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From Alex to Lexi

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Author’s Note: So, here’s my second story submitted to Literotica. I had intended to write a follow-up to “Daddy’s Girl,” my first submission, but I had to get this one down first. It’s based on personal experience and I’ve been ‘itching’ to put it down on paper. Hope you like it.

The Chat Room

Alex was bored. In fact, he felt his life was pretty boring. At age twenty-seven, his career didn’t seem to be going anyplace and his social life was non-existent. Things had been brighter while he was married to Kathy, but she had dumped him for another guy. She told him that it wasn’t anything in particular that Alex had done; it was just that life with the new guy was more exciting. After Kathy had left, Alex fell into a dull routine of: work, come home and watch TV, sleep, and do the whole thing over again the next day.

So tonight Alex decided to do something different. He decided to go into an internet chat room for the first time in his life. Maybe he could find someone to chat with; a bit of companionship. He selected a classical music chat room. He had a real interest in classical music and figured anyone in that kind of room should be relatively intelligent and hopefully interesting. After about an hour, he was just about ready to give up on it. There were eleven people in the room when he entered. There were eight in the room now, but no one was chatting. Alex had tried to IM a person whose profile indicated a twenty-two year old female, but she basically told him to buzz off. Alex was ready to sign off when it happened; the IM window popped open on his screen, a message from someone with the screen name “Max.”

Max: Hi there! Max from Chicago here.

Alex: Hi. I’m from Chicago too.

Max: Cool! You don’t have any info in your screen profile. You female? male?

Alex: Male.

Max: Cool. How old?

Alex: 27

Max: 55, male here. Nice to see someone else in here who isn’t a teeny-bopper. lol.

Alex: I was beginning to think no one was interested in chatting.

Max: You got my interest. You married?

Alex: Divorced.

Max: Same here. But happy about my status.

Alex: Really?

Max: Yeah. She was terrible in bed. Lost interest in sex. How long you been divorced?

Alex: About 9 months.

Max: Dating?

Alex: No. Not yet.

Max: Really? What do you do to relieve the tension? lol

Alex: Isn’t that why God invented the right hand? lol

Max: Ugh! You need to get into the dating scene.

Alex: Don’t have much luck with the girls.

Max: Have you tried the boys?

Alex: I’m not gay. Or bi-sexual.

Max: You mean you’ve never done anything “naughty” with a guy?

Alex: No

Max: I started fooling around with guys after my divorce. I had a regular boy for almost two years.

Alex: Had? What happened to him?

Max: He’s no longer with me. Long story. Now I’m prowling around for a new boy. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be you.

Alex: Sorry, like I said, I’m not gay.

Max: Neither was my other boy — till I turned him.

Alex: What do you mean you turned him?

Max: When I met him, he liked pussy; when I finished training him, all he wanted was my cock.

Alex: That’s hard to believe.

Max: Cause you don’t know me well enough – yet. You got a picture of you?

Alex: Sorry, no.

Max: What do you look like, honey?

Alex: I’m 5′ 7″, 130 lbs

Max: You athletic, ripped?

Alex: No. I’m more of a couch potato.

Max: You have a lot of body hair?

Alex: I’m not very hairy. No chest or facial hair. I guess a normal amount of hair on my arms and legs.

Max: How big is your cock, sweetie?

Alex: It’s not that big. Maybe 6″ or a little under when it’s hard.

Max: You sound like the type of boy I like, honey. When you have sex, do you like to be in control, or do you like your partner to take the lead.

Alex: I guess it turned me on when my wife would take the lead.

Max: Did you like when she was on top of you, baby?

Alex: Yes.

Max: You sound like a perfect sub.

Alex: Sub?

Max: Submissive. A boy who likes to submit to his lover. You need me to dominate you, sweetie.

Alex: I’m not really into that.

Max: Oh no? I’ll bet your little cock is nice and hard now, isn’t it, baby?

Alex: [No response]

Max: Are you hard now, honey?

Alex: Yes.

Max: Do you like when I call you little names, like honey, baby, sweetie?

Alex: Yes. But it’s kind of strange. I mean, I’m not gay.

Max: But you got hard chatting with a man, didn’t you, baby?

Alex: Yes.

Max: Just let yourself go, sweetie. Surrender to Max and I’ll make you feel good. Okay, honey?

Alex: Okay.

Max: Are you still hard, baby?

Alex: Yes.

Max: Are you rubbing yourself, baby?

Alex: Yes.

Max: That’s because deep down you’re a little slut, aren’t you, honey?

Alex: Yes.

Max: You’re Max’s chat room slut. Why don’t you call Max, “Daddy”

Alex: Okay, Daddy.

