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Fun in a Motel Room

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As I entered the motel I could see him waiting for me. He walked over, wrapping his arms around me and planted a small peck on my lips. His kiss was intoxicating. Once his lips touched mine, my animal instincts took over. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him back to my lips. My tongue snaked in between his lips and eagerly danced with his As we broke our embrace, we laughed and walked back to our room.

Once inside the room, neither of us could keep our hands and lips off of each other. He broke away long enough to turned on some music on his laptop to set the mood, and also to muffle any loud noises that might come from the room.

I pulled him to the bed and told him to sit. I proceeded to straddle his lap and kiss him fully on the mouth. I could feel my wetness begin to gather as I grinded against his now growing cock. He began to undress me, first slipping off my shirt, then unhooking my bra, his mouth found its way to my ample breasts. He licked and suckled on the right breast, teasing my nipple with his teeth, then he licked a trail to my left breast and teased and gently nibbled on my left breast. I threw my head back and let out a soft moan.

I jumped off his lap and began to remove my jeans, socks and panties. I lay back down on the bed, exposed and longing to be touched, licked, kissed, devoured and fucked, ready for whatever he had planned – if indeed he had a plan. Today, I was the student and he was the teacher.

He stood at the edge of the bed, admiring what was exposed before him. He licked his fingers and gently rubbed my pussy lips, slipping first one finger then another as he massaged and finger fucked my aching pussy. I already knew his touch, my body was used to his gentle, strong touch, but this time felt like a new experience– a new one that I would not forget for a long time! The newness of his touch was overwhelming that my orgasm quickly built and I exploded before I knew what was happening.

After he had made me cum, he got down on his knees, spread my legs and placed his face between them. I squirmed in anticipation of having my pussy licked, my clit sucked and feeling the sensation of his tongue dancing inside my pussy walls. Like before, he didn’t let me down. It felt so heavenly; his lips, his tongue. His hands gripping either side of my body as he kept me still from squirming and kept the pace of his rhythmic movements of his tongue. In and out, side to side, diving in deeper, flickering of his tongue all over. I felt sadakat izle spoiled and my pussy loved every minute of it! The orgasms came in multiples this time. I breathlessly said, “Oh. My……G-G-G-OD!! I can’t……..I can’t stop cumming!!”

He then released his grip on my hips and backed away from the bed, allowing me to regain my composure as he took off his clothes. He again stood at the edge of the bed. This time, after licking his fingers, he slid them across my pussy lips and asked, “Are you ready?”

I nodded.

He grabbed first my left leg then the right, spread me open and gently slid his hard cock inside of me as my pussy swallowed him. I gasped with pleasure as my body remembered the last time we had tried this, except this time, the bed is more forgiving than the back seat of my car. After a few gentle stroked he withdrew his cock. Rubbing the head of his cock along my pussy lips, he slid his cock back inside me, this time with a little more force. He slowly moved in and out, side to side………just like he did with his tongue. He was massaging my pussy from within by the use of his cock. I could feel my wetness build again. He pulled out again, only this time to change positions. He asked if I wanted to try a different way, suggesting that I roll over onto my stomach. Because he knew I had trust issues and being entered from this angle, he waited for my reply.

“Yes, we can,” I told him.

I rolled over on my stomach and raised my ass to him. He gently spread my legs, touching my pussy with the head of cock. and then slowly rammed his cock inside of me. We moved like this for a while, trying various positions, my legs over his shoulders, one of my legs to the side. I was his plaything and he took special care in making sure I was enjoying everything that I was experiencing. I was enjoying everything he did and I was eager to learn more.

He withdrew his cock and told me to lie next to him on the bed. He didn’t want to cum inside of me just yet. He wanted me to experience as much pleasure as I could.

We laid there for a few moments, cuddling, kissing, and listening to music. I reached into my purse and pulled out my clit stimulator.

I decided to have a little fun. I laid at the foot of the bed my feet at his head with my head near his cock. I gave him the toy and asked if he could ‘help me out’. He obliged. He took the toy and first let it vibrate on my clit before slipping it between my pussy lips. The feeling sadece arkadaşız izle of the vibration was incredible. I leaned my head over to his cock. I grabbed his cock with my hand and began rubbing and massaging the shaft. As I rubbed and massaged, my tongue licked the shaft just like an ice cream cone. I started at the base and then slowly licked my way up to the tip. I could taste the precum on my lips. I continued to lick the shaft and tease the tip with my tongue, and began massaging and rolling his balls in my hands, surprising him greatly.

