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Freedom For Goddess Ch. 03

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Part 3 – Like Learning to Ride a Bicycle

For those of you that have not read parts one and two, I hope you go back and read the first parts. This is a story about female domination of a man, but with an emphasis on male orgasm denial. Since orgasm denial takes some time to build up pressure, the story chronicles the man’s initiation into orgasm denial from a Goddess that has lost her powers and only his cum can set her free. Enjoy.

* * * * *

The day seemed to fly for Goddess and she thought about getting her power back. She decided that she was enjoying this too much and would need to focus on her goal more than her pleasure. This required planning for the evening ahead and the weekend that followed. She would have him for three days and by Sunday, perhaps sooner; she would be able to control men with her mind alone.

Once again on the limo ride to the restaurant de jour, she found herself thinking about her lives and philosophies. “Why did men like their asses licked?” It must be a control thing; a power thing and perhaps a feeling of conquest from having a woman do that. Her mind raced back to her first recollection of such things as the daughter to a whore and the women would wash the men to rid them of dirt and smells. The more advanced ones liked their asses licked. She recalled her first anal experience and how painful it was as she cried throughout the ordeal at the whorehouse with her mother looking on. She recalled all the asses that she had washed, watched or licked and it seemed so natural and normal based on her circumstances then, yet so absurd now.

As she had been reincarnated to better surroundings, the pattern continued and all of the King’s concubines were educated in these matters. Fortunately, she had learned to relax as the times went on and she had her most intense orgasms with larger men taking her from behind while she stimulated herself in the front. At least the more sophisticated surroundings had better hygiene, although some of the orgies were brutal from large object insertions or ass to mouth combinations that seemed to delight the men.

These thoughts danced through her mind and she had both reminisced with herself and reflected on the good and the bad of it all. But in the end, she was energized by the thought of controlling this for her own good and to never have to take only what was demanded of her. These thoughts and the concept of dominating the male species was empowering in its own right. In the past she had been given magic powers to control the minds of men, but she was careful to hide that for many reasons. The Church, the male dominated society, etc. But the current times would be different in good and bad ways.

Current society was an information and communication blitz on anything unusual. She was not planning on being on the cover of the National Enquirer. This was important to consider for when her powers returned. While the past had limited communications if such things were noted, the current world moved at the speed of light. No, she would need to be careful about using her powers.

Perhaps a website, perhaps a book, perhaps lectures or a university position? Her powers could give her great wealth, while leaving all sexual activity up to her. Yes, this privacy would be needed to prevent her from being caught in the limelight. But she wanted to share the non-magical empowerment with as many women as possible and the web would allow that. She could be Goddess Guinevere or something similar and dispel the knowledge that way. She knew that there were millions that felt that men have controlled sex for too long and that it was time for the men to kiss (and lick) ass when told to do so.

Once again, she arrived at the restaurant and found ant at the bar. He looked casual and comely but exhausted and the bags under his eyes revealed a lack of sleep. Goddess strolled up to the last seat at the left end of the bar and ant positioned her waiting stool.

“How are you my pet?” she said, as she turned to scan the restaurant tables.

“Tired, didn’t sleep much and the pain is quite distracting” he whispered into her left ear.

“What’s the matter, feeling a little swollen,” she whispered.

“Well” he said, “I have never been this swollen in my life, the drip goes on and it hurts to walk, to stand and it really hurts to bend over. My asshole is sore too. The pain from my balls is up into my lower abdomen. My hormones are going crazy, and the buzz in my body is like the hum of a motor as it races through my veins. Will you please relieve me this evening? Please Goddess, I’ll do whatever you ask.”

