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From Friends to Lovers Ch. 18

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The alarm went off, buzzing insistently, and I reached past Sarah to silence it. “Another five minutes…?”

Sarah leaned over to kiss me. “Sorry… The partners are pretty strict about office hours, and I have another really good property being listed today.”

She sighed. “I don’t suppose I’ll get lucky again, close a deal straight away like with you two.”

I tilted my head. “You never know.”

Sarah got out of bed, heading for the en suite, and as always my eyes followed, lingering on her bottom. Even though she and Beth had made very sure to satisfy me the previous night, I couldn’t help looking forward to the end of the day, and wondering if Sarah’s tastes might be expanded to include something that even Beth and I had only tried once.

I felt Beth’s arms around me. “Having wicked thoughts, love?”

I turned to kiss her. “Is that a problem?”

She grinned. “Are you kidding? I thought I was going to faint, what you and Sarah came up with last night. I wouldn’t miss that for anything – if you want to tempt her to take a bigger bite of the apple, that’s fine by me.”

Sarah reappeared, towelling her hair dry, and Beth leaned back against me as we watched her dress. “Maybe one day you should wear your Victoria’s Secret stuff under your office outfit, just for fun,” Beth suggested.

Sarah threw her an amused look. “You just want me to feel that silk touching me all day, so that I’ll drag you both into bed the moment I get home.”

“You saw through my plan,” Beth conceded, laughing.

Sarah finished dressing, and stepped into her smart heels. “Mm, Tim, my feet feel amazing.”

I smiled. “I’ll massage them again tonight, if you like.”

I felt Beth pinch me playfully. “You can do mine, too.”

Sarah walked over to kiss Beth, then me. “Hope your first day goes well. I’m cooking again, right? I’ll pick a couple of things up at the supermarket on the way home.”

We listened to her footsteps going down the stairs, then the front door opening and closing, the Mini’s engine starting. “Come on, then,” Beth nudged me. “Sarah may not want breakfast this early, but I certainly do.”

We went down to the kitchen, and I made toast while Beth found bowls, cereal. “Oops, what about sandwiches?” I queried. “I meant to make them last night, but…”

Beth shook her head. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you forgot on purpose,” she grinned. “But we had something else on our minds, didn’t we. OK, go to the café for lunch.”

We finished breakfast, and went back upstairs to shower. “Mm,” Beth murmured as I cupped her breasts with soapy hands. “But we really, really can’t miss our first lectures.”

Finally we were ready, and I closed the front door, making sure it was locked. “Want to drive?” I offered, and Beth nodded, holding her hand out for the keys.

We drove into town, and Beth stopped outside the turreted lodge, getting a distinctly chilly look from a bowler-hatted porter. “OK, I’m going,” she grumbled, but she smiled against my lips as I leaned through the car window to kiss her. “See you later.”

I watched the car out of sight, then nodded to the porter as I made my way through the lodge and into the grassy quadrangle. “Room G-14,” I repeated under my breath, puzzling at the signs on the tall brass-handled doors.

My first lecture was much as I’d expected, mostly practicalities – timetable, lab sessions, urla escort deadlines – but I took careful notes, determined not to miss anything. I glanced round at my fellow students, but only one of them, blue-haired and with piercings here and there, struck me as of any interest.

When the lecture was over, I found my way to the college café, queuing for what looked like quite an appetising meal. The dining area was set out in rows of long tables, the lighting dim, and I found a seat by myself to eat.

When I’d finished, I glanced at my watch, remembering that I was supposed to meet my tutor at two o’clock. I took my tray to the rack, and again puzzled my way through the college’s confusing layout to my tutor’s room. “Ah, Mr Oakes,” she nodded as I came through the door. “Practicalities first. Are you settling in, how’s your accommodation?”

“Actually my fiancée and I have bought a house. Out on the Edgington road, by itself, maybe you know it?”

“Ah, yes, The Grove.” Professor Murphy steepled her fingers. “There’s quite a story associated with that place. But that’s for another day.”

She turned over papers on her desk. “So you’ll have a group tutorial with me every week. And you and I will see one another every fortnight. I’ll expect an original and creative contribution from you at each session.”