The more I felt the vibrations tingle my clit and pussy, the more I licked and sucked on his cock. As I could feel another orgasm beginning to build, my sucking became more insistent. My orgasm came in a thunderous wave and as I came I released his cock from my lips. Again he didn’t complain because it was MY pleasure he was interested in.

I feel back on the bed, tired and exhausted, but for some reason I felt a burst of energy within me. I felt impulsive, adventurous and he sensed that. As he laid still on his back, I crept along the side of the bed like a cat, climbed on top of him and placed my pussy opening directly over his pulsating cock. I reached down, placed his cock at my opening and slid myself down onto his thick, hot, throbbing cock. I grinded my hips and rode him. He knew he was getting close but again stopped our action for something more pleasurable.

While still inside me he picked me up and carried me to a comfortable chair in the corner of the room. First his strokes were gentle but then they became more forceful and faster. He decided that different position on the chair was in order, so he asked me to turn around and face the back of the chair. I did as I was asked. He entered me from this direction, I moaned with a bit of pleasure and pain. This angle was new and the chair was not as comfortable as I first thought. As he rammed his cock inside of me, his balls slapping my pussy, the whole chair rocked back and forth. I had to hold onto the edge to keep myself from falling.

He decided I needed a break from this intensity, so he pulled out, stood up and gave me a second or two catch my breath before he plunged his fingers deep inside of me. The feeling was both shocking and exquisite. I moaned as he finger fucked me. I turned my head to the side and saw his cock just inches away from my face. I reached up with my left hand, grabbed his cock and put it to my şahmaran izle lips. To his pleasant surprise, I began sucking and licking his cock as he was fingering my pussy. I began to crave the taste of his cock in my mouth. I could taste the mix of his precum and my pussy juices and it was intoxicating. I couldn’t get enough of that taste and I wanted more. However he knew I was new to this. I had never had a cock in my mouth, let alone tasted cum. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “You would rather I cum inside of you, right?”

He knew me far better than I realized. I nodded. Lying back down on the bed, we cuddled again, kissing and touching. It was both stimulating and relaxing.

We laid there, spooning for about 15 minutes or so when the urge came over both of us again. Our kisses become more intense, our hands exploring each other. He again fingered and rubbed and massaged my pussy, the wetness again growing, dripping from his fingers. I stroked his cock and massaged his balls.This time he laid at the foot of the bed, and grabbed my leg, lifting it in the air, licking and tasting my toes, biting on my foot.

“We are going to try from this angle. Are you ready?” he asked

I nodded, both unsure of what he had in mind but anxious to feel him explode inside of me.

With his head at my feet and my laying on my side, he again lifted my leg and quickly plunged his cock deep inside of me. I gasped. He pulled out.

“Are you sure this is ok? Does it hurt you like this?”

I couldn’t speak. I nodded and gave him a reassuring smile. Once again, he rammed his cock deep inside of me and began fucking me like he was on a mission. The sound in the air was filled with the slapping of bodies, his moans, my breathless moans, the music coming from the computer.

I gripped the sheets. I was torn between pleasure and pain, but I didn’t want to say anything, I didn’t want him to stop. With each thrust, I felt pain but I knew it was because of the angle. I looked into his eyes and I saw his pleasure increase. He had been waiting for this moment all morning and I was not about to stop him because of my uncertainties. I gave in to the pain, and into the pleasure. I had no control. My body took over and with every one of his hard pounding thrusts, a wave of ecstasy came over me. I could feel my muscles contracting and tugging on his cock, coaxing his orgasm, milking his cum from his body. His body jerked and thrashed as he came. My orgasms continued until we both collapsed, spent and exhausted from the morning’s activities.

As we lay, breathless and in the glow, he crawled up to me, kissed me passionately and said,”I hope that was fun for you. I enjoyed you very much.”

To which I replied with a wink, “When can we do this again?”

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