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Go Out with a Bang

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Blacked Com

It’s been an amazing weekend, and I’m sorry to see it end. Since you picked me up at the airport on Friday, we’ve spent nearly every second of it together, in each other’s arms. And most of those seconds we’ve been naked. We’ve had sex in every room in your apartment as well as the backseat of your car, and it has been incredible. I just can’t get enough of your dick and your shaved balls, or feeling your muscular body pressing me down into the bed as you thrust in and out of my wet pussy, or your tongue lapping at my folds and teasing my clit bringing me to orgasm after orgasm. We’ve tried missionary, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, pile driver…and your enthusiasm has been so erotic as well. Yes, it’s been one incredible, sex-fueled weekend, and I’m not looking forward to returning to my home town and my humdrum daily routine.

Tonight is our last night together, and I’m determined, if you’ll forgive the pun, to have it go out with a bang.

You cooked me a very nice, simple dinner, and even that was interrupted when I pushed you against the wall in your kitchen, sank to my knees, pulled out your cock, and gave you a blowjob while the water came to a boil. You reciprocated by pulling down my panties, lifting my skirt, and tongue fucking my pussy while dinner simmered on the stove. Good thing I came as quickly as I did that time…

After dinner, I put my plan into action. I innocently ask you if you’d mind making a quick run to DQ for some ice cream. Somewhat confused but happy to comply, you go…leaving me alone to get ready. I start by putting on some sexy dance music, which makes me think back to last night at the club, when you kept feeling me up as we danced. That had gotten me so aroused, I hadn’t wanted to wait to get back here to fuck you. The memory of pulling you into the backseat of your car so you could pound my pussy with your hard cock makes me flush with warmth.

I spend a few minutes cleaning and preparing myself in the bathroom, then change into the sexy black dress I’d brought along but not yet had occasion to wear. It’s probably my sexiest dress: low back, deep scoop in the front revealing my copious cleavage, and a long slit up the side to show plenty of leg. Some funky heels complete my ensemble. I reapply my makeup, then spray on some perfume, including some in my cleavage and even a bit along my upper thighs. No bra, of course, and no panties. I look at myself in your bathroom mirror, satisfied with the results. I lay down on your bed, idly toying with my pussy as I imagine how the evening will unfold.

I hear a door open and the sound of your voice wondering where I am. I call to you from your bedroom. You enter the room, and your eyes widen in surprise when you see me, lying on one side on your bed, head propped on one hand, one leg bent, seductively sucking on one fingertip while my other hand rests against my hip. I smile up at you and wink. “Come over here,” I say in a low voice.

You hold up the treats you’ve brought back. “What about dessert?” you ask with a chuckle.

“Put it in the freezer. It’ll be fine,” I say with a smile. You disappear for a moment, then return empty handed. I regard you frankly from my position on your bed. The bass thump of the music matches my heartbeat. Keeping my face neutral, I ask, “Would you strip for me?” You tilt your head and smile slightly, then start swaying your hips in time to the music. You slowly slide your hands down your chest, curling your fingers along the hem of your shirt. You pull it up, revealing your toned torso by inches. My heartbeat increases, and I idly rub my breasts watching your show.

You finish pulling off your shirt, and whip it over your head a few times Büyükesat Escort before tossing it to me on the bed. I laugh as I catch it. You prop one leg up in the bed and thrust your crotch in my direction as you slide a hand up your inner calf and thigh. You grip your crotch and squeeze, and I whistle appreciatively. I roll onto my back and cross my legs, rubbing my thighs together. You unbutton your jeans and slowly pull the zipper down. I can see your cock tenting your boxers. You step away from the bed and turn your back to me. Still swaying your hips to the music, you look over your shoulder at me and smile sexily. Then you start inching your jeans over your hips and down your legs, bending over at the waist as you do so. When your jeans are down around your ankles, you straighten slowly. You stretch your arms out to your sides, then curl your forearms, showing off your biceps. I give another appreciative whistle.

You step out of your jeans, deftly removing your socks at the same time. You turn and step up to the head of the bed, then prop a leg on the mattress again. I’ve pulled my dress open at this point, and you see that I’m not wearing any panties. You watch as I slowly stroke my labia in time with the music. I reach with my other hand and caress your lower leg as you run your hands over your chest. You lick your lips as you watch me play with myself, then climb onto the bed and stand over me. Looking up, I see your erection outlined in your boxers. A small spot of dampness shows where precum has started to leak from your cock. I’m so aroused seeing that you’re turned on by stripping for me.

