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Ghost in the Stacks Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: The characters in this story are entirely fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. The following story involves graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. If such things offend you, please read no further. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy the story.

And this is my first pure m/m story, so feedback is encouraged. This is also an advanced warning for my normal readers. Enjoy!

———————— ——————–

“Hmm. Feels sweet. Been practicing?” It actually felt pretty good. Louis wasn’t lying about that part. Of course, he’d had better blowjobs in his illustrious career, but some of the young bucks needed a bit of encouragement from time to time. This one, a young man named Brad who played baseball for the college team, had been showing an increased proficiency in his cock-smoking. Brad was an all-American boy with almost stereotypical white-bread good looks. Louis had gone for that type quite a bit recently, and he thought this one was particularly cute.

They had met on the fifth floor of the Edding’s Hall Library, as was Louis’s standard method of operation. Louis was, without any shadow of a doubt, the homosexual alpha male at the large coastal university he attended. Hell, he was probably one of the dominant males of any sexual orientation. He was six feet, two inches tall of erection-inducing perfection. He had long, luxurious brown hair that reached the middle of his back, framing his stern face, green eyes and an immaculately groomed goatee. He almost always dressed all in black. Not because he was making a statement, but rather because he thought it looked cool. Like many young gay men, he had an affinity for working out, and he wasn’t lacking in the muscle department. He had an air of confidence about him, which was probably justified. He was confident because he knew exactly what he was capable of. When people met Louis, they invariably wound up with one of two images for him. They thought he resembled the classic paintings of Christ, or they thought he was the living embodiment of the Devil. Both could be accurate depictions, depending on Louis’s mood.

His brief reverie was broken by the sound of gagging. Brad had succeeded in taking most of Louis’s eight inches down his throat, and Louis appreciated the effort. He placed one hand on his charge’s head and started setting his own pace. All Brad had to do was relax his mouth and throat. ‘Damn the boy’s mouth is hot,’ he thought. The blonde athlete had been sucking his cock for about ten minutes, surrounded by books on theology. Louis found the setting strangely poetic.

“Where do you want it?” he whispered. “In the mouth or all over your face?” Brad didn’t even think about it. He kept the head of Louis’s cock in between his lips and began stroking the shaft. ‘Not to quick or hard,’ thought Louis. ‘The boy is learning. He may be entitled to something special next time.’ About then, a soft groan escaped the dark-haired young man’s lips as a torrent of cum blasted into Brad’s mouth, filling it to the crest. “Don’t swallow yet,” he warned. It took a few moments for his dick to stop pulsing and ejecting fluid. “Now tuck me back in and zip me up before you swallow. Keep your mouth open so I can see.” Brad gently maneuvered Louis’s impressive tool back into his slacks and closed up the fly, all the while keeping his open mouth pointed skyward. Louis wasn’t sure why, but he had always found the sight of an attractive man’s mouth filled with jizz to be somewhat beautiful. “Okay, go ahead.” It took a couple of gulps, but Brad sucked down the entire load.

“Fuck that was good.”

“I’ll say. You’ve gotten pretty damn good at that.”

“Good enough to warrant being on the receiving end?”

Louis smiled. “Don’t get smug. You’re not THAT cute,” he said. Despite the description of him so far, Louis was actually fairly well liked. He was confident, but never quite crossed the line into arrogant. He never lied to the guys he was with and actually treated (most of) them with respect. He just liked sex with no commitments. Anyone who understood that, and passed the hotness test, was okay in his book. “Got a game this weekend?”

“Yep,” said Brad, wiping white residue from the corners of his mouth. “We’re playing against State.”

“How’s the pitching match-up looking?”

“I wouldn’t bet against us. Gonna be there?”

“Sorry. I promised to spend time with Katie this weekend. Maybe next home game though.”

“Shit. So,” Brad said, glancing away, “when do you think you might be available again?”

Louis was still smiling. He had the boy hooked, but he’d better remind him of the rules. “I’ll be available when I’m available. Don’t go getting a crush on me.” He did give the man a friendly hug, feeling the tightness of Brad’s jeans. He caressed Brad’s crotch once lightly with his hand and felt the boy’s entire body tingle. “And you might want to go home and take care of that.” He could tell that Brad would probably Bahçelievler Escort give anything for that touch to linger, but sometimes you had to make them wait. This was part of the game Louis loved to play.

