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Please understand: I have nothing against extra-long cocks. It’s a turn-on to see a monster of 7-8 inches, and I’ve enjoyed some great sex with men whose length endowment was well above average.

But what really matters to me – both in terms of visual excitement and physical satisfaction – is girth, thickness, circumference – however you’d like to describe it. I’ll take a thicker and shorter cock over a longer, skinnier one every time.

Let me give you a few examples.

Example 1

I was working out at the gym when I noticed, in the mirror, that the guy on the machine next to me was wearing spandex. It was impossible to miss the BULGE in his crotch. I’d seen the outline of impressive cocks along guys’ thighs, but this was different. It wasn’t the phallic shape that aroused my interest, but the shear bulk of the package. It looked as if he had rolled up a sock and stuffed it in there. In fact, at first, I wondered if that’s exactly what he had done. Then I thought, maybe he has huge balls.

As I continued to glance (not too obviously, I hope) at him in the mirror, I could see the unmistakable outline of the head of his penis. I speculated whether he might be wearing something under the spandex designed to thrust a man’s cock up and out; like a posing strap. That was possible.

I became obsessed with knowing. Over the next Bostancı Escort few weeks, I unabashedly seduced the man – who, I quickly determined, was unattached. I’m 33 with a nice face and decent body, and it wasn’t too difficult to entice this man to bed.

The big night arrived and I watched with great anticipation as he removed his clothes. When he finally dropped his boxers, there it was in all its glory!

He wasn’t hard, yet, and his flaccid penis was average length or less. When he became erect (very quickly, I might add!), it still was a little on the short side. I think it’s terribly tacky, if not downright rude, to carry around a tape measure and record your lovers’ lengths in a little black book. So, I can’t give you precise number of inches here, but I’d say his erect cock was a little shorter than six.

But was it ever fat! I could barely touch my thumb middle finger when I grasped it around the middle of the shaft. Just looking at it made me wet, and when I began stroking it, I almost came. Actually, I did come within seconds after penetration. His cock truly stretched my vagina – not lengthwise, but side-to-side.

His erection also was extremely hard. Before he entered me, I lubricated it, and as I smoothed the oil up and down the shaft, it stiffened noticeably to a rock-hardness that seemed in sync Ümraniye Escort with its thickness.

My orgasm was quick and strong. He maintained his erection for quite awhile, fucking me in a number of positions, before finally coming, doggy style. The sex was good, but he had issues and we only dated once more, that time without sex. I still see him at the gym on occasion and we are cordial. I still can’t help looking at his bulge. Now I know what’s under the spandex.

Example 2

At a previous job, a co-worker and I dated periodically, usually when we both were between relationships. We were more friends than lovers, but one night, after some heavy drinking and consoling each other over lost loves, we ended up at his apartment. I was horny; he was too drunk to get it up, or maybe he had problems in that regard, I don’t know. Anyway, nothing happened, except we did get naked and I literally gasped when I saw his cock.

It was soft, but it was huge. It must have been at least six inches long and thicker than gym man’s when flaccid. That night, as my friend slept in a drunken stupor, I played with that cock. I fondled it, squeezed it, pulled it, sucked it, and stroked it. It thickened somewhat, but never got hard. I masturbated several times with one hand, while holding the mammoth dead cock in my other.

The next Anadolu Yakası Escort morning, we both had serious hangovers, but I was the only one smiling. I never saw a bigger soft cock, before or since, and I still use the vivid memory of it sometimes when I masturbate.

Example 3

When I was in college, I had a semester-long affair with a fellow student. The first time I saw him naked – on our third or fourth date – I thought his flaccid cock was of average length and thickness; nice looking, but nothing special.

As I fondled it, however, something very unusual happened. It grew thicker and harder, but it hardly got longer, at all! I continued to stroke his cock for a minute or two, then took it in my mouth. A few minutes later, I resumed the hand job.

I was amazed! His fully-erect penis was thicker than any I had seen and as stiff as a board, but hardly longer than when I had started. I doubt it was more than three or four inches.

“Not much there, is there?” he said, somewhat embarrassed. “Girls always are surprised at how short it is.”

“But, boy is it ever thick!” I exclaimed. “I don’t care about length. I can’t wait to feel that fat cock in my cunt.”

I lubricated it really well and he slowly inserted it into my eager pussy. It barely fit! Once in, it didn’t penetrate very far, but it felt huge. I had a wild, screaming, orgasm.

We fucked like rabbits until Christmas break. When we returned to campus in January, he told me he had gotten back with his high school girlfriend and they had agreed not to date other people.

I’ve been hooked on thick cocks ever since.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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