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For Lucy

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Butterflies whizzed through my stomach as I stood waiting in the airport. I couldn’t believe that I was finally going to see Lucy face to face. We’d been chatting on the internet for ages and swapping photos. I knew that she was apprehensive, that she had just travelled across the world to meet a girl when she’d only ever been with boys. And she was young too. A couple of years younger than me.

I found it bizarre that she was the one travelling to see me, but with my work commitments it had been easier for me to pay for her to come here than for me to go the other way.

I scanned the faces as they appeared up the ramp from the aerobridge, desperately seeking my first glimpse of her beautiful face.

My heart skipped a beat as I spied her. She was even more beautiful than the pictures that I’d seen. She hadn’t spied me yet and there was a cute look of apprehension on her face as she scanned the waiting crowd, seeking me out. Finally our gaze met. A grin split her face and it was like her face was lit up by a wondrous light.

I waved and she hurried past the other people that were now starting to greet each other. She hesitated two steps from me.

“Lucy!” I said, my voice husky and I opened my arms and drew her into a hug, feeling her slim form as I crushed it within my embrace, her breasts squashed against mine. How I longed to hold her naked like this! I wanted to kiss her, but waited, knowing that it was something that she hadn’t done and thinking that she may not want the first time to be in such a public place.

“Oh Nikki!” She said, stepping back, “I can’t believe that I am here in Australia; with you!” I held her hands in mine, scanning my eyes up and down her body, a grin plastered across my face like it was never going to be removed. I drank in her accent as she spoke to me, feeling my insides quiver in anticipation.

“Let’s get out of here. I want to take you home!” I said.

“Sure thing,” Lucy replied. I took one of her bags from her and we made our way to the baggage carousel where we stood chatting happily until Lucy’s remaining bags appeared. We grabbed them, put them on a trolley and walked out to the car. I so wanted to hold her hand, but because I was pushing the trolley it was a little difficult.

As we drove out to my place, I took the opportunity to hold her hand. It was warm, smooth and delicate and seemed to be made just for the purpose of sitting within my own.

Within the confines of my bedroom, we sat facing each other on the bed, conversation having stalled for a moment, tense anticipation in the air between us. There still had not been a kiss.

“You must be exhausted from the flight,” I said to her as a yawn broke across her face. It was replaced by a sheepish grin.

“Sorry …” Lucy started.

“Don’t be sorry, it’s a long flight. Why don’t you have a sleep and then this afternoon I can take you to the beach?”

“Oh that sounds lovely,” Lucy answered. I told her that she could sleep in my bed (since it was the only one at this point!) and watched as she prepared for sleep. Lucy was wearing a cute pair of shorts and a black t-shirt with runners. She removed her shoes and socks, and then I watched with delightful anticipation as she began to pull her shorts down her wonderful legs.

I stared lustfully as I saw the black thong that she was wearing, it was so hot. I wanted to run a finger across the material, but restrained myself, fearful of treading too far too fast.

Lucy blushed under my open admiration and I apologised for staring.

“Its ok, I’m just still getting comfortable with the prospect of actually being here.”

“That’s fine sweetie,” I told her. “I’ll let you get into bed in peace and if you’re not awake at lunch time, I’ll come and get you.”

“Thank you,” she said. I stood up next to her and took her in a hug.

“Sleep well, beautiful,” I said, pecking her on her lips. They were as soft as I’d imagined they would be. I wanted more! Lucy held onto me for a second longer, before releasing me and sitting back on the bed. I smiled at her, drew the curtains closed and left the room.

An hour later, as Lucy slept, I nervously looked for things that might need cleaning in my apartment. I had spent days trying to get everything perfect, but was worried I’d missed something. I couldn’t find anything. I was tempted to go in and see her sleeping, but couldn’t bear the thought of upsetting her if I happened to wake her up. I’d just have to wait until it was lunch time.

A morning had never passed so slowly for me as that one, but finally it was lunch time. I opened the door to my room and quietly went inside. I drew one curtain back slightly to allow a bit of the summer light into the room and then sat on the bed.

My gaze took in the black bra that had been abandoned beside the bed before I glanced down at her perfect and angelic sleeping features. As I did so her eyes opened and a pleasant smile creased her face as she slowly adjusted to where she was and who was sitting there.

