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First Time Cheat

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I am probably the most typical white guy in America. 31 years old, married for 4 years, with a two year old kid and obsessed with sex. I can’t help it. I want to kiss, lick and suck pussy. I want to bury my face in big, firm but soft mounds of breasts. I want to breathe in the mixed aroma between her legs of pussy and ass before I slowly drag my tongue from asshole to clit. I want her to do the same to me- but now I’m dreaming and this is a true story so I’ll stick to the facts.

I honestly wish the ‘her’ to be my wife: who, of course, is not interested in sex as much as me. We do have sex; at least 3 to 4 times a week because she’s knows I’m addicted and is aware I’d probably leave her if we turned into a ‘once a month’ couple. But getting sex from a quiet, complacent ragdoll is better by only a few degrees. After all, we all have to settle for something; there is no perfect person. But I don’t want to settle for a lukewarm sex life. So, she gives me mine but won’t even bother with hers. Her body is there but her heart isn’t in it. I don’t need MORE sex necessarily, just better sex; wanting, not obligatory. Are there any women like that? Apparently so…

Last week, after work, I took my little girl to Petsmart, of all places, and while we were looking for a new fish I got an amazing eyeful of LARGE, round, white, fleshy boobs. The tank girl was chasing a colorful little thing around a 20 gallon on the bottom shelf. She was not at all fat, but her breasts were so big she had to wear one of their ‘extra’ large size shirts; and the stretched out neck was big enough to see down. She was concentrating so I had a good 20 seconds of glances and then outright, mesmerized staring at her gorgeous tits. They were at probably DD’s, and on her normal frame they looked almost large enough to affect her balance. My little girl was in the cart talking to the fish food I was buying.

So, I got caught staring. (Maybe even drooling) But she wasn’t mad. She looked up at me and then turned her dark eyes down to see exactly what was exposed; sexy, milky white cleavage, pressed together all the way down to the front clasp of her bra, floating an inch above her skin. She giggled a little and stood up, quitting the fish hunt. What do you say to someone who just caught your lusty glare?

With a blank face, just a hint of a smirk, she goes: “See anything you like?”

Pause. “I like everything I’m seeing.” I said, with a nervous smile. I’m not quite sure how to flirt with my daughter in my cart and a ring on my finger.

But the fish maiden was enjoying my smile and my eyes on her. It felt so good I wanted to keep it going. So I told her our names and that were looking for a couple of small, silver colored fish.

“So, you like shiny things?” she asked with her head cocked. She was so cute with her short black hair slightly cupping into her almond shaped face. Where the hell were these 20-somethings when I was young?

“Sure…” I said, not knowing where she was going.

She glanced around cautiously and took a couple of steps closer to me and slowly rolled out her tongue, playing with this silver stud piercing. She was flirting with her bedroom eyes and her full, black eyebrows but trying to be discrete and so ended up getting within a foot from me. I could scent a wonderfully novel cocktail of girly shampoo and fruity flavored chewing gum. I’ve never kissed a girl with a stud and my mouth was actually beginning to water. I was smiling, staring at her delicious pink tongue flicking in and out of her tiny mouth for a few seconds when an old, subconscious habit kicked in. I leaned in quickly and planted a peck on her soft, pink lips just as she pulled her tongue in, giving her my old charmer smile.

Something in mind literally snapped. ‘What the hell did you just do?’ the voice in my head reprimanded. ‘Wife…baby…family…’ it tried to coax sense into me.

Her lips were still wet and I could tell she was as genuinely surprised as I was. I saw her face flush slightly and smile, and the tip of her tongue lingered exposed, tasting the spot on her lips I had just touched.

I tried to play it cool but my nervous smile and hands gave me away. They went from my pocket, to the cart, and back to my pockets. I had no plan, just instinct. But I never broke eye contact.

“Sorry.” I managed. “I couldn’t resist.” I said, still trying to charm.

‘Pervert. Jerk. Cheater asshole.’ I thought I could hear her think. Instead, she began to walk around me, glancing at the floor and then me, seemingly thinking.

She put on a sales voice for the benefit of anyone nearby: “Why don’t I show you something else we just got it.” Her eyes told me to follow her toward the door marked “employees” and my heart was pounding a solo beat as she turned and flipped her short hair. I couldn’t believe what just happened. I have never cheated on my wife.

