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Fresh Meat Ch. 02

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Everyone is over the age of 18. This Fresh Meat story is not related to the previous chapter as none of the chapters going forward will be related in any way. Each chapter of Fresh Meat will be its own individual story unless I change my mind in the foreseeable future. Hope you enjoy!


Akemi name means “bright beauty,” but she hasn’t always felt that way since developing her overflowing bosom at the awkward age of 10. It was a rarity for an American of full Japanese descent to have very large breasts by 18-years-old. She possessed the biggest breasts in the entire school district at a whopping 34H, but Akemi knew her chest was still growing and new measurements were needed soon.

Akemi felt like a freak in high school with girls snickering and boys ogling at her mountainous chest as they heavily jogged for space on her small thin frame underneath large retro video game and comic book themed t-shirts that were always noticeably stretched by her enormous fat knockers. She knew that it was pointless to try and conceal and hide her monster boobs under hooded shirts and thick sweaters as her tits were too large and bulbous not to bring attention. She embraced her nerdy and geeky lifestyle despite the two colossal obstacles jutting and wobbling from her chest.

Although Akemi wasn’t too keen about her low-hanging torpedoes, she was content with the rest of her appearance. She kept her smooth and defined brunette hair at low maintenance just barely reaching her chin, big almond-shaped dark eyes, a long narrow petite nose and a cute smile covered in dental gear. She had a big overbite and eager to get rid of the hard metal in her mouth by the end of her senior year. The rest of her 5’4 body was thin and petite and only enhanced her thick massive tits that looked like they belonged on a thicker woman.

The biggest challenge of Akemi’s day was gym class. It was the one class she avoided for three consecutive years due to her humongous fun bags and the unwanted attention her every movement would cause. She tried persuading her principle to substitute her gym class credit with another class, but the principle informed Akemi that she had used those other classes the first three years to avoid taking gym class and the ones she hasn’t taken were full for the semester.

After a week of embarrassing jiggling and wobbling around under her plain green gym shirt, Akemi thought of another way to escape gym class.

During a free period before her first gym class of the week, Akemi approached the P.E. teacher’s office and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” he shouted from the other side.

“Yes, Mr. Barkley, I’m Akemi Reyes, and I’m in your gym class this semester,” she stated while entering his office.

“Ah yes. How can I help you, Akemi,” he replied and closed his laptop. His large blue eyes behind his coke-bottle glasses instantly zeroed in on Akemi’s mammoth torpedoes as they bulged enormously beneath a Marvel’s Avengers blue t-shirt. Even with industrial support, her huge funky titties hung-low and heavy from her poor thin frame and that excited Wayne Barkley’s cock immensely. It was already at full mast before she walked in.

“Well, you see, or as you can see, I’m not built to run, jump, skip, hop, or do anything that involves physical activity,” Akemi explained, while twiddling her thumbs and unaware of squeezing her gigantic tits between her arms. “So here is a doctor’s note excusing me from gym class for the rest of the semester.”

The 6’0, 52-year-old high school P.E. teacher and head coach of the high school baseball and softball teams licked his lips and whispered under his breath: “Thank you, God.”

“Close the door, well you Akemi,” Wayne spoke with a shit-eating grin.

Akemi did as he asked and closed the door. From behind, Wayne noticed her apple-bottom ass in a pair of old faded denim jeans and the side curves of her giant breasts. His cock was ready to burst through his sweatpants.

“Sorry Akemi but I can’t accept this doctor’s note,” Wayne replied.

“Why not?” she quickly questioned.

“Because Akemi, you need gym class for you to graduate with your peers. If I accept this note, you won’t be graduating,” Wayne explained.

“Then I guess I came to the wrong person. I’ll just go talk to the principle and get her to understand,” she responded.

“That wouldn’t do you any good, Akemi. I make the decisions on who gets out of gym class. I’m the head of this department and if you don’t believe me, feel free to ask the principle,” an arrogant Wayne replied.

Akemi was sad and devastated as she thought her plan to get out of gym would work. Wayne saw her frown and his opportunity.

“Of course, there is a way you can perhaps persuade me to reconsider and remove you from gym class with half credit so you can graduate with your peers,” the horny gym teacher announced. That brought a bit of a smile to Akemi’s face.

“Of course, I’ll do anything,” she hastily replied.

Wayne stood up from his desk, and Akemi’s bonus veren siteler almond-shaped eyes grew larger ogling his giant hard-on.

“You did say anything,” he rephrased with a cocky grin.

“But sir… I don’t know if I can do what you want me to do,” she replied shyly.

