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Fulfilling Sam Ch. 02

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It had been 2 months since I had last seen or heard from Samantha during that night when I filled her deeply with my cock, and shot my seed deep within her womb. Even though she wanted to get pregnant, I wasn’t really expecting that one night to result in a child, not that another pregnant woman in my life would be unwelcome. So I can say I was just a little surprised when I got home, with my wife, and our now 6 month old son, and find a message from Sam asking that I call her as soon as I got the message.

I made an excuse to go to my den and picked up my cell phone, dialing her number, while I recalled the details of that night. I had never been with a woman that needed love that much and she had needed it so much, that it took rather little stimulation to get her to cum all over me.

Samantha answered the phone meekly, asking who was calling.

“It’s me Sam” I answered her in a quite voice

“Oh, I am so glad you got my message, I am so scared and I don’t know what I should do. I figured I could count on you since this involves you.”

Excitement drew over me, I knew now part of what I was about to be told, and I was screaming inside knowing I would get to plunge deep into pregnant pussy for another few months.

“What has happened Sam? What is wrong?”

“Vince left me today, I missed my second period in a row, we have been arguing about it for days since he found out, and he knew it couldn’t be his since he didn’t sleep with me very often, and never without protection. I am all alone, and 2 months pregnant with our love child. I hate being alone in this house, would you come over at least for a while and talk with me?”

“I could never deny a request like that, you are pregnant with my baby, and I will always be there for both of you. I will be over as soon as I can, just stay there and wait, and until I get a chance to figure things out, please keep this between us.”

“Ok, hurry though; I really do hate being alone here.”

I hung up the phone, took care of a couple small household tasks and let my wife know I was going out for a while to visit a friend. She gave me a small kiss, and I gave my son a hug goodbye, and then walked out the door.

The whole drive over to her house my cock was getting harder and harder as I thought about what was waiting for me when I got there. She may not be showing yet, but I know for a fact she has my baby inside her and that was enough for me. Not only that but she needed and wanted me to be there with her.

Knocking on her door, and waiting for an answer was almost unbearable, I wanted to take her into my arms, kiss her and take her right there in the open, but I knew I would have to have a bit more patience than that.

She answered wearing only her nighty, and a thin silk robe, I almost lost it right there. I entered her apartment without a word, not truly knowing Marmaris Escort what to expect from her. She grabbed me in a tight hug, and began to cry.

“I knew you would come. Ever since the last night we saw each other, since we shared in creating life” she said pulling away and rubbing her abdomen, “I knew you were a caring man.”

Nothing would come from my mouth, it was all I could do to sit there and admire her beautiful body, she definitely had the glow of a pregnant woman about her.

“You know I could never abandon my baby, or it’s beautifully radiant mother.”

A small smile emerged on her face.

I reached down to feel her belly which would soon be growing with my baby; I lifted her nighty up and felt the smooth skin underneath, caressing her back and forth with gentle motions. She almost melted right there, I could tell she hadn’t been lying when she said that her and Vince hadn’t been having sex. His loss.

“I will always make sure the two of you are taken care of that is my promise to you, Sam, and I will always be here to make you feel better when you are down, and I am someone you can count on.”

Sam just started weeping again, a sure sign of pregnancy hormones running wild in her body. I picked her up gently and carried her back to her bedroom. I could smell her pleasant musky scent as I held her close to my body.

As we reach the bedroom, she looked up from her tears and looked directly into my eyes, she didn’t say anything out loud, but her eyes told me she needed and wanted this. After a slow nod, I pushed open the door to reveal her bed and lay her gently down upon it. It was only then that I actually noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear, only the nighty. My semi-hard dick suddenly jumped to attention again, she was beautiful laying there, only the pale light from the sun outside bathing her skin in an almost angelic aura.

It was not difficult undressing her, I slipped the robe off, and pulled the nighty up over her head, not once did she say anything as I did, she just gazed at me wantonly, her eyes begging me to hurry. As quickly as I could, while my beautiful bedmate lay naked there on the bed before me, I disrobed, pulling off my shirt, pants, and underwear, until I was completely naked too.

Kneeling before her bed, I ran my and up and down the entirety of her body, from her soft cheeks, down to the soles of her beautiful feet, being sure to pay special attention to the areas most sensitive to touch. I could see while she lay there, that she had indeed started to grow in the belly, she had a small bump, even at this early stage.

