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Four stories precede this one, in temporal order:

Christine. A tale of lust.

Angela. Teased and pleased.

Adrian. A night of torment, or Angela’s revenge.

The dinner. Christine is bound for pleasure.

For North American readers these stories are written in British English so the vocabulary used may be a little different, as are lots of the spellings; we specialise in colour photographs fixed with thiosulphates. So no tushes and fanny refers to the female genitalia; external, internal, or both, dependent upon context. Garter belts are suspenders, bathrooms are commonly loos or toilets especially when they don’t actually contain a bath, johns are bogs, we the British often wee, pee or even ‘spend a penny’ (I’m not too sure what polite North Americans usually do, but Literotica characters definately piss). If you think anything else could be usefully included in this brief Anglo — North American Dictionary, or if some of it is redundant, please let me know.

The games.

When Christine, Angela and I could all get together we liked to play games. It started with ‘the envelopes’. At first we simply placed three cards in three identical envelopes, one read master/mistress, one read assistant and the third read slave, so no one could know their role in advance. Then we made extra cards, two for each role. The slave’s roles were, ‘come tonight’ and, the soon dreaded, ‘wait until morning’. The assistant’s read, ‘give’ and ‘accept’ — pleasure, of course — and the master/mistress’s read, ‘tease’ and ’embarrass’. The thing was that only the master or mistress was allowed to know what your second card, and thus, your role was.

The very first time we played Angela was my mistress, she had to embarrass me and allow Christine to ‘accept’, i.e. have lots of orgasms. Out came the collar and the leash and this time she did think to make her ‘puppy’ crawl about on all fours. ‘Puppy’ had to be trained. Initially, I had to learn to sit, next to beg, then to roll over on my back paws in the air, so that I could be rewarded with a tickle on the ‘tum’ or punished by having both nipples licked without any one playing with my penis: I have highly sensitive nipples and this really makes me squirm and my cock jerk up and down all by itself. Then they began to teach me to lick pussy properly; curiously they spent by far the longest time on that aspect of my training. Christine was pretty undemanding but Angela was determined to teach puppy new tricks. Puppy, for all his faults was a fast learner so, the next time puppy got Angela tied down in the big pink chair she came to regret the thoroughness of that education: teach someone the perfect way to please you, you teach them the perfect way to tease you; the difference between these is about half a second.

All remained fun and games with puppy until he needed to pee; Angela made him go in Christine’s back garden, fortunately it was a moonless night and her garden is secluded, but cocking your leg against a tree and urinating is more difficult than you imagine, unless you have tried. After that ‘dirty doggy’ kocaeli escort had to be given a bath, which was delightful: at least I had managed to select ‘come’ tonight. For this they blindfolded me and then laid side by side over the edge of the bed. Next I had to crawl over to them and sniff their bottoms, befor, of course, I had to take one of them doggy style. It was Christine, and as I thrust away cheerfully Angela kept slapping my rump and shouting “naughty doggie. Down doggie. Bad doggie!” And the like. The slaps were playful, not painful, and I cheerfully ignored her. Then, I should have expected it, ‘naughty doggie’ had to go and lick away the smelly mess he had left in the nice ladies pussy.

With time, of course, things became a little more adventurous. Christine waxed all of Angela’s pubic hair, everywhere. I treated us all to a couple of rounds in the local pub with Christine wearing shoes, stockings, suspenders and a coat that was none too long, and absolutely nothing else. On another occasion, I was made to wait on them both, hand and foot. They drank gallons of coffee and then had me escort them to the loo, pull their pants up and down, wipe and wash them afterwards: I even had to sit on the loo seat first to make sure it was warm enough for their delicate bottoms. It was Christine who hit on having an ‘all-girls’ night, when they spent hours, pampering me, making me up and dressing me in their things, that was the night I discovered just how painful leg waxing is: I wonder to this day where they got the shoes from. Following that Angela treated us to an ‘all-girls’ night-out. Fortunately, they did a convincing job of transforming me and I kept bloody quite all night. Actually, the worst part was having to sit in a pub and not have a pint of bitter, I had to drink bloody Cinzano and lemonade, all evening! That’s something I did keep secret from Angela and Christine, if they had realised that — after I had realised that we were attracting no more attention than two passable, and one very attractive, women unaccompanied in a pub had the right to expect — I was not that worried by the whole outing, they would have done it again: but next time they would have invited some of the more obviously interested men to buy us all a drink. So, for once, I faked it: I pretended to be terrified and that the whole business was a real ordeal.

Being teased was the card you learnt to fear. We were all becoming exceptionally proficient at teasing one another and could easily keep each other on the very edge for a couple of hours, or longer! Moreover, a skilful master or mistress would lull the slave into a false sense of security by commencing the evening with a series of minor humiliations. But the worst part was that the master or mistress would leave the revelation of whether or not the slave was allowed to come that evening, or have to wait until the next morning, until the very end of the session.

