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Good Afternoon Ch. 06

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Part 6.

Justin looked at his watch as he stepped up the steps towards the entrance of 101 3rd Street, the Business Towers Building. The entrance was bustling with activity as men and women in business suits rushed in and out of the building.

“Shit!” Justin said to himself as he saw the time was 2:35. He quickly entered the building and looked around. The large lobby included a reception desk at the center of the lobby where there were 2 men and a woman helping business types standing there before them. A grey haired man was just leaving the woman’s counter so Justin approached her.

“Hello, I need to find Suite 769. I have a 2:30 appointment, and I’m late.” he said with a frown.

“The elevator is over there behind you,” she pointed to a wide hallway where several people were waiting, “Just take the elevator to the 7th floor. There is a directory map outside the elevator showing the suite locations.”

Justin smiled, “Thanks.” turned and quickly walked to the elevator.

The doors of one of the elevators opened as he arrived. A crowd of people filed out past those waiting to enter it. When they were clear, he and the rest entered the elevator. He pressed the button with the number 7 on it, then stepped to the back wall of the elevator. 5 others entered the elevator as well. 2 were getting off at the 2nd floor and the other 3 were getting off at the 4th floor. The doors closed and everyone stood in silence as the elevator began to move. The doors opened at the 2nd floor stop where the first 2 got off. Justin looked at his watch again as the elevator doors opened again at the 4th floor stop where the other 3 people got off. He was alone as the elevator continued on to the 7th floor.

On the 7th floor straight across from the elevator doors was a framed map showing the layout of the floor hallways with markings at each entrance to the suites on the floor. He found 769 was down the hall to his right nearly to the end of the hall on the left. He quickly turned and headed in that direction. Upon arriving at the closed door to Suite 769, he paused, took a deep breath, ran his hand over his hair to make sure it was in place, then opened the door.

Just inside the door was a small waiting room nicely decorated with plants, lamps, magazine racks and several cushioned chairs along the walls. Pictures of beautiful men were artfully arranged on the walls. Towards the back of the room Justin found a man sitting behind a desk who he assumed was Brent.

Brent looked away from his computer screen towards Justin, “Hello, may I help you?”

“Yes, I’m Justin Justice. I have an appointment.” He smiled nervously.

Brent looked at his computer screen again then back at Justin, “Yes, I see it here, 2:30.” He paused for a moment, “I guess you realize you are late.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I got here as soon as I could.” He looked around nervously avoiding eye contact, “Our apartment was broken into and I was delayed because of that.” He looked at Brent then smiled weakly.

“Fortunate for you, our Yenibosna Escort agents are a bit behind schedule.” He picked up a clipboard with a form attached to it, then handed it to Justin along with a pen. “Have a seat over there and fill this out. When you’ve completed the form return it to me. I will let you know when our next available agent is ready to see you.”

Justin took the clipboard and pen, nodded then sat in a chair Brent had pointed at. The form had space for his name, address and other contact information as well as spaces to be filled in for height, waist, neck and shoe size information as well as suit size.

There was a list of questions having to do with previous modeling/acting experience and space to provide such information. Also questions about photos and composite cards. He checked the box next to where it said, “No previous experience” and left the rest blank.

He quickly finished filling out the form as much as he could, clipped the pen to the clipboard, then got up and handed it back to Brent.

Brent took the form off the clipboard looking it over has he placed the clipboard on a pile of them to his right. “You will need to establish a phone number where we can reach you in order to notify you of jobs should you be selected for them by our clients.” He continued looking over the form, “Will you be able to provide us with head shots and composite cards, or would you like us to take care of those for you?” He paused for a moment looking at Justin who was still standing before the desk. “Either way, you are likely to have to spend between $200.00 and $300.00 for the shoot and processing.”

He was taken aback by the revelation that he’d have to spend money to get this job. “Uuh, well, I guess you could take care of that part, I guess.” He smiled, “As I told you on the phone yesterday, we don’t have a phone.”

“Well, honey, you’ll need to get one.” he smiled back at Justin, “or you likely won’t be working for anyone.”

“Yeah, okay.” he turned and returned to the chair he’d been sitting in.

While he sat there, Brent busied himself with his work and Justin picked up a sports magazine from the side table next to his chair. Between flipping uninterestedly through the magazine pages, he looked over at Brent. Brent was a handsome young man, well dressed and groomed. His medium length dark brown hair framed his soft skinned tanned face. His green eyes sparkled with the light reflection from the computer screen.

“I wonder if he’s gay,” Justin thought to himself, “Since he called me Honey?” Brent looked over at Justin who quickly looked down at the magazine.

There was a buzzing sound, then Brent picked up a phone, listened for a moment, then put the headset back down.

“Mr. Justice, Bill, one of our agents, is ready to see you now.” He stood up, “Go through that door, then to the first office on your right.” He pointed at the closed door to his left.

As Justin got up, the door opened and a very attractive well dressed young man came Yenibosna Escort Bayan through the door. “See ya later Brent.” Charlie said smiling and waving to Brent as he passed by Justin totally ignoring him. Justin had to step aside to avoid being run over by Charlie as he rushed out of the suite.

