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Gail’s Gambols Ch. 08

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Big Dick

This is part of a series. This Chapter does not stand on its own. Please read from Chapter one.

* * * * *

On the journey down to Jackie’s place on the following Sunday I Thought things over yet again. I had to deal with Graham and I had to be kind to him. He is a good man and would make someone else a good partner. The split wouldn’t be too difficult in practical terms, we’d always had separate finances and the flat was his. I didn’t have that much in the way of clothes or other things; it would all fit in a trunk, I thought.

Then I wondered how it would go with Jackie. What if our sex had just been a short-lived thing for her? A sort of holiday romance! I nearly laughed out loud at the idea of having a holiday romance with someone who’d been my closest friend for more than ten years. These thoughts at least clarified in my mind the fact that I wanted a sexual relationship with her to continue and that I’d be disappointed if it didn’t. I needn’t have worried. When I arrived she hugged and kissed me very meaningfully.

“Are you hungry Gail? I’ve made a casserole. It can be heated very quickly.”

“Maybe later. I’d rather have you on a plate.”

She smiled and led me to the bedroom. We made long, slow love, neither of us coming for ages. Then we showered together and Jackie helped me unpack. Then we ate.

“You realise this isn’t a holiday for me? I’ll be at work all day.”

“Of course, darling. Don’t worry. I’ll have to see Graham tomorrow evening, but I hope it won’t take long. He must have guessed that I won’t be going back to him. And then I’ll have to go into work and throw myself on their mercy. I just walked away, you know. But I’m hoping I can persuade them to still give me a reference.”

“You worked for them for years, didn’t you? With no problems? That ought to count for something. What reason are you going to give them for leaving so suddenly?”

“I dunno. Any ideas?”

“How about a mother suddenly struck down needing care?”

“Hmm, I don’t really want to tell an outright lie.”

“No, well you wouldn’t. Ok, unspecified personal reasons then. They’ll probably think there’s a man involved. If only they knew! Remember, hun, you have a right to do what you want.”

Jackie rose early for work so we were in bed again by ten-thirty and she was asleep by eleven after a quickie. I lay awake for a while just enjoying being with her. She left in the morning istanbul travesti without waking me, which was considerate of her, but I’d rather she’d woken and fucked me. I wanted to make the best of every minute with her.

I texted Graham asking if it was ok to see him that evening. He just sent back “Ok”. He wasn’t hostile when I went round but he was very cold and sullen. I suppose I didn’t deserve anything better. I packed the few things I wanted saying I’d have the trunk collected next day. He offered to take it to work with him so it could be collected from there more easily. So he was quite happy to be rid of me quite quickly. He let me off any possible financial ties, too. I didn’t give him my address, though of course he could read it on the trunk. He didn’t ask me anything about my new life, I suppose he assumed I was with another man. He seemed resigned; I felt relief. Not too bad for either of us. I was back at Jackie’s before eight. She wrapped her arms around me to offer comfort, but I didn’t really need it.

“It was the right thing, then, love.”

“Yes, Graham was never the right man for me, and that life was never the right one. I was trying to live to convention rather than live to my own standards. I feel so much better now.”

The interview with Human Resources at my old place of work also went better than I’d expected. The woman I spoke to was very professional and efficient.

“Since you left so… errm… unexpectedly, there was no period of notice and therefore there are no outstanding monies due to you. I hope you understand that?”

“Yes, of course. I didn’t expect anything. But can I ask about a reference? I still need to work.”

“We’ll give you a reference, of course, and it will be a good one, but we won’t lie. Your abrupt departure will be mentioned. But with regret. Which is genuine. You served us well for years and replacing you won’t be easy. At least now we can start the recruiting process.”

That was more than I expected.

That night in bed, Jackie was lying in my arms with her thigh across mine, her still-wet cunt from our prolonged sixty-nine, pressed against my hip when she asked me, “So what of the future? You need a job, you can’t live on your savings for ever. And you need to start paying rent or get a place of your own. You know you do. Your luck may not last for ever.”

“Yes, you’re right, I know. The boys are just for istanbul travestileri fun. I need to be independent.”

“What about long-term?”

