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For Her Pleasure Only

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Chapter 1

You login into your email account with nothing but your nightgown on and a pair of your favorite panties. Your mind races as you fumble for the mouse and click on the message in your inbox. You sip on your triple caffeine mocha as you read the email I sent you; describing all the naughty things I plan on doing to satisfy you sexually. I take no concern over my pleasure as I describe the most wonderful evening to you. Eating at a fancy restaurant and sampling fine gourmet wines from the private stock. Afterwards we take a walk through the most beautiful park in the city; we stand in the park for many hours staring up at the moon, gazing into its majestic beauty. To get back to the motel I arrange a horse and carriage to drive us back.

We go back to the motel and I carry you to the bed and I slowly remove your jacket and place it ever so carefully upon the back of the chair, my eyes never leaving yours. I then remove a small bottle of bubble bath from a big black bag and place it at your waist, along with an incredibly soft sponge. I then have you close your eyes and put on a blindfold while I draw the curtains closed and start to prepare a hot and sudsy bubble bath for you with lavender scented candles and chocolate scented bath water.

I walk up to you and I tell you to let me do all the work as I lift you up gently and pull your shirt off and I start to unbutton your braw exposing your perk and pointy nipples to the cold motel air, they harden at the appearance and even more so as I stick each of them into my eager wet and warm mouth, I walk you into the bathroom and I pull off your shoes while I have you sitting on the toilet lid. I slide of your pants and I slowly pull down your panties revealing your lightly trimmed pussy hair, as I get them off I finally have a marvelous view of your perfectly formed clit starting to make an appearance.

I rub my hand ever so gently just above your pussy, thru your pubic hair and I stick my thumb ever so gently on your clit and I inch my face very gently to your clit and I use my tongue to bring a little lubrication to your clit as I massage it with my thumb. I then gently lift you up in my arms, not wanting to send you over the edge just yet I gently lower you into the tub and I pick up the sponge and I begin to massage your sexy feet with them. I gently work each toe with the sponge making sure every muscle gets worked over, I gently begin to massage your left leg with the sponge making sure to clean every inch of your sexy appendage. I admire the length of your leg as I slowly stroke it the whole length making sure to get it as clean as possible but making sure I do not go too fast.

Chapter 2

I begin to work on your right leg and give it the same treatment as the other, I start to work my way up to your stomach avoiding your butt and pussy as I do not want you to climax just yet. I gently but firmly scrub your stomach and your lower chest, making sure it is as clean as possible. I then slowly massage your right breast, playing with the nipple and very carefully tugging on your nipple. I start to work my magic on the left breast, and like the other nipple it begins to rise out perky as the other. I slowly and gently massage çorum escort your face with the sponge making sure to go slow and sensual with it. I massage your cheeks very carefully so as not to scratch them or to leave a mark. I then have you turn over on your stomach and I begin to wash your hair with lavender scented shampoo and I massage your scalp with tender care. I proceed to clean your upper back using every bit of car I have been showing for your front side, I slowly work my way down working those incredibly sexy shoulder blades I have been fantasizing about.

I work my way down to your lower back and massage the little dip in your back just above your bubble butt, I expertly work the dip with the sponge and I watch as you begin to moan with pleasure and the look of pure bliss upon your face. I then carefully move to your left butt cheek and begin to gently massage it with the sponge making sure to get it as clean as the rest of you. I switch to your right side and give it the same tender care as the other. I hand you a blindfold that is strawberry scented and have you put it on and I walk out of the bathroom for a short while and have you relax for a little bit as I go into the main room and fumble through my bag of delights and I pull out 2 toys, one is a special cloth that gets attached to the finger and the other is a underwater massager with a built in sponge.

Chapter 3

I walk back into the bathroom and I hide the underwater massager in the tub and I equip my finger with the cloth wand and I begin to carefully slide my finger down your backside and I start to gently probe my finger near your crack and as I do this I turn on the massager I hid and I slowly press it near your clit, as I do all of this your face crinkles up and your button nose gives off that cute and sexy little face you get when you are heavily aroused. I move my finger against your anus and I begin to probe gently inside as I rub your pussy a little faster with the sponge massager. As I do all of this you start to moan heavily and your breathing gets out of control. I feel your butt begin to clench down on my half inserted finger as you begin to go up the hill of pleasure and your body begins to rock as you experience one earth shattering orgasm after another. Your hand moves to my finger and pushes it as far up your ass as it can fit as you beg me to rub your pussy as fast as I can with the sponge massager.

After a few minutes you start moving your butt as if you were riding my finger if it were a small cock and you start screaming at the top of your lungs as you have the biggest explosion you have ever had in your life, nearly breaking my finger in the process. After a few minutes you manage to relax enough and you let go of my hand and allow me to retract my finger, I gently stroke your hair and tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed your bubble bath and I allow you to lay in it for several more hours while I prepare the bed for the next series of pleasure.

