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One of the readers of my story How it all Began, the first Nikolaus and Lauren story, objected to the appearance of Eric in the tale because he did not like gay male sex. He (I’m assuming that he is a he since “Anonymous” is the classic unisex name) suggested that I put a disclaimer on my stories whenever I’m introducing something like that. Of course I’m not going to do that, but I’ve decided to use key words here as well in Literotica’s story tags to “warn” you about the themes that I’m trying to explore in my tale. Please tell me what you think about that… and anything else too, of course.


Nikolaus gazed at his wife, Lauren, a beautiful, dark-skinned woman; a wet dream on legs with a perfect, voluptuous figure, full round breasts with a large dark areole and thick long nipples, perky black woman’s ass and long shapely limbs. He had imported her from Jamaica during his first visit to the Caribbean to find himself in the rich reggae culture of her homeland. When the smoke cleared he had to admit that he’d not done too badly for someone not in complete possession of his faculties.

“Good morning, Mrs. Lindborg!”

“Good morning, Stig!”

Nikolaus frowned. Again? How many times had the gardener come in during this month?

“You’re looking great as usual, Mrs. Lundborg!”

“I could say the same for you, Stig!” Lauren giggled, glancing slyly at Nikolaus.

“What!” Nikolaus exclaimed. “Are you flirting with our gardener?”

“No, I’m just being pleasant,” Lauren replied, innocently.

Stig was the son of the people next door and he mowed the Lundborg’s lawns to earn a little extra money before he went to his second year in college. Nikolaus had even considered giving him a break at the company, but for some reason he did not like the young man and so had kept him at bay. His dislike of the young man had intensified when he had noticed him watching a topless and sunbathing Lauren over the fence with his binoculars one day.

Trust Lauren to pick up on that and use it to make him jealous. He was going to teach her a lesson that she’d never forget! He grabbed his wife’s arm and dragged her struggling to the bathroom. He slammed the door.

“Let me go, Nikolaus! What is wrong with you?”

“Shut up!”

“What is the matter with…!”

“I said SHUT UP! Not another word from you!”

With that, he grabbed the front of her jacket and ripped it away, causing the buttons to fly. He wrestled it off her and dropped it on the floor.

“Stop that!” she shouted.

He grabbed at her bra and dragged that down, freeing her other breast and leaving her exposed to his hungry eyes. She covered herself with her free hand while trying to break free of his grasp but he just held her even tighter. God, he wanted her!

He wrestled her to the sink, forcing her to bend over. Pressing against her heavily with his body he grabbed both of her breasts and squeezed hard. She cried out in pain and mortification.

“What are you doing Nikolaus? Stop this!”

“It should be obvious by now, my dear,” he growled into her ear. “I’m going to milk you like a cow. I want to teach you that the only person allowed to look at these udders from now on will be me. There will be no more sunbathing while Stig is at home for the summer and there will definitely be no flirting with him and encouraging him to come here more than twice per month!”

And he squeezed even harder. He pulled and twisted her nipples and forced long streams of milk down the sink. He punished her by squeezing for all he was worth whenever she struggled and tried to escape him. Her firm milk-filled melons became softer and puffy under his 20-minute onslaught. She cried but he didn’t care, he held them like a vise and squeezed them until they were both painfully empty and she was breathing raggedly, begging Maltepe Escort him to stop; alternatively between declaring her innocence and desire only to take advantage of the unusually good weather and promising that she had learned her lesson.

“Not yet my dear,” he whispered gently into her ear. Then he leaned up and dragged at the waist of her skirt, popping the button there and bursting the zip. He dragged at her skirt and panties, tearing them down in one swift motion.

One-handed, he reached for the bottle of lubricant on the vanitory and rubbed some hastily on his engorged dong. Then he bent her over some more by slapping her roughly and eased himself into her ass.

She groaned and tried to pull away, but his grip on her was firm. He made her take him. Then once settled, herode her hard, finding a frenzied rhythm, reciting a series of new rules that she would have to observe from then on. He rode her until he was satisfied and he felt his cum explode warmly, deep in her body.

“Oh Go…” she groaned arching into him.

“Shut up!” he warned her, nipping her on her shoulders, nuzzling her hair, kissing her neck.

Eventually, he managed to pull himself out of her body and she slumped from the vanitory to the floor, her legs falling apart.

“Get up and get dressed, you have to go to work,” he said roughly.