“You still a virgin, Akemi?” he eagerly asked.

“Yes…” Akemi replied somberly with her head down.

“This is great for you, Akemi. Not only will I exonerate you from gym class but I will be demonstrating to you the kinds of stuff filthy horny men will be lusting to do to your scrumptious young body. Consider this you transferring out of gym class and into sex Ed with hands-on training,” Wayne informed her. “Can you do that neat little trick where you take your bra off from underneath your shirt?”

Blushing from extreme embarrassment and seeing no other way out of this, Akemi reached underneath the back of her Marvel’s Avengers tee-shirt and began unhooking the multiple latches to her giant sturdy brassiere. Wayne stared on, watching the heavy shifts under her shirt with his cock blistering to be free from his sweats. After a couple of minutes, Akemi had successful removed freed her oversized jugs and pulled the thick plain black bra out from beneath her shirt. There wasn’t much of a physical difference as her gargantuan jugs still hung-heavy towards her slim waistline but her big swollen nipples pierced through the fabric of her thin shirt.

“My god, my god, my god,” Wayne repeated with excitement. “You have the biggest titties yet! Hand over your ridiculous granny bra.”

Akemi tossed her gym teacher her massive thick bra. He molested the giant brassiere in front of her like a true hungry sexual predator. He rubbed the enormous padded cups over his lewd face, followed by kissing and licking the cups inside and out, putting his face into the cups and taking big whiffs of the scent that resonated from Akemi’s huge boobs after being trapped inside the hot overstuffed brassiere for hours. After his heart was content with her bra, Wayne opened the bottom drawer of his desk that contained other 18-19-year-old girls undergarments and dropped the massive bra inside and closed it.

He walked from behind his desk with his extremely big hard-on poking embarrassingly inside his sweats and came up behind Akemi. She gasped and slightly jumped when she felt his big hard cock pressing up and into her back. Wayne took a big whiff of Akemi’s sweet peach scent on her neck and feasted his eyes down upon heaving mammoth soft spheres. His cock grew harder against her back, enamored with the lewd thought of Akemi not being able to see her tiny feet over her oversized gazongas.

Akemi was in a state of shock with the whole situation. She was about to give up her virginity to get out of gym class. She could smell her gym teacher’s hot garbage breath down her neck as he began kissing and licking her skin. She was still very aware of the large dick pressed into her back.

“Seeing how we only have 45 minutes before class, let’s not waste any more time,” Wayne suggested, as he reached beneath Akemi’s shirt and cupped the enormous meaty bottoms of her bare breasts. He moaned in her ear as he squeezed and groped giant handfuls of her H-cup funbags. Even with his large hands, the pliant flesh spilled over his palms.

“Hmmm, Akemi. These things are so fucking heavy and soft and overfilling from my hands,” he whispered. “I’m very grateful that I’m the first guy to get to play with huge tits. You’ll soon find out just how horny and hard your stupidly huge boobs make men.”

Akemi moaned longingly while having her humongous breasts felt up from top to bottom by the sweaty, hairy palms of her horny perverted gym teacher. A weird and unfamiliar tingling occurred between her legs just from having her enormous boobs groped. She soon felt his fingers targeting her big nipples; rubbing, pulling, squeezing and pinching them to cause them to become exceedingly engorged and hard.

After five minutes of lewd groping, Wayne removed his hands from under her shirt, grabbed the bottom hem and lifted it up over her head. He stared in awe over her shoulder at the sight of her gargantuan bare olive-colored breasts as they jutted from her chest like torpedoes. They were full, plump, and soft as his hands experienced seconds ago. They occupied her entire upper torso, and their immense enormity caused her breasts to pendulously hang near the bottom of her ribcage and her nipples directly in line with her navel. Her caramel-colored nipples were the size of erasers in the center of large, oval-shaped areolas of the same color.

“Sweet fucking Jesus! These are the biggest fucking tits I’ve ever seen. If college life doesn’t work out, you could always become a porn star,” grunted Wayne. “I gotta taste these bad girls.”

Wayne took Akemi by her waist and led her over to his long, beat-up old green couch and sat down while her ginormous jugs were swaying in his face. Realizing he couldn’t cup bedava bahis and suck on both of her glorious fat titties at the same time, Wayne seized one ample giant in both hands and licked Akemi’s fat nipple. He licked around and on her large caramel areola and pressed the tip of his tongue against her hard nipple. He then sucked the juicy fat nipple deep into his mouth, slowly sucking in a large portion of her areola and breast flesh.

