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Gloryhole Addiction Ch. 02

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It has been a several years since my dirty yet amazing gloryhole experience. At that time, I was 18 years old and still in high school. It was supposed to be a sneaky one time experimentation which turned into a nine month long, multi-visit, wonderful cock sucking experience that has never left my memory.

I have always had an oral fixation when it comes to sex but there was just something about sucking an anonymous stranger’s hard penis that would produce for me the strongest orgasms imaginable. When those faceless dicks would explode in my mouth, I would swallow load after load to help propel my climaxes to another level. It was a great masturbatory aid because each and every experience at the gloryhole was so sleazy and filthy and perfect!

After accidentally discovering that one of the men I was sucking off at the adult store, The Power of Love, was my boyfriend’s father, I stopped going because it seemed weird. In addition to that incident, I also thought it was time because of some of the dangers that lurk for a young girl in places like that. During that nine months, I estimated sucking off nearly a thousand cocks even though many were repeat customers. It was truly addicting.

My love for giving blowjobs seemed to be a blessing and a curse. Of course my boyfriends throughout the rest of my high school and college years enjoyed me sucking them daily but not so much when they found out I had sucked other guys while we dated. That habit was the primary reason for my failed relationships but I couldn’t help myself. There were just so many tempting situations arousing to me but unflattering to my exes. Of course I couldn’t blame them as I took full responsibility.

Twice while at a party, my boyfriend would be downstairs talking with friends and I would be in the bathroom blowing a guy I had just met and swallowing his thick cum. Another time, a different boyfriend and I were at a cookout and while he was at the picnic table with his buddy eating a hot dog, I was around the back of the house inside the shed thingy, sitting on a turned over bucket, eating another one of his buddy’s hot dog. One other incident that comes to mind is the time while at USC, I was dating a cute accounting major from Fresno and I ended up sucking off three guys who lived in my apartment complex at 9 o’clock in the morning. I can still remember simultaneously deepthroating one of them while holding my phone up over his stomach and texting my boyfriend. What was wrong with me?

Sucking off guys I had just met, tied my desires into the gloryhole experience. That thrill is what I craved maybe just as much as the cum. The problem with suffering from a cock sucking addiction is that guys can’t keep quiet. They talk and eventually a girl’s actions are no longer discreet. That made it difficult to settle down with any one guy.

That changed when I graduated from college. As a 23 year old girl, I was interviewed for my first job by an older gentleman named Philip. He was a sweet 59 year old career ex-veteran but in spite of our huge age difference, I found him handsome and charming. I know it is very cliché, but only a few questions into the interview, I ended up on my knees behind his desk bobbing my head up and down on his cock. Needless to say, I got the job and he said I would have gotten it even without the amazing blowjob.

Fast forward my life two years and Philip and I got married. My parents liked him as a person but of course they disapproved of our marriage because he was a decade older than even them. I didn’t care because Philip treated me like a queen. We moved into a large two-story brick home on the edge of 80 acres of woods located in the country. We also owned a second house in the Colorado Mountains. It took some time to get used to living away from people since I had grown up in suburbia Los Angeles.

It was ironic, Philip was my boss at work but I was the boss at home and he didn’t mind. I had just started my working career while he neared his second retirement. His biggest hobby became projects around the house. He was either building something in the yard like a retaining wall, garden, or fountain. If he couldn’t do it himself, he hired someone to do it for us. Our home was becoming immaculate.

One of the perks Philip received from being married to me, albeit only six months, was all the sex he could handle. However, as a 61 year old man, his mind was willing but his body was having trouble keeping up. Every day, I would give him a blowjob either at work or as soon as we got home then ask him to make love to me before we went to bed. Don’t get me wrong, he loved it but I was physically wearing him out. On one of those days, we were in his office with him lying on his leather couch with me kneeling beside it sucking him off. He held my head down on it and blasted his load in my mouth before sitting it up with a satisfied look in his eyes.

As he was pulling his pants back up, Philip exhaled, “You are the best at giving head. You must escort ankara have had lots of practice before we got together. How many guy have to done that too?”

