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Frustrated Husband

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It was another usual day. Get up around 5:30, wife is in the shower as usual for over 30 minutes(no time to help with the kids). So I pack the bags as I always do. She gets 2 juice boxes and a few different snacks, make sure her schoolbag is packed and everything for her homework last night. Man she has more work than I remember in kindergarten.

Then check his bag, enough pull ups, enough wipes, extra clothes, shoes, oh don’t forget to put the extra children Tylenol in the bag. Now pack wife’s, TV dinner and a snack, pick which one to pack from when I stopped on the way out of work yesterday before grabbing the kids. Now, lets get the breakfast for the kids going. Juice and pancakes all ready, man I hope that they wake up in good moods this morning.

They eat and I get them dressed, no time for my coffee again, and the wife had to go in early so, pressed for time again. Get them off to the local daycare. What a great place for them, they have become so smart because of some of the people there but man what a hard place for me to be sometimes. I never know who will be there when I drop them off or pick them up.

Sure enough, I pull up, grab both of them and a single mom is at the front counter signing in the child. Man, why did she have to wear those jeans. Not so tight that they look sluttish but slender enough that I can see her shapely thighs, and her amazing butt, pulled up just enough to part each cheek so each one is a perfect round shape, gently tucked up above the dimple of her legs. Focus.

Get them in the room, settled, hugs and kisses and speed off to the daily grind. The day goes on pretty fast but those thoughts of the mom in those sexy jeans lingers in my head but I seem to get through the day.

There was a day not so long ago when all my thoughts were on my wife, so sexy, so good at what she does. Then after me trying to do more and more, it felt so expected, and now never appreciated. How I longed to feel wanted and needed or at least a little sexy. Being that super dad, super hubby; from cleaning the house, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, picking up the kids from school, playing and helping them learn, and still trying to make the time for my manly desires.

After so many years of holding it in, holding back, I had to let loose and tell her about my secrets, my desires and my wants, just needing a little bit back since I thought I offered so much. I just wanted so badly to feel wanted, and needed and didn’t want to ask and beg for what I really deeply desired. She would change, but only for a few days, almost a week, then slip back in to the same routine. Never to fulfill my desires on her own so I just stopped asking, stopped begging.

So I leave the office, but what to do for dinner, stop at the grocery store on the way, like my almost daily routine, like the movie Groundhog Day. Pick up what I need and check out. These beautiful ladies, they are everywhere I think to myself. This one store clerk, dark hair, a bit older but not much but so firm from what I can see. It’s the hidden things that make me wonder but the things I can see that make me fantasize about this lady Escort Bahçelievler and how she could make me feel.

Focus. Off to the daycare, grab the kids and one of the much younger teachers, of course she has to dress like that. Now I have to try to stop before feeling like a perverted old man. In my early thirties and shes not even 20 but how do I not notice what she is wearing and how she is wearing it.

Get home and get the kids settled and start the supper for the family before the wife gets home from work. Those dishes need to get finished so that the after supper dishes don’t take so long. I try so hard to get it all done so that I can try again at “wooing” her again tonight. The meatloaf turns out great and the potatoes so creamy its almost sinful. Cleaned up, kids get some game time, then it’s bath time, teeth, and story time for bed. He is such a mamma’s boy so I get to just kiss him quickly goodnight but she is such a daddy’s little girl that I have to sing a quick lullaby and lay with her for a moment or two.

Perfect, they are down, she’s on the laptop in the kitchen, so lets try this again. Time to make sure that I am prim and proper. Shower time, and get to smelling nice. Make sure that I do it all right and hope she notices the little details, from the fresh cologne that she loves, and make sure to shave all the pubic hair this time, none left.

Those sexy new boxer briefs should catch her eye. Just a t-shirt and boxers, grab a drink from the fridge, and sit on the couch. Not even a comment from her. Getting chilly in the living room so blanket time. Hour goes by and she sits next to me so I make sure to flash the undressed lower half.

My God how I long for her to just say something, anything. Or not to say anything at all, but just take me. I had been so worked up from the tight jeans mom and the clerk that my groin was so anxious with desire that the right look might make me explode. I wanted so desperately for her to see my outfit, smell her favorite scent, and just gently reach up under the blanket on the couch and slowly and ever so gently run a few fingers up my thigh and barely touch my hard on, or brush my balls that were so blue from not being discovered in so long.

Yet I lay there, and she noticed, but no real reaction, just gets up, goes into the bathroom and starts the shower. Guess I can skip the wooing tonight and just get rid of some of this tension I guess. I am so horny at this point that I am ready to blow. So looks like matters are in my hands yet again tonight.

I go into our bedroom and pull open the drawer of my secret treasures. Not your typical man I guess you could call me. I am not into breasts, not into nasty things overall. We have not “toys” to speak of, I just really like a few things, but they are my everything. I shared all my turn ons with her a while back but still unless I take matters into my own hands, I don’t get to see it and tonight is another one of those nights.

Into the drawer, and pull out some nice pink cotton with lace thong panties. She has always preferred thongs than anything else and of course I never Bahçeşehir escort minded. Then to my t-shirt drawer and get one that is a bit to small for me. Nice grey colored t-shirt, pink lacy thong, now for the pants. Those pink yoga stretch pants should do to the trick.