Then he heard the sound of book covers sliding against one another close by. Brad looked alarmed, but Louis knew what this was. He heard footsteps moving rapidly away, but the acoustics of the building made identifying the direction almost impossible. “Don’t worry. I think I know who that was, and he won’t say a thing if he saw anything.” He ushered a still worried looking Brad off down the aisle before leaving himself in the other.

“Who the hell is that guy?” he muttered to himself as he wandered the dimly lit pathways between the stacks. Despite his claims to Brad, Louis had no clue as to the exact identity of the voyeur. It wasn’t the first time he had been spied on in the library. It seemed that every time he brought one of his boy-toys up here that he wasn’t alone. A brief look at a gray coat or pull-down wool cap her and there had been enough to convince him it was the same person each time. But whoever it was had apparently decided not to “out” any of the young men who had made their way to that corner of the library in Louis’s company, so Louis wasn’t too concerned. Maybe whoever it was just liked to watch. “Still . . .” he said, ” . . . I would like to have word with my mysterious phantom.”

He descended the stairs and slunk out past the information desk and through the front doors. The night air held the scent of rain and was crisply cold. He loved nights like that. He tossed one end of his scarf back over his shoulder and headed to his car. He had one of those sweet sports cars that psychologists would claim was compensation for something. He peeled out of the parking lot and headed for the apartment that he shared with his younger sister. Some people might think that living with a younger sibling while at college might cramp his style. It did, but he didn’t care. He adored his baby sister. Katie was in many ways his opposite. She was almost diminutive in stature, was fairly reserved in her dating habits and preferred long, romantic relationships to casual sex. Sometimes Louis wondered if she was adopted.

She was sitting on their luxurious leather sofa when he walked through the door. The entire apartment was furnished and paid for by their parents, both of whom were corporate executives. Their mother headed one of the few remaining telecom companies that hadn’t gotten caught up in accounting scandals and their father was the CEO of a pharmaceutical corporation. Both of their children had grown up in the world of corporate politics. Unlike some people, Louis had developed a genuine taste for it regardless of the wishes of his parents. He loved the intrigue and the mind games associated with big business. Katie, on the other hand, had little interest in such things. It was her goal in life to become a teacher, and Louis knew that she would be great at it. She had genuine concern for other people, even those she hardly knew. He might tease her outrageously, but she knew she had her brother’s support.

“Off on another conquest?” she said glibly, putting down her book. “You know, never mind . . . I don’t want to know.”

“Are you sure? I could go into it in detail.”

“That’s quite all right.”

He plopped down next to her and lay his head in her lap, causing her to almost instinctively start playing with his hair, like she had done since they were kids.

“Penny for your thoughts?” she asked.

He sighed. “The phantom was there again tonight.”

She smiled. This ghost of a human being had been haunting his thoughts for months. His exploits had actually showed signs of slowing recently. He didn’t like not being in control of things. “Your own secret admirer. How sweet.”

“Or my own private stalker. Do me a favor sweet? Take your boyfriend . . . John is it? . . . Take him to the library, take him for a spin and see if anyone’s watching you . . . Ouch!” The last part came when his younger sister grabbed his nose and pulled on it.

“My sex life is not to be used as part of one of your schemes. And you know perfectly well that his name is Robert. We’ve been seeing each other for six months.”

“I could have sworn his name was . . .”

“Robert,” she interrupted. “Robert.”

He grinned at her. Actually, he had known that. And despite his tendency to make the young man incredibly uncomfortable, Louis like his sister’s boyfriend. He was a decent sort; the kind that held the door open for her and stood up when she left the table. If he had been anything BUT decent, Louis was more than capable of running him off. He had done it before.

“Fine,” he muttered with a faked sense of irritability. “I’ll draw him out myself. I just need to find some young buck . . .”

