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Glory Hole at the Adult Bookstore Ch. 02

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It’s odd how we try to talk ourselves into and out of things. For instance, I had built up an entire world of rationalizations for my visits to Adult Book Stores. The money I was spending “would have been spent on coffee or booze and they are both bad habits.” The time spent – “only an hour or so once in a while.” All of that paled in front of the big one I told myself – because it was anonymous, I wasn’t “being gay.”

Then there was the night that all changed. I got to my favorite bookstore on a summer’s evening so it wasn’t even dark yet. In my mind, that meant I had to be discreet about where I parked my car – i used the mall across the street. When I went inside, I played it cool and spent a lot of time browsing the hetero porn. I felt my cock begin to stir as I browsed through magazines full of big boobed women, and growing even harder as I made it over to the one-on-one sex magazines. So far, so good. Not too many in the store, so I continued to take my time upstairs.

I got to the gang bang section where most of the magazines were sealed. But even so, the covers featured multiple big dicks in and around a naked woman, and by that time I was forced to adjust my clothes to ease the throbbing meat in my pants. Not because of the women – but because every hard dick i saw was like a jolt of electricity in my pants. Meanwhile more men came in; some were at the magazines but more than a few had gotten change and gone downstairs to the video booths.

Then I pulled one of those “see how I’m not gay” moves and completely skipped the man on man magazines and hit the change machine for quarters. I think I thought I was somehow demonstrating I was a man – although I’m not sure who was supposed to receive the message. In any case, I stopped at the curtains and looked over the list of films that were playing – overwhelmingly white on white, man on girl, with a couple of multiple men movies, and at least 4 men on men flicks. Then I went downstairs.

In this particular place there wasn’t any corridor – it was a big room with booths on three of the 4 walls. The rear wall had my favorite – one booth between two larger, corner booths. It was occupied at the moment, so I simply picked the nearest empty one and went in.

This one had no hole, so I popped in some quarters and cycled through the videos (after turning down the sound so I wouldn’t broadcast my tastes to the world, of course). The first one I stopped on had a petite white girl on her knees, surrounded by cocks that were all bigger than mine, and moving from one to another, sucking them as deep as she could. My cock swelled in my pants and I adjusted it to be comfortable. Then I switched again, and it was as if an electric charge went from the screen, through my eyes and into my dick!

I was bug-eyed as big dicked black guy was forcing his way up the ass of a guy on all fours, who, in turn, was getting face-fucked by a white cock of almost equal size. I later learned this was called “spit roasting” but even if I didn’t know the name at the time I was glued to the screen as the guy was being skewered front and back! I imagined what it might be like…and then the screen went black. Since I was there for the glory holes, I tried (in vain) to hide my throbbing erection and stepped out of the booth.

I was in luck – that booth on the back wall, between the corner booths, was just opening and a rather plain looking guy was leaving. I managed to point out that he had something on his chin and smiled. He wiped it off with his fingers, sucked it off his fingers, and whispered “happy hunting” as he left the store. I went in and closed the door.

It took a moment for my eyes to adjust, so while that was happening I put my quarters in the slot and flipped through the videos to get back to the one I had been watching. Of course, since time had passed, Sefaköy Escort my “hero” was no longer strung between dicks but was on his knees getting big loads of cum all over his face. What a waste!

Look, I know that the “money shot” is the payoff in porn. The directors think the audience needs to see evidence that the cocks being sucked on or fucked have actually cum. But it bugged me (and still does, frankly). On those rare occasions when my first wife would blow me and instead of swallowing would let my cum dribble out it was nowhere near as satisfying as the times other girlfriends and guys would stay on my dick and swallow every drop. (Heck, there’s even a video that keeps getting posted and reposted on tumblr of a woman in a glory hole sucking and swallowing while some guys cums deep in her throat. I don’t need to see cum – the sound of her swallowing and the action of her throat get me off every time!)

In any event, I made it my business to be sure to swallow every drop, every time. I wanted that middle aged guy who rarely got head from his wife to fall in love with what he got from my mouth. So I flipped back to that gang bang video to see big cocks and then looked at the walls on either side of me and grinned – this booth had holes on both sides! I was in for a feast!

