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Fun Day of Golf Turns to Cuckolding

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Me and the wife planned a golf tournament up north at a fresh golf course we never played before. While she takes a shower, I grab clothes for her to wear.

She comes in the room and sees what I have laid out. White lace ankle socks with ruffles at the top, Black satin panties with bright pink wording reading “HOTWIFE cum inside!”

A white loose mini skirt and white tank top. Wife’s (HOTWIFE) anklet.

A funny look came from her when she said, “That will be way to uncomfortable to wear golfing! I am not wearing that!”

I beg her please over and over. She says, “Fine, if you really want me too, then you will wear this.”

She pulls out my cage, panties and same frilly socks to match. Then she pulls out an anklet reading, (Sarah’s Bitch)

I so want to see her in them, so I agree. I put the cage on and locked it and pulled panties up and put the anklet on.

She got dressed and put my key on a necklace too. Place some makeup on, and fixed her hair and said, ‘You know I look like a slut and I hate that! So if I get hit on it is your fault and I won’t say no!”

I took a gulp of air and smiled. We get in the car and head north.

We get there and I unload the car and grab a cart. We head up to pay and register with the older men at the table. They tell me things have changed, and that it is not two person no more it is a four person cause they where overbooked.

I look at you and asked if that was OK and you say, “We are already here!”

He tells us our other team mates are Mike and John and pointed towards a small crowd.

They are two black men in the late 40s early 50s, nice and clean looking. We walk up and introduced ourselves as they look a little speechless and then said hi.

I turn and asked if you wanted a alcohol drink and you replied yes please. I head in and bought us some drinks. As I look out the window watching them pointing at your necklace and anklet.

You are smiling and talking with them as you laugh. I bring drinks to you when we hear everyone to their holes. We follow the two men when my wife said, “They asked about the key and anklet so I did not lie so they know and you better behave and do as you are told and golf good!”

We get to tee box and they both drive first. Very long and straight. I go up to swing and it feels uncomfortable to swing with the cage on. It is the only thing I can think of as I swung and ball only when a few yards.

Everyone laughed and Mike said, “It Is OK, we got you. Must be them frilly socks or I am a bitch anklet!”

John said, “No Mike remember he is wearing a cage on his penis!” Everyone laughed.

My wife hit a great one right on by both of theirs. We get in our cart and drive off to grab the balls, when my wife said, “That was a good hit!”

I smile and kiss her and said, “Yes that was, I am so proud of you!”

You smile back and said, “You will be!”

We chip on the green and get ready to line up a putt. I kneel and you rest your hands bent over on my shoulders. I feel you kinda lightly bumping into me.

I say we need to hit it to the right and you moan out, are you sure? I look again and said, “Yes, I am sure.”

I feel you bump me again as I stoop up and your skirt moved. Wife walks up, lines up her putt and bends over when I hear both men gasp for air. She knocks it in. She jumps up and down, not knowing her panties are showing, giving high fives to all of us.

We get in the cart and head to the next hole. Wife kisses me and said, “That was a nice putt, but one of them fingered my pussy as you were reading it and I think it helped!” As she moaned.

Next hole we all get out when wife said, “Guys my sissy bitch will hit from the lady tees is that Ok with you?”

They look at each other a little confused when she said, “Look, I will show you. Stand up and pull your shorts down sissy!”

My jaw dropped and I hesitate a second when she snapped her fingers and said now!

I turn around and dropped my shorts when both gentlemen laughed. Wife had me turn around, and I knew with me wearing black lace panties they could see my pink cage. So I turned around and suddenly they laughed harder and John said, “Yep you are right he can hit from the lady tee’s from here on out!”

They both drove long and straight down the fairway. We drove up to the lady tee’s and I barely got off the box again, when my wife sets up and one guy said, “I love your panties!”

My wife smiled and lifted her skirt up so they could read it. They both moaned and Mike said, “I would love too, cum inside!”

She smoked one longer than I ever seen and straight. She had so much confidence that she even had a little wiggle to her walk.

She kisses me again with confidence. I tell her she is golfing out of her mind today. We get up and hit our second shot on to the green, but both guys are staring hard at my wife walking with such confidence.

I get up and line the putt up when she said, “Witch ever one was rubbing my pussy better do it again, I think it Anadolu Yakası Escort will help me make it again!”

They both chuckle and Mike said, “Whatever you want to help us win!”

