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Great Muscles

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All in this story are over the age of 18, it’s a true story.


I belong to a health club in town here like so many of the other businessmen. This club seems to cater to a more upscale clientele, lawyers, doctors, business executives and the like. It’s a good place to go for lunch for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which is avoiding eating! Most of the men seem to know each other and belong to that good old boy network. The members seem to stay in 2 groups, the older over 45 and the younger guys. I usually hang with the older guys and enjoy the company during lunchtime workout.

Most of us lift weights and run during the lunch hour followed by a steam, shower and back to work. I’ve made many friends and find most of these in shape older men very handsome, distinguished if you will. I guess that I have always found middle-aged men handsome, even sexy. You know the type, funny and in good shape, intelligent. Well for some unknown reason they have always appealed to me.

A local banker and I have become good friends, his name is John and he is about 10 years older than me, married and in great shape. Our workout is usually a 30-minute run followed up with weight lifting. We’re buddies which is important on those days when you need that extra push to find the desire to workout, a buddy pushing you really helps.

We are both in good shape, John is a little more muscular than I am, but I have that runners build. John’s married and in his early 50’s with light brown hair. He’s about 6 foot tall and weighs in at about 200 lbs.

Don’t get me wrong; he isn’t an overly muscular guy, just in great shape with tight abs. He has those chiseled facial features and a smile like Redford in the Butch Cassidy movie. On the other hand I’m 5’11, 170 and tight, but not Mr. Muscles.

About a month ago we did the usual workout and after a very relaxing steam we hit the showers. We talked in the shower and he asked if I wanted to taste a new wine after work (we both are wine buffs) that his wife was out of town so he was free. I turned in the shower to answer him at the same time that he turned to wash off his back. We were now facing each other as he was shampooing his hair. His face was covered with shampoo as he held his eyes closed tightly to avoid the sting of the shampoo. Maybe for the first time ever I noticed that he was rather largely hung and felt myself staring at his member and the large balls under it. When I looked back up the shampoo was out of his face and he was looking right at me while I was focused on his member, busted!

Well here I was caught dead to rights and didn’t try to talk because I only would have sounded silly. He just turned, rinsed, and as he went to the towel room he asked I wanted a glass of wine after work. I told him that Merlot would be great and asked where he wanted to meet.

As I came out of the shower and grabbed a towel he looked at me and said that his place would be best and that he had a great wine to try. As he was drying off he looked at me and asked if his house would be okay, he kept drying the area around his crotch.

“Your place would be fine.”

I told him that Mary (my wife) was out of town and that I’d appreciate the company. We set a time and he walked away towards his locker. I couldn’t fight off the desire to see his ass and knew I should not look but I did. At that precise moment he looked back over his shoulder and caught my glare, he just smiled.

I arrived at his house as planned after work, it was a long day and I was looking forward to some guy chat and a glass of Merlot. He came to the door after I rang the doorbell Topkapı Escort and let me in; he was only wearing a bathrobe.

“Don’t mind me he said, I just came out of the shower and didn’t have a chance to change but I can.”

“I’m glad you got here so soon he said, come with me while I open this bottle, it’s a good year.”

As I walked behind him I started to feel warm, and why did I keep eye balling his rump through that sheer robe? He poured us wine and toasted good friends with the best to come!

We went to his family room and chatted about the usual, I sat on the couch and he stood. He had one leg perched up on the chair by the couch and it offered me the smallest of views to his manhood. This time when I got caught peeking I knew that I was in trouble. He smiled and said, “I don’t want to hurt or friendship but I’ve noticed twice today that you have been staring at my cock.”

As he said this he untied the sash to the robe and let it drop open, “do you see anything you like, he asked?”

I looked right at his cock, swallowed, and then looked him in the eyes and shook my head yes.

His cock was bobbing up and down jutting out from his flat stomach. His cock had a great shape to it with a large head, his balls hung low and just swayed to the rhythm of his bobbing cock.