Now how far could this go, really? I decided to follow.

I hesitated for Çankaya Escort a moment to check her out up and down. My god! How did I miss that ass? If she had 10 pounds of fat on her body it was in that perfect, round ass. I grabbed the cart and pushed it, following her thru the door, my eyes bouncing up and down from her shapely butt to the strain of her shirt from her heavy breasts. She made a little show of professional posture when she held the door open for us. She flattened herself and I had to squeeze past slowly to avoid the cart and my arm from sliding across her huge chest as she was so short, maybe 5′-1″.

“Technically, we’re not supposed to bring people back here, but we just got these in.” she said professionally. But when I was thru the door and she let it swing shut and we moved slowly toward each other, until we were a few inches away. I put my hands on her waist, hooking my thumbs into her pants and tugging her the last few inches into me when she whispered: “Can we do that again?”

My heart was beating so loud it must have been audible by the time we touched lips again. But her delicate, delicious lips melted my fears and guilt away. It seemed worth it, whatever the price, to revel in the taste and smell of youth. And like on auto-pilot, the kissing progressed from lips, to tongues, to neck and ears, to roving hands. I had slowly began tugging on her tucked shirt and found my hands tracing her spine and my fingernails gently dragging from her back to her flat belly. Her hands were first on my face, a sensual kiss. Then lowered to my chest, and as things got heated they moved around my waist and mine around hers. We were embraced in a full on hug and kissing like a couple of teenagers when she surprised me by slipping her small hands into the back of my jeans and getting two handfuls of my ass. I would’ve done the same to her but she was so short only the tips of my fingers could get under her waistline while still maintaining body contact. But I had to cop a better feel then that. Who knows how long we can get away with this.

It didn’t feel right to be in front of my little girl. So while we’re kissing I had begun advancing toward her and she was taking steps backward until I maneuvered us around the corner of a stock shelf near some lockers. My little girl was still laughing at herself and talking to a magazine.

Out of sight now, my hands started to raise her shirt up to expose her belly until my fingers touched her big bra while we were kissing. I slipped them under the hard bottoms and my fingertips were in heaven as warm flesh enveloped them. Her hands had been at my waists but now she saves me the effort and reaches up to her chest and undoes the latch and her bra springs open. But her massive mammaries are still confined to the shirt covering her and now it’s straining. So I tugged it up to her neck and finally, those firm white globes lifted with the motion and then heaved back down, giving me my first real look at those gorgeous melons. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as I pressed my pelvic to hers. I wanted to get as close as possible to her without obstructing my view of her large, puffy nipples. They were puffy like the small breasts that some skinny girls have, but each was topped with a little, but very hard, brown nub. I put my large hands underneath the globes, feeling the weight of those soft, sexy glands. I gripped them tight from below and squeezed, making them bulge. From how she gasped I could sense she liked a little pain.

So I lowered my head to the bulging orb on the right and licked the tip a couple of times. When the cold of the store hit her wet nipple she breathed in sharply and her puffy areolas began to wrinkle a little. I was overcome by my love of big breasts and I started nibbling, then biting her little nubbins and areolas. This made her squirm and I was close enough to hear her heart beating as hard as mine. She put her hands in my hair and was crushing me to her chest so I opened my mouth as big as I could and tried to suck in as much of her left tit as I could get in my mouth. I could feel the little nubbin tickling the roof of my mouth but I could only swallow a fraction of that huge, delicious boob. And when she pulled it out of my mouth the puffiness was gone and the areola had shrunk tightly to the size of oblong quarter. The little nub looked painfully hard.

She kissed me hard on the mouth so I grabbed her face now, consumed with passion. We tongued hard while I pressed against her, pushing her into the wood shelves, crushing her tits into my stomach. I raised my shirt so I could feel her nipples tickling my bare skin. Her hands started to push into my jeans but it was too confining. So she began to undue my belt, then my buckle, then my zipper.

At this point, I could have stopped. I could have just taken a thoughtful step back and enjoyed the unexpected boost of self-esteem this curvaceous, young beauty had Keçiören Escort just given me. But if that had happened, I wouldn’t be writing this story.