She grabbed the hand that was caressing her, and without a word, directed it right where she wanted it. I took the hint and rubbed her clit with middle finger, occasionally dipping down into her to moisten it. It had been so long Marmaris Escort Bayan for her, she needed it so much, that I had barely started what I was doing when she orgasmed for the first time. I didn’t stop, and she didn’t want to let me she held me there with her free arm. I inserted to of my fingers inside her, curving them slightly upward as I pushed them in and out, so as to stimulate her g-spot. As I slowly pulled my fingers out, and pushed them back in, repeating in a rhythmic pace, I brought my mouth down to her parted lips and sucked upon her clit, flicking my tongue over and around it as I did. The pleasure she felt translated into her thrusting her hips upward, making my vantage easier to provide her pleasure. She held the back of my head down to her warm moist vagina, allowing me to drink in her musky scent as I pleasured her with my tongue. The steady rhythm combined of my tongue on her clit, and my fingers thrusting in and out of her eventually brought her to her second orgasm of the night.

She had barely given me a second to breath after getting her to cum twice, before she flipped me over wordlessly and straddled my chest, bringing her mouth down on my stiff rod. I could barely move, she was holding me down, but I wasn’t objecting to it. She was a master, swirling her tongue around my head, and stroking her hand up and down my long shaft. Several times I came close to loosing my load in her mouth, but she truly had knowledge about technique, and masterfully avoided such an incident, saying to me “I wouldn’t want to have you finish to early.”

I didn’t want to cum in her mouth, not today at least, I wanted to fill her with my seed again, and I told her so.

She crept slowly off of me, and stood up. I quickly followed her to her new chosen position by her dresser, and picked her up high enough to rest her on the top, giving me access to drive deep inside her. I stood there teasing her by inserting the tip of my rock hard cock in, then pulling away, giving only the slightest sensations of lustful pleasure to her. On about the third or fourth time I did this, she decided she couldn’t take any more, and grabbed my ass, pulling me hard against her, and forcing me deep inside. The warm smooth sensation of her pussy enveloped my member with each thrust, her juices dripping out of her, down my dick, and drenching my balls which were now aching to release everything they had inside her.

With each thrust in, she matched the movements to maximize the pleasure for both of us, and providing me deep access, causing me to hit the cervix. As I stood there holding her up on the dresser, and pressing into her deeply, she continued to grab my ass and pull me in. I couldn’t hold back any more, I fell shot after shot of cum filling her deeply. As my motions slowed she held me close to her, in an almost tired grip. Escort Marmaris I carried her back to the bed, and laid her back down. I wasn’t through yet though, I had one more activity for her.

I spread her silky legs apart again, and I could see my milky juice filling her hole. I bent my head down and began to eat her clit again, occasionally flicking my tongue down and inserting it into her cum filled pussy, allowing me to taste of our sexual experience, and bring some of it up to lubricate as well. I had never done anything like this, but the combination of knowing I was fucking my pregnant lover, and the taste of my own salty cum, lent itself to one of the most erotic sessions of love making I had ever had. Once again, I felt the now familiar movements within her signaling that I had brought her to orgasm. I licked her pussy clean of my cum, and swallowed it before taking my place beside her on the bed.

I slung my arm over her tired body, and pulled her close to me in a naked spoon. It wasn’t until then that she began to wonder if we might have hurt the baby. Every woman who is in a first time pregnancy has worries about sex while pregnant.

“I hope the baby is going to be ok, I wonder if we did the right thing, I mean you were hitting my cervix hard when I was pulling you inside me. I just hope we did the right thing.”

“My wife and I had sex many time while she was pregnant with our son, there is nothing to worry about, the body expects you to have sex during pregnancy and is prepared for it, and sometimes the urges are even stronger due to hormonal changes”

At mention of my wife she began to cry softly again, clearly afraid she would lose me.

“I will not leave you here alone, I will talk to my wife, let her know what the situation is, and figure out a way for you to move in with us.”

We lay there cuddling until she drifted off to sleep. I got up, dressed, and made my way to the car, I had to go home and talk to my wife.

The long drive home wasn’t nearly as exciting as the ride there. While I am sure my wife will be somewhat understanding, it doesn’t change the fact that I had omitted truths from her while I was doing it.

I pulled into my driveway, and walked up the path to the front door, pausing only a second, before I turned the handle and entered. I called out to my wife, who responded that she was upstairs. I climbed the stairs hesitantly, and once at the top headed straight for our bedroom, where I knew she would be. I found her in the master bathroom off our bedroom, looking into the mirror.

“Hey, honey…” before I could finish telling her that I had something we needed to talk about she turned to me with a look of shock on her face. I looked down and she was holding a pregnancy test in her hands, a long blue strip in both windows indicating that it was positive.

“I wasn’t sure until now. I have missed my last two periods, I thought it was just a fluke from the breastfeeding, but I began to suspect it may be possible, and I waited until you left to take the test.”

I was speechless, I had no idea what to say, I was now going to have two pregnant women at the same time.

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