Max: Merter Escort That’s a good boy. Is Daddy’s little slut’s cock still hard?

Alex: Yes, Daddy

Max: Are you still playing with yourself, you little bitch?

Alex: Yes, Daddy

Max: That’s a good boy. Promise Daddy you won’t cum without permission.

Alex: I promise, Daddy.

Max: You like this chat, don’t you, you little whore?

Alex: I like it, Daddy

Max: Tell Daddy what you are, bitch.

Alex: I’m a whore.

Max: Good boy! What else?

Alex: I’m a slut

Max: Who makes you hard?

Alex: Daddy makes me hard.

Max: Whose slut are you?

Alex: Daddy’s slut.

Max: Good boy! Daddy wants to hear your voice. What’s your phone number, baby?

Alex: I’m not sure I should do that, Daddy.

Max: Of course you’re not sure. Subs can never make up their minds. That’s why they need a Daddy. Now, what’s your phone number, bitch!

Alex: It’s 312.544.6767

Max: Good boy! Daddy is going to call you now. Answer the phone on the first ring. Answer: “Hello, Daddy. It’s your slut, Alex.”

[Before Alex could protest, Max signed off of chat.]

The Phone Call

Alex sat there stunned! He had never expected a hot sex chat in a music chat room. The nature of the chat was somewhat disturbing, but also strangely exciting. He would never have sought a chat with a gay guy on his own. But here he was, sitting in front of his computer, his cock hard and throbbing in his pants. He wanted more, but was afraid of getting more. And he had just given this guy his phone number! He was unsure of what to do next, when the phone rang. Well, maybe he would just play along a little bit more.

“Hello, Daddy. It’s your slut, Alex.” He stammered into the receiver.

“Hello, baby. This is your Daddy. Is that pretty little cock of yours still nice and hard?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alex replied.

“Good boy! Are you still rubbing yourself, baby?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good boy. What are you wearing, sweetie?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt.”

“Are you wearing boxers or briefs, baby?”

“Briefs, Daddy.”

“Mmmm. It’s only a short step from briefs to panties. Unzip and unbuckle your jeans and put your hand in your pants. Are your briefs wet, honey?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alex whispered into the phone.

“Good boy. Now pull your pants and your briefs down around your knees.” Max ordered.

“They’re down, Daddy.”

“Good boy! Now start stroking your cock, you slut! Are you stroking?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alex moaned into the phone.

“Good boy! It’s going to feel even better when it’s Daddy’s hand stroking you. Right, bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alex replied.

“Daddy likes the way you obey. You are a true submissive. You just need a Daddy to surrender yourself to. Don’t you, slut?”

“Yes, Daddy.” Alex gasped. “I’m close to cumming!”

“Back off, bitch. Don’t you cum until Daddy gives you permission. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy.” I’m stopping.

“Good boy. I like your mind and I like your attitude. I like the way you surrender to Daddy’s commands. Now I just need to see you in person to determine whether or not I want to take you for my own. I want to see you tomorrow, boy.”

“I . . . I don’t know, Daddy.” Alex stammered.

“You still don’t understand, boy. I don’t care about your indecision. All subs are indecisive. I will make up your mind for you! Are you stroking, slut?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Let me know when you’re ready to cum.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You are to come to Daddy’s house tomorrow afternoon at four.”

“I . . . I want to Daddy, but I’m afraid. Could we meet someplace public?” Alex pleaded.

“Alright; I can respect caution. There’s a large bookstore with a coffee house inside of it right near my house. Do you have text on this phone?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Good. I’ll text you the address when we hang up. Are you close to coming, sweetie?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Is your cock cut or uncut?”

“It’s uncut, Daddy.”

“Is your foreskin pulled back?”

“No, Daddy.”

“Pull it back, baby, and then stroke.”

Alex pulled his foreskin back making the exposed head of his throbbing cock even more sensitive than before.

“Oh, Daddy! I’m going to cum!”

“Yes, cum for Daddy, you little whore!” Max shouted into the phone.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I’m cumminnnnng!” Alex gasped.

Max waited until Alex seemed to be settling down, then asked him, “Do you have cum on your hand, bitch?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Lick it off and swallow it, slut!” Max ordered. He smiled as he heard Alex licking his palm and fingers as ordered. “What time are you meeting Daddy tomorrow?:

“Four.” Alex replied. “How will I recognize you, Daddy?”