I was wiping the corners of my mouth with my thumb when I responded, “You have never asked me about my sex before you and I got together. Why do you want to know?”

“I honestly don’t care, I was just curious. Nobody gets that good without at least some experience. This old man isn’t dumb enough to think that a five foot six blonde girl like you with a great body who has been to college, can’t get any guy she wants. I know my penis isn’t huge but it is six and a half inches long and you swallow it like it’s nothing,” he continued while tucking his shirt in.

Our relationship was built on honesty so I worriedly asked, “Do you really want to know?”

He nodded his head so I began to confess, “OK I will tell you but you can’t get mad. You know from experience how much I love sucking dick. Before I went to college, I experimented at a gloryhole.”

Philip smiled, “Really? Somehow I can believe that. Did you enjoy it?”

My eyes lit up, “Oh my God, enjoy isn’t the word! I loved it!”

He laughed, “So how many did you suck off when you visited that day?”

I paused then lifted one cheek and cringed in hesitation, “Well…it wasn’t just one time. I was going a few times a week for almost a year. You said you wouldn’t get mad, but when it was all said and done, it was hundreds.”

His reaction was the opposite from what I anticipated when his tone of voice was that of excitement, “Wow! That is great. It all makes sense now. My wife the professional blowjob artist. No wonder you are simply fantastic at doing it because you have sucked five hundred cocks in your young life.”

I looked down at the floor then looked up slowly, “Uhhh…that is a very low number. One time I tried to figure it up and I would estimate probably closer to nine hundred. If you add that to all the blowjobs I gave in high school and college, my total is around eleven hundred.”

He gasped, “Are you serious? You are telling me that my 25 year old wife has sucked off over one thousand and one hundred dicks?”

I nodded, “Some of them are repeated of course, but yes, I swallowed at least that many loads in my day but I will say I have not sucked any since we got married. I swear.”

He tilted his head, “What about the two years that we were dating? Be honest.”

With a wide grin, I answered my husband, “Guilty. Honey, you know me, I need to suck cock and I will confess that I did it many times even with guys here at work…but…I never had sex with anyone the entire time. My pussy has belonged to you.”

He shook his head, “You are amazing…do you know that? Hey, what can I say, I still can’t figure out why you love an old grizzled guy like me so if my baby sucked a little dick on the side, who am I to question it?”

I adjusted my dress and kissed him on the cheek, “You are best, do you know that? By the way, you are not grizzled or old. You are my handsome mature husband and I love you.”

From that point forward, Philip would want me to give him details about the cocks I sucked at the gloryhole just before I blew him. It was an incredible aphrodisiac for him and not only would he get harder, he would cum quicker. It was definitely a win/win situation.

We began adding more and more outside stimulation to our already great sex life. In addition to me regaling him with my past blowjob experiences, we also would look at gloryhole porn and read stories together before we made love. I would be so wet and Philip would fuck me like he was a teenager again.

One night while scanning Literotica stories and Philip in the shower, I found the perfect one. The story was called, “Just a Little Kink” by a couple tag name of Stewartlinda. As I read it, I became wetter and wetter. It was a story about a wife who has the same oral craving affliction as myself and her husband built her a gloryhole booth in their garage which started the hot true tale.

When Philip walked into the bedroom with a towel around his waist, I was in full masturbation mode. My laptop was opened between my legs and as I read, my fingers were rubbing my clit like I was trying to erase a mistake. As he continued to voyeur, I arched my back, screamed and let out a much needed powerful orgasm! Taking his towel and drying the rest of his partially gray haired body, I stopped reading and stared at his growing cock which by then was about half erect.

He chuckled, “That must have been a great story. Care to share?”

I pointed to the screen, “This is my ultimate fantasy.” I explained to my husband the plot of the story and how wonderful it would be to have my own personal gloryhole to use anytime I desired.

Because I was so horny, he was the same. He sat against the bed headboard reading the rest of the story aloud to me while I sucked his cock. It wasn’t esenyurt escort long before he was grunting and shooting his spunk into my mouth. When he finished cumming, Philip used my vibrator and dildo on me until I climaxed three more times.

