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Going for a Drive

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The radio played softly as she sat basking in the warmth of the sunshine, enjoying the feeling of the wind playing with her hair as she watched the trees and fields flash by. Taking the convertible out and driving through the beautiful countryside had been her idea, but she was glad he’d offered to drive. It left her mind free to replay the events of the previous evening and this morning too, the memories of which made a smile play across her face and her nipples harden. She could feel him glancing at her, as if he knew the thoughts she was having, and when she felt his hand stroke her bare leg she turned to him with a mischievous look in her eyes.

“Let’s find somewhere quiet to park”, she said. “Somewhere nice and secluded.”

His response was to smile back at her and squeeze her thigh, sliding his hand up and pushing her skirt even higher so he could see her panties as he glanced from the road to her and back again. She was disappointed and left aching when he put his hand back on the steering wheel.

“Don’t you ever get enough?”, he laughed.

“No,” she said. “Never.” She moved one hand to stroke the back of his head and traced the other down to her panties, where she felt the wetness that was already seeping through her light cotton knickers and moved a finger delicately over the aching nub of her clitoris, feeling the heat build up inside her so quickly that she felt torn between bringing herself to a quick sharp orgasm or saving it for him. The decision was taken away from her when he grasped her hand and bought her fingers to his lips, kissing them before saying, “Patience! All good things come to those who wait.”

She sighed and leant over to kiss his neck and whispered to him, “Well hurry up and find somewhere then! I’m a good thing and I definitely need to cum.”

They continued to drive for a short while, zipping down deserted country lanes looking for somewhere off the beaten track. As they drove, he continued to tease her, occasionally stroking the back of a hand against her stiff nipples as they poked through her lacy bra and thin top as if eager to be let out.

Finally one road came to a dead end, a gate led to a field and she knew this had to be the spot. He had barely stopped the car before she’d unbuckled her seatbelt and leant across to pull him towards her, kissing him and duelling with his tongue as she pressed herself against him as much as she could. She felt his hand on the back of her head, pulling her towards him to kiss her even harder and she couldn’t help but let a moan escape her mouth. She was desperate to feel his hardness and groped to find his flies, unzipping them as quickly Yozgat Escort as she could to release him. He was rock hard already, a little precum had seeped into his y-fronts and she couldn’t resist but lean over to suck him through his shorts, feeling him twitch a little in pleasure. She soon used her nimble hands to pull down his trousers and underwear, freeing his throbbing cock, the sight of which always made her hungry to taste him.

Wasting no more time she bent her head over his lap, licking up and down his shaft in slow, moist strokes, being careful to not touch the head at all but to tantalise him as much as she thought he could bear. She’d occasionally bend further to suck on his firm balls, nibbling the skin and taking first one and then the other in her warm, wet mouth. She knew from his moans and shallow breathing that he couldn’t take her teasing for much longer, so she licked him one more time, paused to look up and smile at him, and then greedily took him all in her mouth as deeply as she could, moaning at the feeling and taste of him which always excited her. She dimly heard him groaning and murmuring, “Yeah, oh god, that’s so good” felt his hands tangle themselves in her hair as she bobbed up and down on his trembling cock, taking him as far in her mouth as she could, although she’d never yet been able to swallow his whole length no matter how she tried! She swivelled her head so she could flick her tongue around his sensitive head as she moaned again, loving the taste of his precum that swished around her eager mouth and over her glistening lips.

As she continued sucking and licking him, she felt his hand suddenly pull her skirt up and her knickers to one side, his fingers sliding quickly through her wetness to press against her clit and cause her to shiver and moan even more around her pulsing mouthful. When he pushed a finger into her she couldn’t help but lift her head and gasp, the feeling was so intense that she nearly came there and then. She’d never known anyone who was able to get her so excited so quickly, and sucking cock had certainly never made her this hot before. As she felt him slide a second finger up to join the first, she dove back down onto his dick until she felt his pubic hair brushing against her lips and his cock pushing against the back of her throat, and amidst all the mind-numbing pleasure she was feeling she suddenly realised she had deep throated him for the first time and his groaning and vigorous fingering was an apt reward.

His fingers suddenly withdrew from her squeezing pussy and he pulled her head up to kiss her roughly, biting her lips and tasting himself Yozgat Escort Bayan on her tongue.

