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Fur Sex and the Single Girl

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The actors in this script are of legal age. This is a work of adult erotic fiction and contains descriptions of sexual acts between consenting adults. If you’re under the age of consent where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it is illegal to obtain adult literature where you reside, delete this file immediately. If it’s entirely legal for you to read sexually explicit material, I hope you enjoy the story!

This story cannot be posted or reused elsewhere without the permission of this Author.


Lynne has become very frustrated and unsure of her sexual inclinations of late. It has begun to be an all consuming thought lately. Horny would be merely comfortable compared to her current sexually frustrated condition.

Her current situation has come about after a series of dates over the last year or more in which the men have been very aggressive and forceful in every case on the verge of date-rape. Not that Lynne doesn’t want to meet Mr. Right or get laid but not nearly so brutally. Is this the case with all men? They have all been handsome, well built intelligent Executive and Athletic types that she was sure would fit her self image and would be compatible? Can she find a loving and affectionate partner?

She sure doesn’t seem to have any problem attracting men to her. Why can’t sex be like a Chopin Nocturne? The right and left hands working together, making a single piece of beautiful music? Maybe sex with a woman would be more to her liking, she begins to think. Her best friend Ellen is a very attractive lesbian and she’s strongly attracted to her. When Ellen hugs her or touches her in her very soft way, she has found it very pleasant with a mild sexual rush. She decides to talk to her about it or maybe more than talk.

They have a date to go to an all singles mixer party tonight. These are usually straights but a few gays and lesbians often attend with friends, like her and Ellen, in the hope of catching a stray discontented straight. Lynne decides to force some kind of situation tonight as she is truly desperate to get laid.

Lynne is dressed to kill in a very enticing thickly sculpted knitted, open back, white cashmere sweater oozing softness, showing her beautiful smooth back and the shape of her modest but well formed breasts to their best. She has a white silk, mid calf skirt that shows her shapely butt in precise form and flares out generously just below her butt. No bra or panties to spoil the picture.

When Ellen comes by to pick her up she can’t keep from running her hands over Lynne’s magnificent butt. Lynne shivers with excitement and lightly kisses Ellen on the lips. Ellen suspects Lynne’s intentions and casually breaks it off to leave for the party. Ellen, knowing Lynne very well, is totally knowledgeable of her dilemma and doesn’t want to unfairly sway her despite her momentary desire to make love to Lynne.

Lynne can no longer keep her thoughts to herself. She begins talking to Ellen as they drive to the party, starting to reveal her thoughts and feelings to her. None of it is a surprise to Ellen and she says as much.

“Why have you not made a move on me before now?” Lynne questions.

“Despite how much I might enjoy that in the short term, it’s not what you really want and it would destroy our friendship. I think you are looking for gentle sex and are confusing brutal and gentle with male-female. You need to find a gentle man who will love and care for you and avoid those handsome bruisers and insensitive muscular ass holes you have been mistakenly attracted to.”

“I don’t want some geeky or wussy guy. That doesn’t turn me on at all” Lynne retorts.

“I’ll pick a man for you tonight. You’re in a rut and don’t know what or who to look for.”

“You don’t like men. How can you make an informed choice?”

“It’s not true that I don’t like men. I have a few very good men friends that I get along with very well. You know Bill and George very well. As heterosexual as they come and yet civilized. I think I’m a pretty good judge of character. Running my Marketing business, I have to do it all day long.”

“You’re right. Bill and George are certainly nice enough, but they don’t do anything for me. Besides George is married.”

“We’ll find a guy tonight. There’s always one good guy at just about every party as desperate for the right woman as you are for the right man. He may not be the most handsome one at the party but trust me.”

“OK. Things couldn’t get much worse.”

The party is held in the Ball Room of a nice old Hotel, well appointed with appetizers and cheap drinks. With a couple of Corporate Sponsors and the low admittance no one is getting rich off this affair. Lynne and Ellen stay together for a while, talking to lots of guys and gals while remaining together.

They get there fashionably late and still after their first hour the party more than doubles in size. This is turning into quite an event after all. Bigger than any they have gone to before.

“If ever there’s an opportunity it’s tonight”, Ellen Maltepe Escort is thinking.

