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Get Slutty at Burning Man

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Big Dicks

Hi Everyone, thanks for reading! This is my recap of the hottest parts of the hottest trip I ever took to Burning Man. Things got a little wild, but that is what is supposed to happen there. Thanks to AshleyCooper for editing. All characters are at least 18.


My boyfriend Alex and I pulled up to our new favorite swingers house with our car loaded down for a full week of sexy party madness. The couple, Emma and Ethan, had befriended us several months ago, and not only talked us into fucking them, but convinced us to join them at Burning Man this year. Neither of those things took too much convincing really, Alex and I had always been open to bringing new people into our sex life. It was the most natural thing in the world to get naked with other people, we obviously enjoyed it and it really only made our relationship stronger, not to mention hotter.

Emma and Ethan were a powerful couple. They both had high paying jobs, both were super fit, and both had an insatiable appetite for sex. They were the real deal and had found Alex and me at a swingers bar in San Fran. That night they brought us back to their house where they stuffed us full of wine and cheese before the two men stuffed Emma and me full of cock. They made it so easy for us, and before I knew what was happening, Emma was on top of me in the 69 position while Alex and Ethan fucked us from both ends, pausing now and then so we could taste each other’s juices while they rammed their cocks in our mouths. It was amazing, we really connected with them and we became instant friends after that; how could you not?

I have been exploring my submissive side lately. To tease and arouse another person to point where they take control of the situation and unleash their sexual desires on me is really exciting. I am of average height and build, but have been fairly athletic my whole life so I like to think of myself as being rather fit. I like to continually change the style of my brunette hair, which currently falls past my shoulders. Hair is wonderful like that and I like how it can change my whole appearance. Emma and I have talked about this several times, and she feels exactly the same way.

We had only met Ethan and Emma recently and were still getting to know them. They were, however, the perfect couple to get me turned on right now: tall, sexy, and in charge. We had never been to Burning Man, but they had. This would be their fourth trip and apparently they had put a lot of effort into planning the experience. They had a large streamlined bus that had been converted into an amazing camper, complete with two large beds, small kitchen, bathroom, and best of all, a shower. I had been to a couple wild music festivals already, so I thought I had an idea of what was going to happen. Emma had told us that Burning Man was THE place to go for swinging, dance music, and art. Wild costumes were a requirement at all times.

I was vibrating with excitement as we got out of the car and could barely contain myself. “We’re going to Burning Man!!,” I shouted as I waved my arms in the air and ran toward Emma. She grinned, threw her arms open and met me with a big wet kiss right on the lips. Alex came trotting up behind me and also received a hug and a kiss.

“We are going to have the time of our lives!” Emma said. Ethan hopped out of the bus and waved.

“Hey guys,” he said, “the fun starts now. We are pretty much packed, so throw your stuff in the old Shaggin’ Wagon and let’s hit the road!” I grabbed a couple bags and stepped onto the bus. Ethan met me inside with a big hug and kiss on the cheek. He gestured to a queen size bed in the middle of the bus. “This is your bed, Callie. It’s not too private, but I don’t think that will be a problem on this trip. Our bed is in the back if you get too lonely.” He shot me a mischievous smile, knowing full well we would all make good use of that bed. My bed looked amazing to me, it was fully outfitted and included a bedside table and a dresser, great for sleeping.

“It looks amazing, Ethan,” I said as I looked around. “You guys are too kind to bring us along. The Shaggin’ Wagon is amazing.””Of course, Callie, make yourself at home. By the end of this we are all going to be closer than ever. You and Alex are our favorite couple. You guys are going to fit right in. Or NOT fit in rather, the point of Burning Man in not to fit in.” He noticed Alex outside and stepped down to greet him. “The way this works best is to put the larger stuff in these outside cabinets,” he said as he turned to the side of the bus, “and your small personal stuff by your bed. Food in the fridge and cupboards.”

We came prepared for some fun times. Into the Shaggin’ Wagon went gallons of beer and liquor, bicycles, boxes of glow sticks and lights, heaps of sexy costumes, squirt guns, and piles of good food. Some of the more personal items included a large box of condoms, a couple sex toys, and several small bags of illicit substances.