“Nikki,” she said sleepily. I just leaned down Eryaman Escort and kissed her gently on the lips.

“Hello sleepy head,” I said, removing my lips from hers after a slight delay.

“Your bed is so cosy and the pillow smells of you,” she told me, smiling as she sat up. She had her t-shirt on and I could see the faint outline of a nipple pushing against the material. Oh to be able to touch them!

“Care for some lunch and then the beach?” I asked her. Lucy nodded happily.

“But I’d like to shower before the beach if that’s ok?”

“Um sure, we usually shower after, but that’s fine.” Lucy laughed.

“I do to, its just I feel all mussed up after the flight and sleeping and all. It will help wake me up.


I told Lucy to meet me in the kitchen for lunch when she was ready. She stood up out of bed, pulled her shorts on then followed me barefoot. Knowing that she hadn’t bothered with the bra was going to drive me nuts.

After lunch I showed her where the bathroom was and got her a clean towel, telling her that I’d be waiting for her when she was ready for the beach. As she rustled in her bag for the clothes that she was after, she said to me, “You can come in and talk to me if you like.” A blush rose in her face as she said it, belaying the calm ease with which the words flowed from her tongue.

I followed Lucy into the bathroom, my stomach quivering with the anticipation of seeing her naked for the first time. I sat on the edge of the bath and Lucy moved to the shower, turning on the water and adjusting the temperature. She turned and smiled at me shyly then as she pulled her t-shirt over her head. I melted, there were her perfect breasts.

They were flawless I decided. They sat perfectly upon her chest and were crowned by adorable nipples. Then she pulled her shorts down and stood before me in her thong, still blushing.

Lucy visibly took a deep breath as she took the sides of her thong in her hand and pulled them down her toned legs. As she stood again, my eyes were glued to her pussy. It was bald and perfect. I was in heaven.

“My god Lucy, you are so perfect,” I said huskily.

“Thank you,” she said quietly and then stepped into the shower.

I sat on the bath, watching, taking every inch of her naked skin until the clear glass fogged up to the point that I couldn’t see more than a teasing, hazy outline. It made it no less erotic, seeing her luxuriating in the shower as steam travelled upwards towards the exhaust fan. When her hands moved in the direction of her breasts, I wanted to pull the screen door wide so that I could see her cup and squeeze them. Or better yet, just step into the water with her, clothes and all.

But I held back. We chatted whilst she was in there and when I heard the water shut off, grabbed a clean towel from the cupboard and held it out for her to step into.

As Lucy stepped forward and out of the shower, I enfolded her within the towel, holding her close to me, feeling the warmth of the water radiating from her body. Our eyes met and there was a connection. Our faces moved closer together, lips parting. Tentatively I felt our mouths join together and gently probed forward with my tongue. I was delighted when I found her tongue doing the same thing and it was like a spark travelled from my tongue to my groin, igniting my erogenous zones along the way.

Gently we kissed, then a little more aggressively as our passion built, tongues fencing and exploring within each others mouths. After a couple of minutes, we broke apart.

“Wow,” Lucy said, a grin on her face that must have reflected my own, deliriously happy grin.

“Wow indeed.” I just stared into her eyes, captivated, a thousand thoughts running through my mind, but none of them daring to make the dash to escape from my mouth. “Beach?” I said simply.

“Yes!” Lucy replied enthusiastically. She picked up the clothes that she’d brought in and I sat down on the edge of the bath to watch her dress. It was amazingly erotic watching her put on her bikini and then a mini-skirt and tank top over the top, almost as erotic as having watched her undress. I pressed my legs together, feeling the warmth and moisture that had built in my pussy. Then we went to my room, where I undressed before her.

Lucy sat on the bed and I was glad to see that she was as entranced as I had been when she had been removing her own clothes. I flagrantly paraded naked about the room looking for my swim suit, even though I knew exactly where it was.

“I could watch you walk around like that all day,” Lucy said, smiling at me as I bent over in front of her to pick up my discarded clothes.

“Well that could of course be tomorrow’s plan,” I suggested, laughing. Lucy laughed in return and then sat quietly whilst I donned my bikini.

Lucy and I drove to the beach, laughing and talking and singing along with the radio. I was thrilled at how well we clicked with each other. It was one thing to do this over the internet but something else entirely to have my gorgeous Sincan Escort Lucy in the car with me.