I didn’t even try to stop her but just spread my legs a little while she undid my jeans. With no obstructions, she slipped both her hands down my pants. I have recently begun trimming my pubes down to skin all around my dick and ass, for sensitivity. All that is left is a patch of shorties I leave up top so I’m not bald. She found the patch and pulled her fingernails thru it. I got spiny shivers from my toes to my skull, and my whole chest flinched once hard.

Her left hand was sort of scraping her nails under my balls and the right one started stroking my swollen dick downward while I relished in mashing her boobs together the way you can only do with large naturals. My heart was pounding and my breath was irregular and my brain kept nagging me to stop this unfaithful act.

Then the situation struck me: a voluptuous, young jezebel with huge breasts and a fantastic ass wants me; desires my attention and my cock. How long has that been? I think right then I decided how far I’d go.

She freed my fully erect cock completely now, pointing it upwards so we could mash our bodies together. I was slowly thrusting into her, rubbing it up and down the warm skin of her belly slowly as we kissed. She had one hand on top of my long, jerking cock, pressing it into her body and the other was around my balls; gently squeezing, then scratching them with her nails, then gripping the long skin as my boys hung low.

I couldn’t take it; I had to touch her pussy. Her pants were stretchy, without a belt, and I quickly slipped down into her cotton panties and found another nubbin at the top of her slit! Bigger then her nipples, it was a welcome surprise. We were both breathing too heavy to kiss but as I played with her hot button I could feel it growing even bigger. As she messaged my cock and balls I was oozing pre-cum and she was coating my wooden pole with it expertly. But my attention to her clit was driving her wild. She closed her eyes, shook and flinched as I pinched and twisted it gently. Our four arms were entangled and clumsy in front of us as we each tried desperately to explore a stranger’s privates. I had to get to that pussy!

Without asking, I dropped to the floor and together, pulled the stretchy pants and undies down her thighs. I paused to look at the large hooded nosecone, then put my mouth around it and started to suck. Her trimmed pubes, the smell of sex juices and pungent, end-of-the-day pussy was sending me into a frenzy. She had my head bobbing up and down like I was face fucking a tiny dick. She couldn’t open her legs as much as she wanted with her pants around her thighs so I spread her puffy pussy lips; up and to the sides of her big clit, exposing the tall, red pencap even more. Her hands were in my hair, pushing my face into her groin and I could smell and taste her musk. I licked it lovingly but she was desperate for more.

“Bite it.” she whispered, in between breaths.

‘Seriously?’ I thought. “Hmmm?” I muttered without breaking contact with the sticky pussy and hot, hard button I was rubbing all over my face.

“Bite it!” she said, more urgently. She was shaking and I could see her stomach flexing with involuntary jitters. So I took the hard, and yet soft cone in my teeth and bit once at the base. And she moaned! So I kept a gentle bite on it and dragged my teeth forward, then back, scraping the thin, sensitive skin that wrapped that oversized thing like a jacket. She was gently grinding my face into her hips and I couldn’t breath but I didn’t care.

Then I heard my daughter ask: “Daddy?” And a few moments later: “Daaaaddy?” I stood up and drank in the view of this near naked, dark haired beauty as I backed around the corner, zipping up my exposure. “Oh.” my little girl said, seeing me again, and then went back to her magazine. Thank goodness! I turned to the horny, wanting goddess in front of me and she looked in my eyes and understood.

“Quick!” she said and turned around, bending, showing me her wonderful, round, bubble butt. As she bent, her cheeks spread and I got my first look at her sexy, brown hole. It wasn’t puckered shut like most. It was naturally open a little, almost enough for a pencil to slide in. I dropped to my knees and pressed my nose to her privates. I breathed in a slow, deep breath trying to imprint the mixed odors of her ass and pussy juice and saliva onto my brain before tonguing her brown hole, and then licking her delicious, slimy slit from behind. Her butt was so round that to reach her hot fuck hole with my tongue I ended up pressing my cheeks, nose and eyes against her wet asshole in the process. I loved every second of it. I slobbered her pussy and butthole for a good 30 seconds, reaching around to play with her huge clit. She wiggled and shook, making Etimesgut Escort her asshole close tightly and then open; winking at me, encouraging me to taste and tease it. She bent over, mouth open and knees together, arching her back and causing her huge melons to swing free while she held onto the lockers for support. I stood up and unzipped my pants. I hadn’t noticed her reach nearby and get a condom from somewhere. I was very grateful for that. I put it on quickly and lined my long, eager dick up to her dripping pussy.