After everything was loaded, Ethan fired gaziemir escort her up and Alex took co-pilot. Emma and I sat behind the small divider in comfortable passenger seats. She and I gabbed for a while as she filled me in on some of the craziness that was about to happen. “Show me some of your costumes,” Emma said to me. “It’s a five hour drive.” I walked over to our bed and emptied a couple of bags onto it. Grabbing the first thing I saw, I held up a peacock tail fan.

“Wait till you see the whole peacock outfit,” I said smiling mischievously. It’s “super sexy, and I think I’m going to go topless when I wear it.” The idea of walking around a huge party topless got me really excited.

“Oh I can’t wait!,” Emma squealed, “I’ll go topless with you.” This continued for some time until I got to my neon hair extensions. We decided they should go in right away, so I sat down and Emma started working on my hair. She did a wonderful job tucking them into my long brunette hair. Eventually it all ended up in a bun with the bright colors twisting their way around my hair; it looked better than I could have hoped.

Emma was enjoying herself immensely. She started pawing through my clothes until she pulled out a pair of metallic silver booty shorts. “Oh these are PERFECT!” She cried and immediately started putting them on. Emma was pretty hot: fit, with a tight butt and firm legs. Her body was toned, her breasts were not too big and her face was beautiful. She was tall with dark hair, the kind of person that commands respect and can mingle in upscale situations. She can also screw with the best of them. The few times we had all gotten naked together she ran the room, taking charge of most situations.

Emma pulled her jeans off to reveal black lace panties, She smiled at me and pulled on the party shorts, turning from one side to the other so we could both check out her ass.

“Oh, those look so good on you!,” I said.

“I feel wonderful in them too.” She looked right at me and I could tell the wheels were turning in her head. “Let’s give the boys a little oral lesson up there, show off our new looks too.” My heart started to race at the idea and I swear my nipples grew hard almost at once.

“Yes ma’am!” I replied, and jumped from my seat. Emma made her way to the front, but turned around just before she got there and started advancing her sexy butt in between the two front seats. There was plenty of room for everyone in the front of that bus.

“Oh hey boys,” she called out as she began to rub her butt check first on Ethan, then on Alex.

Ethan slapped her ass, “Hey girl, want to come sit on my lap?”

“Not quite, we wanted to show off our new outfits and see if you two could use a hand up here.” I squeezed in between her and Alex, who put an arm around me and then pulled back in amazement at my hair.

“Wow, I love those colors Callie,” he said. “What else have you been up to back there?”

“We’ve been getting more and more turned on thinking about this trip and we just had to come satisfy some urges,” I replied playfully as I started to massage his growing bulge. His eyes got even wider and I grinned up at him. “You two just relax and let us give you a preview of what’s to come.” I unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his half erect cock. I loved watching it grow as I played with it, slowly pushing and pulling with my hands. Alex liked to keep himself pretty hairless down there, and I really appreciated it. It’s so fun to feel a smooth cock on your body, and it’s great for giving head too.

I smiled up at him again and pulled his now very large cock into my mouth. It slid in smoothly, filling me up quickly. Grabbing him with one hand, I started slowly pumping his delicious man meat into my mouth. I loved giving head; it was so personal, allowing me to taste and smell his sex.

Alex encouraged me with his occasional exclamations and compliments. I started to pick up the pace a bit and I could feel his breathing getting fast; I could hear Emma working it too. Suddenly she stopped and her head appeared next to mine. I pulled Alex’s cock out of my mouth and swung it over to her. She slurped it up, moving her head up and down. I was still holding him in my hand as she sucked on his cock.

She pulled it from her mouth too say, “I’ll take care of this, you go finish off our captain,” and she slid Alex’s cock back in her mouth. I didn’t really want to leave my boyfriend, but I knew he was in good hands and I had to admit that Ethan really turned me on. He was also super fit and toned, rather handsome, and didn’t have much body hair either. I turned around and found his rather large cock ready for me. Without too much hesitation, I shot him a smile and began to work on getting him off.

Ethan’s cock was pretty similar to Alex’s. Maybe not quite as big, but it was a sight to behold. Neither of them were cut. Listening to Emma suck Alex’s cock and feeling her body moving karabağlar escort next to mine really got me going. I loved the feeling of my ass sticking out and did my best to put it right in Alex’s direction. I did really like the way my butt and hips looked. I did wish my breasts were bigger and I always have some room for improving my appearance, but I knew my butt turned people on. I moved my head up and down faster, using both hands to help pump Ethan in and out.