Inevitably my mind threw up an alternative meaning for her words, and to my surprise I found myself distracted by something entirely other than her academic reputation. She was comparatively young to be a full professor – if I had to guess, I’d say in her mid forties – though her clothes were understandably conservative. But her skin when she reached for her pen was smooth, firm, and I couldn’t help wondering if it was the same elsewhere, concealed by her buttoned-up blouse…

“Unless you have any questions I think that’s all for today,” her words pulled me back to reality, and I nodded hastily. “No, that’s fine, Professor, thank you.”

Her warm smile transformed her face, distracting me again. “I think we might dispense with titles, given how much we’re going to be seeing of one another. I’m Marie.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And are you Timothy or Tim?”

“Oh, Tim, please, Pr-” I caught myself. “Marie.”

“Very well then, Tim. I’ll see you on Thursday. And I want your best ideas, remember.”

My next stop was the library, and I waited at the desk for a few minutes to register and get my card. Once inside, I found the section I’d mainly be using, pleasantly surprised at the comfortable chairs in small groups by the shelves.

Finally I put down the book I was leafing through, and made my way to the front of the college to wait for Beth. She threw a challenging grin at the porter as she drew up on the cobbles, then kissed me hard on the mouth. “Missed you. How’d it go?”

As we drove, I filled her in on my day. “But I have a terrible confession.”

Another grin. “Go on, what did you do?”

“Well, about five minutes into my tutorial I started wondering how to get into my professor’s panties.”

I waited for her reaction, but she just nodded thoughtfully. “We could invite her over for sherry at Christmas, couldn’t we – that’s sort of traditional. Then we could see what happens.”

She glanced at me, her eyes twinkling wickedly. “Two possibilities – either she’s as sexy as she sounds, in menderes escort which case she might even be able to teach us a few things. Or she had a couple of disappointing fumbles when she was a student, and since then she’s thrown herself into her academic career, and she needs us to show her what it can really be like.”

I dared to lean over and kiss Beth as she stopped at a red light. “You’re the best.”

I wondered whether to mention to her what Marie had said about the house, but I decided that could keep. “What about your day?”

“The group are really great,” enthused Beth. “We have a project we all have to work on, and we already have some really interesting ideas.”

We reached the house, and Beth grinned. “Sarah won’t be back for a couple of hours – what do you want to do?”

“I thought I’d sort out my reading lists, file them properly,” I teased, and Beth shook her head, her smile a promise. “Imagining Christmas Eve with your sexy professor has definitely given me some ideas – come upstairs and I’ll tell you what I want in my stocking…”


We must both have drifted off, and when I opened my eyes Sarah was standing at the foot of the bed, still in her office attire, briefcase in hand. “What are you two like?” she teased. “It’s a good thing some of us have a proper job.”

“You know you want to come in,” Beth teased back, and I watched appreciatively as Sarah slipped off her heels, then slowly undressed. She slid in between us, head pillowed on Beth’s breasts. “Think I know what you’ve been up to,” she murmured, kissing a still-damp nipple, and Beth gave a murmur of pleasure. “Want me to return the favour?”

Sarah looked tempted, but shook her head, smiling. “I’m supposed to cook, remember. But I’ll take you up on that later.”

We went downstairs, and Beth made coffee for us while Sarah unpacked shopping. “How was uni?” she queried.

“Great,” I enthused. “We started on a whole new set of equations.”

Sarah rolled her eyes at Beth. “Well, whatever floats your boat. You, Beth?”

Beth nodded. “Definitely I want you to meet my group.”

“How’s that property looking?” I asked Sarah as we sat down to eat.

“Well,” she shrugged, “I didn’t close it today, but I’ve got a couple of viewings booked, one couple seemed really keen.”

“Great,” nodded Beth. “Are you aiming for another New York trip?”

Sarah looked thoughtful. “You two have reading week halfway through term, don’t you. Maybe if things go well, we could all go somewhere, even if it’s a bit nearer.”

“Sounds great,” I ventured. “What do you think, hot or cold?”

“Skiing would be fun,” Beth mused. “Roaring fires in snowbound lodges, all that. But it’s ages since we’ve been to the beach – there’s bound to be a cheap deal to the Med.”