She gets out of the shower into the bedroom and as she has seen before, she does what she always does. Walks into the living room and asks, “so is that for me, am I supposed to put that on?” “Yes,” I answer. So in she goes to the bedroom and back out into the living room and asks, “is this okay?” Of course I say yes but it needs a bit of adjustment. You see, the t-shirt fits nicely, and the yoga pants and panties are nice but I can’t even tell she is wearing them really.

You see, I love a woman’s shape, a ladies curves are very sexy and oh so important to me. From the legs, up the thighs, and some hips, a bit of hips are so sexy, and something that is hard for a girl that has not given birth to have but mommy hips are so sexy when they are firm. Then some slender shoulders down to make sexy angles to her hips and with a side profile, the bump of the ass can be so beautiful in itself. Those curves that I love to trace with my finger tips but my eyes go first. But then there is the part that I am so addicted to.

Her mound, the plumpness of the pelvic region can be so sensual, sexy and very inviting. I love how the inner thighs just brush against each other when standing a certain way yet that sexy little window just below that gorgeous mound that appears if you are looking straight on. Man, as usual, no window, no mound.

I walk up to her, gently breath on her neck, and a peck below the ear. No sound, not even a whimper. I gently grab the top of the pants and start to role them down, just a few times, 2 or 3 times, just so that they are well below the top of those panties. Then I reach my thumbs inside each hip and pull straight up. There it is, that beautiful mound I was desperate to see, that gorgeous little window and oh, even better. Those sexy lace panties I picked out, I forgot about those, they are center seam panties, and that beautiful seam is showing because that short thrust upward pulled both the yoga pants and the panties into the lips of her pussy ever so slightly.

You can see that incredible mound shape, with the dimple of 2 thighs on each side and the window of light just below that incredible sexy little cameltoed mound. Now the outfit looks amazing. She stands there, and says nothing. I start to rub her thighs, hips and shoulders. I sit back on the couch and admire the view.

After a while I go into the kitchen, refill my water and turn off the television and grab her hand and pull her down the hall into the bedroom.

I try so hard to get her into it, by kissing her neck, and laying next to her, brushing her face with my hand, gently pecking her lips to mine, and telling her how beautiful she is to me and how I appreciate her wearing the outfit for me. “No problem,” she says. After a while of kissing her neck and shoulders, her lips and her beautiful lips, he burning in my boxers is more Bakırköy escort bayan than I can take, and I stand up in front of her, position myself in front of her.

She is laying on the bed, with her knees bent over the edge and hanging there, legs somewhat spread. Her hands are at either side, just laying there. I ask her if I am turning her on yet. Nothing, not a sound or a moan. I tell her that I can’t take the waiting anymore and have to take matters into my own hands.

Again nothing. I reach down, with that mound right below my manhood, and gently pull up again so that I can see that cameltoe parting the center of her pussy just a bit again. I feel my finger between the material and it drives me insane. Just knowing that the fabric is nestled between the 2 lips or pulled into the mound is enough for me to finish and climax right there. I tell her how turned on I am and how horny she makes me with those pants riding up a little bit.

Something about sexy panties has always made me instantly hard but my sessions of being able to see panties has been so few and far between that it doesn’t take much for my loins to get excited. Still no facial expression from her, so I reach in my briefs, and begin to rub but I do it so that she can see, and still no facial expression. No words, by now, I am used to no noise, no words or moans, no reaction from her so it’s all about me. I pull out my cock and just slowly stroke. Just rub my fingers along the base as I run the tip of my finger on her mound.

Knowing where that sweet clit is, I find it and push, just enough so that I know I hit it when she moves up a bit. I look at her face and know that I found that spot yet again and begin to squeeze my member. I tell her that I really need to cum and wanted to know if she wanted it in her or on her. “Doesn’t really matter, you put it where you want to.” After begging for some direction or some response, I can’t take more so I just start trusting myself, long hard strokes, almost as intense as how I do it alone sometimes, fantasizing.

Stroking it with a firm squeeze and long deliberate strokes from under the tip of the head to the base near my balls all while rubbing that sweet clit of hers.

Feeling that familiar feeling and now just wanting the release, I push the head of my cock into that cameltoe, right where I know her pussy’s entrance is. I push hard, really hard and force more of the material up inside her, but can’t really get enough in so I pull the front of the pants and panties down to get more slack in the crotch area and thrust up really hard.

Back to work on that clit and mound, rubbing that nub that has become like the female version of the cock, firm and hard, and thrust more material up inside her. As I look down and see the head of my cock buried pushing those pretty panties and pants inside her, knowing she has that inside her with my cock, I start to shudder, and stroke myself harder and harder.

I erupt the first squirt of my cum into the fabric and the tip of my cock is so sensitive, but keep stroking, and after what feels like a dozen squirts of my cum, I finally have finished the climax and filled the entrance of her with a sexy combination of my cum and her sexy pink panties and pink yoga pants.

Arms still at her side, no facial expression, I kiss her on the lips, and tell her “thank you for letting me cum there” and grab a towel to clean her pussy up and find her a change of clothes so we can go to bed.

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