Akemi was on cloud nine as this was the first time a man has ever touched her tits, let alone suck on them. Her horny gym teacher licked and sucked feverishly from nipple to nipple, administrating long, sloppy sucking and noisily slurping on her meaty floppy hangers like a newborn, all while his clammy hands groped her mammoth chest from top to bottom. Her warm pussy juices drained the front of her panties. Her whole body trembled with lust.

“Take off your pants,” Wayne ordered, briefly pausing his titty sucking.

Akemi did as Wayne order, kicking off her tennis shoes and pulling down her jeans to her ankles, all while her giant torpedoes were sucked and groped, vigorously by her filthy gym teacher. She felt another burst of wetness occur in her panties that began dripping down her thighs and legs.

“You’ve been cumming just from having your huge virgin tits sucked. They must be very sensitive,” Wayne teased, as he released Akemi’s mountainous pillars of soft tit flesh and moved his roaming hands to her firm apple-bottom ass. He groped each large ass cheek over the top of her Justice League panties with one hand and while his other hand slipped inside the front of her panties and started rubbing against the large puffy walls of her wet cunt.

“Ugghhhh, god! What are you doing to me?” Akemi cried, her body shivering with immense pleasure she has never felt before. She could feel two of Wayne’s thick fingers seesawing in and out of her soaked virgin pussy.

“You’re so fucking wet, babydoll,” moaned Wayne. “Hmmm, what a naughty juicy cunt you have.”

After a few minutes of finger-fucking her pussy, Wayne pulled his hand out of her panties and yanked them down to her ankles. Akemi proceeded to step out of them and stood naked except white ankle socks on her feet, in front of her very first man.

“Your pussy feels and smells wonderful,” Wayne grunted, gawking at her big cunt that was lightly-layered in jet-black hair and extremely wet.

Wayne got off the couch and laid Akemi down on the floor. Her humongous breasts drifted over to her sides, and it was a thing of beauty in his horny eyes but embarrassed Akemi. He kicked off his shoes and stripped out of his coaching uniform. Akemi gasped at the size of his large hard penis as it slapped against his thighs with heavy hanging balls attached. He got down on the floor, spread her legs wide and went face-first into her soaked cunt.

“Ohhhhh, coach, ohhhhh,” Akemi cried loudly, as she felt her perverted gym teacher drill his tongue deep into her large womb. He licked and sucked on her clitoris which caused her eyes to roll in the back of her head and toes to curl in her socks. She subconsciously thrust her pussy into her gym teacher’s face as he furiously ate her out. To further heighten her pleasure, Wayne drilled two fingers in and out her drippy womb.

“OHHH FUCK! OHHHH GOD!!” Akemi shouted. Luckily for her, the P.E. teacher’s office was located at the far end of the gymnasium.

The insatiable pleasure briefly came to a pause as Wayne lifted Akemi’s legs up and extended them down towards her head, lifting her lower body up off the floor and exposing her virgin pink asshole. Her monstrous bosoms were encircling the sides of her head, and it was a sight that made Wayne vehemently lapped in and around her tight asshole. He returned two of his fingers inside her dripping wet cunt and started furiously finger-fucking her.

Akemi became overwhelmed with unbearable contentment feeling both of private virgin holes violated at the same time. Her filthy gym teacher switched back and forth from licking and sucking her asshole to her wet pussy while keeping her pussy stuffed with two of his fingers. Akemi began squirting her cunt juices all over the place as her body convulsed with an orgasm. Wayne pulled his two fingers out of her large soaked snatch and shoved them into her mouth. For the first time in her life, Akemi tasted her cum.

Before her massive orgasm subsided, Wayne dropped Akemi’s legs, climbed up and straddled her gigantic chest, trapping her ample mounds between his hairy thighs and pushing them up towards her neck and chin. Five inches of his hard cock was squashed behind her soft mountains, while the other five inches hovered over her dental-filled mouth. Her nostrils flared at the foul stench of his stale crotch.

“Be a good girl and suck my cock,” Wayne teased.

Akemi hesitantly opened her mouth, and it was soon filled with a small portion her gym teacher’s large hard organ. Out of instinct, she began bobbing and sucking on his cock deneme bonus as if it was a lollipop. He grunted and grabbed the top of her head and pushed her face further down into his crotch to cram more of his long hard dick in her dental-filled mouth.

