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Fun with Soldier Boy and Friend

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“Brett’s in town. He needs a place to stay for a while.” My boyfriend’s voice interrupted my thoughts as I lingered over my cup of coffee. “Ummm? Brett?” “You remember. Tall, dark, handsome and shy. All the girls loved him…,” grinned Mark. I did remember now. Mark’s handsome, rather shy friend. He had joined the army, becoming even more of a heart throb in the process. Much as I loved Mark, I quite liked the idea of another handsome face around the place and I remembered Brett was the kind of man where you couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at his crotch when you hoped he wasn’t looking.

Brett turned up with a bag of belongings later that evening. He was still shy and still gorgeous. I had invited my friend, Sapphire, round as well so Brett didn’t feel left out. No-one could feel shy around Sapphire. Blonde, pretty, fun and loud. She hadn’t had a boyfriend for a while and her eyes nearly popped out of her head when she saw Brett’s handsome face and toned body. He didn’t seem entirely oblivious to her low cut top and short skirt either. I guess months away in the army had left him a little thirsty for female company.

After a couple of drinks we were all relaxed and enjoying the evening. Sapphire noticed Brett’s eyes fixed firmly on her large, melon shaped breasts and asked him boldly if he had felt a pair of titties recently. He flushed and looked away. I was feeling a little drunk and a little horny so I said “I dare you to stroke Sapphire’s tits, Brett.” I think he would have refused but Sapphire, bursa escort drunker and hornier as usual had already pulled down her very low top to reveal a very tight bra. Her breasts were more than filling it and her large nipples were visibly erect and desperate to break free. I had half a mind to go over and suckle them myself and licked my lips at the thought.

Shy as he was, Brett could not resist those trembling beauties and he caressed them gently as Mark and I watched. We were both breathing unsteadily and becoming more and more aroused at the unfolding action.

Sapphire unblushingly asked him to slide his hands inside her bra and release her gorgeous young titties. He didn’t hesitate. That bra was tight but he managed to slip his fingers inside, push all that gorgeous softness upwards and suddenly, there they were. A magnificent full pair of tits, swollen with desire with very large nipples, begging to be sucked. Mark’s hands were instantly cupping the front of my T-shirt, no doubt imagining he was groping those beauties.

As we watched, Sapphire swung herself onto Brett’s lap and moaned for him to “Suck them. Suck them please. Now.” I knew she had been without a boyfriend for a while but I hadn’t realised how frustrated she had become. Ever the gentleman, Brett lowered his mouth to her right breast and sucked the tip reverentially, his tongue paying full attention to her large, sensitive nipple.

Mark’s hands were under my top, under my bra and desperately caressing my own bursa escort bayan full titties and let me tell you, I was loving it.

Meanwhile Brett had temporarily finished with Sapphire’s right nipple and had moved on to her left. However his hand came up to massage all that sticky saliva into her large sensitive bud so it didn’t feel abandoned. His other hand had slipped under her skirt. Without shame, Mark and I moved ourselves onto their sofa so we could get a better look at the oblivious couple. We were rewarded by the sight of his large manly hand pulling across the tiny scrap of material of her panties and revealing her swollen, shaved pussy lips. He gently fingered her pretty young clit. I let out a groan and Mark pulled my top over my head and threw it on the floor.

As Brett fingered Sapphire’s luscious young puss, she slowly unzipped his pants and out popped a very large soldier’s cock, standing to attention. Much as I was loving Mark’s hands on my titties, I wondered if it would be considered rude to lean over and engulf that thick, pulsing manhood with my mouth.

Sapphire put paid to that however by looking at me with lust in her eyes and asking “Shall we give the boys a treat?” Glancing at Brett to see his reaction she grinned “I’ve always wanted to taste your pussy…” The cocks of both Brett and Mark visibly stiffened another inch and that was saying something, if you know what I mean. I’ve never tried girl on girl but I fancied turning the boys on and seeing what came escort bursa up… Sapphire pulled me into an armchair and pushed my legs wider apart than they’d ever been; a leg hanging over each arm of the chair. She placed a thumb on each pussy lip and pulled them apart. “Oh God, boys. She’s so wet, I can hardly hold her.” She wasn’t lying. She bent her mouth to my folds and tongued me more gently than any man could.

I was loving it but with two very large, very manly cocks in the room, I didn’t particularly want to waste an orgasm on a tongue if you know what I mean. Luckily Mark couldn’t stand it any longer. He pulled me out of the chair, bent me over the arm and pushed a very large, throbbing manhood between my very eager lips. I groaned with every thrust. I love it from behind particularly when a man thumbs my sensitive nipples at the same time. I glanced up from my delights and saw Sapphire on the sofa, both legs in the air, with a large soldier cock pounding her rhythmically. I could tell Brett wouldn’t last too long. Months without sex and such a wet and willing pussy were taking their toll. We were two happy girls.

Just to fulfil a fantasy at the end of the evening, I again bent over the arm of the chair. This time I had Brett’s big tool stuffing my pussy and Mark kneeling on the sofa filling my mouth. Suddenly I felt Sapphire’s mischievous finger at my tight young bum hole. She was applying lubricant. Before I knew it, she had slipped Brett’s cock out of my gaping pussy and popped it into my arse. After a moment or two of pain it was a whole new chapter of loveliness. Brett could not take the tightness for long and fired his round of ammunition into my virgin hole. Mark’s familiar salty cream filled my mouth. Ummmmmmmmmm.

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