“What about Stan?” his sister interjected, causing him to smile even wider. Katie absolutely LOVED Stan, the dark-skinned Bahçelievler Escort Bayan beauty of Jamaican heritage who was also the student body president. Stan and Louis had hooked up a couple of times as friends over the last few years. Neither had been looking for a relationship and any attempt to form one would have ended in disaster. Both men had fairly dominant personalities, making such extended relationships impossible. But Stan was the quintessential gentleman, and he had charmed Louis’s sister every which way but loose. Louis knew that she had her little dreams of he and Stan becoming an item, but she also knew in her heart that it wasn’t going to happen.

“No, not Stan. Though I wouldn’t mind taking a ride . . .”


” . . . in his car. You have a dirty mind. Did you know that? Anyhow, he’s been banging some freshman up at the registrar’s office for a month now. Sorry sweets.”

Katie sighed. “I haven’t given up hope on you, you know. I still think you might be happier if you find just one guy . . .”

“I know what you think dear. That’s not what I’m interested in right now. Maybe someday, but I have every intention of enjoying my ‘misspent youth.’ But I always believe in keeping my options open.”

“Your options and your bedroom door,” Katie said with a smirked. “Speaking of bedrooms, it’s late and I’m going to bed.”

“Why? Do you have a class in being an ‘old biddy’ tomorrow?”

Louis should have known better than to push his luck with his sister as she proceeded to roll him off the sofa and unceremoniously onto the floor. They were both laughing as she stepped over him and headed to her room. Louis lay on the floor for a bit longer, his thoughts returned to the mysterious entity at the library.

“I guess if you want something done right . . .” he started before wandering off the bed himself.

————— ————–

The next day . . .

————— ————–

Although he intended to keep his promise and spend time with his sister, Louis felt a burning desire to start his search for the mysterious person from the library. He left a note for Katie that he would meet her at the corner deli for lunch before heading off to the library. Whoever it was that was watching him had to spend a lot of time at the library, so someone who worked there must know who he (Louis assumed it was a ‘he’) was. There was a pretty young woman with thick glasses standing at the counter when he arrived. She must have drawn the short straw when they doled out hours that week to be working on Saturday morning.

“Hi,” he said as he approached. She looked up and flushed a little. He had that effect on people. He broke out his smooth-operator voice to speed things along. “I was wondering if you could help me with something,” he practically purred.

“I’ll do what I can,” she stammered.

“I found this on the fifth floor last night but there’s no identification in it,” he said holding up a wallet. “I thought I saw the guy who dropped it, but he disappeared before I could return it to him. I think I’ve seen him in her before, dressed in gray with a stocking cap . . .”

“Oh, that’s Johan,” the girl explained. Louis blinked at her. This was much easier than he expected.

“Johan?” he said, regaining his voice.

“Yeah. Johan Smythe. He practically lives here. I think he’s read everything in the library at one point or another. He’s got to read them here because he never checks anything out.” Her eyes shot open. “I probably shouldn’t be discussing personal information with you. Please don’t tell anyone?” She looked genuinely concerned. He didn’t think it would help to point out that she hadn’t really given out anything exactly top-secret.

“Don’t worry,” he said, grabbing her hand and giving it a quick kiss. That got her blushing again. “But could you tell me if he’s here? This is a big library after all, and I’d hate to go searching for him if he isn’t here.”

“I haven’t seen him yet, but that doesn’t mean anything. He usually sneaks in without anyone noticing. We just catch glimpses of him all day. Sometimes I think he’s just a ghost haunting the place.” She giggled at her own attempt at humor.

“Well, do you have any way I could get a hold of him? An address or a phone number?”

“I’m sorry,” she said with genuine sincerity. “I can’t give out that sort of information. If you’d like to leave it here . . .”

“I’d like to make sure it’s his first. If he comes looking for it, give him my number.” Louis wrote the number down, knowing the guy would never call. Why should he? It was Louis’s wallet. “Well, I gotta go. Got a hot day with a nice young man from Texas,” he said, mostly so she didn’t think of using that number for her own purposes. She had actually been really nice, and he didn’t want to lead her on.

“Okay. I’ll ask him if I see him,” she said, glancing at her shoes.

“Thanks again,” he said. “You’ve been an Escort Bahçelievler angel.” Then he left to have lunch with his sister.

—————— —————–

Later that afternoon . . .