You sway your hips, then squat down so your crotch is near my face. Placing your hands on the wall above my head, you thrust your crotch towards my face, making me laugh as my pussy grows wet with arousal. You reach back your arms to support yourself on the mattress and continue to sway your hips back and forth. Your cock slides down and I can see it sticking down one leg of your boxers. My mouth starts watering as much as my pussy.

You deftly swing one leg over to dismount from the mattress. Standing beside me again, you put your hands behind your head and thrust your hips in my direction, then reach down and push your boxers down an inch or so. The hand stroking my pussy starts moving faster as you take one hand and reach inside your shorts to cover your dick as your other hand pulls your underwear down past your hips to fall to the floor.

You stand before me, completely naked, one hand trying to cover your hard dick. I stare at that hand, licking my lips as my fingers tease my clit. Then I look up into your eyes. “Stroke it for me,” I say.

You give a small smile, then walk to the foot of the bed. Propping one leg on the mattress again, you take your long, thick cock in one hand and start stroking in time to the music. Watching you masturbate, I’m fascinated by your technique. Your grip seems slightly looser than the one I used when I gave you a handjob yesterday morning. You stroke slowly, no doubt wanting not to rush to your finish. That’s fine with me: I’m enjoying the show. Your cock is freely leaking precum now, and your hand spreads it along your shaft. Watching you, I reach down with my other hand and spread my pussy open. You groan softly at the sight and your hand moves quicker. I slowly insert one finger into my pussy and swirl it around. We both moan at how erotic this moment is. I slide my finger in and out of my pussy in time with your hand stroking your hard cock.

After a few moments, you walk over to kneel next to me at the head of the bed. Your cock is inches away from my mouth. “I’m Elvankent Escort gonna cum,” you say in a sexy voice. I lean over and take your cockhead in my mouth while you stroke your shaft. I start sucking as you release your load with a grunt. I love the taste of your cum, and roll it around in my mouth before swallowing it with a satisfied groan.

You remove your dick from my mouth and lean down to kiss me, hard. I reach my arms around your shoulders and pull you down on top of me. I wrap a leg around you and we make out for a few minutes, your hands squeezing and caressing my tits through my dress. You start kissing down my neck and along my breasts, sliding your tongue into my cleavage. Fortunately the dress is loose enough that you can easily pull my breasts out, and I groan and clutch your back as you alternate between licking and sucking on my nipples. As you’ve learned this weekend, I love having my tits sucked. My pussy is on fire and I’m squirming beneath you as you make out with my tits.

After a minute or so of this I’m writhing in ecstasy. I want to feel your mouth on my pussy, so I push down on your shoulders. You take the hint and slide down my body, pulling my dress up to free my legs. You start with gentle kisses and licks on my inner thighs, moving teasingly slowly and inching closer and closer to my cunt, which is on fire for you right now. Finally, after licking around my labia but never making contact, you slide your tongue quickly from my taint up to my clit. I scream at the contact, then whimper when you pull away. I want to force your head down again, but you duck before I can do so and repeat the motion with your tongue, slower this time. My clit is throbbing with arousal, and my pussy is leaking juice all over. I want you to lick me until I cum.

I hook my thighs over your shoulders, pulling your face in and holding you so you can’t help but kiss my pussy. You fuck me with your tongue for a few moments, then reach up and around my leg with one hand to stroke my clit. That’s enough to send me over the edge, and I cum with a ragged cry. My legs squeeze together around your head and then flop open weakly. My heart rate slowly returns to normal as I come down from my peak. I shiver with aftershocks as you continue to gently lick and kiss my pussy.

I look down at you and smile, then pull you up by your shoulders so you can give me a passionate kiss. I suck my cum off your tongue and reach down to feel your dick, which is still hard. I guide you to the entrance to my pussy. Resting your weight on your elbows, you slowly slide into me. We groan together when your hips press up against mine. Then, kissing frantically, we start fucking.