“Oh Callie, you are amazing,” Ethan said breathlessly, “just keep doing what you’re doing.” I could tell he was getting close. Knowing that Emma was blowing my boyfriend right behind me while I had her husband’s cock in my mouth turned me on immensely. Right at this point during a blow job, I always craved the man’s cum. Knowing it was about to unload in my mouth from his pure passion made me want to give him everything I had. When I was in college, I had decided that I might as well enjoy a man’s cum rather than hide from it. Now I really enjoyed it. I redoubled my efforts and was soon rewarded when I felt his whole body tense up as he managed to say, “I’m gonna cum!” Just before he sucked in a couple breaths and his cock started to pump hot cum in my mouth. I swallowed it as it came, slowing my rhythm and really squeezing every drop out. Licking the last of the sweet cum off his cock, I sat back and smiled up at him. He gave me a warm smile and I became aware that Emma was still blowing my boyfriend.

I didn’t have to wait long though, as he blew his load down her throat only moments after Ethan did. It sounded like a big one, lots of grunting and slurping sounds. Emma cleaned him up and we all sat up there for a bit talking about life. Life felt great as we moved ever closer to our fantastical destination.

Get In The Groove

After waiting in an endless line of overloaded desert camping rigs, we were granted access to the biggest party I have ever seen. Thousands of people were building their playa dream palaces so they could spend the week separated from reality, raising hell in the desert. Ethan headed us toward the 9:00 sector of the great wheel that is Burning Man. He informed us that that was where the real sexual deviants hid out, the “Deep End” as it was called.

Alex and I stared out the windows, quickly realizing that there was more to do here than one could ever hope even attempt in a week. So many mind blowing costumed people roamed the streets like royalty surveying their kingdom, while small artistic buildings and bars were going up on every corner. In the distance, I could see huge domes and other weird structures dotting the sky line. The quintessential Burning Man stood what seemed like miles away.

It was maybe three in the afternoon when Ethan parked the Shaggin’ Wagon. The plan was to unload, build our lounge area and claim the ground on one side of the bus. Emma and I were already outfitted in big boots, booty shorts, and wild tops. Mine was a white tank top that I had massacred with scissors, cutting most of it away, leaving only tattered threads holding it together. A lot of my boobs were not covered and I was pretty sure I was going to slip a nip at any moment. I felt pretty amazing with my new desert dweller look, wild hair included. It was time to get the camp up to speed and my head in the right place as well.

A lot of enthusiastic unpacking and drinking happened, and before we knew it, we had several rugs and couches down, a table and bar, and several large pop-up tents for shade.

We all stood in the middle of our new home, electronic beats pounding off in the distance, took a deep breath and clinked our drinks together. “Welcome to the best place on earth,” Ethan said, “we are glad to have you both here.” I took a second to look around, seeing the weird camps and their odd people, the creative structures built purely for artistic display, the whole atmosphere inviting us into a different world where all the normal rituals and hang ups of everyday life were gone. As much as I wanted to let go of everything, I still wanted to make a good impression on our hosts, and I wanted really test Alex out, make sure he was as amazing as my gut told me he was. Those feelings of realization and anticipation of the week to come were overwhelming. Nervous excitement coursed through my body.

We sat for a minute, drank and tried to soak it in. Ethan whipped up some food, and I tried to fill my excited stomach. Dusk was upon the playa and the energy in the air was practically making my hair stand on end. Everything was covered in lights: buildings, cars, people, the art. I could even see flames shooting into the air toward the middle of the city.

We all grabbed a drink and decided to walk around. Emma was bouncing up and down with excitement and led us away from the outskirts and toward the middle of the desert city. As we walked, I could tell things were getting more professional. The camps were amazing, each one kemalpaşa escort with a weird theme, a lounge area, and a large sound and light stage. The dance beats grew louder as Emma led us right to its source.

