but the doll beneath her pelvis and the pleasure radiating from her core as she thrusted against it.

Then the moment came, and she sent herself over the edge of ecstasy.

After a few final, desperate motions her body freezes. Her toes curl as far as they can and her head whips up towards the ceiling, her eyes closed tight as a pleased smile spreads upon her face. Though the muscles were locked in place, vibrations and jerking motions ravage her body for the first few, long moments of bliss. She lets out a deep guttural moan.


She went off her second edge of the session. Her moment of bliss was interrupted by gravity as she fell off of her bed onto a few of her other plushies. Her body still in the throes of ecstasy she continues to lay face down and ride out the orgasm. She gives a few short, jerky thrusts as she begins to come down from the high, trying to make it last as long as possible.

When belugabahis yeni giriş the blood stops pumping so loud in her ears it is immediately replaced by a different thumping sound. The sound of someone knocking on her door. Her eyes get even wider as she realizes that her fall drew some VERY unwanted attention.

The doorknob jiggles as the person on the other side tries it and Mai Fan is thankful for the fact that in her rush to masturbate, she hadn’t forgotten the first rule. Always lock the door.

“Mai Mai you OK in there? I heard a scream; you have 4 seconds to respond before I break down the door. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again!” Mai Fan quickly scrambles to her feet and rushes to the door on shaky legs, still recovering from her monstrous orgasm. Her previous adrenaline having been replaced by fresher, fear driven adrenaline, she puts her body weight against it as if to brace it against the eventual assault though she knows that his sister Lai Chan could easily bench her and the door at the same time.

“No, I’m fine!” she squeaked out, almost a bit too quickly for someone supposed to be not doing something wrong. “I just tripped over one of my dolls. Sorry for the noise!” her eyes squeezed shut hoping her sister would buy the lie and that her voice wasn’t too strained from the full body workout she just got done with.

After a too long period of silence, “I told you you are too old for those dolls, another reason you should get rid of them. And while you’re at it get Mei shin to get rid of hers too. Most of them are older than me! It’s weird.”

“And what? Get a collection of weights like you, you gym monkey.”

“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that for your sake.” Mai fan hears her sister’s footsteps recede down the hallway.

She slumps down against the door, emotionally and physically drained from having had two extreme feelings almost simultaneously, the fear having added another layer of sweat to her already sticky body. She lets out a deep sigh and relaxes all of her muscles, finally able to enjoy the afterglow.

Until she sees the fighter plushie on the ground next to where she fell and the ache starts to come back.

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