We found a park and hot-stepped across the white sand to lay our towels down on the firmer part of the beach, Lucy standing for awhile to admire our gorgeous beach. I stripped off the skirt and t-shirt that I had put on over my bikini and Lucy followed suit. Then I grabbed the sunscreen and offered to rub some on Lucy’s back. She smiled at me over her shoulder as she knelt down for me.

“Lie down, sweetie,” I said. She did and I knelt beside her, squirting some of the sunscreen across her skin, my eyes scanning her flawless beauty, especially the way her bikini hugged her taught buttocks.

I put the tube of cream down and started at her shoulders, my hands firmly rubbing the cream in, taking the opportunity to knead her muscles and massage her at the same time. I asked her to pull her hair aside and very gently touched her neck, my fingers caressing her. My pussy was already tingling just from this innocent touch. I slowly moved down her back, ensuring that every inch of her was adequately protected from the harsh Aussie sun. As my hands went past her straps, I allowed my fingers to curl down her sides towards her breasts, trying to catch just the merest touch. Then I went lower until I reached the top of her bottoms. My fingers snaked teasingly under the waistband but no further.

This left me with her legs. I took up the tube again and ran a trail of sunscreen first up her left leg and then up her right. I started rubbing it into her left leg, revelling in her tight muscles.

“Diving is obviously good for you,” I said, “Your legs are so hot!” Lucy giggled. I moved up to the back of her thigh, my eyes now glued to the crotch of her bikini as my fingers moved ever closer. I slid my hand right up under the fabric and squeezed her bum cheek, then slid back down her leg before moving to the right one.

I repeated the procedure on her right leg, though this time, allowed my fingers to brush her crotch such that only the material of her suit separated her pussy from my fingers. Just the thought of it set me on fire. Lucy moaned at the gentle touch.

“Roll over, I have to do the front,” I said to her. Lucy rolled over, grinning at me as I saw myself reflected in the lenses of her sun-glasses. For a little while I did nothing more than stare at her pretty face. Then I included her luscious body. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have her here.

I ran my fingers lightly across her stomach before picking up the sunscreen and spiralling a trail around and around on her belly. Gently I started to rub it in, my fingers moving all over her abdomen, teasing, threatening to plunge beneath the waist band of her bikini towards her pussy or up under her top, but not quite doing either. I rubbed cream into her chest and this time allowed my fingers to slip over her breast, grazing her nipple, drawing a pleasured shudder from her.

“Now I’m going to do the rest of your legs,” I told her, grinning madly. Lucy watched as my hands massaged cream into her legs, my fingers again teasing around her pussy. At one point, unable to stand it, I quickly grabbed the crotch of her bikini and pulled it aside for a quick glimpse of heaven. I saw moisture glistening there and it was all I could do not to touch it. I quickly settled her bottoms where they belonged and told her that I was finished.

“Finished?” Lucy asked, a cheeky smile on her face, “I think you’ve only just got me started!” I leaned over her and kissed her gently on the lips.

“My turn to touch you … I mean put cream on you,” Lucy said. I grinned and lay down on my towel.

“Oh by the way, those guys over there are so checking us out,” I laughed. Lucy blushed furiously. “Don’t worry, I don’t think they know anyone you do,” I winked and Lucy laughed and relaxed a little. “Its one of the good things about being a girl, it’s not obvious when you are aroused. I bet those guys have all got massive hard-ons from watching me touch you. I know if I was a guy I would, just based on how wet my pussy is!”

“I know what you mean,” Lucy said. I rolled onto my tummy and closed my eyes, anticipation building the moment to when Lucy would put the cream on me and touch me. It was like a fine network of electrical pulses spread out from the contact when it came. It electrified me. Her hands were tentative at first, merely spreading the cream. But as Lucy became more assured with what she was doing, her touch firmed. It was bliss.

She mimicked the little tricks that I’d played on her, teasing at the edges of my bikini, stealing the slightest intimate touches as she moved over my body. By the time that I rolled over for her to do my front, the crotch of my bikini was utterly soaked. I longed to take it off and have Lucy begin exploring me, but a public beach was hardly going to be the place for that. Then, by the time that she’d finished applying the sunscreen, I noticed that quite a few guys had set their towels down in a concentrically decreasing proximity to us. Etlik Escort Obviously they were thinking that we’d be their entertainment for the day. I wasn’t about to allow that to happen though and Lucy and I simply lay back and sunbathed for a while. When we went for a swim, many of the boys followed us to the water, pretending that it was a coincidence, of course. Lucy and I laughed about it, but gave them little to get excited about.