I am kneeling and lining her ball, feeling her weight moving back and forth and moaning a little. I tell you it goes right, and you said, “I know it feels so right.” Letting out a moan.

I stood up and walked backwards and noticed John holding her skirt up and Mike was rubbing her pussy through her panties, smiling at me.

She sets her putter down, lines it up and smashes another one in to the hole. She runs over and jumps into their arms and gives them a high five and kissed me on the lips, and said, “Yes Mike, you rubbing my pussy is working so keep it up!”

Let me tell you that this golf course is a links course. All the holes are by themselves nobody can see until they are at the tee box. Bunch of woods also run down the edges of the fairway. Tons of private time.

I jump in the cart when I watch my wife sit in the middle of their cart. Mike tells me, “You keep lining the put up and we will do the rest!” As they laugh.

I take off and go slow so they can catch up. I am watching my wife with so much confidence, have her putter between her legs and both hands in their crotch rubbing both of their cocks.

We are at the next tee box they get out and hit some bad shots this time. Wife walks over to her cart and puts her club back and kisses me and said, “They have gigantic cocks honey!” She kisses and moans in my mouth.

As I was about to drive to our tee box, I hear Mike say, “Shit pussy on the brain!”

I drive just awful again, my damn cock is straining in my cage it is so damn uncomfortable. My wife laughed. Knowing it was, I reach down to adjust it.

Again she blasts another one down the fairway. Watching her walk back to the cart seemed like she was strutting down a catwalk at a model show.

She sets her club in her bag, flipped her skirt up on purpose, and slide into the cart. Off we drove to hit our second shot.

I get up and get ready to hit when I see my wife kissing Mike and John one at a time as they play with her ass. I hit and landed the green. Wife said, “Good job, my sissy bitch!” Mike walks up to hit his ball while wife and John keep kissing and squeezing her ass.

John goes to hit his ball, Mike takes over kissing my wife. The drinks I bought for the wife are getting her relaxed!

We get in our carts; I hear them whispering, but can not make out what they are saying. Wife exhales an enormous amount of air and takes a drink and kisses me, moaning in my mouth, and said, “Remember you do as you are told by me and only me!”

We get off the carts and walk up to the green. I kneeling down, lining up her ball, when I hear my wife moan out loud. I feel her moving her hips up and down when she said, “Oh fuck yes!”

I tell my wife to hit the ball to the left, and she said, “Are you sure? You better look again!”

That is when I hear from Mike, “I told you her pussy is hungry, look how wet my finger is!”

When I tell the wife, I am sure that is where we need to hit the ball, John said, “Let me see for myself! Yep, you are right, she is wet and horny!”

Wife grabs my hair and pulls me around to look at her and kisses me and breaks her kiss to say, “GOD I love you my sissy bitch!” Out loud.

I stood up and wife leans back, John grabs her chest and holds her as he fingers her pussy. Mike leans over to her and kisses her.

John lets go of her and she fixes her skirt and panties, stumbling up to the ball and takes a breath and drops another putt. Holy shit, where did she come from. This time she gives me a high five and walks up to John and kisses him and then Mike.

Suddenly a storm pops up out of nowhere. There is a little hide away lean-to as we drive quickly towards it. Others are taking shelter under trees.

John tells Mike to back their cart up against ours, so Mike does. Mike gets out and said to my wife, “Come on enough teasing we have time for you to suck our cocks!” As Mike unzips his pants.

My wife gets out of the cart and drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. John comes around the cart, his cock already pulled out, and walked up to my wife as she grabs it and strokes it.

I am watching my wife sucking both of their cocks back and forth. Hearing her slurping and gasping for air. Mike grabs her shoulders and tells her to stand up.

She stands up, and Mike spins her around facing me. I watch John pull her panties down to her ankles. I watch my wife’s eyes roll to the back of her head as Mike shoves his cock into her pussy.

Her hands on the seat, rocking back and forth, moaning. I lean over to kiss her and noticed drool on her chin and smiling. I kiss her deep as she moans in my mouth and screams in my mouth; I knew she came.

John is over beside him saying, “God damn it Mike it is my turn or get her to suck my cock!”

Wife speaks up to me and Pendik Escort said, “Go over there and suck John’s cock, get him ready for my pussy!” Out loud!

I walk over and drop to my knees. I open my mouth when John said, “Shit man I am not gay no way!”

