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Forced To Eat Shit *A Fantasy*

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Ariella Ferrera

Until I met my wife I never thought about getting my arse licked and had only ever fucked chicks that I found hot, even being something of a success among my friends at pulling “babes” for want of a better way of putting it. But I have always harboured a fetish for humiliating ugly women and then I started to develop a real craving for ugly pigs and shortly after I met my wife in a bar.

She really is a fat cow with a face that not even a mother could love and a huge hairy cunt and I knew as soon as I saw her that I was going to be able to have some fun with her

And we have, over the past year since we’ve been married, I’ve practically been able to think of nothing else but getting my dirty arse licked by my wife.

She is my willing sub and though we don’t live a 24/7 bondage lifestyle and I’ve done some pretty humiliating things to her in the past, I’ve even go her drunk and put a paper bag over her head while fucking her and telling her how I wish I was banging the hot girl at the office where I work rather than her tired old sloppy ugly cow cunt but even so I felt this would change everything between us.

I mean once you put your arse on someones face that really says just about everything doesn’t it? The same face that would be looking at me across from the breakfast table in the morning would have been staring at my dirty arse last night.

But one night last month we both got a bit tipsy on a couple of bottles of tequila and I’d gotten her naked and on her back (I had gotten naked too). I think she thought I wanted to fuck tire escort her, she had her legs spread lewdly and I don’t know perhaps I was originally intending to fuck her sow’s cunt but before I knew something primal in me snapped and I found myself squatting over her face, presenting her with a view of my bare arsehole.

I think if I recall I said something along the lines of “kiss my arsehole, kiss it you ugly pig and say thank you” which I NEVER would have dared to have said to her while sober, but to my amazement, instead of refusing she obeyed, fixing her lips to my ringpiece (I hadn’t showered since that morning and had done a full day at work) and I will never forget the words that came out of the old sow’s mouth.

She said, and I quote “Thank you for letting me kiss your arse” moaning as she smooched it french kisisng style. This got my cock really hard and I started to get really nasty on her grinding and rubbing my arse all over the ugly cunt’s face and getting a bit aggressive with the verbal saying things like “yeah get your tounge up their cunt….smell it cunt, smell it, know it, you fucking arsedirty licker” all the while I was staring between her spread legs at her huge hairy cunt.

Unbelievably she started to stick her tounge right up my arse and perhaps even more unbelievably her disgusting cunt started to get really wet, the dirty pig was fucking enjoying it.

I started to bounce up and down on her tounge, I must have turned the air blue screaming obscenities, about how I didn’t want torbalı escort to fuck her disgusting cunt and how she was only fit to lick my arsehole.

She came really hard then and I followed shortly but what struck me was the thought I had in my head the exact moment I came, it shocked even me and I’m pretty unshockable. As I shot my wad all I could think about was the overwhelming urge to shit in her ugly face, I didn’t do it I should add but the thought of it made me come harder than I have every come in my life ever. I never mentioned shitting in her face though, I don’t think I was brave enough even despite all the alcohol, I mean surely that’s a line you just don’t cross.

Since last month, I have managed to get another three rimjobs from her, every time she gets sufficiently drunk, though she does remember it in the morning as I like to psychologically fuck with her head by subtly or not so subtly saying things like “hungry?” as she’s eating her morning toast and “those lips were wrapped round something else last night” and she goes bright red like she doesn’t want to discuss it.

Thing is since then I’ve now developed something of a problem, though it’s a hot problem. I now keep fantasizing about shitting on the cunts face or in her mouth and then shoving it down her throat. I come so hard every time I think about this, that afterwards it even disturbs me a bit, I mean I don’t hate my wife and I treat her well even paying for everything and in every other respect I am a loving husband, but all üçyol escort I want to do is shit in her face, sexually, that has to be wrong on so many levels right?

I sometimes think to myself that maybe I’m just twisted and I should just go and get a hot woman, and that maybe that’s where this fantasy has come from.

I don’t fancy my wife in the traditional sense, nothing about her is physically appealing to me, she’s a real pig, but because of that everything is appealing about her and if you are into humiliating ugly cunts like my wife then you know what I mean.

I guess I just get off more on getting rimmed by a pig of a woman and imagining shitting in her face as she’s doing it than I would banging the hottest chick in the world.

The last time she rimmed me I thought I’d push it to see how far I could go and I farted right in her face. She squealed like a pig and started thrashing her head from side to side but I forced her face into it and told her to “eat that hot fart up and oink like the pig you are you ugly cunt”, grinding my hips around to ensure that she could still breathe of course, as any good dom should know to do:)

Then she soon went back to slobbering on my arsehole and I really knew what I could potentially do with her.

Since then I’ve been almost permanently hard, imagining all kinds of scenarios, fantasizing about shitting in her face when she’s not expecting it, fantasizing about inviting some strangers from off the internet to come round and shit on her face and force it down her throat. the thing is I really want to do it, to actually do it but since it’s one of the biggest taboo’s out there I’m not sure how to broach it.

But either way I’m happy using the shitcunts mouth to get me off, and one day I plan to take that step and make her into the shiteater I know she really is.

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