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Girlfriend at the Gym Ch. 01

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Date:18 May 2021 at 00:00:00 BST

“See you baby, enjoy your workout. I love you lots.” As cliche as it is, starting a story with a phone call with my boyfriend, Tarun, seems like an ideal place to begin. A relationship that kicked off 5 years ago, between two young and innocent 18 year-olds, had now blossomed into what in many ways can be described as a perfect relationship. Although there were a few downs along the way, the trust, understanding and companionship formed between us was as strong a bond as any. Having spent the vast majority of our adolescent-life together, our personalities and behaviours had become closely entwined, and our thinking was also very similar. It is this trust that we’d spent 5 years developing, that forms the bedrock of this story, and enables the following events to unfold.

The changing room was surprisingly busy for 4pm on a Thursday afternoon, filled mainly with university students. I glanced across to a girl opposite, who looked like she’d just completed a marathon given the amount of sweat she was covered in. I couldn’t help but admire her figure, her ample breasts held by her tightly fitted sports bra and her narrow waist accentuating her curvy behind. It made me smile, that she was standing there wearing nothing but her underwear, not that I was complaining, and yet she still had a mask over her face. I returned my gaze to my belongings, cautious to avoid the embarrassment of being caught staring. I’d never really been attracted to another woman, at least not in the way that I was attracted to males. But I could certainly appreciate a fine body, and I’d dabbled in some light bisexual fun in the past, much to Tarun’s enjoyment. Hey, maybe that’s why I enjoyed spending so much time in the locker room.

I packed my stuff into my locker, making sure to double check the padlock and headed almanbahis yeni giriş into the gym. It was my 4th time using this particular gym, and whilst the equipment was good, it frustrated me how it seemed to be perpetually full. Even more frustrating was the fact that it was upper body day today, meaning I’d have to be in the weights area, which was usually dominated by loud, testosterone-infused men. Not exactly ideal for someone who naturally felt self conscious, like myself. By enlarge, I was comfortable with my body, knowing that my legs and peachy butt were the envy of many, but like most girls I still had some insecurities.

As it was, it seemed that I was in luck today, with the weights area only having about 4 other people in it, albeit they were all guys. I got started with my workout, zoned out slightly with my music blaring through my airpods. It was only when someone tapped me on the back that my attention returned to my surroundings.

‘Hey! Sorry to disturb you, I hope you don’t mind. I was just wondering if you were finished with the assisted pull-up machine?’

I turned to see who was talking, removing my AirPod as I did. When I saw, I was taken aback. As I mentioned earlier, I could appreciate a sexy female body, and I should add that I can also appreciate a good male body. Standing there was a white guy, who must’ve been in his early 30’s, with a chiselled jaw, dirty blond hair and well-defined arms shown off by his stringer vest top. He looked like a classic rugby lad, the type I actively tried to avoid throughout university out of fear of judgement.

‘Umm, yeah, I was taking a break so yeah if you need to use it please do. I’m not really very good at pull ups anyway so yes please do’. Come on Niki, pull yourself together, I thought to myself, as I produced that jumbled almanbahis giriş sentence.

‘Oh, I didn’t realise you were still using it! Maybe we could do a set each? If that’s okay with you?’

‘Of course’, I replied with a nervous smile. Although, with the mask on, he probably couldn’t even see it.

I quickly pulled out my phone, not wanting to engage in any further conversation and make any more of a fool of myself than I already had. Flicking through the home page backwards and forwards, I waited by the machine as he completed his set. He must’ve been on his 8th or 9th rep when I heard him let out a grunt. Looking up, I caught a glimpse of his muscular back, with his vest not leaving much to the imagination.

He hopped down, and gave me a glance and thumbs up, letting me know that he was done. I was hoping he’d head to another part of the gym, but he stood next to the machine. I completed my set, but I could almost feel him watching me throughout, no doubt judging my form.

‘Wow, I didn’t expect you to be able to do that many!’ He remarked, as I let go of the bar. ‘I work as a personal trainer and most girls I know struggle with 4 reps.’

‘Oh haha, well I don’t know I think my form is a bit off’. So he was watching me, he was definitely judging. Thoughts flitted through my head.

‘Not at all! The only thing I would change is maybe try to pull more with your back rather than shoulders. Wait, if you don’t mind, maybe I can show you, if you want to hop back up?’

Oh god, what have I gotten myself into. I stepped up to the bar, and started to pull myself up, when I felt his hand press on my back.

‘See, you should feel the stretch here as you pull up’.

His hands felt rough against my skin, and I was conscious about the sweat that he could no doubt feel. I was too nervous to almanbahis adres process what exactly was happening, but I completed a couple more reps, trying to adjust the form as he suggested. I began to tire, and I felt his hands slide slightly lower to my waist as he supported me. I couldn’t help but let out a slight gasp, as he caught me by surprise. I tried one more pull up, although I was too distracted and didn’t have the strength.

‘Come on, one more, I know you’ve got it in you’. He stepped closer, taking more of my weight now as he guided me up. His face was now positioned only a couple of inches from my ass. I knew this, because I could feel his warm breath on my lower back, and it made my hairs stand on end. At this point, I had no strength left and my grip loosened on the bar. I dropped, expecting to fall to the floor, but instead, my new gym acquaintance carried me down, holding me firmly around the waist. When my feet touched the ground, we stood there with me in his arms for what felt like an eternity, but in reality was only a matter of seconds.

‘Thank you, um, that was really fu-, umm helpful. Thank you.’ I could feel the blood rushing to my face, as I reluctantly freed myself from his grip and turned to face him.

‘Not at all, it really was my pleasure. I’d be more than happy to help you out in the future.’ His bright blue eyes sparkled, and I could tell he was smiling under his mask. I looked down, his stare too intense to look directly at him. That’s when I noticed the outline of what could only have been one thing, a prominent bulge over his crotch and extending down his thigh. It looked huge, and if they weren’t already, I could feel my cheeks turn bright red.

‘I’ve got to go, I’m running a bit late. But yes, hopefully I’ll see you around soon’. I quickly rushed off, thoughts buzzing around in my head. Surely I didn’t cause that. He’s a personal trainer, he must work with hot girls all the time. Maybe it was just his phone. No it was definitely his dick. Why did I let him hold me? What do I tell Tarun. Will I see this guy again. What was his name. And why am I so wet?

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