She struggled to her feet after a while and limped to their bedroom to get a change of clothing.

“You are not wearing any underwear today so just a skirt and jacket,” he ordered hoarsely.

“You can’t be serious?” she said, annoyed. “You know that I need the support, Nikolaus,” she protested. “I don’t want to shine through my clothes and you know that that will happen if I don’t wear a bra. What

the hell is the matter with you? You know that we don’t take our sex life outside this house.”

“We do now… Everyone in your office will know the sort of slut that you are,” he smirked meanly.

“I beg your pardon!”

“You’re saying that you’re not a slut? Then why are you so wet?” he asked as he moved suddenly and plunged his finger into her throbbing cunt. He tickled her clit and she hung her head, trying to pull away

from him.

She stared at him warily and noticed a new kind of hunger in his eyes; a need to dominate her. It made her want to drop to her knees and swallow his cock whole but she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing how turned on she was. Not yet anyway.

She complied, choosing the loosest fitting things that she could find. She kept her body turned away from him, suddenly shy, but trying to remain righteously indignant at the way in which he had treated her.

Nikolaus noticed as she stormed away from him breasts jiggling and glutes bunching, the effect of her high heels, that she could hardly walk and that where the material touched her, her nipples hardened and signalled her arousal to the world. He smiled, they would play later, but in the meanwhile, they would have to endure the day at work.

Nikolaus sighed as Lauren strode into her office, her back straight, her head held high. She’d caught his eye as she climbed out of the car and winked at him. He knew that she must be sore all over but she’d die before letting the people in the office know that.

Look at her! She belongs to ME! Nikolaus thought joyfully. I still want her. We’ve just fucked like mad dogs and I still want more! What the hell is happening to me? What did they say in that movie? ‘Once you go black, you never go back…’ Hell no! Why would anyone give up this much of a good thing?

His Lauren would do ANYTHING with him. They’d exhausted all of his fantasies in the three years that they were married and were well on the way with the ones that he didn’t even know he had! Her fantasies had shocked him at first but he’d decided Anadolu Yakası Escort to be open-minded and so plumbed the depths of his hitherto unsuspected dark side. He’d never hurt a woman before meeting her while in exile in her homeland in the exotic Caribbean. He didn’t think that he could, but she loved him so much for what he did for her that it led to frequent encounters like this morning when he milked her like a cow over the bathroom sink before raping her ass; punishment for trying to make him jealous by flirting with their neighbour. Oh Jeez… he was getting hard again!

“Hello Nikolaus.”


Nikolaus blushed. He hadn’t wanted to be caught staring at Lauren like a lovesick schoolboy; and in any event, he had to get to his own work. It would be a long day of meetings. He didn’t know how he’d manage to concentrate through them all but he’d have to try. He turned away and waved heartily before the woman could notice his hard on.

“Running late” he called out as he fled.

He’d expected her. He’d wondered about her all day. She came at about 3 o’clock, clutching some files to her chest to hide herself. He was chatting with his secretary when she entered his office. As CEO of his own company, Nikolaus felt blessed to have the dedicated staff that he did. This staff included his wife.

“Have you got a minute?” Lauren asked.

“Sure, we’re just finishing up here,” His Girl Friday, Astrid smiled. She packed up her papers quickly. “Come to check up on your husband?”

“No, not really, I’ve come to discuss the schematics for the new IT protocol with the boss. The bid’s next week and we need to be ready. I have some ideas that should seal the deal for us…”

“Aahhh! Sounds good! Let me leave you to it then…” Astrid said leaving the room, graciously.

“Do you think she believed that?” Nikolaus asked when they were alone.

“Not really, but at least she can tell people that you’re in a meeting with Strategic R&D.”

“I’m sure she’d have done that anyway. We need to get her some flowers when this is over. She’s a gem!” Nikolaus declared. “So, what exactly, can I do for you?”

“Gosh Nikolaus! Lauren groaned. “They hurt. I need some relief… Please!’

“Please what?” he deadpanned.

“Please help me,” she said more shyly.

“Please help you to do what?” he insisted.

“Nikolaus, please!” she whispered desperately as she clutched at him, trying to bring his head to snuggle at her chest.

Nikolaus resisted. Ah, yes! This was going to be good. He’d see how long it would take her to realise that she was still in punishment.

“Are you trying to say that your breasts are engorged? Do your nipples hurt because you need to be milked again?” They both stared at each other in shock; neither quite believing the words coming from his lips.

