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Girlfriend Ch. 02

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All characters used in the following story are above the age of 18…

– “Private Tutor”

It was my first year of college, and I was single and ripe for the taking. Unfortunately, freshmen weren’t considered a “precious commodity” on the dating scene. Needless to say, I was feeling pretty lonely during my first week of classes.

My last class of the week was a course on secondary education. My major was still “undeclared,” but one of my interests was teaching, and I knew I didn’t want to deal with younger children, so teaching at a high school seemed like the way to go.

The first class was pretty mundane – talking about the course materials and stuff like that. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the teacher, as I was trying to read the syllabus. When I reached the page that outlined the grading policy, something caught my eye. Apparently, any student in the class could tutor a high school student for the duration of the semester instead of taking a final at the end. This was a huge bonus for me – I HATE taking exams. Always have, always will. Plus, it would give me a hands-on opportunity to see if education was the right field for me.

After class was let out, I asked the teacher about the tutoring option (and if there were any catches in doing so). He said that there was no catch, and that I just had to be very punctual throughout the whole semester, and I had to provide my own transportation. I was one of the lucky few freshmen to have a car on campus, so I decided to do it.


Next week started my weekly tutoring sessions at the local high school. I was very psyched for my first day, and I tried to look the part of the teacher – brown button-up shirt, royal blue tie, navy blue chinos, brown shoes. I looked good.

I was going to be tutoring a student in an introductory physics class. I excelled in physics, so I knew I could do my job well. The only information I knew about the student was the name, and even that was pretty vague – S. Layton.

The tutoring session was held after school in one of the physics rooms. I walked into the room, and the only people there were the teacher, a short, overweight, bald man with a handlebar moustache, and the student I was to tutor.

The teacher greeted me. “Hello, my name is Jamison Olenn. You can call me James, and that is your ‘prodigy,’ Sarah Layton. She’s one of those seniors who are taking this class to try and get an easy ‘A’ before the end of the year. Not so easy, huh, Sarah?”

Sarah just rolled her eyes.

James then said, “Well, I’m going to head home. A nice piece of meat is waiting for me at home. She’s also making dinner!” He chuckled to himself as he left the two of us alone.

With James gone, I could finally concentrate on Sarah. She was dressed in the typical gothic look, but she was far from typical. Her ice-blue eyes stood out even more than normal due to the heavy mascara and eye shadow that was around them. She had perfectly smooth skin that was made pale from the powder on her face. She also had full lips with black lipstick generously applied to them. Moving down to her body, I saw that it was just as lovely as her face. I guessed she was about 5′ 2″ without her platforms on. I love shorter girls – they always seem to be filled out in all of the right places. Even under a long sleeved black fishnet shirt and a loose, dark red t-shirt, I could tell that she had at least full C-cup Yozgat Escort breasts underneath them. With a flat stomach and an ass that completed the hourglass figure, I was instantly hooked.

I tried to keep my feelings in my pants, though. I didn’t want to blow my tutoring opportunity on the first day, and this girl was only in high school. Still, she was extremely sexy, and the sexual fantasies were running rampant inside my head.

I broke the ice. “Well, uh, my name is David, and I’ll be helping you out with your physics.”

“I know. My name is Sarah. Nice to meet you.”

She offered a surprisingly strong handshake.

“What are you learning about now?” I asked.

“Friction…” she sighed.

“Well, let’s get started. Now, we experience friction on an everyday basis…”

I was interrupted by something that Sarah had mumbled to herself.

“What was that?” I asked.

She smiled and blushed. “I said… I said I haven’t felt good friction in over a month.”

I knew exactly what she meant, and how she felt, but I tried to act as professionally as possible. “What do you mean?”

“I mean I haven’t had a boyfriend to fuck me in over a month.” Her bluntness caught me by surprise.

She then leaned in and kissed me hard. It wasn’t long before her tongue started worming her way into my mouth, playing tag with my own tongue, checking if all of my teeth were still there, and letting me know that her tongue was pierced.

Once she released her kiss, I tried one last time to retain some sort of professionalism. “You see, if it wasn’t for friction, your nerves wouldn’t be able to feel the positive sensations of…”

She interrupted me again. “Shut up and kiss me, David.”

I obliged. Our tongues continued to play with each other as I lifted her from her chair, carried her across the room, and set her down on James’ desk.

Merely “playing the part” of tutor at this point, I decided to do a little bit of role-playing. “I’m determined to teach you something about physics today, Sarah. I think you’ll find out just how much fun friction can be. These lessons are not intended for minors, though.”

“I think we could teach each other a thing or two,” she retorted as she showed me her driver’s license. Indeed, she had turned 18 just two weeks ago.

“No more talk,” I instructed. “Sighing, moaning, and screaming will be permitted, though.”

With that, I unbuttoned her black jeans and slid them off, along with her purple thong. Like Sarah, I had been hungry for any sexual encounter for quite a while, and I was eager to dive right in. I started by playing with her pierced clit. It was larger than any other clit I had ever seen, almost a half inch was exposed from under its hood, and the fact that it was pierced meant that it was even more sensitive to my flickering tongue. I knew that she was telling the truth about her recent lack of sex when she started coming. She was letting out short, high pitched moans with each pulse of her growing orgasm.

“Oh, oh, oh, OH, OH, OH, AAAAAH!”

When she screamed like that, a thick river of cum poured out of her pussy. I had never seen a girl come like that before, but it turned me on. A LOT.

She started calming down after a while, and asked “was that the whole lesson?” There was a look of intense desire in her eyes.

“Well, that was a lesson in basic friction,” I replied.

“Will Yozgat Escort Bayan there be another lesson in friction? I’m willing to learn EVERYTHING I can about it.”