“Good question. I want someone to spend nights with; to wake up with; to talk things over with. I can’t do any of that with the boys. Tommy will never stay the night and Darren, though I love him to bits and I reckon he’d ask me to marry him if he thought I’d agree, isn’t long-term partner material. He’s too needy.”

“Isn’t Julia supposedly his fiancee?”

“Hmm. But I think she’s happy with things as they are. Did you know she’s shagging Tommy?”

“What? Really?”

“Yes. Darren told me. He doesn’t seem to mind. They have an open relationship. When he’s fucking me Tommy’s fucking Julia.”

“Good God! But they’re all happy, I guess. But what about Tommy’s wife? How does she fit in?”

“Well, apparently Darren had her first, then they shared her quite amicably. She wanted commitment so chose Tommy as better husband material. But she understood what his needs are and tolerates his other women, without a problem according to Darren, as long as he doesn’t take them home or stay the night away. And she only gave up Darren when the children came along and she was too busy.”

“Wow! People are amazing aren’t they? I’ve always said that convention is just too limiting.”

I hugged her tighter, “You have darling, and you’ve always been right. I owe a lot to you.”

Jackie stirred and readjusted her position a little. Her skin felt good as it moved over mine and she settled back again.

“No, you don’t.” She was quiet for a few minutes then said, “But how will you fit in a long-term serious partnership with the boys? There aren’t many people around who are that free-spirited?”

Suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Was it insane? Or was it the perfect solution”

I cleared my throat a bit nervously.

“Do you fancy moving to Harrogate, darling? You fit the bill exactly.”

I felt her tense and she didn’t say anything for a few minutes.

“Oh God,” I thought,” I’ve ruined a beautiful friendship.” Then she said, “Well, I can’t move tomorrow. I’d have to work my notice. And I’d have to sell this flat, but then once that’s done we could buy somewhere together. And I could come up every weekend in the meantime.”

She lifted her head up then and we kissed for a long, long time.

Well, that’s nearly the end travesti istanbul of the story. I found a good job. Jackie moved up and transferred with the same firm she worked at before. We bought a flat together. Our sex life is great. Jackie had quite a collection of sex toys which she introduced me to as I’d never tried any of them before. My favourite is a double-ended dildo which means we can make love face-to-face, but best of all is to fondle, finger, and lick her to a climax without mechanical aids. I love her dearly.

The boys come around, but not so often, usually together and not at weekends. (I suspect they’ve already got someone else installed in the other flat!). Jackie and I have been together nearly a year now and are planning on getting married soon. Oh, and we’re both pregnant! We’d neither of us thought about children for a minute, but as soon as we were settled in a strong relationship our bodies told us what they wanted. I aked her one day, “Jackie, love, do you ever want kids?”

“Yes. One day. You?”

“Yes. Now I think. It’s in my mind all the time.”

“Ok, then. I’ll have one too.”

“Good.” And that was that. You can’t ignore biology. My implant ran out, Jackie was on the pill so it was easy for us. Jackie wanted Tommy’s child. I decided I’d leave it to chance and never test to find out, so Tommy and Darren would both be fathers to my baby. We’d bring them up as siblings (which they might be!).Tommy had jumped at the chance of impregnating us both; “I love kids, me! I’ll be a good father. As much as you want me to, that is.”

Bless him! We both told him he could be as much of a father as he wanted. Darren was a different matter. He was reluctant because he was insecure about how good a father he would be. And he was a bit miffed that Jackie rejected him as a father. He wanted to talk about it for ever, it seemed. In the end when we were in bed one evening with his cock in my hand I gave him an ultimatum.

“Jackie’s having Tommy’s baby. Her choice. She’ll start fucking you again once she’s pregnant, she does like you, you know. So you have three choices: One, you stop seeing me. I don’t want that. Two, you use contraception yourself. That’s fine by me. Three, we carry on as before and you get on with it. I intend to have a baby. I’d like him or her to be equally shared between the two of you. I’ll never take a test to determine parentage, I promise you that, but if you don’t get your seed in there he or she’ll definitely be Tommy’s kid.” He hardened at that and fucked me nicely.

We both fell pregnant quite quickly. We’re at the stage now where the most comfortable sex is doggy-style. But that’s Ok. I like it all.

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