When we finished, he told me that I needed to pack my bags because he was sending me on a two-week training for the company in Colorado. I would stay in our second home but also could take two girls out of our office with me. I was so excited because it was going to be fun in addition to learning more about the business. Philip said, “I’m not going to be there much longer and I want you to someday take over.”

Before I flew out on that next Monday morning with my girls Tayte and Heather, Philip kissed me and gave his blessing, “Honey, feel free to have some extra fun while you are out there…just be sure you tell me all about it when you get back.”

We three did not disappoint ourselves. We compiled note after note on our computers during the day and partied every night. Every day we looked great while wearing our skirts, dresses, lady business suits, hose, high heels, boots, and much more while on our fourteen day excursion. Tayte hooked up with a 38 year old businessman and Heather had two younger guys to occupy her for the two weeks.

For me, I was like a predator in a room full of prey. I blew twelve different men in the fourteen days. Of those dozen blowjobs, my favorite was a black man who presented on the third day. He was a 6’5, black, 30 year old human resource specialist who was so hot, I almost fucked him. We ended up in an upscale hotel room with me first sucking off that big eight inch dong before he licked my pussy to two amazing climaxes. After a brief rest, we sixty-nined until he fed me a second load while I orgasmed in his mouth twice more.

The two weeks had ended and Philip picked me up at airport. I was exhausted and slept soundly as I rode home. When I awoke just before we pulled into the driveway, I noticed there had been construction to the property and changes to the back of the house.

After my hubby had carried my things into the house, he excitedly invited, “Come on, I want to show you what I have been doing while you were gone. Well actually, I hired it out but you are going to love it.”

We walked through the house and into the very back bedroom was a door where there used to be a wall. Philip opened the door and there it was. After scanning the small added-on room conjoined onto that bedroom like a hotel suite, I looked up at him and he stated proudly, “There you go Honey. You’re very own gloryhole booth…complete with some modern technologies.”

I was so happy. I hugged Philip and he couldn’t wait to show me all the added features. My gloryhole booth was eight feet by eight feet. The “hole” was actually a vertical rectangle opening to account for the height differences of the “customers.” There was a sophisticated sliding door cover over it with a deadbolt lock. Next to the opening was a switch and when turned on, there would be a neon OPEN light on the outside wall that turned on just like you would see at a business.

Higher than the hole was a one way window where I couldn’t see out but the man standing there could see inside to visually aid in his pleasure by watching me service him. Inside the room was a small padded adjustable stool, a three inch tri-fold mat for my knees, and an exercise Gymnic ball to sit on. He said my safety, discretion and comfort were his top priorities.

We walked around to the back of the house and the set up was well designed. The woods was two hundred yards from our backyard and Philip had a small paved parking area built beside it that was hidden from the road with a separate driveway leading to it. From the lot, there was a concrete walkway for the guys to come to the house.

Connected onto my gloryhole room was a standing room so the guys would not have to be outside. It was finished with a smooth concrete floor containing a funnel drain built-in like a shower so that it could be cleaned easily. Between the thin peek window and the gloryhole was two oven-like handles attached to the wall so the guy could hang on for better balance. Off to the side was a button that buzzed into the house to signal me if somebody was in the room waiting for servicing. When the OPEN light was turned off, the buzzer was as well.

After pressing it a couple of times, I hugged Philip again and thanked him, “I don’t know what to say. This is…incredible. I can’t believe you went through all that work just for me.”

He winked, “It wasn’t easy getting all this done in two weeks but you are worth it. If my baby wants cock, she is gonna get cock.”

I suggested, “And I think my very first customer should be my loving husband. What do you say?” Before he responded, I added, “Oh wait, let me go into the house so you can ring the buzzer.”

When I got back into eskişehir escort the house, sure enough, the buzz sounded like someone getting permission in an apartment complex. I entered into the gloryhole room and Philip already had his pants down with his cock and balls exposed in the opening. I giggled and sat on my stool. Pretending that he was a stranger, I slowly cupped and fondled his balls before latching my mouth onto his soft cock. I sucked the rubbery organ until it began to stiffen.