“Get out of the car”, he gruffly said as he himself opened his door and got out, moving swiftly round to her side to grab her as soon as she stood up and pressing her against the car, grabbing her smooth firm arse and lifting her onto the hood of the car. She wrapped her legs around him and moaned as she felt his hardness press against her throbbing clit, causing her to hump herself up at him, now almost desperate to get more release from the passion that was tingling all through her body.

He seemed to have other plans though, seemed intent to tease her back after her slow cock licking and sucking. He pushed her back so she was laying on the car, feeling the heat of the metal on her back, and he yanked her tight vest t-shirt up over her breasts and her lacy bra underneath them, trapping her aching tits between the two fabrics and leaving the nipples exposed and upright for his attentions. He wasted no time in taking one in his mouth, flickering his tongue over the ever hardening nub and grazing his teeth over it, making her squirm and gasp as he bit down gently and sucked it into his mouth. The other breast was then given the same firm treatment, whilst he squeezed and rolled the other wet nipple between his fingers until both were wet and shiny and harder than they’d ever been.

“Oh god,” she moaned, “please fuck me, please just fuck me now.” She could feel her pussy pulsing as he sent sparks through her nipples with his clever mouth and hands, and the aching need for him to fill her was making her toes curl.

Instead he slid his tongue down her body, pushing her short skirt and now soaking knickers down out of the way. He spread her legs even further apart so she was splayed out on the car, her pussy open and slick. He moaned when he saw the wetness of her, always amazed at how wet she got for him, before he went to his knees and flicked his tongue at her, stroking it firmly over her whole pussy again and again, savouring in the exciting taste and smell of her as she squirmed underneath him and clutched at his hair and shoulders. Her moaning soon merged with nearly unintelligible words as he flickered his tongue at her clit, “Oh! Oh my god, please. Uh, yes. Yes!” He took his fingers and pushed them quickly into her at the same time as he lightly bit her clit and her whole body flew upwards in a spasm as she came with a shout, her juices flowing from her and in to his devouring mouth. His tongue continued to tickle over her clit and his fingers pushed in and out of her gripping pussy as he Escort Yozgat drove her higher into her climax, making her come again before she’d barely finished her last orgasm and leaving her breathless.

As he felt her come down, he slowly pulled his fingers from her and reached up for her to eagerly suck them into her waiting mouth before replacing them with his mouth and tongue. She felt her wetness on his lips and tasted her sweetness on his tongue as she sucked it into her mouth, licking and sucking on it as if it were his cock again.

As they kissed she felt his cock nudging between her legs and impatiently reached down to grasp it and guide it to her aching centre. He held back for a moment, resting his head at her almost grasping hole, making her whimper in anticipation, before lunging forward and finally filling her with his hot hard cock. The build up had been such that she came instantly as he pumped inside her, her pussy muscles clenching around him as she moaned and arched up and then down on his thrusting hardness. As she arched, she could feel the end of his cock rub against her g-spot in such a delicious way that she came again and convulsed against him, her stomach rippling as her orgasm pulsed through her pussy.

He groaned and grabbed her arse as he bent to bite a nipple, pushing his cock harder and faster into her as her legs wrapped around him, wanting to pull him in even further to her twitching pussy as she felt yet another orgasm building. He could tell from her groaning and twisting and the wet heat of her that she was going to come again and he picked up his pace, determined to come with her this time. He kissed her moaning mouth as she bucked against him and pushed her bullet-hard nipples in to his chest, her hands clenching on his back and buttocks as she felt the biggest climax building. He could feel his balls tingle and his cock twitch as he neared his orgasm, and she felt him get even bigger inside her as he grabbed her hips and pulled her firmly towards him and fucked her hard and fast just like she liked. He felt her tighten around him as she screamed out her orgasm and jerked up against him as her pussy contracted and gushed even more wetness over him. As he felt her come he groaned loudly and grabbed her hips. He shoved hard and came with her, pushing his cock deep into her pulsing pussy and unloading what felt like gallons of searing come into her, making her orgasm build into an unbelievable high as she felt his cock jerk and flood her with his cum. He pumped a few times as his balls finally emptied their pent up load in to her now overflowing pussy, and she shuddered and moaned as the last spasms of her orgasm ripped through her.

As his dick twitched and slowly softened inside her still clenching pussy, he looked at her as she lay flushed and glistening in the hot sun, and kissed her smiling lips. “That was the best drive I’ve ever had”, he laughed. “Where to next?”

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