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This is a true story, an actual account of some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had with a woman I love. But be forewarned that there is a kinky element of discovery that some will find unsettling. Please spare me the hate mail by playing it safe and reading something else.


The late July afternoon was hot and brilliantly sunny as Elizabeth and I hiked back to our tent. We’d been out since breakfast, enjoying a winding walk that took us through wooded glades, past a waterfall, and down to the river. We pretty much had the area to ourselves as it was really just a big chunk of state land and not a formal camping area. For our weekend together, we’d just parked our car, walked into the woods a ways and set up.

One great thing about summer heat and excercise is that it makes you lusty. We’d enjoyed some great sex the previous night as we slept naked in our bags, occasionally waking each other up for an encore by going down on pussy, cock or ass. Now we were beginning to feel the stirrings again. A kiss and embrace followed by her playful squeeze of my crotch ignited the flame.

“Oooh,” she giggled. “You’re hard.”

My hand found its way down the back of her cotton shorts and I caressed the soft globe of her ass. We kissed again and she pressed her pussy against the bulge in my jeans. I briefly lifted her white tank top and licked at her nipples, making them pebble and stand up while her hands played in my hair. Rather than risk poison ivy, we decided to head for the comfort of our tent.

We both love the anticipation of sex — those almost painful moments that seem to drag forever when you can’t wait to peel off clothes, feel that first cool smoothness of naked flesh, and indulge in your lover’s most intimate scents and flavors. The craving just builds with each thought of what is to come, or each mental image of your naked bodies with excited cock and wet cunt coming together in intense pleasure.

Once back at the tent, Liz decided to torment me with a saucy gaze while she slowly lowered her shorts. Her panties came down, too, revealing the soft, reddish triangle of her pubic hair. She’s a big-hipped woman with full, sexy thighs and a plump, round ass. Needless to say, she looks very erotic when she’s nude, especially from the waist down while wearing only a bra or top. I had a raging erection. It was a brazen thing for her to do in broad daylight, but then again. we hadn’t seen any other people all weekend. Still…

“I’m Demetevler Escort thirsty,” she said. “Could you get me some water?”

“Gladly,” I said, although this delay was excruciating. It meant a walk down to the ice cold, crystal creek with our water jug. Hustling as fast as I could, I filled it and returned to find Liz, nude except for her white sneakers. She was kneeling inside our tent and smoothing out the sleeping bags for us to lie on. I handed her the jug and peeled off my t-shirt. Liz gulped some water and watched appreciatively as I pulled down my jeans.

“My, someone is raring to go,” she said, tucking her hair behind her ears and eyeing my stiff, throbbing penis.

“You know it,” I said, crawling in next to her. It was hot and humid inside the tent, so we left the door open to let in the breeze. As it is, we have a thing for public sex. We seem to like the thrill of almost being caught, and anyone coming upon us would surely get an eyeful now.

Liz took my hard, aching penis in her hand, caressed the head and began stroking me as I kissed her. On her request, I had shaved my pubic hair completely off. She liked the way it made my circumcised, seven-inch meat look bigger and thicker and I loved how it heightened the sensation of her touch, mouth, pussy and asshole.

We were both sweating pretty good, but sweaty sex is the best, and I loved the taste of salt on her forehead and upper lip as I kissed her. She moaned as I licked at her neck and slowly worked my way down to her big round pink nipples.

When I reached between her legs and started gently fingering her slick cunt, we were both getting crazy with lust. There were a few moments of frantic confusion as we tried to get at each other and work out who would do what to whom. She ultimately leaned forward and took the big bulging head of my cock in her mouth as I kneeled next to her.

Moaning “Mmmmmmmm” as she sucked, the sensation of her tongue moving on my erection made me fight off an orgasm and I tried to take my thoughts elsewhere as I ran a hand over her moist back. She looked so good, so very erotic naked and with my cock in her mouth. Best of all, she was clearly enjoying it.

A sweet breeze washed over us as I knelt, watching Liz kiss, lick and savor my penis and balls. I was caressing her ass now and my attentions made her rise. We slid easily into a 69 with Otele gelen escort her on top and me on my back. The sensation of her mouth on my cock returned and I gazed at her damp pussy, the delicate pink lips wet and swollen with her excitement only inches from my face.