I knelt down in front of him, licking my lips. John reached out for my hand and placed it on his cock and started me stroking him.

“That feels nice he said I hope it’s what you wanted.” I looked at my hand holding this wonderful cock and knew that this was exactly what I wanted. It had very soft skin and he was much thicker than I am.

“I’ve known you for a long time now but didn’t realize until today that you wanted me; I hope I’m not wrong.”

“I’m here and we are alone, do you want to suck my cock?”

In what seemed to be a dream I just shook my head yes and I think that I wet my lips with my tongue.

“Excellent”, he said with a smile as he put his hand behind my head and pulled me closer to his wonderful cock. His shaft was smooth and very thick; the cock head was dark red and fat with a slit that was dying to be licked! The head seemed to be looking at me and the slit was just starting to leak fluid.

I looked up into his eyes as I stroked his thick shaft to see him smiling and nodding that it was okay.

He held my head in one hand and his shaft in the other and he started to rub his cock head over my face and lips. It was so soft, so warm, just feeling it smoothly caress my lips and cheeks. I took a deep smell to kick my olfactory in gear and my mouth began to water.

I closed my eyes, I was caught in the moment, this is what I wanted for so long and not it was really happening. I felt his shaft rub against my cheeks and over my lips. He pulled his cock up and laid his balls on my eyes. When he did this they felt wonderful, and my nose was at the base of his balls and closer to his ass now. Just for a moment I reached around his ass cheeks and held him close to my face.

I loved how heavy his balls felt and hoped they were filled with a treat for me. He asked how it felt to have his cock laying on my face, wonderful I told him. I honestly felt like I was about to shoot off in my pants!

“You are going to love this he said, I can last for a long time so you don’t need to rush.”

“Whatever you would like to do is fine with me just let yourself go.”

This was was what I thought about so often and now I needed to put those dream into action. I looked up into his eyes and his cock head rested just before my lips. He looked Topkapı Escort Bayan at me as I put my tongue out and ran it over his slit; this was making me very hot. I took his cock head in my mouth as I used my hands to rub up and down his legs lightly caressing them. I looked back up and his eyes were closed, I knew that I was doing well. I ran my tongue over his head and shaft massaging his glans with my tongue while my hands ran up to his chest down to his tight abs.

I loved that I was now able to suck his thick cock without needing to hold it with my hands. His hands were rubbing my head as his hips started to sway back and forth moving his cock deeper into my mouth and further on my active tongue.

“Oh god this is unbelievable,” he said as I now moved my hands to his hips and on to that ass that I liked so well. His eyes opened and he took his cock from my mouth, he looked like an animal staring at me.

He took his cock head and ran it over my lips as if he was putting lipstick on me. “How does that feel, can you feel the pre cum coating your lips?”

“Get ready to taste me, let me fill your mouth with my thick cock?” “Tell me what you want and I will let you have it, let me know what you have been waiting for.”

“God, I’ve waited so long for this,” I said, “I want to suck your cock until you cum in my mouth and all over my face.”

“That’s what I was hoping to hear he said, open up you mouth for me and put your tongue on my cock, taste my pre cum, show me how much you want this.”

“I hope you don’t need to be home anytime soon he said with a huge grin.”

For the next hour I made love to his cock, slow and lovingly, tasting all that he had to offer. I loved the feel of running my tongue over his cock head and licking the spongy head. His cock was much thicker than mine and he was a solid 8 inches long; I couldn’t help to think how lucky his wife was. I licked the shaft from his balls to the top of his leaking head. I took the head of his cock in my mouth and just slowly nursed on it while I gently held his balls in the palm of my hand. I loved the taste and feeling of just cocking the head and licking it with my tongue, I guess he did as well as he was moaning loudly. The more I did this the more pre cum leaked out on to my tongue; it was incentive to do more.

He would hold my head and slowly work his cock in and out with deep and shallow strokes while I got to hold his world-class ass. He would take his cock out every now and than and rub it on my lips than slid it back in all the way. “Your mouth is so hot he said, I love the way my cock looks going in and out of your mouth.”