“Just what the doctor ordered,” she thought. The bar tender came and asked if her Merlot, which ant had waiting for her, was all right? “Perfect” she noted with a visible, perhaps divine smile of satisfaction on her face and in her voice, as if she had just gotten an inheritance.

ant had reserved a corner table at this Italian restaurant and the denizli escort white tablecloth provided a perfect cover. She instructed him to unzip his pants and she reached down and pulled his swollen member out. The condom was attached and she could feel the drippings in the tip as they gushed around. With a firm hand and little care for his comfort, she removed his right ball and flopped it over his zipper. He squirmed and moaned as she did this and she presented him with an ice-chilled stare. The moaning stopped as she pulled and wiggled the left testicle out of the trousers. A nice squeeze revealed that they were quite full and they had grown in the last three days.

“ant”, she said, “remove the condom and hold it in your hand.”

The waiter came and they ordered as ant appeared to have his hands in his lap.

“Now take your spoon ant and fill it with the contents of the rubber,” she asked. He complied. “Now put the spoon on the table and replace and fasten the condom where it was before.”

ant looked around the room nervously as he complied with her request. Once this series of events had been completed, Goddess asked ant to insert the spoon into his mouth and clean it off so that it was spotless. As he did so, she noted “And swallow it all.” He did with a thumping gulp.

At the conclusion of dinner, Goddess insisted on having a drink at the bar. She used her one hand to roughly put his organs back into his trousers and he remained still and silent as she did so. Once he zipped and was standing again, ant found that gravity was coming into play and the weight of his own balls pulling downward was causing pain, yet again. Goddess knew this and insisted that ant stand as they shared a glass of wine. She drank ever so slowly and took little more than sips, with long pauses in between. When ant began to shuffle from foot to foot, she ordered him to stop moving, when he slumped over, she had him stand up straight. It was clear that his swollen state, the lack of sleep, stress of wanting to cum and now gravity were getting to him. She was thrilled.

Once Goddess had finished the last drop of her wine, she had ant pay the bill and they headed off for their weekend adventure. She knew that he was desperate, but he needed to get to where it was the most important thing in the world to please only her.

They were off to the countryside to a remote cabin where privacy would be assured. It took two hours to get there and Goddess squeezed and teased as ant drove his Cadillac Escalade to the mountains. Despite a few swerves her and there, he drove well and motivation on his mind.

During the ride she stared at him and studied his face and features. Something was familiar about him, yet not. ant noticed this and asked about her observing him. “Nothing,” she said. But she could not quite place why he looked familiar.

Do I remind you of someone Goddess?, he asked.

“Just a bit perhaps,” she noted. “Just drive and I will tease you a bit more.” She pressed his balls into his scrotal sack and the car swerved. She laughed and continued his torment for most of the ride, noting, “If you kill us, I’ll have to start all over again.” And they laughed over that form miles.

They discussed his pain and he talked about how he really needed to cum. She came up with a new list of word restrictions and they practiced these on the way:


Thank you

In my mouth

In my ass

A quick stop for some groceries, ice, wine and other supplies and they were at the cabin some 30 minutes later. She had ant remove all of his clothes before entering the cabin. Goddess had found this place years ago and decided to buy it with some money that she had socked-away. Her daughters had spent time there on the weekends and they all enjoyed hiking, quad riding and rafting, tubing, fishing and just hanging out in the nearby woods and fire roads. It was in this very cabin that she had told her daughters of her past lives and sexual exploits. She recalled vividly how they were spellbound and jaw-dropped as she revealed extreme details of her prior lives and how she once had power over men, but was then cursed by a crafty magician. Her point was made irrefutable when she traveled to London with her daughters and located copies of documents from the British archives without notes or books and quickly looked up the names or dates of births, weddings or death records that matched her story.

But here she was, about to end the spell in that very same place. She lit some candles, unloaded the car with ant’s (naked) help and she couldn’t help but notice ant’s walk had been changed to a waddle as if he dad something in his pants or up his butt.

Once the chores were completed, she told ant to “assume the position on the floor.” He got down on his knees, placed his face against the floor and spread his ass wide for Goddess to administer to.

She kept him there, waiting as she unpacked the dikimevi escort groceries and put items into the cooler as needed.