Okej then…

“Could you be more crude, Nikolaus?” she asked smirking, breaking character. She had had to work hard on his “dirty talk” and it seemed that the lessons were paying off at last.

“Be careful, my Dear; you were the one who came to me for help, remember?” he smiled lazily at her, the cat about to get the cream.

“So are you going to help me or not?

“Okej, take your clothes off, let me see the size of the problem we have here.”

“Take my clothes off? All of it? she asked wide-eyed.

“No, leave your shoes and stockings on,” Nikolaus whispered, staring straight into her eyes.

Lauren broke eye contact first and reached desperately for the buttons of her jacket. She hung the garment on the back of a nearby chair and turned to face her husband defiantly. His mouth watered at the sight of her breasts heaving from her shallow breathing.

“I said that you’d be wearing only your shoes.”

“Not here Nikolaus!” İstanbul Escort Lauren whispered frantically. She was much braver at home than in the public domain.

“Outside in the lobby then? Nikolaus asked innocently.

They both giggled.

“Okej, here!” she said stripping from her waist down after a while. She unconsciously tried to cover herself with her hands. She bowed her head, unable to look at her husband.

“Remove your hands from there,” Nikolaus said sternly. “Do not ever try to hide yourself from me again. When I say I want to look at you, I expect an unimpeded view. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Nikolaus; I understand,” she snapped.

“Yes Sir,” he corrected her gently.

She sighed. Nikolaus took his time staring at her magnificent boobs. Then his eyes raked down her body to her fat cunt. It was trimmed neatly, not shaven; and the hair glistened with her juices.

“Please…” she began squirming, sexily, under the weight of his gaze.

“Shut up,” he ordered. “Come to me,” he said softly. “NOW!” he barked when she hesitated. She came to him quickly, the rustle of her stockings inflaming him further. He pulled her to him. “Now tell me what you want me to do for you.”

“I need you to suck me, Sir,” she whispered, grinding against him like a pole dancer. She thrust her swollen breasts up at him, begging, silently, for relief.

“Like this?” Nikolaus asked taking a sip at one of her teats. He didn’t latch on, and so the saliva-moistened nipple only glistened and hardened in the cool air as it popped noisily from his mouth.

“Please Nik… Please Sir!” she sobbed. “Please…” She pressed even harder into him, begging.

“I told you to shut up,” he reminded her.

And so he toyed with her: first sipping at one swollen teat then nibbling the other, then kissing the first before licking the second again and burying his face in her cleavage to bite her orbs… and beginning the cycle again, and again, and again, and again, and still one more time. All the time he did this he held her naked form still, pressed up against his own fully clothed body, by massaging her firm round ass, squeezing it, kneading it like dough, slapping it, slipping his fingers between the cheeks to tease the hole to her anus and dig insistently into her tunnel.

She dared not speak while he tortured her. She was limp with desire. If she opened her mouth she would scream and alert everyone in the building to what they were doing. She already guessed that he was going to deny her satisfaction and she could only hope that it would only be until they got home.

Feeding and putting little Jonas to bed seemed to take forever. The baby would not settle down despite three stories and a song. Eventually Nikolaus went to Lauren’s rescue promising his son that he would take him to the zoo if he went to sleep like a good boy.

Nikolaus closed the door. It would be counterproductive to awaken the child. They were alone at last. Hours of sexual frustration meant that there was no need for further foreplay and so they fell on each other like two starving animals after the same choice morsel. A second ruined suit for the day and Lauren was on her back, naked, clutching desperately at Nikolaus; forcing him to mount her in a classic missionary embrace. She was soaking wet and he painfully hard; he sliced into her like a hot knife through butter.

“Oooohhhh, yessssssssssss, Nikolaus please NOW,” she sobbed.

He understood and this time he latched on to her swollen breast, and he suckled her while his cock nailed her to their bed.

“Ooooohhhh Baby! Yesssssss, yessssss, yesssssssss… Harder! Yesssss! Oooooohhhhh yesssss.”

It didn’t last long. It couldn’t; they were both too far gone after his extraordinary teasing in a long day of waiting for each other. It only took the edge off though and after 15 minutes of lazy cuddling they were at it again; a gentler sampling of each other’s body this time, a lick here, a nibble there and sips, kisses and caresses everywhere. A worshipful pas de deux in which they showed each other how in love they were.

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