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Fun , Games Ch. 2

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And Julia sat in the chair, arms resting on the arm rest, her body controlled and warm in the shadow of the room. Her young lover relaxed and poised, his athletic body shaved and oiled. Julia sat and cast her eyes over the body she knew so well. The body that had revitalised her womanhood and rescued her from a stale marriage and an adulterous husband. She watched her lover’s pulse beating in his neck, she knew that pulse so well. She had lost count of the number of times she had felt his heart pounding and racing as he mounted her. He had learned quickly as youth does, and he could now anticipate her every move, her every wish without thought. She had also learned, and experienced the rampant lust of her young man.

She had to control his urges, and taught him how to slow his orgasm, but it was not always so. Since they had become lovers 3 years ago he had taken her without asking, simply walking into the kitchen, lifting her skirt and plunging his rod deep into her. It was her own fault as she teased him sexually, flirted with him endlessly and sometimes his manhood needed satisfying to the full. When he took her in the kitchen she would yield to him, begging him for more, he reduced her to a wanton whore with his erect cock and firm hands holding her hips as he released his seed deep into her womb. She soon found out that she could not get pregnant again which was a Godsend. She did not want more babies and the need for passionate love would be slowed down with contraception. The spontaneity of their love making was intense and relaxed.

But it was her darling’s birthday, his 21st and she had promised something to remember. They had taken a long weekend off from their business and come to the mansion house. Roger suspected that this place was no stranger to Julia. The way she had entered the house and not been surprised by the décor or the furniture gave the secret away. The Nubian man who had met them without a word gave her respect. No, she was no stranger to this place. He lay on the bed, his blindfold cutting out all the light. And Julia sat, relaxed and excited. Roger meant the world to her and he was going to be initiated tonight. Brought into the dark depths of true secrecy and she had to prepare him for what was to come. He had graduated from college with flying colours in business management. Primarily due to Julia taking the business over from her husband Richard. Roger had no idea where he had gone to, nor did he care as long as he had Julia he knew he was safe. He had built up a reputation in the firm for being a good listener and good with people.

He remembered when Richard had found him with Julia and the rage that he went into. It was soon after that when he disappeared. The stories circulated the company, older man flying off into the sunset with young secretary. The senior managers secretly admired him for making the break and imagined him sunning himself on a beach being waited on by young women taking turns to make oral love with him. If only they knew the reality. Roger had never been fond of Richard he was a bully and used sarcasm for wit. Roger had been in live with Julia for more years than he could remember and when they consummated that love and lust he was hers for ever. Richard treated her like dirt, lied to her and used her as a doormat.

Roger’s cock twitched as his mind played back the time when he and Julia were caught in bed. It must have been a couple of years ago as he was staying during the summer vacation. He longed to be back in Julia’s arms during term time but she was too far away, but it made him spend his time studying and playing sport. When he arrived at the house he was welcomed in with Julia’s tongue down his throat. He sucked it, nibbled it and grabbed her buttocks and pulled her close.

“I love you” he murmured through their kiss, “I miss you so much”

“Oh baby, I love you too, my handsome darling boy” Julia tongued his mouth and sucked on his lower lip. “Come with me darling, come upstairs and fuck me hard!”

They almost ran upstairs, Julia leading him by the hand. Roger threw his suitcase on the floor and picked Julia up under the arms. He threw her on the bed and started stripping his clothes off. She did the same, hungry to feel her lover inside her. She didn’t want finesse, just a hard fuck from her baby. Roger stood naked, his erection pointing skywards, Julia was naked, her legs open. She ran her fingers to her freshly shaved cunt parting her lips.

“Come on darling, just fuck me hard please, just fuck me!” she enticed.

Roger’s face broke into a grin and he held his cock in his hand as he approached the bed.

“Beg me!” he said

“Don’t be a bastard darling, please just fuck me, NOW!”

His smile was full of lust and he stood at the edge of the bed. He took Julia’s legs and parted them, his cock rubbing against her clitoris. He stood motionless and stroked his cock up and down her slit and between her lips, Julia tried to force herself into him.

“Remember what happened when I did that?” he said, “you tied my hands to the bed and teased me!”

