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Gamers Pt. 01

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Just so you know: I really like to develop the characters and the situation before any of the ‘good stuff’ happens. If you like a healthy dose of story with your erotica, then I hope that this will be to your taste.


It never occurred to me that gaming could lead to anything other than more gaming. And I guess that I owe Kasia a great debt for showing me what could be.

There were four of us, and we were compulsive tabletop gamers. We played ’em all, from the quick and comical 20-minute card games, to the knock-down, drag-out, weekend long marathon games.

By the time we finished high school, we played twice a week. Tuesday nights we called the pick-up game: other friends could be invited, and the games were light entertainment … Often we played those German-style games, like Settlers of Catan, or Ticket to Ride. Easy to learn, easy to play, and even first-time players can win.

Friday night was for more serious, strategy-based games, where luck was less of a factor. That was just for the four of us, and we often played into the early hours of the morning.

Les (or Leszek) had been my best friend since grade school. He was a math whiz, studying computer engineering. Unfortunately, he looked like the stereotypical nerd. I mean, we were all nerds, to a certain degree, but Les was short, skinny, and wore glasses.

Gerry was Mr. Personality. He collected jokes, and insisted on sharing them with everybody. Nobody laughed louder at his jokes than he did. Filipino by origin, Gerry was a bit overweight. Okay – he was a lot overweight. He called himself ‘the round brown mound of renown’. We called him ‘the legend in his own mind’.

Max was an athlete. He was a slot receiver for our college football team, and ran track. He had the most outrageously curly red hair. Max lived in two worlds: he was an athlete, and hung out with the jocks, but we were his best friends, and he never missed a game night if he could help it. Even when Max had a girlfriend, she quickly learned that Friday nights were sacrosanct.

I guess I was pretty average in every way, except when it came to games. I don’t know if studying math gave me an edge, but I had always loved games, and won more than my fair share. In fact, the other guys frequently ganged up to prevent me from winning. I also tried my hand at designing games for us to play, and a couple of the more successful ones had crept into our repertoire.

Ah … Kasia. She was Les’ sister, two years younger, but only one year behind him in school. Whenever we played at Les’ house, his sister would hang around. It drove him nuts.

None of us minded, though, because Kasia would serve us drinks, and re-fill the snack bowls. Sure, she would hover around, watching the game, but she rarely interrupted. She might ask a question here and there – ‘Why did you do that?’, and so on – but she usually waited for a lull in the game.

And Kasia was cute. She was tiny, maybe 5’2”, and might have weighed 99 lbs., soaking wet. She had long hair so blonde that it was practically white, and bright green eyes. Her smile was a bit toothy, and she apparently had no clue how to apply make-up. But she was sweet, and perky, and … yeah, cute.

Kasia had just started her freshman year in college. We all noticed a big difference. Well, I did, at any rate. Les’ little sister was all grown up. I don’t mean to suggest that I thought about asking Kasia out. Far from it.

She was my buddy’s sister, for one. And for another … well … let’s just say that while I wasn’t a virgin, my sexual history to date could have fit on the inside of a matchbook. In fact, I would have preferred to be a virgin, than to remember my fumbling, awkward first attempts at the act of love.

I was quite content to just watch Kasia, on those occasions when we played at Les’ place. I came to the conclusion that white shirts and sweaters didn’t do much for her. Then she discovered floral prints and skirts.

– “Wow, Kash – you look great.” I told her, as we sat down to play one night. Her outfit showed a bit more cleavage than she ever had before. There wasn’t much to see yet, but Kasia was definitely growing some tits there. More appealing by far were her legs, as she was also wearing a short skirt that covered only halfway to her knee.

– “Thank you, Dean.” she said, flashing me a grin. I noticed that she had a bit of eye makeup as well. I wondered idly who was helping her out in that department.

– “Do you have a boyfriend or something?” asked Gerry, with his traditional lack of subtlety. Les gave him a venomous glare.

Kasia just laughed. Even her laugh was cute – a rising tinkle that made me think of Santa’s elves, for some reason.

Two weeks later, we were at Les’ place for a Friday-nighter, when Max called to let us know that he couldn’t make it. He apologized profusely, but we all knew that he would never miss a Friday night game without an exceptional reason.

– “What do we do now?” asked shanty town izle Gerry.

– “Fuck.” said Les, morosely. “We can’t do this three-player.”