I felt the same tingle in my pussy that I had felt years before while in the gloryhole booth. I sucked and jerked Philip’s meat until it began to throb. He was close so I swallowed and beat it faster until he thrusted his hips forward and shot his cum into the back of my throat. I quickly pulled it out of my mouth and stroked the rest of every squirt onto my face in an attempt to christen it.

When the shooting stopped and my with my face a mess, I giggled, “One down and many more to go.”

He laughed and headed back into the house while I went to the bathroom and wiped off my facial. He watched TV while I went to my bedroom to masturbate. Using my thick real feel dildo, I laid on my bed with my legs spread wide and rubbed, dipped, and plunged it into myself while thinking about sucking cock through the gloryhole. I didn’t stop until I had squirted onto the sheets in satisfaction.

Monday at work, Philip called me into his office to show me on his computer that he had placed an ad on Craigslist for my new home-based gloryhole. On the ad, he gave directions to the hidden drive by the woods, explained that if the neon light is on, then ring the buzzer and how I would tweet out my open hours excluding walk ups. He had no idea how to do that so I created the Twitter account and put that into the ad. We posted it and then I was ready. My pussy was gooey the rest of the day.

By lunch time, I tweeted out that I would be “open for business” from 5:30 to 7:30 that evening. After knowing it was out there online, I was horny and needed to suck some dick. I got home around 5:15, dropped my keys and purse onto the table. I like to be naked or nearly naked when I suck so I removed my clothing. I gathered my glass of water, headband, and curved wand vibrator with an egg on the end. I entered the gloryhole room and turned on the lights. Nobody was there so I had time to put the band in to keep my hair back.

From the anticipation all day at work, I was able to buzz two orgasms from myself while sitting on the stool with my legs spread. Finally, a man in dress slacks entered and I could hear the jingle of his belt buckle. He had no idea I was already in the room so he pushed the buzzer and put his half erect uncircumcised cock thought the opening. His entire crotch was hairy which was mostly gray so I knew he was older and judging by his pants, he was probably a white collar worker. I slid his foreskin back and licked the exposed head.

I gobbled his penis but quickly had to pause to fish a pubic hair out of my mouth. I went back and sucked it until it ballooned into a rock hard six inches. I bobbed all the way down as each descent allowed his thick pubic hair to tickle my nostrils. I could hear him moan through the wall and he whispered, “Yeah! That feels great. I needed this.” Little did he know, that was exactly my sentiments as I was vibrating my clit with the toy while I serviced him.

I sucked and sucked and within ten minutes, he knocked on the wall, grunted and released a thin warm salty load onto my tongue. It was evident he was no stranger to gloryhole etiquette. As soon as I felt that warmth coagulate in my mouth, my pussy began to twitch in orgasm. I was breathing heavily but stayed locked on until I had squeezed out all the remaining juice from the shaft. I swallowed and he said, “Thank you” before he zipped up and left.

As soon as he walked out, another guy walked in and was wearing athletic shorts. He pulled them down to mid-thigh and out flopped a large cock. It was smooth as glass with a large blue vein running down the side. I put my hand on the base and sucked the head. That guy was much younger and when completely erect, his cock was a very thick eight inches. I jerked the fleshy dong as I hummed during the sucking and masturbated with the other hand. In no time he gurgled, “I’m cummin! Ohhh!”

His orgasm almost choked me. Three or four ropes of sperm filled my mouth before the ejaculating even slowed down. I immediately spasmed again almost losing my cock sucking focus. After jerking out the last spurts, I swallowed it before allowing the hefty, deflating tool to against the wall. The guy pulled it back, lifted his shorts like nothing had happened. There was nobody waiting to replace him for another fifteen minutes. I got a drink of water and began cleaning up before the buzzer called me back.

Standing on the other side was tall slender man with the same type of cock. He unzipped his jeans and stuck it out through the fly. There were no balls to play with and I decided to move the stool rather than adjust it so that I could unfold the mat and get on my knees. My lavender painted toes were pointed backward, pressed against the floor as I dug in to suck another long cock. It wasn’t as thick but the same length as the previous one.

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