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Got The Girl

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This is my first attempt at any type of Erotic story. So please leave me comments or email me with tips. I hope to write more chapters and stories.

Thanks, “Hygiene.”


I was twenty-two years old. I was from a college town in Alabama. I was a musician and never had any trouble getting girls. A couple of friends and I were always fans of the bands Phish and Grateful Dead. We were the normal college “wanna-be” hippies. I played guitar, my buddy Felber played bass, a guy we met named Bryant who played drums/percussion, and finally Hunter on the keys. All of us were pretty “fratty” and had met when we all pledged the same fraternity. We all liked to drink, smoke pot, and just jam for hours at the frat house. We had a pretty large group of followers around campus and around the town.

We started playing at the house, at parties, and soon found what we thought was our true calling: bars! We would get high and go play at the bars around the town. We made good money and met good girls. This is where our story begins.

It all started as a normal day. I woke up at the house and took a shower, smoked a bowl and a cigarette and went to my boring Inorganic Chemistry class. About thirty minutes into the two hour class I got a text message from Bryant. Bryant told me that I had to find a way to get out of the class and call him immediately. He said it was urgent. So I told my professor that something had happened to a family member (I know it’s the chestnut man izle wrong, but I was young and stoned and didn’t care.) My professor was far from understanding but told me that if whatever it was was so important that I could leave. So I ran outside and called Bryant. Bryant answered after the first ring.

“Hey! Dude you are not going to believe what just happened.”

“What is going on that is so damn important?”

“I just got a call from the manager of Oasis (a famous club about 30 miles south of Auburn) and he said that he wanted us to come play this Saturday night. He said there would be a fifteen dollar cover charge and that a lot of people requested us!”

“Holy shit! Are you at the house?”


“I’ll be there in a second!”

So I rushed home and found Bryant on the porch of the fraternity house smoking a cigarette and filling Felber and Hunter in on all the details. I soon joined them and found out everything and was really excited. So naturally, we got stoned and practiced for about three hours. We were all nervous because it was Thursday and that gave us one more day to practice before the big night.

Saturday finally rolled around and we all got into my Land Rover and headed down to the Oasis at about two o’clock. We were all really psyched about the night to follow and we smoked a couple bowls on the way down there and listened to some Phish and the climb izle kinda gathered our thoughts.

We got to the famed Oasis and went through the sound check and went to the “Chill Room” (a room where bands can practice, smoke, drink, or do whatever.) We went on about seven-thirty, and played an awesome show, filled with covers from Phish, Grateful Dead, and some original stuff we’d been working on. After our shows we always go to the bar and have a couple beers and talk to some of the crowd.

We were relaxing and having some drinks when a beautiful girl walked up and sat down next to me.

“Hey, I’m Allyssa.”

“How are you doing? I’m Alex. Did you enjoy the show?”

“Oh yeah! You guys kicked ass tonight, I’ve seen you before but tonight was the best show I’ve ever seen.”

“Well, Allyssa, I’m a little drunk and all this smoke is killing me. Do you want to come outside and get some fresh air?” (I moved in for the kill. She obviously was drunker than I was because she didn’t seem to notice that I was smoking.)

Well, we went outside and I made a couple moves and she accepted everything I threw out. I asked her if she wanted to go back to the hotel with me because I wanted to go for a swim before everyone else got back. She gave me a sly grin and told me she was up for anything. As we drove back to the hotel, I examined this beautiful specimen (I was a Chemistry major.) This girl had the devils hour izle probably 34C tits, she also had the perfect hour glass figure. She was wearing a tiny skirt and I also noticed she had perfect legs; just how I like them, feet on one end, pussy on the other. We got back to the hotel; I was wearing shorts that I always swam in so we went straight to the pool. She stripped down to her bra and thong and got in with me. We swam around while we enjoyed a couple more beers, courtesy of the hotel.

I was pretty drunk, and I knew she was so I went up to her and leaned in for a kiss. She accepted my offer and kissed back. We started making out heavily and I started to un-hook her bra. She then stopped me and reminded me that we were in a public place.

“To my room?”

“No! Your friends will be back soon.”

“Shit, where can we go?”

“I live about 5 minutes away, let’s go!”

So we dried off and hopped in my car and went to her apartment. As soon as the door was opened we were all over each other. Her clothes were off and mine soon followed. We went back to her room and she looked up at me with her beautiful, glassy eyes and said two words. “Fuck me.” She got in doggy style position and I assumed the position behind her. My seven and a half inch cock was so hard I thought if I didn’t get it inside her beautiful tight pussy I was going to die. I slowly pushed the entire length of my cock into her dripping wet pussy. She let out a soft moan and pushed back. We had a good rhythm going and kept this up for awhile. I told her I was close and she said she was too. I sped up and blew my hot load deep into her pussy. As I did this I felt her pussy contract and she came with me. She screamed in ecstasy and I pulled out. She fell onto the bed and passed out. I did the same.

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