We stood close in the water, with it up to our chests, our hands linked beneath the water. Occasionally I’d run my fingers across Lucy’s tummy or hips, once or twice grabbing her cute little but as well, but we were careful to show nothing above the water line. It was like stealing cookies from the cookie jar and just seemed to make it all that much more enjoyable.

As the sun started to sink towards the horizon, I suggested that perhaps we should be heading home. We pulled our tops on over our bikinis and donned our shorts. When we were ready, I decided to give the guys that were left on the beach one little thrill to go home with. I pulled Lucy close to me and gently sent my tongue delving within her mouth, kissing her intimately. Lucy returned the kiss enthusiastically and then we left the beach.

Glancing back we laughed when we saw the guys with the mouths open in shock and lust, watching us depart.

I told Lucy that I was going to take her out for dinner to celebrate her arrival as we drove home, which of course necessitated us both getting cleaned up when we got there. This time when Lucy stepped under the flowing water of the shower, she wasn’t alone.

We were in there a long time. Our hands gradually explored each other, just touching and caressing. I fondled Lucy’s breasts, feeling their perfection, enjoying the way she swooned when my palms grazed her nipples. She returned the favour and I encouraged her to pull and pinch my nipples.

“Really?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I love it, that and having them gently bitten.”

“God I think that would kill me,” she laughed as she took each nipple between thumb and fore finger and pulled them towards her, rolling them. We kissed, our lips melding. With her hair slicked back under the water, I placed delicate kisses on her neck and shoulder blades, my tongue flicking out to place little licks beside the kisses.

I kissed my way down to her breasts. I glanced up at her face and found a look of excited anticipation, tinged with apprehension as my mouth closed over her breast, the first time another girl had done this for her. As I sucked gently upon her nipple and ran my tongue around it, my right hand ran across her belly and then down across her bald pubic mound for the first time. I adored the fact that like me, she kept her pussy hairless. I looked forward to being able to bury my tongue between her succulent lips.

“I want to suck your breast Nikki,” Lucy moaned as my tongue flicked back and forth across her nipple. “I want you to feel this too.” I leant back, presenting my chest to her for her pleasure. She took my small breasts in her hands, kneading and playing with them, before her mouth slowly descended to my nipple.

She licked it at first, her tongue moving back and forth across it, then around and around it. Then she captured it between her lips before sucking my breast within her mouth.

“Oh yes Lucy, that’s great,” I said, encouraging her. I felt her hand caress my mound and I spread my legs, but it went no further. After sucking on my other breast, I pulled her face to mine and kissed her before advising that perhaps we should get out before we were prunes! We stepped out of the shower and dried each other. I continued to pepper Lucy’s skin with tiny kisses at every available opportunity. Then when we had dried ourselves, I took Lucy by the hand and led her to my bedroom.

I turned when we were in my room and as Lucy followed me in, took her in my arms. Our breasts pressed together and I could feel the firm soft flesh of hers against my erect nipples, just as I could feel her nipples pressing against me. Our lips met and our tongues twisted together, dancing in a way that seemed pre-ordained it was so delightful.

My hands slid down Lucy’s body, caressing the perfect subtle curve from her waist to her hip, sliding around to capture her tight butt. I squeezed, delighting in the strength that I felt in her muscles. Diving and swimming were obviously excellent exercises!

My lips moved from hers to gently kiss her cheek and then down across her neck, parting to allow my tongue to caress it between kisses before moving further down and across her collar bone. I led her to my bed, telling her that I wanted her to lay down.

Lucy slowly lowered herself to the mattress and lay out before me. I stared in wonder at her, my eyes refusing to stay still to focus on detail at first as they tried to take in every perfect inch. Lucy’s legs were well toned and gorgeous and at the perfect point where they met, was her pussy. She was completely bare of hair and her lips were already flushed and slightly puffy with desire from the shower and attention that I’d paid her since. I traced my fingers delicately across her flat stomach down the sides, around her perfectly neat belly button and down towards that bald patch. Lucy watched as my fingers moved closer and closer to her pussy lips.

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