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Getting Coached by Mr. Hawkins Ch. 04

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When I’d gone over to Mr. Hawkins’ condo, I’d expected that I would head home after we finished fooling around. But after losing my virginity, my head was buzzing, and all I wanted to do was keep exploring with my teacher. We cleaned up from our fuck session, but I decided to take advantage of the fact that my parents were expecting me to stay out for the entire night.

We hit the shower together to rinse off all of our sweat and cum, soaping each other up as our tongues became intertwined. I especially liked it when Mr. Hawkins pinned me up against the shower wall. It made me feel so submissive, and brought me back to our first experience together, when I blew him inside a locker room shower stall at our school. Instinctively I lowered myself to the floor and started to stroke Mr. Hawkins’ meaty cock, but a hand on my shoulder indicated that he wanted me to stop.

“You know how much I love that,” he said, “but I think I’m spent for the night. I don’t think I have any cum left for you! Let’s just get into my bed and cuddle.”

I was a little disappointed, but after getting out of the shower and drying off, I could tell that I was completely exhausted myself. We crawled into Mr. Hawkins’ bed, both butt naked, and drifted off to sleep while spooning, his huge biceps wrapped around my small frame.

I woke up as the morning sun was starting to filter in to the bedroom, although it felt like I’d slept for 12 hours. Mr. Hawkins’ arm was still draped across me, and at first I thought he was still sleeping. However, I started to feel something grinding against me, and before long I could feel his cock at full attention sliding up and down my crack.

“Morning, cutie,” Mr. Hawkins whispered, as I turned my head to meet his face with a kiss. Holy fuck, his stubble turned me on. “Now that we’re well rested…”

“That feels really nice,” I replied, “but I’m still pretty sore down there. Maybe we could do something else–” I pulled down the comforter cover and sheets. “–like breakfast in bed?” Mr. Hawkins smiled, and I practically impaled my throat on his dick I was so eager to start sucking him again.

“Easy, easy,” he reminded me, and I responded by slowing down, letting my saliva drip all over him, and teasing up and down every inch of his shaft. “I guess a big, fat sausage is an important part of any breakfast.”

Mr. Hawkins was rubbing my ass cheeks as I sucked him, occasionally teasing close to my hole or giving my ass a light smack. This was just turning me on even more, and I started trying to take more of him in my mouth. It wasn’t a great position to go very deep, so I started to try to reposition myself, but Mr. Hawkins grabbed me before I could.

“That feels good just like that,” he moaned, “and I don’t want to miss out on breakfast myself.”

With that, he pulled my leg over to the other side of his body, so that I was directly on top of him and my asshole was hovering over his face. I started to feel the wetness of his tongue as it lapped against my sensitive hole, and it gave me shivers. As much as I wanted to satisfy Mr. Hawkins and his big dick, I got a little tired from bobbing my head up and down, and had to take my mouth off of him.

“Getting a little worn out,” I said.

“That’s fine, Kyle, I want to focus on getting you off. Just relax.”

I let myself ease into the pleasure Mr. Hawkins was giving me as he continued to lick my hole. Precum was dripping from my dick and I instinctively started rocking my hips against his chest. Now that the focus was just on me, I had gotten hard again, my cock slipping up and down that hairy chest. A light flick of the tongue right on the edge of my hole was all it took to make me lose it. My ass quivered as cum spurted out of me, and I needed a minute to catch my breath.

“I guess you enjoyed that,” Mr. Hawkins laughed.

I slid off of him, with my cum having gotten all over both our torsos. “Definitely. Your turn?”

Mr. Hawkins gave a mountain man grunt, getting up and standing next to the bed. “Like this.”

He pulled my arms towards him and flipped me onto my back so that my head was hanging off the side of the bed.

“I’m gonna slide right into you.”

And he did, first filling my mouth with his cock head, then slowly into my throat until I started gagging. He eased out, then back in again. I was getting a little more used to this position, and the angle helped me take more of his dick, but I was still struggling to get more than a few inches down. Still, I could tell from his moans that he was getting close.

“That’s it, Kyle, just relax and breathe through your nose. This feels great. Maybe just lick the tip with your tongue a little.”

I did as I was told, lightly touching the underside of his cock. As he continued to slide his cock inside my mouth, he started moaning. When it sounded like he was about to cum, he took his dick out and jacked it until shooting cum all over my chin and chest.