Julia’s eyes widened, she needed his cock, she was willing to beg on her ödemiş escort bended knees but she could not endure the waiting. She ached inside to be filled by his 7 inches of manhood. Roger slowly entered her and watched her eyes widen as she remembered the pleasure and the pain of his long cock. Richard hadn’t touched her since Roger had gone back to college and she was bursting to feel herself orgasm on something other than her vibrator or fingers.

“Oh please darling” it was an elongated plea from the heart.

Roger pulled her hips to him and entered her wet cunt. She gasped at his length and size, no vibrator could match this for pure love. He felt his balls against her arse and started taking long stroked inside her, pulling out to the last inch then ramming back into her cunt. He put his arms behind her knees and grabbed her tits. They were full and he pulled her nipples remembering how she loved sensual pain whilst being fucked hard. He was like steam train, heavy with cargo and not able to stop.

“Oh God yes baby, oh fuck yes, fuck yes” Julia panted.

Roger bellowed as his balls twitched and emptied deep into his lover. She flooded his cock and balls with her cum, the scent overpowering as they crashed into their orgasms together. He stood as he felt his cock relax, pulling out and letting Julia’s cunt lie open for him to see his cum dripping from her.

“Oh baby you are so good to me” Julia said, “I have missed you so much”

She was still horny and wanted more. She rolled over and lay with her head below Roger’s cock and balls. She stretched her arms round his arse and raised her head and licked her cum from his ball. Roger groaned as she sucked them one by one into her mouth, licking them clean. His cock became flaccid and she took sucked it clean too, Roger winced as the sensations screamed into his brain.

They lay on the bed holding each other and stroking their bodies. Two loving people reunited.

“I am going to teach you more things darling” said Julia, “You have lots to learn and we are going to have so much fun this summer”

“What have you got in mind love?” asked Roger.

“Never you mind, but its all fun!” With that Julia rolled across her lover and sucked his nipples and then began biting them hard. He held her head to his breast and raised his tit to her mouth. He felt his cock stirring again, and he wanted his beautiful lover once more.

Julia took control and in an instant had his hands tied to the bed head. She had prepared the straps the previous week and now they were going to be used. Roger made a whimper but Julia’s finger on his lips quieted him. She sucked and nibbled her way down to his now semi-hard cock. Taking it in her mouth she sucked him to full erection and cupping his balls in her hands she ran her middle fingers down to his scrotum. She used her fingernails to scrape along the tight skin from the entrance to his anus to his balls. All the time she kept her eyes on his gauging his reaction. She opened the drawer next to the bed and took out a tube if water based lubrication jelly. She smeared some on her left hand and stroked below his buttocks and found the buttonhole entrance to his anus. He clamped his cheeks shut as an automatic reaction, but she sucked his cock hard and bit the end to make him relax. Her finger stroked the puckered entrance and she slowly probed him. He sucked in his breath as he felt her finger enter him. She pressed his hole and knew she had found his prostate when his cock jerked wildly in her mouth. Julia enjoyed the control she had over her lover and applied more pressure on his gland. He screamed in ecstasy as she started to finger him hard and with a firm rhythm. He erupted inside her mouth as she rammed a second finger inside him. She almost gagged when the cum hit her throat but she swallowed most of his cum. She saved some on her cheeks and removed her fingers from his arse. She kissed him hard on the mouth and let his cum trickle into his mouth.

“Drink it darling, drink it down” she cooed.

He did as he was told for to disobey would have been futile.

“Nice” he smiled, licking his lips.

” I have more plans in store for you darling, but that will be later. Richard is out tonight so we can do what we want”

They showered and changed, and Julia watched Roger unpack his clothes. He was neat and meticulous and put his things away in a logical order. When he had finished they had lunch and talked the afternoon away. Having cleared away the dinner plates and washed up, they relaxed in each other’s arms in front of the TV. They could have been any loving couple, but they were different. The moments like these were treasure troves of memories for both of them when they could act like any other couple the world over until Richard came in. But he was going to be late so they relaxed and kissed and touched. As night threw her blanket of darkness across the town, the curtains were closed and Roger sat at Julia’s feet massaging them for her. He turned to face her as she sat on the sofa and pushed her skirt to her waist. She was naked underneath as she always was for him seferihisar escort and she guided his head to her pussy.