“If you want me to video this so that you can see how hot it looks just let me know.”

“If you don’t mind would you please suck on my balls, the wife doesn’t do that for me.”

I made my way down to his heavy balls; they were large and very sensitive. I carefully sucked on his sack and used my tongue to clean him thoroughly.

I wanted to make some points here so that he needed me again to do what his wife wouldn’t do. While I lovingly sucked his balls he slowly stroked his shaft to make more fluid run out.

“This feels so great, you lips are so soft.”

“This can’t be a one time thing, will you be my cock sucker from now on?” I looked up at him with my mouth deeply full of his luscious cock and just winked at him.

“Wonderful, just wonderful” was all he said as he caressed my cheek.

The liquid was now coming out of his shaft and running down onto my nose and lips, it was time to suck his cock.

He was leaking so much Escort Topkapı fluid and I loved how slippery it was, he tasted hot. I must have been giving his ass cheeks a workout because he asked, “do you like my ass.”

I was not in a position to speak so I just nodded yes. His ass felt great, seeing and feeling his ass was my hot button.

“Maybe later you can lick it for me?” I almost came when he said that.

Apparently that thought had the same effect on him as he held my head and pumped harder and deeper, his breathing changed and his balls were pulling up, this was it.

He yelled “swallow me baby, swallow me, here it cums.” He was almost ready to feed me, I slowly ran my tongue under the glans and over the head to excite the hell out of him and it worked!

I looked up at him wanting to see him when he came. He held his hands on my cheeks and opened his mouth wide as he pushed deeper.

“Take my load, you want it, take it now he yelled” I got ready and his thick shaft swelled larger than I imagined it could as he shot his first deep into my mouth. It hit my mouth with such force that I was stunned, loved it but stunned, and he just kept cumming. I was worried that I may have gagged when I was thinking about this but I was wrong.

God it tasted great, it was almost hot and not as thick as I thought. It just shot out and flowed smoothly over my tongue and down my throat. I found myself really sucking hard hoping for more. I loved this so much that I came at the same time and I still had my pants on.

He continued to pump in and out and shot another load all over my tongue and then he quickly pulled out. I felt very warm and very safe kneeling there and sucking his cock the best I could, it was heavenly.

He started stroking hard and shot two more loads on my face and he groaned from some place deep inside. It was so warm when it hit my face, warm and thick and intoxicating. He used his cock to spread it around and when he was done I took his softening tool into my mouth to suck off any of this treat that was left, I was in no rush to finish and kept my knew toy in my mouth until he became flaccid. I was bushed.

It occurred to me that I loved sucking cock. I loved the feeling of a cock sliding over my lips and the power it offers when it shoots into my mouth. So this is what I have been missing all these years, who could have known? One last time I held his cock in my hands and kissed the head, mmmmmmmmmm was all I said.

We both sat back somewhat spent but sated looking at each other. He was sprawled out in the big cushy chair with his bathrobe still on but not covering his front. I looked at his body with a great deal of satisfaction knowing that I gave him the time of his life and literally sucked the energy out of him.

He opened his eyes and asked that silly question, “was this as good for me as it was for him?”

I told him that this was the first time that I’ve done this, but had about it for sometime. I explained that I wasn’t sure if I should feel this happy, and I was, or guilty because I’m married.

“You were great, It’s never been so intense” he said. “Did you like this enough to do it again,” he asked me.

I said “Yes I did indeed like it but not sure if I could do it again.”

“Okay he said would you do it again if only you and I knew about it?”

He held my focus as our eyes were locked when I gave the only answer… “yes.”

“Great, it’s our secret than, and only ours.”

“Let’s go to the bedroom and try this at least one more time and I’ll give you some better directions to follow if you are game.”

“I’d also like to set a private time that we could meet in my office during lunch a few times a week unless that’s too much for you.”

“Nope, fits my schedule fine,” I told him. I followed him into his room as I watched his tight ass all the way wondering what was next!

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