People are milling all around, moving from one to another not unlike a business convention. A few have paired up in obviously more intense “interviews”. They’re not all male-female.

There are two “staging” areas comprised of all males in one and all females in the other that kind of grow and shrink, occasionally merging. Some are swapping notes on their adventures and individuals.

Ellen steers Lynne right into the middle of an all male cluster to Lynne’s reluctance. Like being thrown into the Lion’s den. She’s instantly like a chocolate covered cherry with guys.

Ellen whispers into her ear, “None of these guys. Just keep them entertained.” This is easy for Lynne as this is very routine for herself. These situations always leads to some insensitive jerk that wants brutal sex. “No thank you,” she thinks to herself and to all the guys one by one. With her slender five ten frame, striking red hair and brilliant blue eyes, it’s hard for any guy to resist Lynne’s beauty and the warmth of her charm.

Meanwhile Ellen is cruising through the “reject” groups without much luck either, when out of the corner of her eye she catches sight of a lone guy clearly out of place at this party and any of the sub groups. A genuine loner. Tall, very rough and rugged looking but with a gentle demeanor. More casually dressed than the rest of the guys, almost like he had just left a construction site. Most of the guys are in suite & tie or super chic sporty. No woman is even close to him and he’s muttering something to himself as Ellen approaches him.

“You’re saying something?”

“I’m sorry. I think my coming here tonight was all a big mistake.”

“I understand and if it weren’t for my friend, I wouldn’t be here either. Are you having a bad time?”

“Well the conversations are OK to a point but right in the middle of a sentence the woman of the moment will just turn and walk away without so much as a goodbye. Kind of like I was a pair of shoes she decided she didn’t like after all.”

“You are just the guy I have been looking for tonight. Don’t get the wrong idea since I’m a woman’s woman but my friend is not and she doesn’t have a clue as to what kind of guy she should be looking for.”

“This is certainly a twist I have never encountered. A match maker at a matchmaking party.”

“Yes. A lesbian pimping for her straight girlfriend. Promise you will stay right here until I come back with her? I don’t think you will be disappointed and please don’t disappoint her. What’s your name?”

“OK but I can’t promise I’ll like her … ah … my name is Frank Martin.”

“I guarantee you will like her!”

Ellen goes back over to the cluster of guys with Lynne as its core. Pushing her way through the group, or is that grope? Ellen grabs Lynne by the arm and drags her from the reaches of the male cluster. “I have the perfect guy. Don’t questions over my choice or what you must do. Understand?”

“OK Ellen. I hope you know what you’re doing.”

Frank sees Lynne being pulled from the group of guys by Ellen and his mouth is still agape when they get over to him.

Lynne is both surprised and mildly pleased with the man she’s standing before. He’s obviously pleased with what he sees judging by his open mouth stare. Not like any guy she has ever considered, for sure. In that respect Ellen scored. He’s not putting the move on her to grab and grope. A good initial sign. In fact he seemed rather cautious and respectful in his approach to her, as if she were dangerous.

“Lynne, this is Frank, Frank Martin. I’m going to leave you two alone now.”

“Hi. I’m Lynne Allison” as she reaches out to shake his hand. She seems compelled to, with a kind of professional response as with her job. His long fingered hand wraps around hers firmly but gently. She likes it.

They then literally circle each other without speaking almost like a dance, eying each other up and down. Lynne begins to move and twist her body in a very provocative way she has never done before … like a compulsion, sweetly smiling and she is not quite sure why? Seeking further signs of his approval? Her skirt is helping her with its flowing and light swirling action, riveting his attention to her. His response is visible. Between his growing bulge and increased smile she is enjoying herself in ways she never has flirting with a man. With the right music, they could be doing a folk dance. Mutual flirting in the extreme.

“You sure didn’t come dressed to impress” Lynne snipes.

“You sure did. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anyone quite so beautiful and enticing.”

Lynne is momentarily disarmed and further drawn to him with his comments. Not the first for this evening. “Why thank you. It is not often I get such unabashed complements without an accompanying move and grope.”

“That would sure spoil it for us both. I’m sure there is much to admire and discover with you.”