“Ohhhh yeah,” she sighed as I French-kissed her hot sex. A sharp tang greeted me as I licked into her, pressing the flat of my tongue against her clit. She shuddered in ecstasy and I could feel her strokes growing firmer and more rapid on my erection, which was now leaking precum. “Mmmm,” she purred again and I knew she was tasting the salty, clear juice oozing from the swollen pink head that was surely going purple with my arousal. I couldn’t believe how hard my cock felt.

We spent the next several minutes orally pleasuring each other, both of us in that blissful but intense state that is right on the verge of orgasm. The sight, scent and taste of your lover makes wish you could stay there forever.

Running my hands over Liz’s ample ass, I was swept away be a desire to lick her anus. I’d done it many times before and she loves the sensation as much as I love the way it tastes. She has an incredibly sexy asshole surrounded by a circle of dark skin and I’ve always been amazed at how something so tight and small can accomodate a large erection. LIz loves anal sex and has had lovers with cocks that are bigger than mine, She’s said she took them all the way with no trouble, but she treasures me most for my artful, deep rimjobs that often make her come.

Nothing turns me on more than the scent and taste of Liz’s asshole, but this moment presented something different in a way that utterly surprised me. I parted her buttocks and licked at the sweaty slickness between them, fighting not to come in her mouth as I savored her salty musk. Pausing to catch my breath, I gazed at her anus and noticed a small streak of dark brown on the slit. I knew what it was, as she had gone out with the shovel last night, used the woods and we hadn’t showered,

“Should I?” I wondered in a momentary mix of fear and curiosity that might be like what a woman feels when she is about experience a man coming in her mouth for the very first time. What would it taste like? How would I react? I’d thrilled to a certain bitterness while licking her asshole before and often wondered. All I knew was that the taste had made me intensely Balgat Escort horny.

Liz was moaning and wiggling her ass in my face, clearly anticipating and eager for what was coming next: my tongue on and then in her asshole. She often said that just the thought of it could make her feel like she was going to come. That knowledge made rimming her my favorite sex act and biggest turn-on.

“Mmmm, oh yeah, baby,” she cooed, stroking my cock. “Lick my ass. Suck my asshole. Let me feel your tongue inside it….”

It’s amazing what lust will let you do. This was clearly something to be avoided, but the heat, the sweat, her soft purrs and moans, the musky scent of her ass, the sight of her wet cunt and sexy asshole and the intense horny pleasure I felt as she sucked and stroked my cock made me want to explore a new frontier and know her totally and in complete intimacy.

So I ran my tongue over her anus.

Her salty bitterness instantly made me more excited than I had ever been in my life and I immediately began to come intensely. Liz whimpered with lust and desire as she felt and tasted my first spurt of warm semen — a moment she always treasures as she adores giving a blowjob, the sensation of the penis pulsing in her mouth, and the taste of cum. I just kept coming and coming as I rode my blinding pleasure while moaning and madly driving my tongue deep into her spicy, welcoming anus.

I kept licking and probing Liz’s soft, sweaty, bitter and incredibly delicious asshole as she swallowed my cream and then slowly and gently licked my sweaty penis clean, squeezing out the final pearly drops of semen. My attentions were clearly bringing her to release and I could feel her tongue exploring my anus before she sat up and pressed her plush hot ass down on my face so my tongue could enter her as deeply as possible.

Madly caressing and spreading her buttocks, I tongue fucked her tight hole steadily and deeply until she cried out and shook with ecstasy. I thrilled to the sensation of her anal walls clenching my eager tongue, and the feeling of her her slick pussy juices flooding my chin and chest.

Planting a soft, loving kiss on her anus, I slowly inserted my tongue one last time and she playfully squeezed it a few times by tightening and flexing her tasty, wet sphincter. Them sne climbed off and lay down next to me. Propped on an elbow, she lightly played with my spent penis.

“That was nice,” she said softly.

“Hmm mmm,” I nodded dreamily in the summer heat and breeze, pondering the flavor on my tongue and the scent on my face.

“You tasted good,” she said, smiling coyly and touching my nose. “Did I?”

“More than you know,” I smiled, and we kissed, her tongue slowly entwining with mine before we drifted off into a serene and completely fulfilled nap.

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