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Fun in the Country Fantasy

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I was lying there in the dark, listening to your deep breathing whilst sleeping. You were knackered because I’d worn you out! I couldn’t help smiling to myself, replaying the actions of the evening before, how we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and other parts, too.

Strange to think I’d only known you for such a short time. Each time we meet it is unbelievable. The sex is amazing and only getting better. From the first time you sent me a message on that internet site, we had clicked. You are the whole package. I have loved getting to know you and feel great getting you horny and so turned on. It gives me a sense of power over you.

I remember getting a crazy text at work with you standing naked and you’d written my name on your cock saying it was mine!

There was no way I was going to sleep. I looked at the clock you’d been sleeping for two hours.

“Mmm…” I say to myself.

Well, I know a sure way of waking you up. Giggling, I sneak under the duvet and lift your cock with my hand. I put my mouth around it and start flicking my tongue around the head of your cock. I can feel it starting to stir and your breathing changing. I take it deep into my mouth and start pulling it back and forth; you can feel the hotness and wetness of my mouth surrounding your cock. I flick my tongue under the head of your cock, just where you like it. I know without even looking up that you were wide awake. I now have your full attention.

“Don’t stop,” you moaned.

I love sucking your cock, going slow then faster, so you’re nearly coming. Then short sucks followed by long slow ones, I can feel you coming to the edge, so my mouth closes firmer around your cock and I suck faster and harder until I can feel the warm flow of liquid Marmaris Escort in my mouth. I lean over and kiss you, sharing your own cum with you, our tongues swirling in your fluid and dribbling down our faces. Your eyes are shining because you are so turned on by this.

You wipe my mouth and kiss me long and hard, holding me tight to you. “Well that was a nice way to wake up,” you whisper in my ear.

“Mmm, had to think of something, I’ve got plans for you. Come on get up.” I replied.

You look at the clock it’s only 3 a.m. But you get up and throw some clothes on; little did you know you wouldn’t need those for very long.

We’re in the car driving down the country lanes. Your hand is on my leg and I’m bursting for sex. Horny isn’t the word, I’ve been thinking about my fantasy for what seems for ever and now it’s going to happen, and you don’t even know it. I can see you’re wondering where we’re going. The air smells of sex, and my pussy is crying out for your attention.

“Don’t panic, it’s not far. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.” I say grinning from ear to ear.

I can smell the sea air as we get closer to our destination; the dark sky is just beginning to turn. I want it to stay that way.

We get out of the car. The sand dunes are in front of us. You know exactly what is going to happen.

“Race you into the sea!” I shout.

My clothes go flying off as I run through the dunes and down into the sea. I can hear you running behind me. I have the advantage, I’d only put on a skirt and top knowing what I was planning, but you had put the whole lot on; shoes, socks, trousers belt, shirt.

I’m laughing out loud because I am well ahead of you.

“Oh my God!” I scream. Marmaris Escort Bayan The shock of the cold water hitting my warm hot body took my breath away!

I stayed under the water. I knew I’d get used to it. It was a sensual feeling, a warm body being engulfed in cold water. My nipples went rock hard and stood proud. I knew you’d love that and your mouth would soon be sucking them. Just the thought of this is making my pussy warm and wet.

All of a sudden I’m brought out of my horny thoughts with you splashing water all over me! You grab me from behind, pulling me back against you. I can feel the heat of your body, and your cock is hard against my ass. I lift my feet off the sea bed and float out, then twist around and back to you, my legs dividing around your body. You pull my hips to your hips and your cock slides inside my pussy. This is heaven, I’m floating on my back and you’re thrusting into my pussy. The cold water is contrasting to the hotness of my pussy and the hardness of my nipples.

You take me with you to a shallower part of the water, you kneel down. I am straddling your cock but still floating.

“This is so much better in reality than my fantasy,” I say to him.

You nod, not speaking, but then actions speak louder than words. Your hands find my nipples, you start pulling them harder and harder. Then you lean forward and start sucking my nipple. I start bouncing on your cock, the water helping not hindering. The water is lapping around our bodies.

“Faster, deeper…” you say.

I laugh because that’s what I usually say! I can feel your cock deep inside, oh so deep, it’s stretching me and filling me up. You reach down and find my clit, you start flicking it Escort Marmaris as only you can do. My pussy starts clenching around your cock, trying to push you out. My body weight is keeping your cock deep inside me and I absolutely love this feeling. The cold water, your cock inside me, my hotness and wetness, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came.

“Cum with me,” I beg.

“I’m coming,” you gasp.

I hear that breathless tone you have when near coming.

Suddenly it was there. I was coming and so were you. I could feel you shake and shudder, your seed spilling out into me. My pussy is clenching your cock deep inside me.

Your cock slips out. We both can feel your hot fluid leak between our legs. I look into your eyes shining in the near darkness. I know you have loved this experience as much as I have.

We both swim around; playing, splashing, then you have that look about you. The look that just says I’m going to have you.

You pull me too you and turn me around with my back to you.

“I’m going to take your ass,” you say.

I can feel it at the entrance, your cock edges its way in.

“Gently…” I murmur.

You stop and reach for my nipples. It’s like opening a floodgate, my ass opens up and you push yourself in. It feels so full squeezing against my pussy. The rhythm starts, slow and steady. I can feel myself bouncing against the water, my breasts floating on the top of the water. You’re pushing in faster and faster now and I’m moving against your thrusts so you’re deep inside me. My ass feels tight around your cock; I know you love that tightness. I can sense you are about to cum.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!” You cry out.

I know you’ve cum. You slip out and we grasp each other tight. You know how much this has meant to me, to live one of my fantasies.

The sky is brightening, the world is waking up.

All I want to do now is go back to bed, cuddle up, relax and then start our heady sex again. Well a girl has to make the most of seeing her man, doesn’t she?

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