One thing that she had learned all those years ago, and it was truer now than ever from ant’s condition, was that men experienced more pressure if their balls were pulled backward and not forward. She produced a piece of braided nylon mountaineering rope that had a light green color to it. This had been craftily tied into a sliding noose that could be sized for his neck or balls as needed. She slid the noose between his legs, under his abdomen, over his erect member and then around the dangling testicles and slid the noose tighter behind his balls so that she could pull down and from behind when desired. He squirmed as the noose tightened against his balls and the loop circled the front of his penis. For this, she rewarded ant with 10 tugs from behind and scolded him for moving, making him repeat “I am here to serve Goddess” after each pull.

She opened one of her duffle bags and took out her toys for the weekend. He had never seen some of the devices in person, but had seen pictures and read stories with them. Here, before him was a list of sex toys and domination accessories that he would soon experience. This included a series of dildos that ranged from 1″ to 2″ wide and from 6″ to 10″ long. He studied the other items with his eyes and Goddess gave a tug on his leash, again from behind, as she walked by to store the bag on a nearby end table. He could see more ropes, clothespins, paddles, two different sized butt plugs and an assortment of condoms. Goddess rattled the bag as she passed and smiled to let him know that there was more to see later. He saw blindfolds, scarves and several bottles of oils and lubes.

“What would be next?” he thought, but he knew that he would know soon enough.

It was late and both ant and Goddess were tired. Without any warning she lubed up the smaller butt plug and inserted it slowly. “Now push out like a nice horny slut and take this in,” she whispered. Slowly and forcefully it went in and he grunted and then smiled as the anal probe went past the high point and was sucked into his body, stopped by the round flat rubber end. “Remain silent ant!” she demanded.

She began stroking his cock with some lube and his erection grew very hard after just 5 strokes. “Eight” he noted after just 20 strokes and then “Eight point five” after just 5 more strokes and then “Nine” after just 5 more strokes. She stopped. Even the condom dangling from his penis did not decrease his sensitivity enough. Goddess waited silently for the erection to subside and she pulled on the rope again to signal the start of the next round. This cycle of almost reaching climax and then having it subside was repeated over and over for the next thirty minutes.

“I’m tired ant and stroking you has given me little pleasure. Lets have some wine and then go to bed. You may speak freely now until such time as you are ready for sleep and then you must be silent.”

“How do you feel ant,” she asked.

He went on for some time about how he was so terribly horny and sore. In fact he had never been so sore and he noted that the pain in his abdomen was making him feel ill while the butt plug filled him up inside and put pressure on his prostate, making him ache even more. The drip into his condom had again filled the tip. Goddess fetched a fresh condom and removed the old one as he sipped his wine.

“Now open up that mouth and lets see that thirsty tongue so that we don’t waste any of your cum.” He stuck out his tongue and Goddess tilted the condom so that the fluid dripped out one tiny drop at a time. After several minutes, he was instructed to swill it around in his mouth and then swallow.

He did so and said “Thank you Goddess.”

“Would you like a whole mouthful of it ant,” she asked.

He paused for several seconds, “If it will let me cum.” She crossed her arms and said:

“So you’re making conditions for me, are you? What makes you think that you can bargain and negotiate with me? I was going to let you cum and then eat it all up for me to watch you degrade yourself before me, but I don’t appreciate your attitude and tactics with me. You should not have used the word “if” with me!”

“Here’s MY deal: I’ll let you cum tomorrow night after dinner. But you can’t cum before then. I want obedience until then and you will do exactly what I ask you to do without hesitation, do you understand?”

A quiet and apologetic “yes Goddess” came from his mouth.

“Since it is bed time, now, lets get you ready.” He needed to pee and Goddess removed the condom and held his penis while he relaxed his muscles and let it out. The vibration from the urine streaming from his penis was interesting and she enjoyed watching him smile from her hand aiming it into the toilet. He brushed his teeth and then knelt at her feet.

“That’s better ant,” she dikmen escort noted, “But I want to see oyu suck cock before bed. I have a nice rubber dildo for you. If I am impressed with your sucking, we’ll go to sleep soon. If not, you may be up for a while because I’m going to punish you if I don’t like what I see.”

