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Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 18

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Returning from class on Monday, Kristin was on her way to her room when she was told that Miss White wanted to see her. As she made her way down the hallway, her mind began to spin out a fantasy of what she would find when she got there. She would open the door and see Jenny face-down on the desk, being fucked from behind by Miss White. Jenny would look up her with a surprised, ecstatic expression, her naked breasts pressed against the surface of the desk. Lifting her skirt and pulling off her panties, Kristin would wade into the action, pushing her pussy into Jenny’s face. When they had both come that way, Kristin would lay on her back on the desk, and Miss White would pound into her as Jenny sat on her face.

By the time she got to Miss White’s door, Kristin was soaking wet, head swimming with sexy images. But when she knocked and was told to enter, instead of a naked girl, Miss White’s desk contained huge piles of papers. Miss White looked up from her work and told Kristin to have a seat.

“What’s up?” asked the blonde senior.

“Janet Lee’s birthday is on Saturday,” Miss White said. “She asked me to send up a couple of girls. I thought you and Jenny might want to go.”

Kristin nodded. The name Janet Lee was well-known around ABD; she was an alumnae who had married a wealthy older man. According to what Miss White had told Kristin, they never had sex; instead, Janet had indulged her passion for other women while her husband watched. When the old man passed away, Janet Lee became an extremely rich woman. She was now ABD’s most generous benefactor, and sometimes invited Sisters to attend weekend-long parties at her house in the Hamptons. Kristin had attended one such party two years earlier, and it had made quite an impression.

“I’d love to,” said Kristin. “I’ll check with Jenny and let you know.” Technically, she could have just ordered Jenny to attend; but she wanted the younger girl to be comfortable with the idea.

“Fine,” answered Miss White. “You guys can take my car, I’m going to be stuck here all weekend catching up on this stuff.” She gestured toward the clutter on her desk.

When she got back to her room, Kristin was pleased to find Jenny waiting for her, obediently nude and kneeling. Between her little fantasy and the prospect of a visit to eryaman escort Janet Lee’s, Kristin was quite aroused, and she had Jenny go down on her for a good long time before she even thought about anything else. Then she led Jenny into the shower, and it was under the hot water, as she soaped Jenny’s breasts, that she explained who Janet Lee was and what the weekend might involve.

“Partly, we go to these things because Janet is very generous to us, and we like to keep her happy,” Kristin told Jenny. “But also because it’s exciting. It’s up to you whether you want to go. I don’t want you to feel like you’re being used.”

“Sure, I’ll go,” said Jenny.

“Awesome,” said Kristin, and as a reward she pushed Jenny up against the wall of the shower and sucked her tits while fingering her to orgasm.

* * *

On Friday morning Kristin and Jenny piled into Alexis White’s black BMW convertible for the journey to Janet Lee’s. It was a crisp, sunny autumn day and after awhile they were able to put the top down and cruise along listening to the mix CD Kristin had made for the occasion.

Kristin dared Jenny to flash her breasts at the next truck driver they passed; Jenny, shy as always, demurred, but Kristin kept upping the ante, teasing her more and more. Finally Jenny relented and pulled her top up as they passed a semi with a giant beer bottle on the side; she was braless under her T-shirt. The truck driver gave a long blast on his horn and sped up to catch them; Kristin leaned just a little on the BMW’s gas pedal and moved easily away, both girls laughing hysterically.

When they finally arrived at their destination that afternoon, they were buzzed in at the gate and proceeded up a long, winding driveway to a sprawling vacation home. It took them a minute to figure out which was the front door, but once they did they rang the bell and were admitted by a dark-haired woman in her late twenties or early thirties. She was outfitted in a black dress that gave the vague suggestion of a maid’s uniform, but was very chic and form-fitting, showing off her generous curves to bold effect.

The woman ushered them in. “You must be Kristin and Jenny. Ms. Lee is awaiting you in the drawing room. Follow me please.” She turned sincan escort and started up the stairs to her left. Kristin and Jenny followed a few steps behind, hypnotized by the swaying of her ample rear end.