You slam your cock into me in time with the music, which is still thumping a heavy bass beat. I push my hips up to meet your thrusts, scratching my nails down your back and digging them into your ass. After a couple of minutes, I break the kiss and look deep into your eyes. I squeeze your ass hard, and you slow down your thrusting. “Hey,” I say in a whisper. “Wanna try something new?”

You regard me quizzically for a moment. New? I can see you thinking. We’ve fucked in a wide variety of positions, from day-to-day missionary and doggystyle to more unusual, Kama Sutra- and porn-inspired angles. We’ve given each other oral sex, separately and in sixty-nine. We’ve done it in every room of your apartment. What’s left?

I smile sexily and reach up under the pillow, where I’ve secreted a small tube of lubricant. I show it to you with a wink. “Wanna fuck my ass?”

You raise an eyebrow and smile down at me. “Sure.” You pull away and sit back on your Beşevler Escort heels, one hand slowly stroking your cock while you watch me. I spread my legs and angle my knees, opening my pussy and asshole wide. I pour lube onto my asshole and spread it around liberally, using my fingers to push some inside me (glad I took some time to wash up before you got back from DQ). I hand you the tube and tell you to spread it all over your cock. I lick my lips as you do so. I can’t wait to feel your cock stretch my ass.

I hook my elbows under my knees, holding myself wide open for you. You scoot forward and place the tip of your cock, which is dripping with lube, at my browneye. I take a deep breath and nod for you to continue. You slowly push your cock into my ass, letting spit fall from your mouth to add to the lube. I exhale a slow groan as you inch inside of me. It feels so amazing. It’s been a while since I’ve had a cock in my ass, and yours fills me deliciously.

Even with all the lubrication, my ass is so tight and your cock so thick it’s a very snug fit. You push forward slowly, not wanting to hurt me. As you do, I gently stroke my clit. After an achingly long time you finish burying your cock in my ass. I tell you to hold still for a moment and breathe slowly, getting used to the feeling of your dick inside me. It feels warm and full, every nerve in my ass tingling with the pressure of your cock. Then I nod to you. You grip my legs just below my knees and slowly start pulling your cock out of my ass. I groan at the feeling and my pussy floods with heat. You pause just before your cock can exit my asshole and drip some more lube onto your shaft. Then you push into me again slowly. I close my eyes and whimper slightly. My ass feels so full…

You pump in and out of me slowly at first, then with increasing speed and force. I’m moaning as you fuck me, my head thrown back on the pillow and my eyes squeezed shut in ecstasy. This feels so good. “Faster,” I breathe. “Harder.” I feel your grip on my thighs tighten as you comply, and your cock pumps in and out of my ass faster. I grab my tits and start twisting my nipples, then slide one hand down to play with my clit some more. “Fuck me,” I whisper; then say it louder. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, oh god please FUCK ME!” I practically scream the last one as you slam your cock into my ass over and over.

My fingers are flying over my clit, bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I want to cum, and I want to feel you cum in my ass. I keep telling you to fuck me. “Cum in my ass,” I say between breaths as you pound my asshole. “I want to feel your cock explode and fill up my ass with your cum.” You’re grunting now. Your hands have slid down to grab my ass hard and you’re leaning over me as you fuck me. Sweat drips from your forehead onto my face as I look up at you and lick my lips. It’s dirty and nasty and hot as fucking hell.

I love how trashy I feel with your cock up my ass, looking up at your face which is snarling as you pound me. “That’s it, baby,” I breathe. “Fuck me hard. Cum in my ass. Come on, give it to me. Give it to meeeeeeee…” I draw the last word out in a squeal as I bring myself to my own orgasm. I throw my head back and whip it from side to side as the force of my orgasm rips through my body. My asshole clenches around your cock, and I hear you grunt. Moments later I feel your cum shoot into my ass as you cry out. You straighten up and look down at me. I feel your cock pulsing in my ass. We’re both dripping with sweat and breathing hard. “God, that was so fucking hot,” you say. I nod in agreement. “Fuck, yes,” I whisper.

We stay like that for a few moments, letting your cock soften a bit before you pull it out of my ass. As you do so, you drip some more lube to make pulling out smoother. You collapse onto your hands and knees above me and lean in for a kiss, which I eagerly and passionately return, putting my hands around your neck. When we break the kiss, I look up at you with a smile. “Why don’t we get cleaned up, and then have some ice cream?” I ask.

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