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Foot Servant to Walmart Cait

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Working at Walmart is a hellish experience. Low wages, long hours, and crabby customers are the norm. And, believe me, there are no attractive women. Walmart is as dry as the desert when it comes to beautiful women. If you’re lucky, you might see a hot mom, aka MILF. But chances are she has 4 screaming kids running around the store, blowing the eardrums out of passing customers. Her husband is a deadbeat, sitting at home drinking beer, with a dirty white shirt and a big, hairy belly hanging out. Yes, this is the grim picture of America’s favorite store.

What could be grimmer? Well, that would be Assistant Manager Cait. A 30-ish blonde girl, she rose to the top of the food chain because everyone in front of her quit. Though she had a firm butt and respectable legs, her face was a different story. The acne of her teenage years had left scars. Worse, her nostrils turned upward, giving the impression that she was half woman and half pig! Not good! Cait understood that she would never be “a pretty face”. For Cait, her strategy in life would be to tear everyone else down to her level. Down to the pig pen.

I mostly avoided Cait. In the past, our interactions were brief. But no longer. Cait became my direct supervisor. And luckily for me, my annual review was scheduled for today! Usually these meetings were comprised of massive bullshit, bureaucratic lingo, and fake smiles. But with Cait in charge, rumors spread that the “annual review” could become your “final review”. In fact, just last week, a perky female associate (who had great tits) had left her review in tears. She ran out of the store, with what looked like a footprint on her face. She never game back. Asked later about the incident, Cait told everyone to “get back to work, and do your fucking job!” Nice lady.

“Ryan, report to the office for your review!” Cait snapped in an impatient way.

I followed Cait to the back office, checking out her ass on the way. As I entered the room Cait slammed Anadolu Yakası Escort the door behind me, shuttering the hatches. She locked the door from the inside and covered the window with cardboard. It all seemed a bit odd, but Cait was probably in one of her moods. Maybe she was on her period?

“Alright Ryan, it’s time for your review,” Cait said. She moved from behind the desk and sat directly in front of me.

“You’re doing a half ass job, Ryan,” “You show up late, lack enthusiasm, and ignore customer concerns.”

As I was about to open my mouth to respond, Cait slapped my face. I was stunned. Too stunned to react. My cheek burned and my lower lip began throbbing.

“I am tired of your shit!” Cait yelled. “I work my ass off all day, while you walk around the store aimlessly!” “This stops right now!”

Still reeling from being smacked, I took a deep breath. This has to be some sort of bad dream? Did I really get slapped by pig-girl? Is she really bossing me around like this? As hard as it was to believe, this was no dream. All real.

I collected my thoughts and said slowly, “Cait, I hope you have a good lawyer because I’m suing you. Second, I’m leaving and telling the store manager.”

As I got up to leave Cait kicked me in the stomach, dropping me to the floor. She grapped me by the shirt collar and smacked my face once again, leaving me motionless.

“You’re not going anywhere, Ryan,” “In fact, from now on, you will be my servant. Whatever I say you will do!” Cait yelled.

I struggled back to my chair, winded from the kick to the gut. As I sat in my chair, Cait plopped her feet in my lap.

“Take my shoes off!” Cait demanded. “I’ve been standing for 8 fucking hours! My feet hurt! I want a massage now!”

Seeing no other option, I untied Cait’s shoelaces. She was wearing black Adidas Converse. Her shoes were well worn, with debris stuck between the crevices of the shoe.

“Smell Avrupa Yakası Escort my stinky shoes!” Cait said. I tried to back away from the smell, but Cait shoved her shoes into my face. The smell was awful, a terrible mix of leather and sweat. Cait laughed hysterically, as she quickly snapped a photo with her iPhone.

“I bet our coworkers will love this!” Cait mocked. “This picture will make a great meme!” “Just picture it: Associate Ryan, Department Foot Sniffer!” Cait wailed in laughter as she took more pictures of me sniffing her shoes.

Just as I was about to pass out, Cait removed her shoes from my face.

“How’d they smell wimp boy?” she said in a humiliating tone.

At this point, I used whatever energy I had left to make an escape. But I went nowhere fast. Cait slammed her smelly socked feet unto my face.

“No so fast Ryan!” Cait laughed. “Your review is not over!”

The next moments were pure agony. Cait rubbed her sweaty, dirty socks all over my face. Becoming more aggressive, she shoved her right foot into my mouth, gagging me. Her foot penetrated my mouth, reaching the back of my throat. My eyes began to water as I gasped for air. With her left foot Cait, stood on my crotch, crushing my balls. My stomach filled with pain as my manhood became her stepping stool.

After what seemed like an eternity, Cait removed her foot from my mouth. I gasped for air, inhaling deep breaths as if I had been drowning. Cait laughed as I spat out black fibers from my aching mouth.

“Ok tough guy,” Cait said. “We are almost done, but it’s time for some skin-to-skin action!”

Cait removed her black socks and threw them in my face. The room became engulfed with the smell of her feet. She raised her leg and pointed her foot at me.

“Don’t just stare at it, lick it!” Cait said, pointing to her feet.

“I am not licking your feet,” I said. “It is beyond gross, and totally unprofessional.”

Cait İstanbul Escort ignored my protest and placed her sweaty feet on my face. The bottoms of her feet were sticky, and stuck to my face. So gross. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Open your fucking mouth bitch!” Cait said. “I want you to suck my toes!”

I tried desperately to leave the room, but Cait kicked my balls with her bare foot. I was floored again.

As I opened my mouth to scream, Cait shoved her left foot into my mouth. I had never had a girl’s foot in my mouth before. It tasted like it smelled. Not good.

“C’mon I want to see some tongue action!” Cait said. “Pretend it’s a pussy!”

I reluctantly used my tongue to lick up and down her foot. I must have looked ridiculous.

“Get my heels!” Cait ordered. “And make sure to get in between my toes.”

My mouth sucked on her heels. Cait giggled as she snapped more photos for her amusement. She moved her toes over my mouth, demanding that I place my tongue in between each crevice. I sucked her toes over and over again, like a pornstar blowing a bunch of dudes.

Mercifully, Cait had enough.

“Alright foot boy, I’m tired,” Cait said. “Put my socks and shoes back on.”

Moving as quickly as possible, I did as she said. Just as I thought I could end this nightmarish experience, Cait had one last humiliating act.

Cait switch to video on her iPhone.

“Get on your knees, Ryan, and repeat after me,” she said.

I went to my knees, my head hanging in shame.

Cait pressed the record button. In a mocking voice, she said “Hi, my name is Ryan. I like feet. In fact, I get off to stinky feet. If you would like your feet licked and sucked, I am happy to help!”

I repeated what she said. I felt like a POW in a prison camp, hoping my compliance would end the torture.

Cait laughed as she headed to the door. But she couldn’t resist a final, parting shot.

“Ryan, crawl to me on your knees, like a pathetic little piggy, and kiss my feet goodbye!” she said.

How ironic. The girl with the pig nose had turned the tables and made me the pig. I placed a firm kiss on her feet. With that she opened the door and walked out, leaving me to my pathetic self-pity.

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