We had planned a game of Dukes. It was a feudal simulation, with castles and knights, battles and sieges. Unfortunately, it was one of those games I most frequently won. But if we went ahead with only three players, Les and Gerry would have no choice but to ally against me – I would be crushed, eventually. Four players gave me a bit of a chance to persuade one of them to form a coalition with me – at least temporarily.

– “Did you bring anything else?” Gerry asked me.

– “No.” I answered. “Les has a bunch of games, though.”

– “I was looking forward to Dukes.” he said.

Then a voice piped up from the kitchen.

“I can play Dukes.”

It was Kasia.

I gave her a good, long look. First of all, she was wearing a flowery vest which left a surprising expanse of her midriff bare. But second, I will admit that I looked her in the eye. Could she play this game? It would be far preferable to finding a simple three-player game that we had played a hundred times before. Also, she could be a potential ally for me, against the other two. She met my gaze with confidence.

– “I know how to play.” she affirmed.

– “No.” said Les. “It takes too long to learn the rules.”

– “I know them!” she insisted. “I’ve watched you guys play it three or four times. I even know your house rules.”

– “You do?” said Gerry, impressed.

– “She doesn’t.” said her brother. “We can play Urban Sprawl. Or Casablanca.”

– “Casablanca’s better with four.” said Gerry.

– “Why not let her play, Les?” I suggested. “Let’s see what she can do.” Kasia shot me a grateful glance, but Les looked as if I had just pissed in his soup.

– “C’mon … let me play.” she wheedled.

– “Not happening. No way.” said Les.

Then came a second voice from the kitchen.

“Leszek – let your sister play. Just this one time. She can be Max, for one night.” said his mother. And that was that. If you know your East Europeans, then you know that the father’s word is law. Until the mother speaks. And then you had better know what side your cabbage rolls are buttered on. (they’re not actually buttered)

Les gave in, and Kasia sat herself down, directly opposite me. She was grinning from ear to ear. Gerry and I had to laugh at the contrast between her elation and Les’ dejection.

We set up the boards, and dealt the cards. Kasia had a few holdings on the southern side of the mapboard, right in front of me. She could have asked me to place her markers for her; instead, she knelt on her chair, and leaned across the table to put her pieces in place. That gave me a shockingly good view straight down her top. I immediately came to two indisputable conclusions: first, Kasia wasn’t wearing a bra. Second, Kasia had tits. They weren’t enormous, by any means, but they were a healthy handful, pink-tipped, and right in front of my face.

Was she doing it on purpose?

Within two turns, it became quite apparent that Kasia did indeed know how to play. So well, in fact, that she jumped out to an early lead. Les convinced Gerry to join him in an anti-sister alliance.

Kasia, naturally, turned to the only uncommitted player at the table. Me.

– “Dean?” she asked, sweetly. “Can I talk to you?”

– “Hey! No fair!” objected Gerry. “No using the cutesy-voice!”

Kasia invited me to step away from the table. We huddled in the living room, away from the other two.

– “Well?” she said.

– “Well what?”

– “Don’t play me, Dean.” she said. “Are you with me, or not? Because if you’re not, I have to consider my offer to Gerry.”

I had to laugh. “You’re good.” I told her.

– “I’ve been watching you. For a long time.” she said.

That was a curious double entendre. Did it mean more than the obvious? “So you want an alliance?” I asked.

– “It makes sense.” said Kasia. “Otherwise, they’ll just crush you, and then turn on me.”

– “You don’t think they’ll go after you first?”

– “No.” said Kasia. “Leszek wants me out of the game, but you’re the bigger threat.”

I had to agree with her analysis. “Ok, you have a deal. But let’s make it look like we don’t.” I had to explain it to her, but Kasia eventually caught on. We exchanged a few more whispers, and I shook my head. Kasia whispered some more, and I shook my head again. Finally, she threw up her hands, as if exasperated.

– “Fine!” she shouted, and then she stalked back to the table.

As I resumed my own seat, Les gave me a scathing look. “It was your idea to let her play.”

We kept our alliance secret for another two turns, as Gerry and Les maneuvered their forces to trap me between them. Kasia pretended that she was keeping her distance from her brother, and tried, half-heartedly, to convince Gerry to join with her instead of her brother. She let the allies attack shape island izle me on two fronts, until they were fully committed. Then she launched her whole army at Gerry’s unprotected rear.

– “Oh, shit.” he said.