Chapter 4

After many hours of you snoozing in the tub I wake you up and I gently pull you to your feet and I wrap your warm sexy body in a big beach towel I brought along with me and I guide you into the main room and çukurambar escort I have you sit down on the bed. I gently begin to blow dry your hair and as I do that I dry off every sexy inch of your body and I have you lie down and I ask you what music you would like to listen to, I then put on the music you requested and I fiddle through my bag of pleasure and I pull out 3 things. A small bottle of warming gel for massages, a small bottle of Vaseline, and a big bottle of lubricant. I then have you lay on your stomach and I open up the bottle of lube and I squirt a generous amount into my hand and I work it all over your sexy back and buns. I gently but vigorously massage your butt and thighs, making sure to squeeze and stretch every muscle and every inch of your sexy figure. I work my way up to your back and I give you a deep tissue massage, working your sexy shoulder blades and I watch as you moan with every skillful squeeze of my hands.

I proceed to massage your neck and I begin to work my way down again, making sure to go over the same areas I was at before. I start back at your butt and I slip a finger deep inside your ass as I begin to gently massage your butt. I skillfully finger fuck your butt with care and precision making sure not to go to fast or too slow. I then proceed to gently kiss each inch of your butt save for your crack. I begin to lick each cheek very carefully, making sure not to arouse you too much. I then move my attention to your legs as I massage them carefully and gently, I slowly and gently massage your feet with my hands and I begin to suck on your toes one by one and I watch you make that sexy little face you always make.

Chapter 5

I proceed to turn you onto your back and I begin to massage your face with a small massager and I trail it down your body very slowly and gently. I then grab the bottle of Vaseline and I lube up the massager and I slowly reach around and I insert it slowly into your butt and I grab the 2 straps it’s attached to and I tie them in front of your waist. I instruct you to trust me and not remove the straps. As I do all of this I also grab the bottle of warming gel and I put a generous amount into my hand and I rub it all over your breasts making sure to saturate your nipples in it. I slowly and gently massage each one with my fingers and the gel takes effect and you throw your head back in ecstasy. I begin to massage your chest with the lube and when I get down to your pussy I pull out 2 more things from my bag. The first thing is a big 10 inch dildo nearly 2 inches wide and the second is a remote control.

I lube up the dildo and I lube up your pussy just before I slowly insert it into you gently of course. I then instruct you to insert as much of it as you can inside yourself and just as you get it in I smile at you with a big grin on my face, for a moment you appear confused and just as you open your mouth to inquire about my grin I push the first button on the remote and the massager in your ass turns on and the dildo in your pussy kicks on with a roar. Your head thrusts back in pure ecstasy as I slowly increase the vibrating power of both and just as you start to get used to it all I put it on a ankara escort rotating pulse first your ass vibrates then your clit then your ass, your mind goes nearly blank and the only thing that you can register in your mind is pleasure, MORE PLEASURE.

I lay down the remote and I take a nipple in my mouth and I suck on it as you start your first of many climaxes you will have this evening, you moan so loud that my hearing starts to go out and as I admire your sexy legs flailing about, I decide to decrease the power a bit and I slowly move the dildo in and out of you with gentle force but I leave the anal massager turned on and deep Inside your ass. You look up at me with deep eyes and a puppy face as you squirt all over the pillow and saturate my hand in your womanly juices. I slowly reach my hand up to my mouth and I taste a finger, the juices are rich and creamy. I then place a finger up to your mouth and trail it around your lips, encouraging you to take a taste. You taste it eagerly and suck not 1 but 3 of my fingers dry.

Chapter 6

I proceed to kiss my way down from your chest to your swollen clit and I pull out the dildo and I trace a finger gently around your pussy lips and I flick your clit gently with a small feather and I slowly dive my face into your pussy as I suck on your clit and finger the hole with gentle care. I start to work your pussy like no other guy and you begin bucking my face like you do just before and you cum. All the sudden you explode with great force and a huge wave of juice splashes down my throat and saturates face and neck and I manage to save quite a bit and I move up and I lock my lips with you and I release all your juice into your mouth, you taste its saltiness and its sweetness you moan gently with pleasure at the naughty deed you have just done.

As you recover I slowly untie the straps from your waist and I gently tug out the massager from your butt and I throw it into the sink. I then proceed to lie next to you and stroke your hair gently and tell you how beautiful you are and hold you and caress you and whisper sweet nothings into your ear.

As the clock strikes twelve I gently slide my hand down from your hair and begin working you up over the edge again but this time I got a different plan, I put the blindfold back on you and I slowly work my way down your body licking nearly every sexy inch as I reach for your clit and I flick it gently with my tongue as I finger you gently. I put my hand in a small bowl of lubricant and I get it lubed up and I start gently rubbing my hand against your pussy, I slowly insert a finger in you and after awhile I get 2 in, I begin going a little faster as I try to get 3 in and by then you are flailing all over again.

I manage to get 4 fingers in as I start to fist fuck you very gently just probing inside you. I want to get my hand in you but I know it will hurt you and so I refuse, I kiss and nibble on your clit and I lick you’re hot slit as you finger yourself to another earth shattering orgasm. I taste you on every one of my fingers as I lick every one and as you nod off to sleep I cover you up and cuddle with you till the sun breaks across the sky and I walk out the door leaving a small card and a single rose, a note saying, Hope you had fun, princess!.

As you finish reading the email you pull your hand away from your wet swollen pussy and you lay down in your bed and you nod off to sleep, awaiting the wonderful things that are going to happen when you wake up.

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