And just like that, the door on my right opened and someone came in. No sooner had the coins fallen into the machine than I heard his zipper go down. I bent forward and peeked to see that he was beginning to play with a growing cock, and then stuck my hand in the whole and gestured with my fingers. With that he moved forward and his 5 inch cock came through the hole.

I took my time at first, stroking it slowly. Feeling every inch of it and feeling it grow harder and thicker. I breathed on it, and started to lick it like a lollipop. I heard him gasp. At that point I opened my mouth and put the head in while playing with the length of his shaft with one hand and playing with his balls with the other. I took my time, circling my tongue around the head of it, favoring the salty taste, and running my tongue into the hole. Another intake of breath from his side and I started to work my mouth down his shaft. He had one of those cocks that seemed to be solid muscle, with the veins sticking out and that hard upward tilt that suggested he wasn’t going to take a long time.

I kept working up and down on him, taking a little more each time. I knew I was going to get it all in my mouth, but I wanted to tease him and make him last. Instead of my hand on it, there was just room for my index finger and thumb to circle it as I continued to roll his balls in my other hand. Then finally, after a deep breath I pulled my hand away and simply dove down on the manhood, sucking hard and opening my throat until my nose was pressed into his pubes and my head was butting up against the wall. That was all it took – I could feel his balls contract and then sense the throbbing up his vein as he began to spurt his hot cum down my throat. He strained to shove it all the way in and I strained to make sure there wasn’t an inch outside my mouth. I was swallowing as he came and he groaned. As he slowly withdrew from my mouth I kept licking and sucking until he pulled away completely. Then he wiped that saliva coated dick on my face, put it away, zipped up and walked out of the booth, leaving me there happy and gasping.

I didn’t even get up before that door opened and another man entered the booth. I heard his zipper go down even before the coins were falling into the machine, and I didn’t have to do anything before his fat cock was poking through that hole in the wall. Not quite erect but growing longer, he really did have a fat cock – it seemed to be twice the width of the previous guy, and it was certainly thicker than mine! That simply Sefaköy Escort registered as a new challenge to me!

Since I’m not a fan of doing the same thing over and over, this time I stuck my head under the bottom of his cock and started to lick and tongue his balls. I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn’t any hair to deal with – just a wrinkly nutsack with two egg-like balls. I sucked one, then the other, and finally both of them into my mouth and used my tongue to wash the entire surface and I could feel that fat cock growing harder as I did. And then he pulled everything out of the hole and left me gasping.

“That was good,” he whispered, “but I came here to get my cock sucked! Suck me, faggot, or I’m leaving”.

“Yessir” I said. “Just put it back and I’ll suck you dry”.

With that, his fat cock came back through the hole, now about 8 inches long and as thick as a can of Red Bull. I needed no prompting – I opened my mouth and immediately dove as far down on that cock as I could, I think I made it about 5 inches, my mouth stretched as wide as I thought I possibly could, and my jaw aching. I worked my tongue frantically, wanting him to now feel like he was in the mouth of a master. I pulled back a bit, relaxed the back of my throat, and with a deep breath worked my way down until he was poking my throat, then i relaxed and suddenly had my nose buried in his scrathy crotch. I felt his cock swell at that moment. I could feel the head grow bigger in my throat as I worked it with the muscles there, attempting to swallow.

“Oh my god” came the voice from the other side of the wall. Then a deeper moan his hot cum exploded into my belly, his cock jerking and twitching, that big vein on the bottom pulsing and him straining to bury himself even deeper.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that before he stopped pumping and spurting and pulled back from my throat. I was breathing hard and heavy as he did. It didn’t take him long to clean up and put himself in order, zipping up and getting ready to leave.

“Thanks” I whispered.

“Are you kidding me? I should thank you. Wish I could get your mouth on my cock more often” he said. “Can we set something up for outside of here?”

“No, I don’t do that,” I said. “But I generally come here on Friday nights, so I hope I’ll find you in the future.”

There I was, still dressed, in a video booth with glory holes on both sides. I still had quarters, I had no where else to be, and the traffic was increasing. It was quiet, so I used that moment to get really comfortable – stepped out of my sandals and pulled off my pants and underware. The change in temperature seemed to have an affect on my cock – it was no longer bursting and ready to explode – just swollen. I put my sandals back – who knows what was on the floor – and sat back on the bench, waiting.