For a split second I considered my marriage, and then grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her pussy and ass onto my cock.

There is nothing like fucking someone for the first time. It was tight and hot and the intoxicating smell of her privates was covering my hands and face. I reached around and grabbed two handfuls of tits of the four handfuls that were available. The nipples were puffy again and I pinched and pulled on them till she was quietly moaning complaints of the pain. She liked it.

I was thrusting and she started bucking back into me hard, trying to speed it up. I knew with a condom on I was going to last a while which was good…and bad. I told her I knew we didn’t have much time and I wanted her to cum too.

She sort of snorted, “Me too!” as if to say: duh! “What…do you…want?” she said between grunts.

I started circling my thumb on her open asshole and pushing the tip in a little. She got it and starting moving her asshole into my thumb. After a bit of playing around it seem to relax and open a little more. I brought my thumb to my mouth and tasted her butt. Used earlier today, but still sweet and alluring.

Without saying anymore, I stopped thrusting and pulled my wet dick out of her sloppy pussy and pressed it to her brown asshole. I started circling the head around the rim of her butthole. She started moving her ass in a circle in the opposite direction. The heat from her asshole combined with the friction of our counter-circling began to warm the head of my dick thru the condom. Then it got downright hot and I wondered if I could have cum from just this continuous action.

It reminded me of my younger days, when I first discovered my dick would explode if I rubbed the tip back and forth against my baggy clothes. I did it so much the ridge around the head would bleed.

The pleasure of friction and heat was felt by her, too. She stopped gyrating and concentrated as she started pushing herself into me. I stayed ridged let her do the work. In about 15 seconds she had worked her open sphincter around my cock head and it popped tight around the slender neck. Oh…my…god! How long has it been? We started moving in time, pushing together and then pulling apart. Each time the tight muscle would allow a little more of my cock into her ass. A few more thrusts and I had my slim 7″ deep into her bowels. When my short pubes mashed up against her butt crack her mouth opened wide and she grunted loud at the fullness in her abdomen. Too loudly; I put my hand over her mouth and kept grinding my hips into her butt. After a moment she shrieked and couldn’t take it so deep for so long. She bit down on my hand.

“Ugh!” I grunted and backed out half way, and then went back in all the way.

“Oh my god…oh my god…” she kept saying quietly as we begin to move, fucking in perfect time. We picked up the pace and my big hands got a death grip on her hanging pillows while I pulled her roughly into me.

After about a minute of fucking her tight ass, my balls stopped banging against her pussy. They were pulling up into me and it wouldn’t be long. So I let go of one tit and starting giving her big clit attention. I spanked it a little, pinched and pulled it. Then I got to work: rubbing it in a circle, holding the fleshy, pointy cone between two fingers, circling it in the same spot over and over again. She began to breathe quick, short breaths that kept getting louder for about a minute until her whole body seemed to tense up. My hand felt her nipples at their tightest, her chin pressed into her chest and then her knees began to collapse a little. And her asshole; my god, her asshole squeezed my cock so tight it was no longer sliding in her sphincter, just pushing her anus in and out, stretching the thin skin. So I just wrapped my arms around her body, hugging her, and felt its vise-like grip around the middle of my cock while my hips bucked against her, building myself up to a long, powerful orgasm. It was so tight I think was cumming for 10 seconds before I finally starting pumping my jizz into the condom.

Our breathing was heavy and shaky when we both stopped moving and let the blissful feelings subside. My forehead rested on her upper spine and I licked some of the salty/sweet sweat from her naked back, so close to my tongue. The warm juice of her young pussy began to leak down her legs and she put a hand on my stomach to guide my speed as I slowly pulled out of her ass. She was still bent over with her head resting on her arm, hanging on the locker for support. Her rectum pushed me out the last bit and I pulled off the condom and threw it in a nearby trashcan. We pulled our clothes into order and stood looking at each other for a minute while leaning on the shelves to recover from the intensity of our orgasms.

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