“I’ll wait for you in the parking lot. I’m 6′ 2”, 220 pounds. I’ll be wearing a white shirt, blue jeans, and a Cubs baseball cap. We can get a cup of coffee and talk. If I like your looks, we’ll go to my house where you’ll surrender Merter Escort Bayan to me and become my boy. See you tomorrow, boy.” And Max hung up.

Alex sat there stunned. He had gone into the chat room hoping for a little diversion to pass away the time and instead he had just had one of the hottest experiences of his life! Here he sat, with his pants around his ankles, his cock still partially erect, and he had just agreed to meet a strange guy for sex tomorrow! Of course, he couldn’t meet Max. For all he knew, Max could be some sadistic monster who might beat him or rob him, or worse. And besides, Alex was not gay. He’d never been attracted to a man before. Until tonight, of course. There was no doubt that Max really had him going. No, he couldn’t meet Max tomorrow.

But Max had his cell phone number! He could call Alex anytime he wanted. Maybe he could use it to get Alex’s address. Perhaps the smart thing to do would be to meet Max and end this once and for all. Alex had the strength to do that, right? Right?

The Bookstore

The bookstore was located in a small strip mall. Alex arrived at the mall fifteen minutes early. He was nervous as hell. Instead of parking in the lot, he drove around the block trying to get up the courage to go through with this meeting. His third time around the block, he noticed Max’s pickup truck in the lot. His fourth time round, he noticed Max leaning against the truck. Alex’s emotions were conflicted. On one hand, he knew this was probably a stupid thing to do; meeting a strange man who was gay, aggressive, and twice his size. On the other, he wanted to experience more of the excitement and sexual fulfillment of last night. It couldn’t hurt just to talk to Max, could it? This was a public place, after all. What could possibly happen?

Alex pulled into the lot, got out of his car and walked over to Max.

“After the last time you drove around the block, I figured you probably chickened out.” Max smiled at him and offered his hand. “I’m Max.”

“Hi, I’m Alex.”

Max grasped his hand firmly and shook it.

“Why don’t we go inside, get a cup of coffee, and talk.” Max smiled.

“Sure.” Alex smiled in reply. He was already beginning to feel better about this. Perhaps Max’s dominating ways were only part of his internet persona. Perhaps he was just a regular guy after all.

Max grasped Alex’s arm above the elbow and led him towards the bookstore. He had a vice-like grip and his hand wrapped itself completely around Alex’s small bicep. Max opened the door for him and led him to the coffee shop counter. There weren’t many people in the store and no one was sitting in the coffee shop. There was only a mousy looking teenage girl serving at the counter. When they arrived at the counter, Max moved his hand from Alex’s arm and rested it against Alex’s back.

“What’ll you have, gents?” The girl asked them.

“I’ll have a regular coffee, black.” Max answered. “And my boy-friend will have a hot chocolate.”

“Comin’ right up.” The girl said.

As she turned to get the drinks, Max’s hand drifted to Alex’s buttocks. He gently caressed and squeezed each ass-cheek, then slid his hand between Alex’s thighs and stroked Alex’s cock.

“Someone might see.” Alex quietly exclaimed, stepping slightly to the side.

“Then they’ll know you’re mine.” Max smiled and moved his hand back to Alex’s ass.

The girl returned with their drinks and Max removed his hand so he could pay, but not before the girl had a chance to see the way Max had possessively held Alex’s ass.

“I hope you and your boy-friend enjoy your drinks.” The girl giggled.

Max smiled at her and, placing his hand around Alex’s waist, he led him to the table farthest from the counter.

“I’m glad you came.” Max said as they sat down. “You are even more attractive than I’d hoped.”

“Thank you.” Alex blushed.

“You have a nice girlish figure and the potential to be really pretty.” Max complimented him. “I’m going to enjoy training you.”

“Max, I haven’t agreed to anything, yet.” Alex responded.

“Honey, you surrendered yourself to me the minute you got out of your car. But I agree that we probably need to go through the formalities, so you understand and accept your role.”

“What do you mean?” Alex asked.

“It’s simple and straightforward.” Max said. “When we finish here, we’re going to walk over to my truck. I’m going to drive you to my house where I will seduce you and make love to you. I’m going to kiss your lips and lick the nipples on your little titties. I’m going to suck all of the juice out of that little cock of yours. Then I am going to slide my man-cock into your tight, little ass and fuck the manhood out of you. I’m going to turn you into my boy, my slut, my whore, my bitch.”

“I . . . I don’t know.” Alex stammered.

“Look, son, this is real simple. You know. You’re just indecisive because you are a sub. You need to surrender to a real man who will make your decisions for you; who knows what’s best for you. You Escort Merter will not be truly happy until you surrender yourself to a man who will dominate and protect you; who will make your decisions for you. But you must make one definite decision to realize that happiness. You must consciously decide to surrender yourself to me.”