This time, the door on my left side opened and that booth was soon occupied. Before I could move I saw eyes in the hole, looking me up and down before disappearing. I took my turn and saw tight jeans, long legs, and then a big, hard, uncut dick with a pair of big balls jutting out of his fly. While I prefer cut cock, I was hungry enough for man meat to ignore my preferences. When he saw my mouth at the hole, he simply bent his knees, turned and put the head through. Then he started playing with me.

I don’t know how else to describe it. As soon as I touched it with my hand he pulled back. Then he paused and again stuck the tip through. This time, when I used my tongue and then my lips, he stayed and slowly sent more and more cock through the hole and into my mouth. Then he’d pull back a bit to just leave the head in, and I got the message – he wanted to be in control. That’s when I began to explore uncut cock, feeling the skin move over the head, then trying Escort Sefaköy to get my tongue between the foreskin and the head – trying to get my tongue onto every surface that was available – covered or uncovered. I was evidently doing something right, because more and more of his dick was on my side of the hole. Saliva was dripping down my chin, and after once again trying to put my hands on it and having it pulled away, I figured out he only wanted head. And I was going to give it to him. The idea of him being in control excited me – I was harder than I had been all night – and I found myself wanting to please him in ways he couldn’t imagine. Of course, I couldn’t either, but I was going to do everything I could think of to get him off.

I started working up and down on his cock. Each time I went just a little farther past the head, taking a tiny bit more cock and making sure that every square inch got licked and sucked and wet. Soon he began thrusting his cock at me, but I wasn’t quite ready so I would draw back as he pumped forward until he stopped. Then I started again to work that cock into my mouth and then down my throat, a little bit more with every head bob, and in between working on the knob of it and lavishing my tongue all over it.

I don’t know how long it took – it wasn’t about having trouble getting him in my throat since it was already stretched. It was about taking my sweet time and worshipping that piece of manhood. I could hear myself glugging and slurping, and could hear the guy in the booth on the other side breathing hard and telling me “go, man, go” All I wanted to do was to have this dude know that his cock was the most important thing on the planet right now. And he was getting the message.

With my face flush up against the wall and his balls on my chin, I stopped moving and let him start. He picked it up right way, and began a slow, gentle in and out motion, pulling his cock back to leave the head in my mouth, then slowly easing it back over my tongue and back into my throat. He’d go deep and let it sit, flexing the head and holding it for some period of time, then slowly pull back out, letting me breathe. My cock was straining like an iron bar at this point.

“You’re good” he whispered. “Are you ready to take it? You ready to have me fuck your face and cum? Are you going to take all my cum?”

“Please” I said.

And with that, he began to pick up the pace, pulling out faster and faster and shoving it back in faster and faster until he was like a jackhammer in my throat. My eyes were watering, my hands were braced on the wall, and all I wanted was more, Harder, Deeper. I think I was moaning as I felt the first twitch of that dick, the one telling me I was about to get my wish.

“Here it comes” he moaned. “Gonna cum down your throat and you better swallow every drop. Oh. Oh Yessss…” and with that I felt him jammed in my face, pumping spurt after spurt of cum down my throat, twitching and pulsating and jerking. At that point I started cumming as well, spraying the inside of my booth. It was as if what was pouring down my throat was emptying out of my balls.

Eventually he stopped cumming and slowly began to pull out. When the head of his dick was in mouth and out of my throat, I was working to get every last drop out of his balls. Sucking as hard as I could, working my tongue like a maniac, swallowing every drop. His cock kept shrinking (although it was still bigger than mine even when he was soft) until he finally pulled himself out and breathed deeply. I heard him cleaning himself up and getting ready to leave.

“How was that” he asked. “Did you like it?”

“I came when you did. That was fantastic” I replied. “If you want more, we could try arranging it…”

He hesitated. “Yeah, I’d like that. But that won’t be all if we do get together…”

“Good” I replied. “You could have me do anything you want – your cock is magic! Leave me your name and phone.”

In a moment a scrap of paper came through the hole. I put it on my clothes. I made sure to save it and it was only a few days later that I called…

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