They passed through several luxuriously appointed rooms before arriving at a spacious, dimly lit parlor with a tall ceiling. A figure emerged from the shadows and approached them; it was a small woman with a clear Asian cast to her features, but also exotic and unusual coloring. She greeted Kristin with kisses on both cheeks, and Kristin introduced Jenny: “Jenny, this is Janet Lee.”

Janet took Jenny’s hand and looked her up and down, lingering unapologetically on Jenny’s breasts. “It’s a great pleasure to meet you,” she said, and Jenny returned the sentiment, blushing slightly at being so overtly ogled.

Another face appeared behind Janet, seemingly materializing out of the darkness. Jenny thought immediately that it was one of the most beautiful faces she’d ever seen, with high cheekbones, delicate features, and a certain overall elegance. The face belonged to an ethereal woman in her early twenties with light brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes.

“Jenny, this is my niece, Sophie,” said Janet.

“A pleasure to meet you,” said Sophie in a mellifluous voice with a distinct and very appealing English accent. She and Jenny shook hands, and Sophie and Kristin also exchanged greetings. “You must be tired after that drive,” Janet continued. “Sit down and we’ll have something to drink. Some tea, maybe?”

“Sure,” said Kristin, and Jenny nodded in agreement.

Janet turned to address the woman who had let them into the house. “Elena, would you bring us tea?”

“Yes, ma’am,” she replied, and quickly exited.

For 45 minutes or so the four of them sat on couches in the parlor, sipping their tea and chitchatting. At that point Janet said, “Well, perhaps you’d like to have a chance to freshen up, or even take a nap, before dinner? Sophie will show you to your room.”

Kristin smiled to herself. This was classic Janet Lee: not so much asking you a question as telling you what you were going to do next, though in a very nice way. She and Jenny followed Sophie through a series of winding hallways etlik escort to their room, which was in a remote, quiet corner of the house. Sophie flipped on a light to reveal a simply but elegantly appointed guest room with their luggage already in one corner. “Make yourselves at home,” said Sophie. “We’ll call you in time for the cocktail hour.”

After she left Kristin and Jenny unpacked, showered, and crowded together on one of the two single beds for a rest. As they drifted off they talked a bit about their hostess. “Is that really her niece?” asked Jenny.

“No, that’s just what Janet calls her. They travel together a lot and that’s how she explains their relationship to people. Plus I think it turns her on. Makes it seem more forbidden.”

“So they’re a couple?”

“Well, I don’t know about that. Let’s just say they’re lovers.”

“Sophie’s very beautiful,” opined Jenny.

“Yeah, she is,” answered Kristin, fighting back a surge of jealousy. “But she likes to make trouble.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see.”

* * *

At 6:00 Elena knocked on the door to summon them for cocktails. They dressed and found Janet and Sophie reclining under an umbrella on the patio. Elena brought them martinis and the four women sipped their drinks and basked in the glowing light of dusk.

After half a drink Jenny was already tipsy, giggling loudly at Janet Lee’s many anecdotes of world travel. Kristin watched bemusedly. She was quite familiar with Janet’s powerful magnetism, and although part of her felt possessive toward Jenny, the beauty of the setting and the gin had her feeling very open-minded. She tipped back the rest of her martini and enjoyed watching the two of them interact. Like Jenny, Janet was half-Asian, with a Korean father and an Irish mother; they made quite a striking pair. Picturing the two of them naked together, Kristin began to feel hot and bothered, but just then they were called inside for dinner.

They adjourned to the sumptuous dining room, where they were served Steak Tagliata, seared tuna, new potatoes, and surprisingly delicious brussels sprouts. Dessert was a chocolate torte that made the room very quiet.

After dinner they retired to the sitting room, where Elena brought them a sweet apertif. Janet and Sophie sat on one couch while Kristin and Jenny sat across from them. They were enjoying their drinks, talking admiringly about the meal they’d just enjoyed, when suddenly a look came into Janet’s eyes that Kristin recognized. Janet was very disciplined in her pleasure; she liked to take it slowly, wait for it, anticipate it. But now it was time.

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