I was glad that she was playing along in the teacher-student role-play, but I wasn’t ready to have sex with her yet. “Before we continue with friction, I think I’d like to teach you something about magnetism. Is there any iron in that piercing?”

Her clit ring was the kind of piercing that would’ve been a hoop if it weren’t for the two balls on each end. “The two balls are made of iron. Why do you ask?”

“You’ll find out,” I said as I retrieved a magnet from James’ desk drawer.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “What are you going to teach me now, David?”

“Well, there are many metallic elements on this planet,” I explained, “and Iron is a metal that is particularly affected by magnets. Just let me know when you feel something.”

I then slowly brought the strong magnet closer and closer to Sarah’s clit ring. When I was about six inches away, she gasped.

“Ooooh! I felt that!” she said as a small trickle of juice formed from her pussy.

“Now, as the magnet gets closer and closer to your piercing, the attraction between the two of them will increase.”

The small trickle I mentioned earlier became bigger and bigger as I brought the magnet closer and closer to her engorged clit. I was about two inches away from her clit ring when she started moaning.

“I’m going to come, I’m going to come!” she groaned.

I then started to move the magnet rapidly to the left and right, making her clit ring practically vibrate against her clit. She started coming violently, sending jets of her ejaculate into the air, and almost hitting me in the process.

“Hey now,” I said. “We don’t cover projectile motion until next week!”

“Sorry, David,” she moaned, “I guess I was more eager to learn than I originally thought. Can you teach me about advanced friction now?”

Her eyes were glaring with desperation. “I promise that we will get into advanced friction a little later on,” I said. “I would like to teach you one more thing before that though. I want to give you a lesson in static electricity.”

She broke character for a moment. “What does static electricity have to do with sex?”

I assured her that she would soon find out. I left her on James’ desk for a moment while I searched the room for a Vandergraph Generator. For those of you who don’t know, a Vandergraph Generator is a device that creates and stores a small electrical charge. Normally, there is a small metal ball used to create an electrical discharge, but one can use just about anything to create the discharge.

Lucky for me (and soon for her), there was one sitting in the back corner of the room. I retrieved it and brought it to her. I explained to her what its purpose was, but she didn’t know what I intended to do with it.

“While it’s warming up, why don’t you show me what you’ve learned about basic friction?” I asked.

“With pleasure,” she replied.

With that, she unzipped my fly, pulled my dick out of my boxer briefs, and started to jerk me off. She was rather rough, which I anticipated based on her firm handshake, but it felt amazing. I almost came just with that handjob, but luckily the generator was ready.

“Alright, Sarah. I think you’ll enjoy this lesson even more than Escort Yozgat the last one,” I said. I then brought the generator closer and closer to her pussy until I heard saw her spasm with pleasure.

“OH! What was that?” she asked.

“That was a static discharge,” I explained. “At this distance, there should be a discharge about every five seconds…”

She spasmed and gasped again.

“See? Now, the closer I bring the device, the higher the rate of discharge will be.”

“Wow, you really – OH! – know a lot about physics, David! I want it really – UNGH! – close to my pussy.”

I brought the generator closer and closer until it was discharging about four times per second. She was well on her way to another orgasm or two (or more), and I went around to the other side of the desk so she could suck my dick. She seemed to get the message and popped my whole cock into her mouth. Granted, I don’t have a huge penis, but deepthroating 7 inches on the first try was still pretty impressive to watch (and feel). She was moaning into my cock as her orgasms continued to rock her body. I was about to blow my load when she suddenly stopped sucking me off. She had to scream as her orgasms were shaking her to the core. I was a little concerned that the orgasms were too much for her, so I turned off the generator.

She was breathing heavily and moaning for a good five minutes after the generator was turned off. When she was finally able to make sentences again, I asked her how many orgasms she had.

“Too…many…to count…” she managed to reply. “You…want one…now?”

“I think I can multi-task,” I said. “I’ll teach you about advanced friction and have an orgasm at the same time.”

She smiled in response and spread her legs wide. I thrust myself balls-deep on the first push, which made her moan louder and eyes open wider than I’d heard or seen before.

“You see,” I said while I was thrusting in and out of her tight hole, “My cock head is rubbing against the walls of your pussy, causing friction.” I started to pump her harder now. “As I thrust faster – ungh – and faster, more and more friction is created, causing heat energy. Can you feel the heat?”

She screamed an orgasm on response.

“OH! That’s right in my G-spot! OH! OH! YES! YES! YYYEEEEESS!”

From the handjob, the blowjob, her tight pussy, and the way she was coming all over my cock, sending rivers of her cum down my shaft and onto my balls, I couldn’t contain my own orgasm. Realizing that I was not wearing a condom, I pulled out and let loose. Long, thick jets of my cum were shooting onto her face, into her mouth, and into her hair. When my orgasm had subsided, her face was completely covered with my sperm. She then casually yet seductively cleaned her face with her fingers, scooping up all of my cum and putting it in her mouth, swallowing every last drop.

Once we were cleaned off and dressed again, she giggled and said, “Those were some big blasts of cum, David, but I thought projectile motion wasn’t being covered until next week.”

“Well,” I said, “I thought I’d give you a preview of next week’s lesson.”

“Next week? You’re coming again?” she asked.

“Yep. Again, and again, and again. But I will have to actually teach you about physics at some point…”

After that wild afternoon, I convinced my teacher that Sarah would need extra tutoring – at least twice a week. So I really did teach her about physics in the classroom after school on Tuesdays, and gave her my special brand of “private tutoring” at her home on Thursdays. I taught her everything I knew about friction, electricity, magnetism, gravity, and projectile motion. She got an A- in her class, and an A+++ in the bedroom…

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