Lynne is so İstanbul Escort taken aback with this statement she visibly flinched. Frank smiles and stares straight into her eyes and begins to hum a Mozart dance tune that Lynne recognizes as they continue to visually size up each other. Kind of music to the dance they’re in. She doesn’t let on she knows the tune but lets him go on with it to near the end and hums the finishing few bars in unison with him. They both begin smiling and Lynne giggles like a little girl. She realizes this is no regular guy and her responses are totally different. If her flirting weren’t so compulsive with him it would be like work since she normally doesn’t have to do so much at all to hold a guys attention. Why is she so compelled to “perform” for this guy?

From the outside their dance looks for all the world like a pair of mating birds. Ellen is viewing this from a distance and getting a real charge from it.

“Would you like to leave and have coffee or a late dinner? Conversation might be a bit easier and more comfortable” Frank proposes.

“That would be nice.”

They headed for the coat room. Lynne gets her coat first and Frank helps her on with it. A very full and nice mid calf dark blue cashmere overcoat she often wears over her power suits for work.

Frank then is handed his coat. Lynne gives an audible gasp and her heart is racing as Frank swings his overcoat over his shoulders, sliding his arms into the generous sleeves. It’s a very large dark brown lambskin leather coat, fully lined with the thickest and softest Lynx fur Lynne had ever seen.

This is nothing Lynne has ever encountered. She’s suddenly sexually exited unlike with any man before. The introduction of this rich and luxuriant fur is a totally unexpected surprise to her. Suddenly the best dressed guy at the party. No guy at the party is even close to this! The dance continues with the Peacock plumage.

It’s certainly not that she has never been around fur before but never with such a blatantly sexual response on her part, like a switch was flipped on. The reverse is usually the case with the woman wearing the fur and the man chasing after her. Though she has thought of it on occasion, Lynne never got any fur for herself. It never got to her before in the way this situation has. She’s almost visibly shaking with excitement.

She doesn’t realize she uttered the gasp which elicits a very broad smile from Frank. Lynne isn’t quite sure why he’s smiling so broadly but it gives her a big sexual rush quite beyond her control. She suddenly realizes this isn’t going to be an ordinary date. He has already gotten to her in a way no man ever has. They have only shaken hands and she’s already sexually supercharged.

“Where would you like to eat?” Frank asks.

“How about Bill’s Steak House?” She slips her arm in his as they walk out. Since Ellen had driven it’s clear she’s on her own tonight.

Ellen always seems to find the most attractive woman in the room to go home with her whenever they go out. Usually a rescued woman from some brutish guy, so she certainly doesn’t have to worry about her. There’s the usual horde of brutish guys tonight doing their thing. Ellen really is a good friend as she could have easily had herself tonight. But what has she gotten herself into instead?

“That sounds like a fine choice. I haven’t had steak for a while.” Frank leads her to his car and lets her in. It’s obviously a car he uses for work with plans and some material samples and a few hand and small power tools in the back seat and floor. Certainly not out to impress an Executive Princess. Clean and comfortable in any case. Most incongruous is the beautiful rich brown Fox throw folded and laying amongst the plans as if it were a decorators sample? The instant the car starts Schubert piano music fills the car. Frank moves to turn it down when Lynne places her hand on his to stop him from doing so.

They smile at each other and drive off for the restaurant. She finds her hand resting in the soft fur of his coat as it billows over and out of his seat to her. It’s quieting and exciting at the same time. Another rush flushes through her and her level of excitement ratchets up with an image of his lynx wrapped around their nude bodies laying in the Fox. Suddenly her heart’s racing.

“I presume you are a professional of some sort Lynne? What’s your work like?”

“An Associate Lawyer doing mostly Real Estate contracts currently. What about you?”

“I’m an Architect and started doing my own construction on high end houses and Condo’s recently. Something I’ve wanted to do for some time now. I’m surprised I haven’t run into you in my work.”

“So that’s why the plans and tools. I was thinking you were out to turn off as many women as you could tonight when we first met.”

After a short laugh … “I don’t do things that lets one think I am something I’m not. Never thought that made any sense. It has certainly served me well professionally. But maybe that’s why I don’t Anadolu Yakası Escort do so well with the women? Most I’ve met and been with seem to prefer being lied to.”

