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It had been a long day at work, as I got back to the hotel I pulled out my personal tablet, some things just aren’t suited for a company laptop, logging in to the adult chat within moments a message popped up. We had been chatting for several days, he was local, I travelled here regularly, while being a straight, married guy more risqué fantasies always intrigued me, call me curious.

“Well, are you going to let me come over? You know you want this.”

I was torn, so torn, eager yet reluctant, wanton but hesitant, I had shared so much of my darker thoughts but it was all fantasy, wasn’t it? I downed a couple of large scotches to loosen up, he kept it up, in a moment of weakness I lapsed and told him my hotel and room number. His only reply was brief, “Wear shorts and a t-shirt, NOTHING else. 15 Minutes.” and he was gone.

My nerves were shot, an overwhelming mixture of nerves. and excitement. Another drink. Get a grip man. I checked around the room then changed, baggy basketball shorts and a sleeveless tank top. What am I doing? Turned the lights down as low as they’d go. How do I do this? I took the weak path and left the door ajar, the safety bolt holding it then took a seat in a shadowy corner.

It wasn’t long, I hear the door, held ajar until he feels sure then a shadow enters and the door shuts with a resounding thud. He’s in shadow, tall and lean, he walks to the desk and pauses, fumbling with a lamp it snaps on, a desk lamp pointed at me as he lurks in the shadow behind.

His voice is deep, commanding, “Stand up”, I rise, standing nervously, seriously questioning whether I should have shared as much as I had about what appeals to me. “Turn around and open the drapes, place your hands against the glass facing away from me”. Fındıkzade Escort My heart skips but I know we’re on the 34th floor, nobody overlooks the room but the skyline causes me to gasp. I press my clammy hands to the cool glass.

I can see in the reflection as he steps up behind me, rests a hand on my shoulder, “Do you want this?”, I gasp, “I.. I’m not sure…” a deep sigh and a shake of the head, you warned me you’d play hard to get. His hand slides under my raised arm and glides across my chest, my hard nipple isn’t hard to find, I tremble as a finger grazes it then gasp as he pinches it firmly, squeezing, tugging, rolling a little.

“Do you like that?” I am panting, he knows, I silently curse my big mouth, “Yes, yes I like it”, he pinches HARD and growls, “Yes I like it SIR” as I wince in pain, repeating verbatim and getting a slow nod in return. His hand slides down over my belly then loops under my shirt, slowly teasing up through my chest hair until he can rub my bare nipple, his left hand looping around to mirror the right, I shake, betrayed by my sensitive nipples, shaking down through my knees.

His foot slips between mine, tapping my feet apart slightly, I can feel my cock stirring already. His mouth leans into my ear “Tell me what you want…” I stutter, uncertain, “I, I, I don’t know… Sir.”

“You want my hard cock, don’t you, slut.”

“Umm Nnn I.. I don’t know, maybe”

A sharp intake of breath, “We’ll try that again” as he speaks a hand slips down the back of my shorts, tracing the crack of my ass, down until it can encircle my tight, swollen balls and pausing, he circles my balls and pulls, squeezing, I squeal slightly, “Tell me you want my hard cock”.

I weaken “I want your hard Fındıkzade Escort Bayan cock Sir” I’m rewarded as he rolls my balls in his hand, tugging but not squeezing, playing to the hot buttons I was foolish enough to divulge. His left hand slides down the front of my shorts, grasping my hard shaft as he groans. The difference in a man knowing how to grip a cock is profound, a reverse grip as if holding a pool stick, thumb and forefinger circle the base, hand resting along the shaft and pulling, pulling away letting the head rub his palm and forearm. I let out a long, low moan, it’s clear I cannot take much of this, realizing he releases my cock but keeps a grip on my balls, hooking my shorts to shove them down. He leans around to watch my cock thrash as he tugs on my balls then reaches around to deliver a sharp slap to my cock, I wince, “You will not come until I give you permission”.

Straightening up yet still gripping my balls he takes my left arm down from the glass, guiding me down, as my palm meets the hot, swollen tip it is clear he managed to slip his pants off already, “Grip the head like I told you…”. Remembering I circle my fingers under the tip, circling tight then tugging, alternating between squeezing and tugging. He groans and leans in “Work it bitch, make me cum with your hands and maybe you’ll not have to suck it”. My regret is overwhelming, I am not ready to have a cock in my mouth so my hand takes charge, tugging hard and fast, he mumbles feedback, it’s clearly going well but as hard as I try it seems he can hold it.

A sudden flurry of movement and I’m spun around, before I know it I am thrown onto the bed, laid across it, my head on the very edge. He leans over me, I can see his balls and cock Escort Fındıkzade above me, he reaches, easing my legs apart. As he reaches and grips my cock one work “Open” I’m fearful and shake my head, he reaches and slaps my swollen balls, hard. “OPEN”. When there’s no immediate response he grips my balls, squeezing, it barely takes a second until I’m compelled to part my lips. Easing his grip just a little he lowers the tip of his cock to my mouth, lines up then uses it to force my mouth wider, the feeling as it strains my mouth and pops in is unique. I’m thankful that he pauses, “Let me feel that slutty tongue..”

His hand kneads my balls in encouragement as my tongue starts to explore, circling the tip, marveling at how smooth the swollen glans is. I can feel his excitement throbbing as he leans in, his hips start to thrust, fucking my virgin mouth as his how lips take in the tip of my cock. He fucks the tip of my cock with his lips in a way I have never experienced, hands tugging my balls, timing things, controlling every aspect. I can feel my climax building, my cock throbbing, he knows and starts thrusting faster. I feel his cock throb then before I know it hot cum is shooting into my mouth, the shock and excitement push me over the edge into a simultaneous explosion. He gulps it down and I am forced to do the same, a few drips running down my cheek as he lets out a groan.

As he pulls out of my mouth he lets his cock rest on my face, twitching, he rubs it through my hair to wipe of the excess. As he pulls his shorts on he turns on his way to the door, “Not bad slut, you’ll be hearing from me” as the door closes behind me.

I feel like I’m in shock, recovering slowly I spend what feels like forever in the shower, finally feeling clean I step out in a robe and pick up my tablet. There’s only one message, “Looking forward to using you again”, the picture attached leaves me wide-eyed, a clear face shot, no doubt it is me even with my mouth distended due to the fat, softening cock stuffed in it and the globs of white cum dribbling out.

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