“Oh my love” she said, “you always know what I want and how I want it”

Roger looked up at her and his eyes glowed as he lapped at her pudenda. He kissed its softness and licked gently down to her clitoris. He took it in his mouth and sucked it making Julia squirm in her seat. Following her example from earlier he licked from her anus to her clit in long strokes, dipping his tongue into her cunt along the way. He sucked her lips the way she liked it and taking his finger he rested it against her anus. He had adored being fingered and he wanted to do it to his lover. He took his finger and took some of Julia’s cum onto it and returned to her anus. She raised her legs to give him better access. Her bottom hung off the edge of the sofa as he licked her tight hole. He drank her musky smell as he licked it and probed it with is tongue. He watched his finger disappear inside her arse and she took it in one probing. Julia moaned and pulled Roger’s face to her cunt forcing him to lick her some more. His finger was buried inside her and he started to finger fuck her as she had him earlier in the day.

“Fuck I can’t stand it any longer baby, I want your cock up my arse. I need it baby” she panted “I was going to save it for later but I need it, God I need it”

Roger loved when she was like this, in heat, demanding, knowing what she wanted!

He ran upstairs and grabbed the lubricant from where he had left it on his bedside cabinet. Julia was fingering her cunt, her face screwed up in passion and lust.

“Come on darling boy, spread the lube on your prick, all over it, yes that’s it!

Roger pushed Julia’s legs to her tits and she held them by her ankles revealing her arsehole and cunt. He placed his cock against her tight anal entrance and pressed carefully.

“Slowly love” Julia wanted to savour the pleasure and pain of being arse fucked. She had been using her vibrator on her arse in preparation for her lover. But nothing had prepared her for this majestic cock. She bore down against him and she felt her sphincter muscle relax. She exhaled loudly as he penetrated her and held her still. About 3 inches of his cock had disappeared and he felt her anal heat. He retracted slightly and pushed in some more, each time getting further up her arse. He took longer stroked each time and finally he was fucking her with precision. Julia’s fingers were working on her clit and cunt as she was being buggered by her lover. Roger was sweating and managing to control his urge to ram her arse harder.

“Take the pressure on the back stroke” urged Julia.

He took her advice and made the back stroke powerful and strong feeling the rim of his cock catching on her tight ring. The feeling spurred him on and she let out a stifled yell.

“I am going to fuck your arse hard you horny fucking bitch”

He had never used language like that with her before and her mouth opened in a gasp. She loved it!

“More” she panted

“Come on you cunt” he said “I am fucking your arsehole, you are my arse fuck slut! Take my cock you fucking whore!”

He started to slam his cock in and out of her and she pushed 3 fingers up her cunt filling her very soul. The filth that spouted from her darling increased her lust.

“Cuuuummminggggg!” he shouted as his cock pummelled into her in one deep thrust.

Julia screamed at the intensity of the pain in her rectum and felt his hot spunk shooting into her bowels. Her fingers plunged in her cunt as the thunder of her orgasm transported her heavenward. They froze in their act of love as their respective and simultaneous orgasms broke across their joining. They stayed locked for an eternity, shaking and trembling at the enormity of the power of their coupling.

Roger slowly withdrew his cock from Julia’s soaking anus. Her cream covered it as she took her hand from her cunt.

“Oh Jesus” he said, “that was amazing darling”

She nodded, unable to speak the words needed to express how she felt. She wanted to cry with such happiness and love for him. They cleaned up and showered together, soaping each other and whispering their adoration for one another. Neither of them heard the front door open, nor did they hear the tread on the stair. They stepped out of the shower, Julia handing Roger a warm towel when Richard walked in. He stood at the door aghast as his wife dried herself off. Roger’s face fell when he saw his lover’s wife. His face was a picture set in stone. Richard lashed out with the back of his hand catching Julia on the upper cheek.

“Filthy fucking whore!” he shouted. She fell to the floor as Richard kicked her in the stomach. Roger lurched out of the shower attaching Richard pushing him out of the door. Hoe youth and strength more than a match for the bully. Richard fell backwards banging his head on the wall. Roger kicked him as he fell and left him to attend to Julia. She wiped a trickle of blood from her face and looked down at her husband.

“Is he dead?” quivered Roger

She selçuk escort felt his pulse “I think so, now we have to get rid of him. Get dressed and look out of the window, see if his car is there”

Roger did as he was told “His car is there with a woman in the passenger seat”

The worked quickly, dressing and carrying Richard’s inert body downstairs. The quickly planned what they were going to do. Roger was to go out the back way and go to see movie, Julia would do the rest.