“Whew, damn! I still can’t believe kaçak iddaa you’re new to this. That was awesome.”

“I’ve always been an eager student,” I replied, laughing.

With that it was finally time to clean up and head home. I grabbed a Gatorade on my way back to my house, and immediately headed up to my room for some much needed rest. As I climbed the stairs, my mom caught me.

“Hey, graduate! Have a good time last night?”

I smiled nervously. “Oh, you know, just hung out with friends. Stayed up too late playing video games.”

“Uh, sure, I believe that,” she said, chuckling. “I won’t ask any more questions, it’s your graduation night after all.”

Thank God for trusting parents!


The rest of the summer seemed to fly by. Me and Mr. Hawkins tried to get together whenever we could, and I’d even managed to have him over to my house during the day once when my parents were at work. He fucked me in my own bed, which was such a turn-on! But we still had to be really careful about being seen together — not that it was illegal or anything, but I just didn’t want to have to answer those questions. I had taken a job bussing tables, and Mr. Hawkins travelled a lot for teaching courses and whatnot, so we were seeing less of one another as the end of summer approached. College was starting right after Labor Day, and I was getting some things ready for my dorm room the week before when Mr. Hawkins surprised me with a text.

“Hey cutie. Usually head to the cabin w/ the girls for a last summer weekend but they can’t make it this year. Want to keep me company?”

I couldn’t say yes fast enough. My parents were heading out of town that weekend anyway, so all I needed to tell them was that I’d be going to a friend’s place and they wouldn’t wonder too much about my whereabouts. Most of our encounters since that first night had been very quick, but now I was going to spend an entire weekend with my hot (former) teacher!

Mr. Hawkins picked me up on Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend, and after getting on the highway, he pointed to a bag under my feet.

“It’s just a little surprise for you…” he said mischievously.

The last time Mr. Hawkins had left me with a surprise in a paper bag, it turned out to be a pair of dildos that I used to get myself off before we could fool around for real, so I figured this might be something similarly naughty. It seemed to be clothes, and as I kept pulling items out of the bag, it was turning out to be an entire wardrobe. There was a twist though — it was all women’s clothing! A couple dresses, a bikini, wigs, panties, and a few different lingerie sets, Mr. Hawkins had really gone all out. I’d maybe mentioned to him once that cross-dressing might be a little bit of a turn-on for me, but he’d never brought it up, so it wasn’t something I thought he was into. Apparently I was very wrong. I looked over to him, still a little shocked.

“We’ll be alone all weekend. No reason for any inhibitions,” he said with a smile. “Excited?”

“I suppose I am. Always been a little interested in this kind of thing.”

“Good. There are some stipulations though. Since I’ve been such a generous daddy, you’re going to do exactly what I say once we get there, including wearing these things all weekend. That is, if you’re wearing anything at all…” Mr. Hawkins chuckled. He had always been so accommodating and caring to me, but I was liking this dominant side he was showing. I started to get hard inside my pants and decided that I couldn’t wait until we reached the cabin.

“Why should you even have to wait that long, daddy?” I said, putting on my sexiest feminine voice. “I’m sure there’s a little hidden away place where we could pull over so I can change.” When I started rubbing his leg and felt him twitch, I knew he couldn’t say no.

“There’s a quiet spot off the highway coming up here, right next to the river. Sometimes I like to drop a line in for fish…but I don’t think I’m going to have to work too hard for this prize. Start thinking about what you’re going to put on.”

I quickly sorted through the bag, but there was almost too much choice to know what I wanted to wear first, so I opted for some simple cream-colored panties and a blue cotton dress. After a few minutes we pulled off the main road and went down a roughly paved road that went for about a mile down to the river. There was one other truck parked there, but we could see the owner was set up for fly-fishing a good ways down the river, so Mr. Hawkins figured we were in the clear. After taking off my socks and shoes, I slithered out of my shorts and underwear, and flung my t-shirt off over my head. Mr. Hawkins leaned in for a deep kiss, rubbing the inside of my leg.

“You ready to become Kylie for a little while?”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “How long did it take you to come up with that?”

“Amazing how buying one pair of panties can really get the wheels kaçak bahis spinning in your mind. I’m glad you’re up for this.”