Images of her in a bikini floated in my imagination, and Beth nudged me, guessing. “Sorry, Tim, but it’s going to be coats and scarves for the time being.”

“At least I get to admire both of you when we’re indoors,” I pointed out, glancing at her then Sarah. “Anyway, didn’t I promise to give your feet some attention?”

“Both of us,” grinned Sarah.

We went upstairs, and the girls sat side by side on the edge of the bed while I hunted for clippers, the bottle of lotion, a small nail file. “Who’s first?” I asked.

“You go first, Beth,” offered narlıdere escort Sarah. “He has to cut yours and everything.”

I took my time trimming Beth’s toenails, massaging her feet gently with the lotion. “Mm,” she breathed, “you can imagine the effect that’s having on me.”

She gave a quiet sigh as I finally released her feet. “Now, Sarah, you just need a little bit with the file.”

I lifted Sarah’s feet into my hands in turn, using the file and brushing the pad of my thumbs over her toes to make sure there weren’t any rough edges. “Perfect.”

“And the lotion too,” she reminded, and I smoothed the slightly-scented liquid over her soles, carefully between her toes. “Mm,” she murmured. “Beth, I have an idea. Lie down for me?”

Beth propped herself against the headboard on a pillow, and Sarah sat on the bed facing her, now looking a little unsure at whatever her imagination had offered her. “It’s OK,” reassured Beth. “If something doesn’t work for me, I’ll say, and we can just cuddle or anything.”

Sarah nodded. “Thanks, Beth.”

I watched spellbound as Sarah slid one foot slowly upwards between Beth’s slightly-parted legs, her eyes on Beth’s face.

Beth’s expression turned to one of anticipation, and her voice held mild surprise. “Mm, Sarah, that’s… creative.”

She parted her thighs a little further, Sarah’s toes nearing and then touching Beth’s already-wet entrance. Beth gasped, flexing her hips a little as Sarah carefully brushed her nub with the pad of her big toe, then slid it downwards to press a little way inside. “Oh god, Sarah, that’s amazing.”

Beth’s fingers moved downwards, starting to touch herself, while she cupped one breast with her other hand. “Mm – oh, yes…”

I could see Sarah flexing her foot just a little, Beth matching her movements, and Beth’s breathing quickened as her fingers circled more urgently. “Oh – mm – I’m -“

Her back arched, her hips shuddering, and I saw a spurt of liquid arc to splash the top of Sarah’s foot, leaving it glistening.

Sarah moved up to cradle Beth in her arms. “Wow,” she breathed. “I’m glad I dared that.”

“Me too,” murmured Beth.

I shifted position to kneel on the bed facing them, and bent to kiss Sarah’s feet, then started to use my tongue, tasting a mixture of the lotion with the slipperiness her toes had picked up from Beth and the fluid that still glistened on her skin. “Mm, this is amazing.”

Sarah moaned softly. “Oh, I could let you do that all night, but I really want you in me soon, Tim.”

“Let me help you, darling,” Beth murmured. She stretched out her legs, guiding Sarah to lie back against her breasts, her knees drawn up. “Now, Tim.”

I positioned myself between Sarah’s parted thighs, and entered her, pressing her back against Beth’s body. I saw Beth cup Sarah’s breasts in her hands, starting to stroke her nipples, and Sarah tilted her head back, eyes closed, expression blissful. “Oh, I can feel you both so close.”

I began to move in her, my eyes looking from her face to Beth’s and back again. “OK…?”

Sarah nodded silently, and I thrust more insistently, Beth watching my expression of growing anticipation. “Yes, love, go for it, give her what she needs.”

Beth slid one hand down between Sarah’s thighs, and I felt her fingers splay either side of my hardness, then move to touching Sarah’s nub as I continued to thrust in her. “Oh -” I gasped – “I’m -“

I couldn’t hold back any more, and as I pushed urgently deep into Sarah’s body, I saw her mouth form an O and her muscles rippled around me. Satisfaction filled her face as I spurted warmth into her, and I saw Beth’s expression mirroring our shared release. “Mm, yes.”

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