“No time to argue” said Julia, “please my love just do as I ask”

Roger didn’t know what had become of Richard or the woman in the car, but he knew they had disappeared soon after. He was glad that the lazy fat bully was dead, it left him with is darling love.

Now he lay in the darkness, senses alert to the world. His teacher and lover sitting close by, he could feel her presence, smell her scent. He knew her breathing pattern and loved and trusted her completely. He heard the silent opening of a door. Only the ruffle of the expensive carpets made a noise. Some footsteps. Bare footsteps. A stumbling. His legs and arms tightened against the restraints in his need to hear and sense what was happening. Words breathed. He caught the words “love” on the draught.

Julia stood up and motioned the Nubian into the room. He was naked apart from a loin cloth, his penis strapped into a gourd and tied between his legs and between his buttocks onto his waist band. He led the girl into the room. She was blindfolded and gagged. A pretty girl, probably no older than 25, shapely legs, small breasts and taut nipples. An almost boyish figure, completely naked, shaven and oiled. Her skin shone in the candle light and her blonde hair cascaded down her back. She shuffled as opposed to walked as her ankles were attached to leather bracelets joined by a chain. Her wrists were manacled and attached to a waist belt. She could not whimper and struggled to move forwards. Julia walked to her and took her shoulders, she leant over and whispered in her ear. The girl nodded that she understood as Julia stroked her hair and kissed her neck. The Nubian left and closed the door just as silently as he had opened it.

Julia removed the girl’s gag and kissed her on the mouth, pushing her tongue deep into her. The girl responded whispering “I love you, I love you, I love you” over and over again.

“Shhhh”, said Julia into her ear, “I love you too Sasha, and I have got such a birthday present for you to enjoy.”

Julia ran her hands down the girl’s body stroking her small breasts and pulling on her nipples. They were erect at her first touch and Julia pulled them hard, Sasha almost falling over. She then put her hand down to the girl’s cunt, it was wet, the first dew of her love juice dissipating already. Julia probed Sasha’s cunt with two fingers making her whimper, then pulled them out and forced them into the girl’s mouth. Sasha sucked them greedily, licking them all over Julia manoeuvring her fingers to make the girl clean them of her cunt juice.

Julia led Sasha to where Roger lay. He was aware of movement and his aroused sense of smell told there another woman in the room. He caught a new fragrance, lighter than Julia’s more fresh. He felt a body next to him and a hand on his erect cock. The familiar feeling of a finger entering his anus, that feeling he loved and knew. It could only be his darling’s fingers, nobody else could do it like her, in fact he had never been with anyone other than Julia. Julia released Sasha’s leg restraints and helped her straddle Roger. She held his cock as she pushed Sasha onto it. Roger felt the warm wet cunt envelop him. He let out a gasp as he felt the tight cunt forcing his foreskin back to its extremity. Julia let Sasha take him all the way into her cunt.

“Fuck him” Julia whispered into her ear, “ride his cock you little fucking whore! And remember not a sound, if you make one noise you will be sorry.”

Sasha did as she was told and rode up and down on Roger’s cock. Roger could not understand it, this wasn’t Julia’s cunt that was wrapped round his prick. It was smaller, tighter, her muscles more toned as if she had been practising muscle control. Sasha started to enjoy fucking this unknown cock. It had been almost 2 years since she had last been fucked by a real cock. Her mistress had not allowed her to have a man and she had obeyed. Sasha had been made to wait for this special occasion and she adored the long lost feeling of a cock.. She rode faster, moving her hips forward and backwards and in a circular motion to gain the maximum pressure on her clitoris. She could not feel the rough pubic hair of her last male lover, only smooth skin.

Roger could not contain himself and erupted inside the arm tight cunt that was using his cock like a hobby horse. Sasha whimpered as she released her orgasm onto him. He felt the trickle of expended seed running down onto his balls mingling with the girl’s cream. It was over in minutes, they were both breathing heavily and Julia pulled Sasha from her lover. Her feeling were mixed, jealousy that her lover had enjoyed another woman, albeit at her planning, and pleasure at seeing Roger being used. But she was in control. Julia made Sasha bend over and placed her face at Roger’s groin. She knew what was expected and played her part. Roger felt the tongue licking him clean, sucking his cock of the last remnants of spunk. Kisses on his thighs followed by tongue cleaning.

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