Mike stops and wife whimpers when Mike said, “Shit man you ain’t gay, he is you are just getting your dick sucked who cares!”

John said, “Shit man, your right.” As they high five each other.

I suck his cock; he is being way more rough with me than with my wife. I hear my wife moaning louder, when suddenly she covers her mouth to scream.

That must have sent Mike over the edge. Her pussy probably tighten up around his shaft because he pushes deep and moans. I watch him pull a little out and push hard back in over and over.

I still have a cock in my mouth sucking it, I notice John staring at them both. Wife leans back and kisses Mike with his cock still in her. She leans back down, resting her hands back on the seat.

Mike pulls out with a plop. Cum drips on her panties and ground. John pulls out quick and starts fucking her. Wife moans and cums some more.

She covers her mouth and screams again. John is fucking horny and fucking her hard. Mike walks over and puts his cock right in my face and said, “Smell that? That is your wife’s pussy. Now lick it clean, I do not want a sticky cock while we golf.”

I reach up for his semi-hard cock and started licking it. He jumps a few times, being so sensitive now. As I am worshipping Mike’s cock, making sure it is clean, my wife moans, covers her mouth and screams again, just as John grunts and pushes deep.

He unloads an enormous amount of cum. Wife leans back he pulls his cock out just a little and back in deep. As they cum he pulls his cock out when an enormous amount of cum drips onto her panties and ground.

Mike zips his pants up, and John walks over to me and makes me lick his cock clean. I watch my wife step out of her panties and looks at me kissing and licking John’s cock getting it cleaned for him.

All I can taste is my wife’s tasty pussy and some of their cum in my mouth. John zips up and stands over me. Wife said to me, “Bitch crawl over here and lick their cum off my shoes and leg.”

I crawl over as both men laugh and start licking their cum off her shoes and her leg while it still is dripping. Wife has me stand up and said, “Take off your panties now! You are wearing this cum covered ones and I will wear yours. Now hurry, the rain is slowing down.”

I step out of my shorts, and then out of my panties I was wearing. Both men laugh at my caged cock hanging straight down. Balls as blue as the sky aching to cum.

I hand my panties to my wife when she said, “You put them on me. She sat down on the cart skirt up to her belly as I slide them on, I see her pussy so red and leaking cum.

She pulls my head to her pussy and makes me lick herself clean. Moaning at every movement of my tongue. I tried to stand up, but she is holding my head tight and my ass is in the air.

Mike touches my ass, fingering it, telling John how tight it is. John walks over spread my cheeks apart hard and starts fingering it too without lube as I scream into my wife’s pussy.

Wife stands up as I lean up to pull her panties up. I get shoved back down by John telling me to stay right there. Wife looks at my ass and said, “Here the sissy needs some lube!” She spits on my hole.

John and Mike take turns fingering my ass. Rain is almost to a stop when John said to Mike, “Grab my putter let’s loosen this Bitch up!”

Wife tells John, “No not right now the rain is stopping and besides we tormented him enough.” As she giggled.

John flicks my balls and walks away saying, “Your lucky Bitch!”

Mike puts his covered cock up against my ass and pushed a few times and moaned and walked off. Wife hands me her panties and said, “Put these on now!”

I step into them and pulled them up. They soaked them with everyones cum. Everyone giggles as I put my shorts back on. Rain stopped, and the sun came out.

Next few holes were back up by the clubhouse. Both men were behaving a little, but during our putting they still fingered my wife’s pussy.

I grabbed more drinks for everyone and head back out seeing my wife sitting on Mikes lap waiting, chatting with the old guys that took our money earlier. They looked at me with a disgusted look.

Even with all the drinks she is drank, I can still taste both of their cocks from her mouth. The next hole my wife and both of the men decided if any of them make an excellent shot, I have to crawl over and kiss their feet.

Mike said it would give everyone incentive to golf better. John agreed and so did my wife. Heading to the next hole, John rode with me and my wife was sucking Mike’s cock on the way there.

John looks at me and said, “That is not fair is it! He is getting his dick sucked and I ain’t and either are you!”

We get out and both of them hit outstanding Kurtköy Escort shots. Wife tells me to crawl over to kiss their feet, so I obeyed. Both of them were enjoying it.

I still can not hit my cock hurts so much from wanting to get hard, my balls are aching. Wife hits a beauty again as I drop to my knees and kiss her feet.