– “Turn around.” suggested Les. “Face her!”

– “Then Dean will just kick my butt.” moaned Gerry. “I thought you said she didn’t know how to play.”

Gerry went down hard, virtually eliminated as we performed a nutcracker on his surrounded troops. Les stepped up the pressure on me, but he didn’t want to over-commit. Then Les withdrew entirely, and started making peace overtures towards me.

– “Ceasefire? Armistice? Alliance? We could team up against her.” he suggested.

I just shook my head. Les knew that it was futile. I keep my agreements. I would co-operate with Kasia to eliminate him, and only then would I turn on her. Nobody wants to ally with a back-stabber. Your word is your bond, in games like these. I wish it were so in life, too.

Kasia and I gradually ground Les down. He put up staunch resistance, but his castles fell to our sieges and assaults, one after another. Finally he had only one stronghold remaining, manned by his last reserves.

That’s when Kasia turned on me. I had been anticipating it, of course – hell, I was planning to do the same to her. But I hadn’t expected it so soon. Les wasn’t fully defeated yet.

– “Ha!” he crowed. “So much for that alliance.”

– “Sorry, Dean.” said Kasia, as she attacked me.

– “No problem.” I told her. “But I think you might have moved too early.”

She looked me right in the eye. “You would’ve done it to me in another couple of turns.” She was right: she had been watching.

– “I admit it. But I would’ve waited until Les was eliminated.” I turned to her brother. “Ceasefire? Armistice? Alliance?”

He laughed. “Ceasefire.” he said. I would’ve done exactly the same, in his place. He would watch for a while, and rebuild his forces, while Kasia tried to crush me.

She was good. Kasia had caught me on the wrong foot, and she kept me off-balance, reacting to her moves instead of seizing the initiative myself. I still think that I could have recovered, but Les chose to launch his own attack – against me.

– “Really?” I asked him.

– “I like my odds against her better.” he said. “Besides, you deserve to lose for allying with her.”

And lose I did. Once I was eliminated, Les and Kasia fought it out. Gerry polished off most of the snack food, but I settled back to watch Kasia play. She saw me looking, and grinned.

– “Sorry.” she said, again.

– “Don’t be. You need a killer instinct in this game. And as you said, I would’ve done the same.”

The siblings had to call it quits around midnight, with no victor in sight. We declared it a tie, which pleased neither of them. But we packed up the game, and then discussed our respective strategies and errors in the traditional post-mortem.

– “I got crushed.” said Gerry.

– “Brilliant analysis.” said Les.

– “You played really well, for your first time.” I told Kasia.

– “Thanks.” she said, with another big grin. “I told you I’ve been watching you.” Did my ears deceive me? Was that ‘you’ a reference to the three of us, or for me alone?

– “This is not going to be a regular thing, no matter what Mom says.” said Les.

– “I’m not asking to be a regular.” retorted Kasia.

Gerry and I said our thanks, and beat a hasty retreat. Apparently brother and sister had not finished their battle.


A month later (after the Christmas holidays), we were back at Les’ house. Max was there, so there was no need to call on Kasia to fill in – which was a good thing, because she wasn’t there.

– “Kasia not home tonight?” I asked, innocently.

– “Out with her girlfriends.” said Les. “Thank God.”

I had to admit that I was a little disappointed. That was when I had to admit to myself that I was attracted to her. She was definitely cute, and that gaming experience had revealed that she was clever, too. A girl who liked games? How could I not be interested?

It was not one of my better nights at the gaming table. I wasn’t paying attention, I suppose. It got even worse when Kasia came home, around 11:00. She looked great, for one thing. And she had obviously been having a good time, as she had bright smiles for all of us.

– “What are you playing?” she asked, and then she settled down to watch.

– “Don’t you have something else to do?” asked her brother.

– “No.” she answered. “Concentrate on the game. You don’t seem to be doing very well.”

In fact, I was the one who wasn’t doing very well, and I was the first one eliminated.

– “Bathroom break.” I declared.

When I came out of the bathroom, it was to find that Kasia had been waiting for me. She intercepted me on my way back to the table.

– “Dean – can I ask you something?” she whispered.

she hulk attorney at law izle “Is it a secret?” I whispered back.

She grinned. “Sort of. For now. I just don’t want to deal with Les if I don’t have to.”

– “OK.” I said. I had no idea what she wanted, but at that point, I would have granted Kasia three wishes, at the very least.

