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Gold from Bronze Ch. 02

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Marissa hadn’t always been a public pisser. She’d always had sort of an interest in bodily functions and sometimes fantasized about going where she shouldn’t. She watched a few porn videos about pulic peeing farting and even scat. She’d read a few stories on Literotica too. But it didn’t happen for real until one day when she had no choice.

A few years back Marissa had just moved into her apartment. She was never one for clothes and underwear but she wore her bra and panties when she went out and never stood naked right in front of the window though she always nude when she was alone.

A few weeks after she had moved in she went down stairs to do her laundry. She had on an old oversized t-shirt. All her other clothes were in the wash including her underwear. Marissa felt a little uncomfortable but mostly she was enjoying the naughty feeling of being naked underneath her t-shirt outside of her apartment.

She smiled at the other two tenants who were there as well before loading her clothes. Then all of a sudden the power went out. The lights dimmed going dark and the washing machines and dryers shut off.

“Oh no!” said the other female tenant. She tried the dryer doors which opened but the washers were still locked.

Marissa almost had a panic attack. “All my clothes are in there! What do I do?”

“I’m sure the power will be back on soon,” said the male tenant.

“I hope so,” the other woman grumbled. “This is a real inconvenience” she said grabbing her clothes before leaving.

At least she could take her clothes. Marissa had to stand there with nothing but a thin t-shirt between her and the world! And the man was eyeing her. Usually she dressed pretty sexy, but nothing outrageous. But this was a whole other level for her. He couldn’t see anything but it was obvious she was braless.

Marissa decided it was time to leave before he got any ideas. Of course she couldn’t go far. The elevators were out and she lived on the eleventh floor. Marissa didn’t think she could make it.

After two hours of waiting the power was still out and now poor Marissa had pee. The power had to be coming back on soon! Right? She was getting desperate. The lobby was filled with several other tenants waiting for the power gaziemir escort to return so the could get back up to their apartments. Some had opted to take the stairs however.

Marissa waited another hour before she couldn’t take it any more. She had to get to her toilet! Trying to hide the fact that she was beginning to tremble she made her way to the stairwell and went in to begin her climb.

By the time she got to the seventh floor she was on the verge of embarrassing herself. She was shaking from holding in piss and tiredness from the climb. Panting she sat down on a step trying to collect herself. It wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t have to pee. She could take it one flight at a time. But now ever time she got back up from taking a break she risked squirting her pee. She shouldn’t have waited so long, she realized.

“Oh! What do I do now?” there was no way she could make it without peeing on herself. At least no one was around to see her shame.

No one was around. No one at all. And the cameras were out with the power. Only the emergency lights were on. No one would ever see her she realized. Maybe this was her chance for a public pee. It wasn’t really public. She was in her apartment building. Her home. Best of all she wouldn’t have to mop up the mess. She should probably feel bad about who ever would, but she was past caring. All she could think about her full bladder and how delicious release would be! And how fun it would be to pee were she shouldn’t.

Moaning Marissa carefully got up and stood on the landing between floors. She looked around then listened hard to be sure no one was coming. Then she looked at the camera. The red light was off.

“Good.” she pulled up her t-shirt exposing her big round ass and hair covered pussy as she squatted. She spread her legs far apart so they wouldn’t get any piss on them.

She couldn’t believe she was about to do this! She groaned and considered abandoning the plan. Maybe she could make it upstairs. But when she tried to get up and a loud fart and shot of hot piss escaped her body she knew there was no turning back.

Marissa sighed spreading her legs further. Then she let loose! A torrent of steaming hot piss rushed gümüldür escort passed her spread pussy lips splattering on the floor and even splashing her legs slightly. The loud hiss quickly turned to trickle as a puddle built up between her legs.

-Blluuuurph! Phuuuurt!

She farted loudly the sound echoing in the stairwell. “Aah!” she felt great. It was so wrong but so freeing. Finally the pee began to abate and she stood up stepping away from her mess. Marissa sighed and let loose one last vile fart for good measure. She giggled, not bothered by the smell of her air biscuit.

Looking down she admired the huge puddle. She wipped her pussy clean with the bottom of her t-shirt. Then went up two more flights. She was still turned on and decided she didn’t want to go back to her apartment without doing one more naughty thing. She took off her t-shirt and placed it on the floor. She sat on it and using a clean part of the hem brought it to her pussy. Using it she fingered herself doing deep and playing with her clit. She rubbed and rubbed grasping the banister beside her and humping her t-shirt covered fingers. She moved back and forth so her ample breasts jiggled, then letting go of the banister she played with a nipple. She tweaked and squeezed then moved to the other nipple bouncing her fat tit before pinching the chocolate nipple. She worked her clit harder then shoved a finger inside herself. Bouncing and working she groaned and then came loudly “Aaaaah!” her screams echoing through the stair well and her juices running out almost like more piss soaking that part of the shirt.

Marissa got up with a contented sigh. Slowly she walked up stairs pausing to finger herself with her shirt on the way up. On the tenth floor she came again and took a little piss. She decided to leave her shirt behind, opening the door quietly and tossing it into the hall. No one would know it was her. It could have been any tenant pissing all over the stairs. And the shirt belonged to a male. Her ex in fact. No one would guess it was a pretty girl making such a mess.

She should be shocked and disgusted with her behavior. How had she gone from shy erotica reader and occasional porn watcher to brazen public güzelbahçe escort pisser in one afternoon. Maybe this was who she’d always been, she thought, as she finally reached the eleventh floor, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to reveal herself.

She quietly opened the door peeking out. Thank goodness no one was around. Maybe leaving her shirt behind was a bit hasty. What if someone had been around? Now she had nothing to cover up with. Just then she heard a door slam. Shit! Someone was coming up the stairs. Quickly and quietly she closed the door and then grabbing her jiggling tits to keep them from flopping wildly she raced to her unlocked apartment and slipped inside. A moment later the power returned.

Marissa giggled. “What a rush!” she decided then and there that she had to do it again. From now on the world would be her toilet!


Porter had finally reached the tenth floor. He was tired. Of course the moment he opened the stairwell door the power snapped back on. Why always him? He was sure he’d never had a lucky day in his life.

Today was no different. His first and only girlfriend had cheated on him and when caught this morning dumped him. He come home to find the power out then after a few hours of waiting he decided to take the stairs. On the way up he come a cross a couple fucking in the stairwell and they’d had the audacity to call him a pervert! He was a pervert but they didn’t know that. They were the ones going at in a stairwell. After that he’d stepped in a large puddle of pee. He’d prayed it was water but the strong smell told him better. Then finally he reached his floor, he slipped in another piss puddle almost breaking his neck and wetting his favorite shirt.

Porter sighed as he came into the hall and noticed a shirt. It was large presumably a man’s. Curious he picked it up.

“Ew, it’s wet.” there were a few stains on it, two rather large ones on the helm and a few smaller ones here and there. He should probably just throw it out or just leave it there but curiosity brought it to his nose so he could smell it and identify the origin of the stain.

“Mmm.” it smelled like a female. A famale’s pussy particularly. He knew the scent well from years of going down on his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend. A normal person would have gotten rid of the shirt a woman had obviously cum on. But Porter was not normal. And very vulnerable. So he kept the shirt.

That night Porter masturbated thinking about the beautiful woman who the shirt belonged to, holding it close and wishing he could meet her.

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