Max took a paper bag out of his pocket and placed it on the table between them.

“What’s in the bag?” Alex asked.


“Panties?” Alex asked.

“They are a sign; a demonstration of your surrender to me.” Max said. “I want you to take them into the restroom. I want you to take off your briefs and toss them in the trash. Then I want you to put on your panties and your slacks. Then walk back to the table. Do not sit down. Look me in the eye and say, ‘Please take me home now, Daddy.’ From that moment on you will be completely mine.”

Max paused to let what he said sink in as Alex stared at the bag.

“You already know what this wants you to do.” Max said as he cupped his hand over Alex’s cock. The cock was hard and throbbing and immediately started doing ‘push-ups’ against Max’s hand.

“Ooooooooh.” Alex groaned.

Max smiled and removed his hand.

“If you chicken out when you get in the restroom, throw the panties away and don’t come back to the table. Just walk to your car and drive away. You’ll never see me again.”

Alex looked into Max’s eyes. Then he got up from his chair. His knees were weak and he stumbled to the restroom door. He locked it behind him and removed the pair of white, lace panties from the paper bag. His cock twitched as he ran his hand over the sexy fabric. What was he to do? How could he surrender himself to a man like Max? This was no game. Max was serious! He should walk out of here and never see Max again. But Max had made him so hard when he described what came next. And his hand had felt so good on his ass and on his cock. Maybe he should just try on the panties.

Alex quickly removed his slacks and his briefs. He slowly slipped his legs into the panties and pulled them up to his waist. His cock grew even harder. Pre-cum leaked from his piss-slit, moistening the white lace. Alex moaned as he ran his hand over his crotch and squeezed his hardened cock. The panties felt so good, so right. Maybe Max could help him feel like this all the time. Alex pulled on his khaki slacks and slipped his shoes on. He hesitated momentarily, then put his briefs into the paper bag and tossed it in the trash. He exited the bathroom and walked up to Max.

“Please take me home now, Daddy.” Alex murmured.

Max smiled at his new boy. The pre-cum leaking from his panties had already stained his khakis. Max cupped Alex’s cock and balls, squeezing and rubbing, causing the wet stain to spread over his crotch.

“Let’s go home, baby.” Max said as he rose and took Alex’s hand leading him out of the bookstore.

As they passed the coffee counter, the sales-girl giggled.

“Looks like your boy-friend can’t wait to get home, Mister.”

Max laughed. Alex blushed as Max led him to his truck.

Max’s House

The drive to Max’s house was brief; he lived only five blocks from the bookstore shopping center. Max kept his hand in Alex’s lap during the entire drive; petting his cock and keeping it hard and throbbing; the pre-cum stain spreading across his crotch. Max parked in front of his bungalow and walked around the truck to open the door for Alex. He took Alex by the hand and helped him out of the truck. Two of Max’s neighbors, Linda and Diane, were sitting on the steps of the bungalow next door. As Max led Alex to his bungalow, Diane spoke up.

“Hey, Max, who you got there?”

“This is my new boy.” Max smiled proudly.

“He’s a skinny, little thing.” Linda chimed in.

“Just like I like ’em.” Max laughed as he led Alex to the front door.

The second the door closed behind them, Max was all over Alex. He drew the young man into his arms and plunged his tongue into his boy’s mouth. His hands were all over Alex; squeezing and caressing his ass-cheeks; rubbing his arms and chest. Alex melted into him as Max devoured his mouth. Alex gasped as Max swept him into his arms and carried him into the front room. Max sat on a side chair and sat Alex on his lap. His tongue was still eagerly exploring the boy’s mouth as Max slid his hand between Alex’s legs and fondled and caressed his throbbing cock. Saliva began to leak down the side of Alex’s mouth as Max’s tongue plunged further. Then Max began to undress Alex. He quickly unbuttoned the boy’s shirt and unzipped his slacks. Max stopped the kiss and stood the boy up.

“Let’s get these clothes off of you, baby. Max’s sluts don’t wear clothes in the house.”

Max stripped him and Alex stood there with only his panties on. The panties were now soaked with pre-cum and Alex’s cock was straining to break free of them.

“Dance for me, baby.” Max commanded.

“I . . . I don’t know how to dance.”

“Dance like a little girl. Like the perverted little slut you want to be.” Max said.

Alex began to move his hips, swaying back and forth as suggestively as he could. He closed his eyes and raised his arms over his head, swaying and moving as alluringly as he could. Max stared at him appreciatively as he removed his own clothes.

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