“Oh yes. Oh god, yes. Suck my cock, pretty girl. Oh yes, suck my cock you big tittied Asian whore,” moaned Wayne, thrusting his fat dirty cock in and out of her mouth and between her oversized teen titties, simultaneously. It was an indescribable bliss that he has never felt before. Many of the 18-19-year-old girls Wayne seduced never had the proper equipment for a titty-fuck and blowjob at the same time. The biggest before his encounter with Akemi’s H cups were double D’s.

Every few seconds, Wayne pulled his fat cock from between Akemi’s massive spheres and hot metal-filled slobbery mouth and rubbed its thick, hard wetness across her nerdy face and the tops of her voluptuous knockers. He fed Akemi his heavy, stinky ball sack, and she sucked each testicle in turn. His pre-jism dribbled out of his fully engorged cock and over her forehead.

Wayne moved up further to plant his big bare feet on either side of Akemi’s head, so his hairy, pasty ass hovered directly over Akemi’s face. She obliged, licking around his dirty asshole before using the tip of her tongue to lick the inside of the asshole itself. Akemi couldn’t believe she was willingly licking someone’s asshole to steer clear of gym class for the rest of the semester. As gross as it was licking his dirty asshole, was the foul odor that reeks from it.

“GOD DAMN, baby. Lick that asshole. OH yeah, lick it. Oh shit!” Wayne moaned, his heavy balls draped across the bridge of Akemi’s nose and his asshole pressed against her open mouth. Wayne’s big cock was the hardest it has ever been and ready to unleash a massive load, but first, he wanted to fuck Akemi’s virgin pussy.

Wayne climbed off Akemi’s face and got back between her shaky legs.

“Relax. I guarantee you’ll enjoy your first time. I’m not some quick-to-cum immature teenage boy. You’re dealing with a pro, sweetheart,” Wayne gloated. “You’re dealing with a man.”

Akemi gasped as Wayne slowly forced his thick swollen shaft between her puffy wet cunt lips. He got into the push-up position and began thrusting inside her. The blissful feeling of the warm wet cunt of a teenage virgin was like no other feeling on Earth for the horny perverted gym teacher. Akemi wasn’t his first virgin and won’t be his last.

He hovered over Akemi’s petite, mega busty body as he mercilessly began pounding her sweet, tight pussy. She subconsciously wrapped her quivering legs around his plowing waist as she felt her virgin pussy being hammered into and stuffed for the first time by a massive hard object. The rest of her body thrashed beneath Wayne’s. Her sweaty breasts flopped up and down her gym teacher’s hairy flabby chest and man boobs. It was an exotic sensation that caused Wayne to pump his huge cock harder and faster inside his young virgin victim.

“Ughhhhhhhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!” cried Akemi, as she let her rickety legs fall to Wayne’s sides and dug her nails into the carpet to embrace another overwhelmingly massive orgasm from the hard thrusting of Wayne’s merciless pounding.

“Ohhh, god! Asian pussy is the best,” moaned Wayne, as he went balls-deep and penetrated Akemi’s tight cum-dripping pussy. “Seen Asian pussy fucked several times in porn. No wonder those greedy Asian bastards want to keep this good shit to themselves.”

Sweat poured off their hot, sticky intertwining bodies as the sounds of their genital regions clashing together echoed throughout his office and could be heard right outside the door if anyone had happened to be on the other side. Wayne had collapsed on top of Akemi, grunting like a wild boar, sloppily kissing and forcing his tongue down her throat as he pounded her into the carpet.

After a few minutes of fucking Akemi on top, Wayne reluctantly pulled his big cock out of her overly moist snatch and flipped her over on her stomach. Her giant breasts easily billowed out from her sides as a kneeling Wayne reinserted his hard cock back inside her and began thrusting. With his hands, Wayne spanked the large jiggling globes of her apple-bottom ass cheeks each time they slammed against his pelvic by his furiously pounding. He fucked and balls-deep penetrated Akemi hard into another massive orgasm.

Akemi was heavily moaning and panting with her face planted in the dirty carpet. Soon the perverted old gym teacher pulled Akemi’s upper torso off the floor by her forearms, using them as leverage as he jack-hammered his long stiff tool ferociously up between her lustrous big pussy lips. Her pendulous torpedoes flopped and swung in all directions beneath her, colliding into her ribcages, her stomach, and each other making absurd thuds. Akemi reached another enormous climax as Wayne was nearing his.

“ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Akemi cried loudly, as she came hard all over Wayne’s thrusting cock again.

“Oh yeah, girl. You must love this big dick, don’t you? You’re a freaky little nerdy girl, who loves cumming numerous times to this big hard dick, don’t ya? You love this big hard dick fucking you in your tight Asian pussy, don’t ya?” teased Wayne.

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