A raging group of a couple hundred people were dancing to some infectious beats. I knew there was only way to get into it, and Emma led us right up through the crowd to the front. I started dancing, encouraged by the wild people around us. It was the perfect way to let go and get in the groove. I turned around and grabbed Alex, pressing my body against his, smiling to him, and to myself, as we synced up and began making our bodies one. Hours could have passed as I was lost in the friction between us. I was giving myself to him and he was pulling me closer, not afraid to keep me there. I wanted him so badly just then, but I knew I would get my chance later, and then some. He was going to give me more than I could handle, and that really got me excited.

I reluctantly pulled away from Alex, freeing myself to move my body. I shook out all the energy that was holding me back and really got into the moment. Emma was right next to me and started sliding her body against mine, moving her hips in a ridiculously seductive way. All of a sudden Alex came up behind me and I found myself in a sexy dance sandwich, my two lovers dancing through me, carrying me with them. Emma snuck her head around mine and started nibbling on my neck and ear, her arms pulling me to her. It tickled and sent shivers down my spine; I pulled her face to mine and pressed my mouth to hers. As our tongues explored each other, I could feel her body pressing against mine, our breasts and hips could not get close enough to satisfy our desires.

The dancing went on for an hour or so until we all emerged back onto the street fully acclimated to the scene. It felt amazing. We excitedly walked back to camp, commenting on all the wild people we saw. There were tons of sexy people, lots of gay people, and plenty of nudity. I felt as though there were no more constraints of normal sexuality and that it was time to explore that space.

I was feeling great and quite turned on as we walked back to our camp. The four us sat down on the couches, took one look at each other and dashed for the Shaggin’ Wagon. I furiously took my boots off at the door and sprang inside. I wanted to fuck, and I wanted it now. Before any of the others made it inside, I pulled my booty shorts off and got on all fours on our bed with my ass pointing at the door. Emma laughed as she entered the bus and saw me begging to be filled. She flipped on the small lights strung up along the length of the bus. I smiled at her and motioned to the spot next to me with my head.

Tall, dark haired, toned, naked Emma flopped on her back next to me on the bed, laying head to toe. The boys came in chuckling, they knew exactly what to do. The past hour had been more than enough foreplay.

“I want my lover, Alex,” I said in a commanding voice. “I can’t get enough of him right now, and my body neeeeeeds him.” I looked over my shoulder at him and grinned. He was mostly naked and his cock was already hard; he smiled back at me, putting his hands on my ass. I felt him grab my upper legs on either side of my wet pussy and pull me open. My body practically shook with anticipation as the head of his cock pressed against my opening, spreading me apart and sliding into me. He slowly pushed into me, then slowly pulled out, savoring the first feelings of sex. I took fistfuls of the sheets and braced myself for what was to some. I craved this more than anything at that moment.

I was focused on Alex and myself, but I noticed Ethan saddle up to Emma beside me. Her body was laying right next to mine, her legs and ass at the end of the bed near my head. Ethan’s well-toned hairless body shone in the light as he grabbed his wife’s legs and pushed his cock into her apparently soaking pussy. I had a front row seat to watch Ethan in action.

I’m pretty vocal during sex, and moans just come out of me with each thrust. I could hear Emma as well, her moans softer and longer than mine. It was super-hot to hear her, and to watch Ethan pump his cock into her.

Alex had a wonderful rhythm going, slow, but powerful. I knew there was more to come, so tried to hang on as best I could, but I wanted to fucked hard. I couldn’t stop staring at Ethan’s cock going in and out of Emma; it was so hot. I’m sure he noticed because he slid his cock out of her and offered it to me. I hungrily took him in my mouth, savoring Emma’s taste and his scent. It was probably my biggest hardcore turn on to taste a woman on a man’s cock, or a man’s cum on a woman’s body, or, dare I say, as it slowly dribbled out of her pussy? It was heaven to for me to have Alex fucking me from behind while enjoying Emma’s juices on her husband’s cock.

I only got a taste before Ethan entered his wife again. His energy was more intense and her moans were louder now. My arousal was rising too; “Give it to me, baby!” I said between moans. Alex immediately grabbed my ass and started pounding me. My eyes squeezed shut and my head fell to the bed as my body gave in to his efforts. I could barely breathe as my body prepared for an orgasm; I tried but failed to tell him to keep going.

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