The dildo was about 1″ in diameter and only 6″ long, with a stubby handle of perhaps 2″. Goddess was giving him a trainer to play with and he knew he had better not mess this up. He had been sucked on so many times by his girlfriends and he loved to watch. His mind wandered to the best blowjob that he ever had. He was 16 and Linda was 17. She sucked him so slowly and when he came she let it all dribble out of her mouth and down his shaft into his pubic hair. She then licked up every drop. When he asked her about her apparent skills and how she learned to do that, she noted that it was her first time, but he parents had a nice porno collection that she watched while they were away. He had been blown in both heads and that imprint lasted to this day.

As his mind wandered back to the phallic task at hand, he also thought about how nice it would feel to have Goddess’ lips on his member, but she clearly thought otherwise. He decided to start slowly by kissing it softly and then the licking began.

He licked the sides while Goddess held the toy in her hands and then she held it to her crotch and once again the leather panties let him see almost nothing. He continued to lick this way in slow long strokes and Goddess’ juices began to flow. He was instructed to lick them up and before long the tip was between his lips and his tongue was continuing to lock the tip as if it was real and this excited Goddess even more and without realizing it, her hips began to move ever so slightly. She demanded that he “go deeper” down the short shaft.

To her delight, the toy was now clearly in his mouth and it was past the tip alone. He was perhaps halfway down the shaft and he alternated between sucking the shaft in his mouth and circular strokes around the head with his tongue. Goddess wanted to see more and it needed to be down his throat and nothing less. She instructed him so and the moaning began. She immediately ordered silence and insisted he go deeper. The moans became gags and he was soon coughing and chocking. She did not stop her demands and he unwillingly continued to be forced to continue. In this respect, Goddess did not mind the aggressive probing of his mouth. ant knew what he was getting into and he had been instructed to practice on his own for weeks.

“Eventually the assaults will subside,” she thought, “But he must be trained and his humiliation is a side-effect of all of this.”

She drifted off into a daydream about the past and her many experiences with sucking during her prior lives. She was there when her mother did it, and she recalled her first deep throat as she gagged and cried through it. She remembered instructing the concubines into the ways of these oral techniques and had witnessed all sorts of penile sucking from women on men to men on men to women on toys and women on large toys. She began to almost giggle and this snapped her back into the matters before her.

“Deeper you go ant, I am not impressed and it appears that you will be doing this for a long time tonight.” ant shook his head no.

“A no,” she said, “This just proves that you are not ready to be obedient and you will need to suck better than that to get any sleep tonight.” She reached down and grabbed his swollen member and then reached for the rope and yanked hard enough to snap the rope up his butt crack and thrust him forward. With both of her hands now on his head and the rope twisted around her hand, she pulled him forward and deeper with slow firm tugs on the rope and more forceful pressure on his head with her other hand. Her efforts were rewarded with deep gagging sounds and burst of air when he came up and she continued this way. He released one hand from his ass to push away and she stopped him cold with “Don’t even think about stopping ass meat.”

He began to whimper and then cry.

This pleased Goddess in ways that she had not anticipated and his salty tears ran down her legs as she continued the oral exercises. He would soon change everything for her and his crying was as much a release for her as it was for him. Once she was empowered with here former control abilities, he would do this so willingly and without tears. “Soon,” she thought.

She reached for the toys that she had left on the bed and produced a shorter dildo that was separated by a divider band in the middle so that one side was 4″ and the other 4″. Goddess selected a blindfold so that ant was again denied a view of her body and she gracefully tied it around his eyes and tied the square knot behind his head. With a little movement of her hips, the leather panties were removed, but he could not see her wet and swollen pussy through his blindfold. She inserted the dildo into her wetness and had ant move closer. “Open your mouth now ant and show me how well you suck cock.” He began to lick the rubberized penis and was soon sucking on it like a woman. Goddess was thrilled, but quickly spouted out more commands.

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