Our second game we christened ‘Jeopardy’. It was a simple card game. To play, I first opened a new pack of cards, removed any that we did not need, blanks, jokers, that sort of thing, and shuffled them, Christine cut the pack and then we would begin: after kocaeli escort bayan our first two sessions Angela was not ever allowed to even touch the cards again at all: because if Angela got anywhere near the pack you suddenly found a lot of exceptionally improbable distributions arising, all in Angela’s favour — that’s why we always used a new pack. To play ‘Jeopardy’ you each pick a card and the player holding the lowest value is ‘in jeopardy’ (aces are always high). Now you take it in turns to reveal the next card in the pack. If it is a jack the person who turned the card removes one garment from, Angela. If a king or a queen appears then Christine or I, respectively, lose something. If it is an ace whoever is in ‘in jeopardy’ loses an item of clothing. In addition, when a royal card is turned over, the card after it was also turned, and if that is also a royal you lose two items of clothing. Two royals, also means that a third card is turned and if that too is a royal, you lose four items of clothing. Moreover, when you lose you become the player in jeopardy, so when you are losing you have more chance of losing again. When you run out of clothes you pay in forfeits, tame, naughty or depraved, dependent on the number of royals that are turned over. A favourite depraved forfeit, incidentally, was to set a naughty forfeit and then capture the results as a polaroid photograph, I still have a wonderful collection of these stashed away. A surprising number of show Angela with her tongue pressed against Christine’s clit, or vice-versa. A common mild forfeit was to have to recount a previous sexual experience in graphic detail, which was easily converted to a naughty forfeit by having to act it out. The game was over when all three players had paid a set number of forfeits, normally five; so ‘losers’ were supposed to pay many more forfeits that ‘winners’.

With two players, one loses garments or pays forfeits when a jack appears as the first card and the other when a queen appears, if a king or an ace turns up then the player in jeopardy loses garments or pays forfeits. Normally one of you soon stark naked when you opponent has barley shed any clothes at all.

When three of us had played the basic game several times, after we kept Angela away from the cards, we noticed that the level of undress remained pretty even and the gap between ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ was not so great as we had hoped. Consequently, we slipped the ‘Joker of Sudden death’ into the first round: you go through the pack several times over during the course of a game. If you were the one who turned the Joker you stripped there and then, and after that life was all forfeits. We don’t have a rule for someone who turns the Joker when already naked, it has never happened yet: but I expect that no orgasms and, at the end of the game, a full hour of tie and tease would be about right. If you have more players, tens, nines eights etc.. start to count in their turn and it’s easier to use two, or even three, packs of cards shuffled together. Finally, with several players I would not introduce two ‘Jokers of Sudden death’, complications would ensue if the same person picked both and the discomfort of izmit escort the unfortunate individual who turns the joker would be reduced significantly. A better variant is to make both aces and twos, even threes if there are lots of players, all jeopardy cards. If you have more than ten players at your table please don’t worry; send me an invite, I’ll bring along a computer program that fixes both the difficulties of too many players and prevents the strange results that surround the Angela’s of this world. Of course everyone present would have to trust implicitly somebody who they know loves to tease.

The third game, does not have a name because if I had may way we would never play it. It starts when Angela and Christine ambush Adrian, tie him naked and helpless to the bed, tease him till he is rock hard, his balls have started to contract and he is begging them not to do this to him again. Then they take it in turns to tease poor Adrian for five minutes; whoever makes him come has to clean up the mess with her tongue and is then the slave. Whoever, causes the other to slip up is the mistress and she will subject the slave to at least one hour’s teasing and then make her wait until morning for her orgasms. So there is a real incentive not to lose deliberately.

When you tease Adrian you have to stroke his cock at least once during the first ten seconds, three times in the first twenty seconds and twenty times by the end of the first minute: apart from that, during the first three minutes, you can do whatever you like to excite him, except touch his nipples. During the fourth minute you have to force Adrian to beg for an orgasm, if you succeed you have until the end of your five minute period to get Adrian so excited that the next person cannot help but make him spurt. If Adrian can hold out and not beg, then he is left alone for the last minute and you have to take a second turn. After this, regardless of whether you make him, beg or not, the next person has their go. The person who is not doing the teasing, is the one who is allowed to tickle, lick or suck Adrian’s nipples making him even more excited than ever.

See the many dilemmas? If you are teasing you really need to get Adrian to beg you to let him come, because if you don’t you’ll either have to have a second turn, or lose your opportunity to set him on a hair trigger for the next person. Adrian really does not want to beg, because that is the only way that he can get a break from the teasing. In addition, the longer the game goes on the more difficult it becomes for Adrian to resist pleading with the teaser for release yet at the same time the more Adrian wants to win those little breaks. The person who is not teasing also faces a dilemma, if they stimulate Adrian’s nipples he is far more likely to come, but if he does not come, after all, he is going to be that much more sensitive when they have their next turn.

Incidentally, if you are into the group scene this makes a great party game for picking some masters, mistresses and their slaves. You tie several of the men down and a pair goes to work on each of them. If the man manages not to come for an hour, say, he gets to keep the pair for the weekend. If he spurts, whoever was not teasing at the time gets to keep the pair. You can’t do this with women, they are too clever at both faking and hiding orgasms; whereas when a man comes everyone can see and smell it.

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