“Kylie has to return the favor to Daddy for all these beautiful things.”

I kissed him back, rubbing my cheek against his stubble, before sliding the panties on and slipping into the dress. Mr. Hawkins had responded by loosening his belt and lowering his pants and boxer-briefs, his already hard cock springing to attention. I took the shaft in my hand as I lowered my lips down to the tip, my tongue finding a drop of salty precum. I let spit dribble out of my mouth so it would cover his whole cock, and slowly eased more and more of Mr. Hawkins down my throat. I could only ever get fit about half of his seven inches in my mouth, but his moans of pleasure told me I was hitting the right spots. As the saliva dripped down to his balls, I grabbed him down there and started fondling them. This action made him grab the back of my head and force me even further down on his shaft. Just as I was starting to gag and my eyes were watering, my nose hit his abdomen — I was so close to deep-throating Mr. Hawkins. I immediately had to come back up for air, but I felt like I had just beaten a really difficult level in a video game.

“Oh God Kylie, that’s so good! I’m close baby, I’m close baby,” he said, almost whimpering as I went back to licking the underside of his tip. When I sensed he was really on the edge, I brought my tongue to the bottom of the base and slowly took it all the way up. I only needed a few of these long licks before I felt Mr. Hawkins tense up and start to shoot his cum into my mouth. His load was thick and voluminous, making me choke a little as I tried to swallow as much as I could. A good amount of it still came back out mixed with my spit, covering his still erect penis. I looked up at my new sugar daddy with an expression of pride, but his expression was a stern one. He still wasn’t satisfied.

“I don’t have a rag in here or anything. You need to finish taking care of that.” I knew this was just part of my training, and even though I didn’t think Mr. Hawkins would ACTUALLY be mad at me for not obeying, I was fully on board with being his submissive slut. I bent my head back down to his crotch and used my tongue to shovel as much of that salty cum into my mouth as I could. I opened my mouth to show Mr. Hawkins how much I’d cleaned up, before swallowing the entire load. It almost didn’t want to go down my throat, but eventually I got it all down. When I looked up to make eye contact with Mr. Hawkins, he wasn’t able to hide his satisfaction.

“Now that’s what a good girl does,” he said with a big grin. “We should get going though. Day like this, there will be more people coming to fish, and I don’t want to make anyone too jealous if they see what you’re doing for me.”

He gave me a light kiss before we got our clothes back on and started on our way back to the highway. As we pulled out of the parking area, another truck with three guys in it came rolling through. The driver’s side window was already down, and as the truck slowed to a halt, the driver motioned to Mr. Hawkins to roll his window down.

“Anything biting today?” the driver asked.

“No biting, just some good sucking,” Mr. Hawkins replied without missing a beat. Some awkward chuckling came from the truck as Mr. Hawkins laughed deeply. “Have a good day fellas!” With that we drove off, Mr. Hawkins rubbing my shoulders as we headed towards the cabin.

It didn’t take too much longer before the highway met the lake, the summer sun shining against the pristine blue water. The part of the lake along the highway was busy with traffic and people heading to the big resort, but we pulled off on a side road that winded around to the other side of the lake. Mr. Hawkins assured me that the cabin was protected by big trees on both sides, and that we would have plenty of privacy. A small dirt path brought us down from the road to the lake, where we were met with a rustic-looking cabin and a great view.

After unloading our stuff inside, Mr. Hawkins showed me around the place. Despite how it looked from the outside, the cabin was beautiful and roomy on the inside, with two stories and an awesome view of the lake. The kitchen, living room, and master bedroom were upstairs on the main level, with a couple more bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs.

“I’m gonna fuck you in every room of this cabin, baby,” Mr. Hawkins growled to me, kissing my neck and nuzzling me with his stubble.

“Fuck yeah, daddy, you’re making me so wet already.”

“Well, if you really want to get wet, I suggest we take the boat out and get on the water. You can show off that sexy new bikini I got you.”

“Of course daddy, I want you to show me off.”

We headed back to the master bedroom, and I pulled out my swimwear from the bag. It was a hot pink thong bikini. Obviously I didn’t fill out the top at all, but Mr. Hawkins joked that he had no problem with an A cup. The illegal bahis bottoms totally exposed my ass, and he took a good squeeze once I had slid them on. By this point Mr. Hawkins had taken all of his clothes off, and I could see he was starting to get hard again. As much as I wanted him right as this moment, I figured we should stick to our boating plan.