He’s certainly starting with real, but what about the fur? “I see you must like fur a lot? Your magnificent coat and the throw in the back seat?” continuing to run her hand through his Lynx.

“Yea, I’ve always loved fur and finally got some for myself since none of my former girlfriends seemed to care for it and I figured, why deprive myself of something I love.”

“I’ve seen the occasional man wear fur before but never thought much about it until tonight. I think I really like fur and you wearing it.”

“I don’t mean to sound forward and screw up a good start but why did your girlfriend set us up? You don’t seem like the type of woman that would have any problem attracting just about any man you wished. I certainly want to go on with the evening so if you don’t want to tell me … it’ll be OK.”

“I guess you should know … sooner maybe, rather than later … though I don’t think it applies to you. Ellen thought she could do a better job of picking a man for me than I seem to be able to and maybe she’s right. I always seem to get a guy that is totally insensitive, brutish and often not as smart as he looks. They are far rougher with me than I like without my realizing it … until it’s nearly too late that is and certainly making for one of many wasted evenings. So if you like things rough you can drop me off now.”

“It may seem unlikely but I have had similar problems. The women I’ve been dating all lack subtlety. Very poor conversationalists, self centered and far too self involved. Far too blunt and a let’s-get-it-on-and-over-with approach that totally turns me off. More like a temporary job interview. Mostly with women professionals and executives, my thinking that better education would create a more complete and feeling person. And most seem to want it rougher than I do.”

“You don’t like it rough?”

“Quite the contrary. I hope we eventually get to find out. You sure didn’t seem that way at all.”

“I think I like you already.”

They finally get to the restaurant and are seated surprisingly quick for a Saturday night. Between Frank’s coat and Lynne’s beauty, most are staring at them as they go to their table, admiring the curiously perfect couple.

“So you enjoy Classical music?” Frank inquires.

“Very much and your test was most surprising. Music was my minor as an undergraduate. You have done this before?”

“First thing I do to separate the wheat from the chaff. There are other things I do as well. I got tired of, as you say, finding out when it’s too late and the evening is wasted. Being with a woman is not something I make a battle plan for. I’m looking for a mutually peasant experience, not a combative test of wits. I hope this is not what you had in mind?”

“I was beginning to think I could only find what I wanted with another woman to be honest, maybe too honest.”

“Too honest is a good place to start.”

“Well then, how do you like it … sex that is … my wanting you to be way too honest as well.”

“Soft, gentle and slowly in the furs for starters.” Lynne sharply inhales with a big smile at this as a rush of excitement flows through her body uncontrollably, matching her earlier fantasy. “If it gets more energetic beyond that then we can agree to it and how. Your feminine softness when I first laid eyes on you had me instantly excited. Your cashmere sweater, silk skirt and graceful motions had me palpitating. They’re continuing to have that effect. Honest and straight forward enough for you?”

“Wow, and yet you have restrained yourself from groping me even now?”

“That would be gross. You are far too beautiful and sweet to do such a thing. Besides, that would spoil the pleasures of seduction.” Lynne is nearly trembling with excitement over his responses and comments.

“I’ve not felt comfortable talking to a man like this before … to be so open and honest that is. The few times I have has seemed clinical and a total turn off. I was going to say you could start your seduction any time you would like but then you already have.”

They sit eating for a while still staring into each others eyes. Frank’s eyes gradually wandering and lingering over her shoulders and breasts, moving down her arms and hands. He finally reaches over taking one of her hands in his and kisses it lightly in her palm. Lynne quietly moans and sighs lightly as he does thinking he must not be into big jugs since he has sure lingered on her modest tits for a while. I’m sure he noticed my nipples grow as he looks at me. Lynne brushes his cheek with her hand and is ready for Frank to do anything with her he pleases. She already knows she will love every moment. “Thank you Ellen for this wonderful gift” she thinks to herself.

They finish their dinner and leave the restaurant for the car. As they are at the car and Lynne is about to get in Frank opens his magnificent coat, wrapping it around Lynne as she moves into him wrapping her arms around his waist. She nearly faints as he hugs her for a long moment with his face in her hair. She can feel the warmth of his breath on her neck and the softness of the fur around her. Her body is melting into his.

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