—————— —————–

After a satisfying lunch, Louis and Katie were sitting on the second floor of their favorite mall, staring down at people on the first floor. The siblings had a game they liked to play where one would pick a person out of the crowd while the other would have to invent the story of the target’s life. The tales got more and more outrageous the longer they played. Louis had been the last to choose, and had spotted a woman in her fifties with a beehive hairdo coming out of an Everything’s-A-Dollar store. Katie was elaborating on the unfortunate set of circumstances leading up to the individual’s sex-change operation when she realized that her brother was just staring off into space.

“Louis?” She waved her hand in front of his face, bringing him back into reality. “I had to listen to you drone on about the secret agent with a superfluous third nipple, so you could at least pay attention to my story.”

“Sorry. It was a delightful story I’m sure.”

“Darn you. Now we’ll never find out how she got over her fear of green-colored jello.” She squinted her eyes. “Seeing as you have the attention span of gnat, whatever it is that’s bothering you has to be something recent.” She acted like she was staring really hard into his head. “And since you have the morals of an alley cat, it can’t be romantic in nature. That must mean you’re still obsessing over your stalker.”

“How DO you do that?”

“I’ve known you my whole life. It’s a sister’s prerogative.”

“I just don’t like being spied on, that’s all. It’s disconcerting.”

“Then maybe, just maybe . . . you should stop having your ‘adventures’ in a public building for the entire world to see.”

He glanced sideways at her. “You are absolutely no fun.”

“Fine,” she said, throwing up her hands. “But don’t come crying to me when he turns out to be a raving sociopath and shows up wanting to show you the human finger he keeps locked in plastic bag.”

“No wonder you always win our game. You know, you have a sick imagination for a prude.”

“Prude? No . . . I’m not going to get into this conversation with you.” She placed a finger against her lips while looking thoughtful. “By the way, would you mind making yourself scarce tonight? At least until midnight? Robert is coming over and I was hoping to have some snuggle time, and you make him nervous.”

“Did you say ‘snuggle time?’ Is that what they call it these days?”

“You be quiet. And while I may be a prude by your low standards, I do have . . .”

“No, don’t say it. I’d like to think you’ll remain innocent forever, if for no other reason than to provide cosmic balance for me. And if I actually feel that someone is taking liberties with my darling sister, I might be forced to take drastic action.”

“Fine! Just remain gone until at least midnight. I was going to make him dinner, watch a movie and then . . .” she said, leaning in close, ” . . . he and I might get ‘innocent’ together. At least twice.”

Louis responded my maturely sticking his fingers in his ears and repeating “La la la la!” at the top of his voice. Katie rolled her eyes. “I thought you wanted to spend time this weekend. I actually canceled plans . . .”

“I do. I thought we might go to the movies tomorrow. But I don’t want my big brother hanging around the ENTIRE time. It cramps my style.”

—————- ——————

Later that evening . . .

—————- ——————

Louis found himself sitting in the glaring lights of the university baseball park watching the home team demolish the visitors by a score of ten to one in the bottom of the eighth. He was enjoying his diet-soda and devouring a foot-long hotdog. Brad was out in left field looking bored. The boy seemed so much perkier when he had something in his mouth. Suddenly, someone sat next to him. It was a very tall, dark and handsome young man.

“Hey Louis.”

“Stan! I thought you’d be out tonight. What brings you here?”

“I like watching young men swing big sticks. What can I say?”

“Actually,” Louis said thoughtfully, “I was meaning to call you.”

“Why? Your sister still hoping we’ll hook up and she finally talked you into trying?” Stan’s brilliantly white smile flashed for a moment. “She does know what would happen if we ever tried to do that, doesn’t she?”

“Not yet, but it’s fun to watch her try. No, actually I was wondering if you could get your friend to do something for me.”

“Like what? Crawl around on all fours and bark like a dog? If you want to see that, drop by my apartment after the game.”

“And to think my sister thinks I’m a pig and that you hung the moon. Seriously though, I was hoping you could get your current boy-toy to look up some personal information on a student for me.”

Stan looked concerned. “I’d rather not. That could get him in some trouble.”

“What?” asked Louis with a grin. “Don’t tell me you’re falling for the guy?”

Stan sighed and shook his head. “Just because I don’t want to screw him over, in a bad way, doesn’t mean I’ve gone soft.”

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