Through the door, there was a short hallway with 2 office on each side of the hall and a door at the end of the hallway. He opened the first office door on his right and entered a small office which appeared very similar to the entrance office except that it only had one chair sitting facing the desk where Bill stood behind in anticipated greeting to Justin.

Bill extended his hand to Justin as he approached, “Hello, I’m Bill Williams.” He smiled gripping Justin’s hand firmly in the handshake. “Have a seat.” He gestured to the chair Justin was now standing beside. Justin sat down.

The door to the office opened. Brent entered holding the form Justin had partially filled out and a packet of information he handed to Bill without saying a word. Bill took the materials, placed them on the desk before himself, then sat down in what appeared to be a very comfortable leather clad office chair. Brent left quietly closed the door behind himself.

Bill looked over the form for a moment before speaking again, “So, Justin tell me a bit about yourself, why do you want to be a model?”

Justin sat erect in the chair with his hands clasped in his lap, “Well, I’m 18, I live with my Mother in an apartment on East Street. I graduated from Central High School this past fall. I enjoy most sports in particular track and field events and swimming.” he paused for a moment to think, “I want to be a model because I think I can be a good one.” short pause, “My Mom says I’m her beautiful baby, so at least she thinks I’m beautiful.” He blushed a bit and grined.

Bill laughed loudly at his last statement. “Well, I haven’t met a Mother yet who didn’t think their child was their beautiful baby.” He leaned back in his chair, “I take it you’ve never done any modeling before?”

“Yes sir, that’s right.”

“Says here you want us to do your photos for your head shots and composite card,” He put down Justin’s information sheet, then handed Justin the packet of information about “Male Models Limited.” He continued, “You will find most of your questions answered within this packet literature, so take it home and read through it.”

Justin took the packet of papers. Bill stood up, then came around the desk all the while looking at Justin. “Stand up.”

Justin stood up facing Bill who then stood before him. Bill was about his same height so they stood there for a moment looking into each other’s eyes. Bill put his hand on Justin’s shoulder in a way as to have Justin turn around before him. Justin smiled nervously as he slowly spun around before Bill. Bill looked him over closely noticing Justin’s firm ass hidden under the khaki pants. Justin’s loose fitting shirt also hid the v shape of his torso.

Once Escort Yenibosna again facing Bill, “Would you mind taking off your shirt?” Bill studied Justin’s face while waiting for a reply.

“No, not at all.” Justin stepped back a step and pulled the shirt tails out of the waist of his pants, then unbuttoned it and removed his shirt. He stood there facing Bill bare chested holding the shirt in his left hand. He pulled his shoulders back so his chest jutted out a bit revealing the strong but soft line of his torso. He felt the nervous sweat drip from his arm pits.

Bill stepped back a couple of steps then held his hands in front of himself so as to make a frame with his fingers and thumbs. “Would you be interested in doing nude modeling?” Bill said as nonchalantly as possible still holding his hands before himself but dropping them as though he was panning a camber down towards the floor.

“Well, , ,” Justin hesitated, “I, I don’t know.”

“If you freelance it, I know I can get you a job right away.” Bill put his hands down but continued to study Justin’s body. “It pays really well, and I can get you in with this client before you have your head shots and composite card.”

“What do you mean freelance it?”

“As a new model, that’s how you get exposure in the business, you go out on jobs for various clients to build up your tearsheets.” Bill stepped towards Justin, “A handsome young lad like you could quickly fill your pockets with money doing those kind of shoots.”

“Sorry, I don’t know what you’re talking about, what are tearsheets?”

“Oh, that’s a term we use referring to actual pages from magazines and such where you’re work is published.”

“Well, I really need the money, I mean, I don’t have any money to pay for photo shoots or getting a phone or anything really.”

“If you do this job, You’ll have at least $500.00 in your pocket after the job.” Bill smiled.

“I don’t know. . .” Justin started to put his shirt back on.

“Hold it son,” Bill said firmly, “If you want to get into this business, you got to pay your dues.” He stepped towards Justin, “You can’t just come waltzing into any modeling agency and expect the red carpet treatment.” He stood right in front of Justin looking him in the eyes, “I’m offering you a foot in the door so to speak. You won’t get this kind of offer again from me, so make your decision.”

Justin stood his ground and stared into Bills eyes. He felt Bills hand grip his crotch. “This will be your entry fee.” Bill grinned then looked down at what his hand was holding.

Justin stepped back in shock at Bill’s sudden advance but his retreat was blocked by the chair he’d been sitting in. Bill let go of Justin’s crotch.

“What do you mean? What do you want?” Justin was stalling. The thoughts of what was going on swirled through his mind along with the thoughts of the picture of him and Marty, the trouble at home, his promise to his Mom. He was getting dizzy trying to get a grip on all of this.

“Okay,” Bill put his hand on Justin’s shoulder, “I’ll spell it out for you.” He felt a slight trembling while his hand rested on the soft smooth skin. “You let me suck your dick now, and then I can guarantee tomorrow you will have a photo shoot with one of my private clients that will put at least $500.00 into your pocket.”

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