– “I was wondering … could you organize a game night for me, and a few of my friends?” She tilted her head to one side, and smiled at me. My resistance to feminine wiles is near zero, anyway, but that coquettish little move worked its magic on me.

– “Your friends? You mean, girlfriends?”

– “Yes. There would be four of us. Five, with you. Could you pick a game that is easy for beginners, but fun?”

– “Five? You want me to play, too?” I asked.

– “Of course. You teach us the game, and we all play. Can you, Dean?” she pleaded. Kasia put her hand on my arm, and fluttered her eyelashes. “For me?” she added. It was about as subtle as a wrecking ball – and just as effective.

– “For you? Sure … a game for beginners … let me think about it. When did you want to do this?” I asked.

– “Is next Thursday too soon?”

– “No. No, I think I can do that. Just let me know where, and what time …” I said.

– “Super!” she said. “I’m looking forward to it already.”

– “Me too.” I said. I had a major paper due next Friday – but was that going to stand in my way? No sir, it would not.


I chose ‘Castle Algaron’. It was a co-operative game, where players pretended to be warriors and wizards, defending a castle against goblins, orcs, ogres and trolls. Anybody familiar with Lord of the Rings would love it. The board and pieces were cute, with brightly coloured fantasy art. Best of all, it was a game where everybody worked together to defeat the forces of evil.

Kasia gave me directions to her friend’s apartment, in the student ghetto. It was a long walk from my house, but only ten minutes from the central university campus. The building was about what you would expect: old, and rundown, with creaky stairs, too many coats of paint, and some unidentifiable smells that did not invite closer examination.

Kasia opened the door, her long white-blonde hair flowing free. She greeted me with a big smile and a kiss on the cheek, and then she pulled me inside. I passed her a bag containing the game and a bottle of wine. The guys and I mostly drank soda, but more and more often we were drinking beer with our games. I wasn’t sure if the girls drank, but figured that a bottle of wine never goes to waste.

– “Ooh – you brought wine! Good choice! Let me introduce you.” she said. “Guys – this is Dean.”

Patricia was just past ‘pleasantly plump’ on the scale. Describing her as a fattie might be a bit cruel, but she was definitely on the heavy side. It was too bad, because she had a pleasant face and a warm smile. Her hair style was also unfortunate: she tucked the long brown strands of her hair behind her remarkably large ears.

Angie, her roommate, was maybe 5’5″, and considerably slimmer. Her face was pretty enough, but Angie dressed like a librarian: large black-rimmed glasses, hair tied back in a bun, and clothing that looked twenty years out of style.

The fourth girl was Virginia. “But we all call her Vee.” added Kasia. This girl was a little shorter, though still taller than Kasia. I couldn’t decide if Vee looked like a punky tomboy, or a bookish nerd. From the baggy, shapeless clothing she wore, I wondered if maybe she couldn’t make up her mind either. She gave me a shy smile.

Kasia took charge, getting us all seated around the kitchen table as she told me about the girls. Patricia and Angie were also freshmen at University, while Vee was taking a year off.

– “What do you plan to do this year?” I asked her.

– “Work. Make some money for tuition for next year. Travel, if I can.” she answered, a bit shyly.

– “Vee got accepted into Art School.” said Patricia. “But she couldn’t afford to go. It’s a shame.”

– “Oh?” I said. “Parents couldn’t help?”

There was a moment of silence around the table – just long enough to let me know that I had unwittingly put my foot in it.

– “My father isn’t in the picture.” said Vee, quietly, her head down. “And my Mom can’t afford it.”

I was about to apologize, but Kasia jumped in. “Right – let’s get this game started! Dean, why don’t I set up the board while you explain the rules. Angie, how about cracking that bottle of wine?”

– “Yours? Or Dean’s?”

– “Both!” said Kasia. Away from her own home, her brother and her mother, Kasia was louder, more assertive. She was a bit of a free spirit, I guess, who had to keep it toned down at home.

The game wasn’t hard to learn. Each person played the part of a hero, from brave warriors to powerful wizards and sorcerers. Sorceresses, in this case. Together, they defend a castle besieged by evil monsters, from little goblins to massive ogres and trolls. Cards are turned at the beginning of each player’s turn, some of which give a bonus, or a new weapon or spell scroll, while others determine which enemies are attacking, and from which direction. Everybody works together, and the whole team wins – or loses – as a group.

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