“This booty will be there in the boat for you, mister,” I teased, as he smirked in return.

“You’re too much of a good influence on me! Let’s get going.”

After slipping his trunks on, we headed for the dock and got the boat ready to go out on the lake. Mr. Hawkins’ boat was nice little Boston Whaler, nothing too fancy or big, but perfect for two people to relax in and have a good time. We motored around for a while in the middle of the lake, checking out everyone who was getting in their fun for the last big summer weekend — water-skiers, wakeboarders, and party boat full of college bros that already looked completely wasted. Mr. Hawkins put his hand on the small of my back.

“I know those college guys look super hot with their shirts off, but trust me, they wouldn’t know what to do with you.”

I shook my head in agreement. “No, they wouldn’t. But maybe so those boys aren’t distracting me, we should find somewhere a little more private?”

“I think I know a place.”

We turned around from the middle of the lake and headed for a little cove that was separated by trees from where the closest houses were. It was nice and shady, and Mr. Hawkins assured me that no one would get close enough to see what we were up to. Once we’d slowed down, I put a blonde wig on (I’d taken it off when the wind almost blew it off my head) and untied by bikini top. I tried to play it off like I was revealing luscious breasts, and Mr. Hawkins played along.

“Look at how hard you’re making my nipples, Daddy.”

“I know, Kylie loves showing off her perky little titties for Daddy.”

He leaned in and starting sucking on my nipples, while simultaneously massaging my ass cheeks. I quickly got fully hard, and my thong stood no chance of keeping my dick inside.

“Should I lose these as well?” I asked, but Mr. Hawkins told me to keep them on, to give him something else to look forward to. He did take the opportunity to drop his own shorts, and I knew what I was supposed to do. Taking his engorged member in my hands, I dropped to my knees and started sucking. As Mr. Hawkins held my hair back so it wouldn’t get in my eyes, he gave out moans of pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby, just like that. Right on the tip. Oh that feels good, Kylie. You’re such a good little cocksucker.”

To get more comfortable, he’d sat down in the captain’s seat, with me tucked in between his legs. We were both so engulfed in the moment that we hadn’t noticed the boat full of college guys had pulled into the cove as well.

“Damn dude, get it!” one of them yelled out. “Look at that chick’s ass, she’s fucking hot!”

“Just keep going, darling, I’ll deal with them,” Mr. Hawkins whispered to me. “I’m a lucky old man to have piece of ass like this, boys. Looks like you need some more ladies to keep you company!”

“Any chance you’d be willing to share?” another one of the bros hollered back.

“Normally I would, but this pussy is so good I need it all for myself this weekend.”

I couldn’t help myself from turning around and peaking at the boys, so I revealed my face without showing what was between my legs, and licked my lips in their direction.

“Sorry, boys.”

This drew a bemused cheer from the group. “It’s all good, babe, we gotta respect your wishes. But hey, if you get bored after Gramps here falls asleep, you should come find us. We’ll be the house that’s still partying at 3 am!”

I just gave them a polite nod and wave before they sped off. And once the coast was clear again, we jumped right back into the action.

“What were you saying about this pussy?”

“I was saying I need it all to myself. And I’m taking it when I want.”

With that he pulled me to my feet, bringing our mouths together for a sloppy kiss while he grabbed my ass. As our tongues started to intertwine, I felt my bikini bottoms being untied and falling to the deck, leaving me completely naked but for the blonde wig on my head. I then felt a finger starting to massage my asshole, preparing me for what was coming next.

“Bend over, baby,” Mr Hawkins growled in my ear. I did as I was told.

Leaning over the side of the boat, I could feel his stubble on my butt cheeks as he brought his tongue in to lick my hole. As it got wetter, he started working his middle finger in a little bit at a time, as always taking time to make sure I was ready to take his cock. I kept pushing out as he applied pressure, eventually feeling his finger slide all the way inside me.

“That’s it. Now you’re ready for me.”

After applying more of his spit to his cock and my hole, he started working his way inside me, only encountering a little bit of pressure before filling me up completely. I could barely get any words out to express how good it felt.

“Ahhhh…ohhh…ah, ah, ah, oh yeah…mmmm, dad-dy…fuhhh–“

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