Mike has my wife sit in there cart and John is in the driver’s seat of mine. Wife looks over and laughs and said to me, “Looks like your riding bitch, you know what to do!”

Both carts are driving side by side, me sucking John and wife sucking Mike, and it seemed like they both were driving a lot slower than normal.

Everyone landed the green, and I had to kiss all their feet again. This time on the green my wife is bent over me and said, “Damn, my pussy is sore. MMMM, but I don’t want to be rude. OH god, it feels too good to say no!”

The rest of the course Mike and John took turns on both of us, sucking their cocks. They were not getting hard yet, but getting close.

We were on the last hole, last green. My wife made every good putt. It was amazing. John smeared my wife’s pussy juice on my face. I add up the score and Mike took it from me.

Another team was heading back to the clubhouse when Mike flagged them down. He asked them to take our scorecard up for us, because we needed to go look for a head cover that we lost.

That group smiled and said we sure can, and off they went. John drove me and Mike drove the wife. Me and her sucked their cocks all the way back to the lean-to, making sure they stayed far enough away from people returning to the clubhouse so they didn’t see them getting a blowjob.

When we get there, my wife jumps up and grabs her seat cover off her cart and laid it down. She snaps her finger for me to lay down. She pulls her panties off and sets them on the cart seat.

John climbs up behind my wife and slides his cock in her red sore pussy. She came instantly all over my face. She has Mike straddle my legs, and she sucked his cock.

I lick her clit, making her cum over and over. John is fucking her hard, as his balls are slapping my face. I am getting so horny watching John’s cock move in and out of her pussy. Mike tells John, “My turn on that sweet pussy before you break it!”

John tells him, ‘I am not ready to cum, it will take me a few more minutes!”

John stops and pulls out and looks down in my eyes and said, “Bitch get on your hands and knees and face that boi pussy towards me now!”

Wife raises her leg not having to say anything, I roll over, and flipped around. Mike stuffs his cock in my wife’s pussy, making her moan.

John rubs my cum filled panties on my ass hole for lub. His cock is dripping of my wife’s cum also. Then he pushes his cock deep into me with one motion, and grunts, “Fuck that is tight!”

Wife grabs my hand seeing me grimace and said, “SSSH it will be alright, kiss me!”

I lean over and kiss her as we are holding hands, and getting fucked. Both of them are complementing each other’s cock, fucking their bitches.

I can feel John’s cock is getting larger and his breathing picks up as he grunts, shooting jet after jet of cum deep in my ass. Mike follows, shooting his load deep in my wife’s pussy.

They stand up and get dressed and gave each other a high five. They handed my wife a scorecard with a 10 on it saying, “That is how they rated you! Our phone number is on there too! You both should golf another tournament with us.”

Wife put it in her bag and said, “Anytime!” They drove off.

I slide my wet panties and shorts on. So does the wife. She kissed and played with my cage all the way back. We get back to the clubhouse after everyone had left.

We look and we didn’t even win? We looked at the board and people took our scorecard, turned ours in for themselves! I was mad, wife kissed me and said, “We won. We got the best prize out here, enormous cocks!”

I smile, grabbed her hand and kissed her deeply. We put everything back in the car and returned the cart. On the way home my wife takes off her necklace, pulls my shorts down and pulled my panties to the side and unlocked my cock.

It sprang out and was leaking cum. Wife said to me, “My pussy is WAY too sore to fuck, so let me get you off!”

She lifts her ass up and flips her skirt up as we pass semis on the highway. She takes her panties off and starts rubbing my cock with them.

They are so warm and wet with Mike’s cum and hers. She covers the head of my cock and starts stroking me slowly and said to me, “You love sucking cocks for me, didn’t you?”

I moan and licked my lips. She said, “I will stop jerking you off if you do not repeat me! Tell me if you love sucking their cocks?”

I speak out loud, “I love sucking cocks for you Master!” She smiles and slowly strokes my cock.

I need to cum so bad I try to move my hips faster. She smiles and said, “You love getting fucked by gigantic cock, don’t you?”

My ass grinds on the seat as I lick my lips again. Wife stops stroking my cock and I said out loud, “I love getting fucked by gigantic cocks too!”

She strokes a little faster and said, “You love being my cuckold bitch, don’t you?”

I let out, “Yes I love being your cuckold bitch Master!”

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