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I came home from work one day and noticed that the answering service on my phone was blinking. Wondering who it could be I pressed the play button.

“You have one new message.”

I played back a male voice that sounded vaguely familiar though I had not heard it for a few years. “Hello Matthew,” he said, “it’s Chris Sampson. I have not seen you in a while. Please call me back.”

Chris stood five foot eleven with a muscular build. We had played hockey together for a few years when we were in our late teens to early twenties.

My marriage had failed even though my x wife and I had not argued often. The arguments we did have never became overly emotional. Some 8 months into the marriage I had come out to her as a homosexual after already having an affair. She took the news about as calmly as a woman could take such news. At the time I was in my 24th year.

My old friend had always seemed not only straight but quite the the womanizer. Generally he seemed to favor curvaceous blonds with buxom boobs but he was not fussy. I could still recall clearly a tall slender auburn haired girl who dated him.

In any case his romances reminded me of a teen. At the age when men thought about settling down, his mindset was young.

I silivri escort dialed the number given. There was one ring then a second. He picked up.

“Hello Chris,” I answered.

“Matthew I’m glad you called back,” he said.

“Yeah,” I said. “What’s going on?” I asked him.

He asked if I wanted to meet him for a beer and named the pub inside the local hotel. I agreed to go there later that same evening. It would be good to see him I thought.

An hour later I had come in through the hotel lobby, headed down the main corridor to the pub and walked inside. Chris Sampson should be easy to locate in the sparse crowd I told myself. Seconds later I found him seated at a small round table for two just left of the bar.

He’s still gorgeous I thought. Ash brown buzz cut hair, pretty green eyes, a kissable full lip. The tight fitting top seemed to accentuate the muscle in his upper body. Tight jeans did the same for his legs.

Sitting across from him I had a beer which I drank slowly while we chatted. We talked about old times and current times.

“I’m gay.” His attitude about this seemed so casual, but the news left me stunned.

He continued. “I was in denial.”

Denial is easier bakırköy escort than fessing up I thought. I had been there myself but came to terms with my sexuality. Just a few weeks shy of thirty, I had been enjoying men since just before my divorce.

Later that evening we came back to his apartment where we could make love in the privacy of a darkened bedroom. He placed his hands firmly but tenderly on my sides applying gentle pressure. Two sets of lips touched and pressed. My tongue pushed against his lips and into his open mouth and felt his wetness. The passionate kiss lasted several seconds then his lips touched my neck. One kiss followed another and another on my neck. Then his lips returned to kiss my mouth. Again our tongues probed into each other’s wet mouth.

Chris put his fingers around the base of my shirt and began slowly rolling it up. When the shirt reached my chest his fingers pressed and brushed against the nipples. He caressed my pectorals with his finger tips. I could feel my sex starting to stir. I pulled the shirt slowly over my head. At the same time the faint buzz of my zipper and light touch of his fingers excited a flaccid cock into a raging hardon. My lover drew my briefs slowly şirinevler escort down my legs letting his finger tips glide gently against my thighs. I stepped out of my briefs.

His hand closed tight around my huge erect cock pulling the foreskin. I felt his other palm slide gently down my back to squeeze and press my buttocks. My asshole tingled as two fingers pushed deep inside. Soft guttural moans expressed my ecstasy. My tongue still probed and explored inside his salivating mouth.

Soft kisses on the smooth pink head of my throbbing cock brought me to ecstasy. Then his tongue flicked out, slid down one side and back up on the opposite side of my sex. After a few seconds of this his lips closed tight around it and moved slowly downward untill my cock touched his throat. He drew his lips back just as slowly as though to savor it. My nuts pushed by his fingers moved inside their sack.

Pressing my palms hard into his buttocks, I held him against me and took the huge hardon into my mouth. Sucking hard I swallowed the white juice.

He eased me onto my back into his soft mattress. I pulled my legs back over my head. His huge sex plunged inside me stimulating every nerve and making my asshole tingle. His sex slid over the wet, viscous lubricant until it’s smooth head touched my prostate gland. His pelvis slammed repeatedly against my buttocks.

Satisfied, we lay side by side cuddling.

“Matthew I just had to see you because I had the biggest crush on you. When I found out that you left Melanie I was ecstatic.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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