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Great Afternoon

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“Good afternoon,” I greet you as you walk in the door.

“How’ve you been doing?” you ask.

“Good, my buddy and I where just going to sit down to watch a movie. Care to join us?” I say flopping on the couch.

“Sure, I don’t have anywhere to be.”

“This is my friend John, he’s just down for a couple days from Oregon,” I quickly introduce you to the guy in the overstuffed chair.

“So, what movie are we watching?” you ask as I push the play button.

“Hardcore bikini girls three,” I say nonchalantly.

“That’s cool,” you say facetious to hide the slight nervousness and shock at the title, “It’s not like I’ve never seen a porno before.”

On screen the opening credits run by of names we’re not interested in. Then the plot starts, with the usual fare of poor acting and unbelievable plot. John is transfixed to the screen, and you look slightly nervous sitting next to me while half naked girls on TV talk about how they can get more business at their car wash.

I am enjoying the picture but I can’t help glancing over every now and then to see that you are stone still.

“You need to relax,” I say hopping over the couch to stand behind where you are seated, “Maybe if I give you a massage you won’t be so tense,” I say coyly as I start rubbing your shoulders.

“That feels great.”

On the screen the actors have gotten into an office, the guy wearing the collar-shirt of what was a three-piece suit, and the girl wearing a bikini with the top falling off and the g-string bottoms pulled to the side. Their moans fill the room as he slides his cock in and istanbul escort out of her.

As the action continues, and I am rubbing your shoulders, I can feel myself getting aroused. You seem more relaxed now, but slightly embarrassed to be watching this with two guys. I climb back over the couch to sit next to you.

“Thanks,” you say.


My penis is making a tent in my shorts. I unzip them and start stroking myself. Your face turns slightly red as you pretend not to notice.

After a few minutes of touching my self I stand up on the couch, and put one leg on either side of yours, facing you. The moans continue on screen. My cock is right in front of your face. You look up and smile a devilish little smile, and then take my dick in your mouth.

The whole time John has been sitting right there in the chair by the couch. His attention previously transfixed by the television, is now focused on us, as you give me a blowjob.

I am so turned on by watching my cock sliding in and out of your mouth. But I don’t want the fun to end too soon. So I pull out and getting off the couch, stopping to kiss you along the way.

“Your turn,” I say reaching down to pull your skirt up to your waist and then your underwear off. I get down onto my knees in front of you. Looking slyly in your eyes I lower my head to your wet bald pussy. As my mouth covers your sex, and my tongue flicks out over your clit, your eyes close with pleasure. You cup your breast, and your hips push forward urging me to lick you more. With one hand I reach up under your shirt and esenyurt escort feel your breast through your bra, and lightly pinch at the nipple. It’s just not enough. Without relenting on your cunt, I reach the other hand up behind your back undoing your bra. Then I lift your shirt up so that I can see your tits, and their erect nipples.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see that John is staring at us. It must turn him on because he has his penis out and is slowly stroking it. I keep my focus on your pussy, licking mercilessly at your clit. I insert a finger and start finger-fucking you at the same time. With your eyes still closed you don’t notice that John has gotten up, nor do you even open your eyes when he gets on the couch. You are moaning softly with pleasure as John leans forward and touches his cock to your lips. You open your mouth and start sucking on him the way you were just doing to me minutes before. I can feel your body twitching and think you must have had an orgasm. By now your pussy is dripping with the mix of saliva and pussy juice, my penis is still hard, and I am incredibly aroused.

I sit up and begin leaning forward. I first rub my cock up and down your pussy lips, getting it nice and wet. Then I slowly push myself in all the way to the hilt. I begin to pick up a rhythm sliding in and out of your tight pussy. You can’t fully enjoy my cock in you while still sucking John. So you gently push him off, where he sits to the side, stroking himself and watching us fuck.

I pull your shirt and bra the rest of the way off beylikdüzü escort and immediately put a nipple in my mouth. John plays lightly with the other nipple with his free hand. We look into each others eyes as I keep humping you. I lean close and wrap my arms around you, our bodies pressed together. I pick up the tempo a little working up to an almost urgent fervor. We are both moaning loudly now with pleasure.

“I love fucking you!” I moan.

“Yes! Yes!” is your only response between moans.

I bring myself to the brink of cumming before slowing my thrusts, and rolling off you. Wasting no time when he sees your bald, wet pussy John takes my place between your legs. He slides easily into your loosened cunt. I lay next to you fondling your breasts as I watch you having sex with my friend.

I lean in and kiss you. Our lips are locked as I can feel you move rhythmically with John’s thrusts. You reach down and start jerking me off without taking our lips apart.

John is very excited and can’t last long.

“I’m gonna cum,” he says breathing heavily.

You stop jerking me off and we both look down as he pulls his dick out and shoots cum all over your stomach.

“Wow, somebody was excited!” you say. Meanwhile I grab my own cock and start jerking off. This time I don’t hold back. I watch as you start masturbating.

“I’m cumming,” you whisper. My orgasm starts to tingle through my body at this erotic scene. I aim my penis right at you and start cumming on your tits. As my orgasm subsides I use my hand to rub mine and John’s cum all over your chest like lotion. Then I lean and give you a long passionate kiss. John is exhausted and passed out on the other couch. The movie is long over and just a blank screen.

“That was fun wasn’t it?” I say smiling and leaning in to kiss you more. Then we just lay back together, holding each other in our nakedness.

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